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María Pesado


Comment from María Pesado:

I watched Westworld some weeks ago and became a total fan so I made this portrait of the man in black, played by Ed Harris. I'm considering drawing more characters when I have some free time. drawingonpaper illustration portrait illustrationportrait blackandwhiteillustration pencilcolour inkdrawing edharris maninblack westworld fanart pencildraw practice dibujo lapizdecolor ilustracion retrato 絵白黒肖像図

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Comment from pauline:

🎶 Time to Play 🎶 music bass basslover practice funkytime chillwithmybass goodtime groove

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Luca V. Lorusso


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One of the best LPs of my early ages ❤️ top rondoveneziano mallets practice setup malletkat music 80s strings audiophile lp collection musician percussion love instagood instatime home lovemusic goodafternoon

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Shin Sica Oliveros


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practice withfriends..

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Sarah Jones


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practice trianglepose after one sun salutation and an Uttanasana held for one minute. Practice for 15 breaths on side. AshtangaYogaChallenge @omstarsofficial @kinoyoga happyloveyoga yogis yogalife yogalove yogalover yogateacher yogaisforeveryone loveislove roots yogaeverydamnday yogainadress

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Grim Mork


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me , pink , blackpink , practice , art , kindergarten 🎨💗

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Bongoman Stoichkov


Comment from Bongoman Stoichkov:

conga practice

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Lil Robin Pics Photography


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Be sure to please follow my account dedicated just to the dance 💃🏼 world! @lilrobinpics_dancers dance dancer dancing Jazz dancerecital music song songs ballet dancers dancefloor danceshoes instaballet studio instadance datwfeature workout cheer choreography flexible flexibility photooftheday love practice fun ballet performance sugarfeature lyrical ballerina

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Killu Pramana


Comment from Killu Pramana:

Art trade with @hinnari_charlotte here's your Angin bae. Sorry for being late. Hope you'll like it. ^^ ArtTrade tradiart practice boboiboyangin boboiboygalaxy

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Ash Phlava


Comment from Ash Phlava:

Breakin practice! Freezes! breakin breakdancing freeze freezes hiphopdance halfswass breakpractice practice dance dancing breakers @kompylarecords

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Comment from Katreativ:

One rehearsal finished one more to go selfie ootd tired practice toolesssleep missingmybed weekend female girl brunette

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Universal Import N Export


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WhatsApp to Order - +91-9811535600 The langota is a very traditional piece of Vedic clothing, worn like underwear. In India, people have been wearing this since the Vedicperiod (more than 5,000 years ago). All the yogis and Rishis were wearing the langota during their yoga practice, meditation and austerity as a form of yogaclothes The Langota has two straps and a “tail” which goes between the legs. The triangular section at the back is to support the pelvis. The pictures below give a step by step instruction on how to wear the langota. Although traditionally worn as underwear, you may find it more comfortable to wear it over your normal underwear for yoga practice. It is mainly worn for the supportive benefits during practice, as described below. Kaupinam, Kaupina, Kowpeenam, Kowanam or Langoti Langot is a simple loincloth or undergarment worn. It is made up of rectangular strip of cotton cloth which is used to cover the genitals with the help of the strings connected to the four ends of the cloth for binding it around the waist of the wearer. It has fallen into disuse amongst the common people, but a spiritual Hindu uses it for purposes well known to him. The Generally kaupina has religious significance attached to asceticism for the Hindus. The Bhagavata Purana mandates that a true ascetic is to wear kaupina at all times. 5 Original Best Quality Professional Pehlwan / PehelwanLangot:- 150 USD (Free Shipping Worldwide) Shipping within 48 Hours

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Comment from dubai행슈life:

밴드 합주 이드 eid ramadan 뭔가 열심히 듣는거 같지만 알고보면 저자리가 에어컨 명당ㅎ practice

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Angshuman Dhar


Comment from Angshuman Dhar:

Stare! art artwork artist creative creation character characterconcept conceptart concept Photoshop wacomone wacom illustration drawing painting head practice 2d digital artsistsoninstagram instaart design ink sketch

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Comment from silviafilomeno:

Hawaiian party🌸 dance dancer dancing dancerecital music song songs ballet dancers dancefloor danceshoes instaballet studio instadance instagood workout cheer choreography flexible flexibility photooftheday love practice fun

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ajw | 23 | nw england


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My little pooch totally go in the way of this dismount bless her 😂 straddle headstand control is improving though!

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The Lotus Yoga 🕉💜🦄


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Just for today......I will be Humble! 💜🙏🏼🕉🦄🌈🙌🏼 Checking that ego,'s something we work on daily in the yoga world! Take comfort in knowing that you don't have to be perfect.....all you have to do is show up, practice, and repeat! 🙏🏼 Join us for ALL Levels this morning from 9:30-10:30 am! Can't wait to practice with you! Until next time.....Namaste! 💜🦄🙏🏼🕉🌈🤙🏼☀️😌 thelotusyoga yoga yogafamily yogastudio yogajourney yogaeverydamnday showuppracticerepeat checkyourego behumble practice practiceandalliscoming smallbusiness urbana lotusyogi lotustribe

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Comment from Soul:

Full version is up on my Patreon for $1 (link in bio). A crappy censor for my younger followers and Instagrams rules on NSFW. ------------------------------ alexandria character originalcharacter drear alexandriadrear nsfw digitalart digital art purple pink hair anime cartoon style bed nude pose body practice anatomy woman female art green

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jas 💫


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More practice & play! 💫💫 day9 novice beginner rookie practice hooping hooplah hooplove hooplife hoopflow hoopgirls hoopersofinstagram hoopersofig mood sunset nofilter

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Renee Walker


Comment from Renee Walker:

Repost @renee.bruhh ( @get_repost) ・・・ So tonight I literally spent two hours just squatting and trying to get better and improve my technique ... one thing that makes me uncomfortable is not been instantly good at something lol ... I hate looking like I don't have control of any situation smh HOWEVER I love learning and am always always always open to new techniques and ideas and shutting my mouth (sorta) and utilising resources. Some things I do: *work with the best coach first and foremost✌️ *utilise a physio that cares about lifters and movement patterns *train with the best trainingpartner or train alone *read and learn and watch EVERYTHING with an open mind but sort through the bullshit and understand the fundamentals *practice and startover and redo and reset *realise the more I learn, the less I know 😒 *be crazy enough to spend two hours on a Saturday night excited to be all alone in an empty gym doing the same thing over and over and over I forget my point. Oh yeah I wanna squat 100kgs for reps like it ain't no thang. Also like believeinyourself or some inspirational shit whatever ❤️🌈😂

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C H A R L I E 🖤


Comment from C H A R L I E 🖤:

Consistency kills it! Hand stand practice after hero wod 'wood' time 30minutes flat 🏋🏼‍♀️practice crossfit crossfitgirls handstand snatch olympiclifting crossfitwod saturdaysesh

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You can do yoga wherever you want. casadigiuliaeblez amici bologna city weekendconvegno risveglio hatayoga yoga praticaquotidiana practice meditation

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Yuta Yamamoto


Comment from Yuta Yamamoto:

今日は一つ良くなったかな。 archery archerylife hoytarchery shibuyaarchery aae easton practice

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Diego Calderón


Comment from Diego Calderón:

Although closer than last year, still not enough to follow the gongwizards girls more than 200m. practice practice practice @orca_triathlon

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Comment from MARTILA (NORWAY):

walkingthedog before practice with martila metal metalartist blackmetal dog dogs hamar nilsivarmartila erikrojas

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♾ʝσу¢є ѕωєєт♾


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☀aerialarts aerial aerialsilks aerialdance dance dancer music song dancing dancerecital songs ballet dancers dancefloor danceshoes instaballet studio instadance instagood workout cheer choreography flexible flexibility photooftheday love practice fun

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Shay / Ppastel


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Í͖̘͙ͮ͑ͨñ͇̟͇ͬ͂̚š͓̜̯̆̏ͪè̥̫͖͂͂̐çͣ ̥̫͖ç͎̠͙ͣ͑͐ṵ̞̻̄̏̏͐r̪̟̞͐ͥ̋i̹̼̿̊ͫ vibes: Chill Bill [Twelve O' Seven] ----- ewtord Eddsworld drawing doodle vent art practice fanart flowers

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Samita Kapali


Comment from Samita Kapali:

practice Turn around strike a pose......

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Lok Yi Siu


Comment from Lok Yi Siu:

A little bit of back bending in my room ❤ practice flexible flexibility backbend yogini yoga night window hongkong hk me

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Hyril Hamdan


Comment from Hyril Hamdan:

That's it for ramadhan. Happy Raya peeps. tricking practice tsvn20 t720 yesbaby kuching Sarawak eid hariraya

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Comment from 朴河姸:

손그림을 못그리겠당ㅎ 손이 막 부들부들떨림😭

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Judith Butler


Comment from Judith Butler:

Take back to Monday's little yoga stretching session with my little @ruthasphyxia ♥. • • • Tiny progress: yesterday I went back to the gym after having missed a week of workout again and I realised I had to make a few changes. Due to my anxiety, it is impossible to go into the weight lifting room all by myself and face all those blokes who in my head are supposedly watching my every move. And honestly, it's a shame, because one of my all time favourite exercises is deadlifting. But for me it is hard to shake of the feeling of being watched, to turn off those tiny little voices in my head who consequently make me feel nervous and uneasy and so I would always make some sort of excuse to not enter that particular room and just continue with the machines. So for a year I've been just working out, doodling about in the gym with no particular goal set in my mind, just wanting to get fit and toned. But it is not sufficient to me anymore. I want progress and I want to see progress. Yesterday I then ended up watching motivational videos and reading through inspirational posts which then led me to the gym in a very happy and confident mood. I managed to work up my confidence, walk up to one of the trainers and ask for help in creating a training ans nutritional plan. And now, guess what? I have an appointment waiting for me shortly after my birthday. I couldn't be more excited!!! It's baby steps, but at least it's steps into the right direction. I think everyone learns and gets things done in their own pace and it's ok. It really is. You have to be and feel ready to face your own challenges and pursue your own goals or else there is no point is there? _______________________ yoga stretching session yogini yogalover progress practice practiceandalliscoming babysteps ready garden nofilter timelapse sisters happy improvements goals instagram instadiary cgn cgngirl

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Calisthenics|Yoga |Handstands


Comment from Calisthenics|Yoga |Handstands:

HOW TO UNWIND/STRETCH AFTER YOUR PRACTICE OR WORKOUT; in this video I am showing few exercises I like to do after my practice, specially when I am doing backbends. Do not push yourself and over-stretch. These poses I like to hold longer to really relax. . 1. Plow - lift your legs over head and touch the floor if you can with straight legs. Flex your feet while Interlacing the fingers. Do not twist your head in this position. . 2. Same pose with bent legs, you can place your hands under your hips for support. . 3. Forward fold - lower down touching your belly to the thighs first, that will help you keep your back straight. Play with pointing&flexing your feet. . 4. Seated twists - keep your back straight, and twist when exhale; looking as far as you can over your shoulder. . 5. Lay down on your back lift one leg bent to your chest and then twist on the side; trying to reach your knee to the floor and at the same time pushing the shoulder of the opposite side to the floor as well. . 6. Both legs bent to your chest, relax your lower back and gently twist side to side . 7. Happy baby with bent legs; swing gently side to side like 6 . 8. Happy baby straight legs . 9. Lay on your back with bent knees, touching each other . 10. Same position like 9 lift one heel and place it on the opposite knee, gently push to the floor . 11. Finishing with the favorite Shavasana pose . Wish you all a happy and relaxing Saturday 😍 @yoga.tutorials @yoga.vids

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