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Aran Cravey


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Minnie Evans minnieevans sprüthmagers Power

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Lili 💁


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Oh yeah!😎 live rock music yeah rocker passion power phrases like like4like instapic good feel inspiration longlife musicstyle concert rockers blacknwhite

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Evan Larsen


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Week 7 day 4 of the kizenbenchprogram. Another workout done in the Dungeon. Squats called for about tree fiddy today and they felt great. I can really feel myself activating my core the correct way now. Definitely feeling more solid. powerlifter power strength kizen kizenprogramming guyswholift usapl homegym powerlifting squat bench deadlift fit fitness @silentmikke @bartkwan @omarisuf @usaplmaine

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Master Of Ice


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The time is now! . . . tita titanium fusion ninja 04 kai cole nya jay lloyd zane master power ice lightning energy earth rx rock fire water hot handsoftime handsoftimehype hype lit awesome time now trash

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Gee Birring


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Only managed to have one meal today before training and it showed. This felt like a right grinder . 170x1. Managed 2 sets of this. powerlifting powerlifter strength power deadlift atlantagym derby

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Justin Bieber


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follow me comme on. mcfit fitnessmotivation motovation mychallenge fitness fitting sport strong power justinlover justinbieberlove fitnessmotivation motovation mychallenge fitness fitting sport strong power beautiful sèxy mcfitti fittin justinbieber mcfit fitnessmotivation motovation selfie happy followme nice likeforlike followforfollow blogger blacknwhite_perfection justinbieber instafashion fashion fittgirl view fittnesmodel shoes

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Anita Szymańska


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After my class 💪💪💪 fitness tiguar kamagon kamagonball fitnessinstructor power positivevibes neverenough 💪💜💪💛💪💚💪💙💪❤💪

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Daniel Woodgate


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INCREASE YOUR PUNCH POWER Is it possible to increase punch power or are you just born to punch? Short answer.... There is no short answer to this one as it's all relative. Long answer.... To see if we can increase punch power we have to know what creates a powerful punch, is it the muscle strength? Is it the speed of the shot? Is it the way the shot connects? Well yes it's all of those things and more but that's nowhere near answering the question as to what creates a powerful punch so I'll do my best to break it down... There have been many many great punchers in boxing, Mike Tyson is usually everyone's favourite but look at Tommy hearns, butterbean, Ricky Hatton, Joe Louis and what do you see? I see different body shapes and different muscles being used to create the powerful punches so it can't be muscle can it? (the reason I chose these guys is because of the stark difference in shape) they all have very different techniques also and all were classed as being decent punchers. By this list I would have to say you are born a puncher. BUT that's too easy and I also believe it's wrong. We can further break down these guys movements and they way they throw their shots and look at similarities. So what do all of them have in common? 1. They all generate power at the end of the shot. 2. They all know how to find the target point. 3. They all have excellent balance and this for me is the most important of any aspect of punching. Having good balance lets you utilise your core muscles and create a powerful movement which can be transferred into many outcomes in this case, the punch. Having good balance and using your core muscles are what it's all about, now trust me, not everyone can be a devastating puncher but everyone can improve punching power. Most people when they want to increase power will lift weights or do some plyo type workouts but nothing is more important than technique.... Nothing. boxing teamhitbox training fitness technique HITBOX HITBOXacademy punching power performance

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Food lover


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you healthychoices strenght believeinyourself power believe healthymind

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Yup...there's my 90lb pile of destruction. He scared himself when he hit the off 😂💩 . . . dogdays rowen brindle boxer mastiff bullybreed bigdog largebreed brut beast monster drool jowls mrcow dogs dogsofinstgram pups power puppylove meathead mug

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Patryk Fetter


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Reboot Injury Clinic


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Utilising counter movement jump height to measure power production following static and dynamic warmups in karate athletes 🥋 warmup dissertation powerproduction powerdeficit cmj biomechanics sportstherapy university uog

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Esther Peter


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Du musst nicht immer nur stark sein. Wem willst Du damit etwas beweisen? Beweise lieber Dir selbst, dass Du es zulassen kannst, auch mal schwach zu sein. Damit sagst Du JA zu Dir selbst...und das ist STARK💪🏼! 💖liche Grüße Esther forever bewusst erfolgreich healthylifestyle fit vitalcoach businesswoman stark power motivation inspiration rausausderkomfortzone reininsleben

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Dr. Leon Knight


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💥TRAIN UNILATERALLY....TO PREVENT ASYMMETRIES💥 This exercises requires everything from scapula stability all the way down to ankle stabilization. The number one cause of injuries are PREVIOUS injuries HOWEVER the original injury most likely came from an ASYMMETRY!!

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Lazar Stojadinovic


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Best feeling in the world THERESNOPLACELIKEHOME

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Comment from NalaV:

Not a tunnel vision, but a crooked one 😎😉 nycnewyorkcityarchitecture viewstreettraveldestinationhappylovewelcomedesignpowerblessedcomewithmerollinfeverigbestoppositefunfriendsrockon

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heart of a lion quotes strength power courage motivated motivationalquotes inspirationalquotes good vibes like4like roar inner strength king

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Whip District!


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Liquid Metal Blue 💦 porsche 918 spyder london --------------------------------------------- Follow us: ➪ @vqdistrict@wealthroad@motivationlane@supercarindustry@wealthindustry -------------------------------------------- All Credit due to original poster, they have been tagged. supercars supercar ultimatecarphotos f4f l4l s4s photooftheday dailycarpics247 supercarseurope carporn car carthrottle luxury rich igcar carsofinstagram power lamborghini ferrari mercedes maserati bugattiveyron bentley mclaren koenigsegg bmw aventador

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Peta 👊


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smile police military man iphone power of smile

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Ivan Orlov


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engin morkoc


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Battle of Bosphorus 2017 Wod 1 @mustaf4unlu @ersannozcann crossfit crossfittr crossfitter crossfitgames power powerlifting lifting liftingweights weightlifting clean jerk snatch muscle muscleup squat strength athlete athleticperformance crossfitathlete speed athletichouse

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Daniel Dreher


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CROSSFIT WOD Gewichtheben Kettlebell GYM Motivation Fitness Sportlich Coach rawpower active train MassePhase power Abnehmen fun Braunschweig Hannover frankfurt Lüneburg wien Klön city Essen leipzig Kiel Berlin München

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Dominik Ofner


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Neue Halle zum auspowern gefunden! Wahnsinn wiegeil das da bei @jump.25 ist... 25 trampolin indoor power children parents schwarzl kalsdorf graz styria austria dominikofner high hard

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Daniele Carboni


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ninja power diabolik

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Bojan Djordjevic


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Zavrsnica treninga za ruke. Smajlic zbog grimasa. 😂 bodybuilding arms muscle hard motivation power strong fitness best aestetich shredded nutrition

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Alyson Gerber


Comment from Alyson Gerber:

I love all of your posts about BRACED. It's so exciting and special to see pictures from local bookstores, libraries, and your mailboxes! Keep posting 📸 and 🎥 and tagging @alysongerber & bracedthebook! 📚⭐️❤️⚽️🎂📕🦋🎁bookstagram bookworm braces scoliosis scoliosisstrong scoliosisawareness courage brave hope strength

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Richard Scott


Comment from Richard Scott:

5th set of 5reps paused. Baby hercules on the spot @moneyteamaq feeling strong. benchpress powerlifting powerlifter strongman fitfam irishfitfam bodybuilding squat deadlift instagood chestday power

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Daniel Dreher


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CROSSFIT WOD Gewichtheben Kettlebell GYM Motivation Fitness Sportlich Coach rawpower active train MassePhase power Abnehmen fun Braunschweig Hannover frankfurt Lüneburg wien Klön city Essen leipzig Kiel Berlin München

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Comment from 🌟Maeve🌟:

〰For once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards. For there you have been and there you will long to return. 〰 ©📝Leonardo da Vinci • • Photocredits: UwFavorieteFoto

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Comment from OJL:

stop the hate self love repostbodyposture ispower vegan blackvegan govegan fitnessaddict mom healthylifestyle healthyfood bodyweight weightloss instagood instago cleaneating crueltyfree plantbased rawhappyme lifepilateslover yogaeverydamnday bodyloveselfworth

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Daniel Dreher


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CROSSFIT WOD Gewichtheben Kettlebell GYM Motivation Fitness Sportlich Coach rawpower active train MassePhase power Abnehmen fun Braunschweig Hannover frankfurt Lüneburg wien Klön city Essen leipzig Kiel Berlin München

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Kaya Mey


Comment from Kaya Mey:

Holding space for the way we destroy ourselves. In awe of our nature's power and fragility. How do you experience that in your life?

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