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Goodnight 🌙 -C ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Tags harrypotter newt gryffindor hufflepuff ravenclaw niffler meme fantasticbeast potterhead superwhopotterlock Slytherin hogwarts hagrid snape voldermort wizard ronweasly Hermione jkrowling dumbledore emmawaston danielradcliff dracomalfoy malfoy lunalovegood

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Draco 💞 harry potter hp dracom malfoy badboy love potterhead

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muggles "rubber duck emoji" fc:112?¿ tags ------- h harrypotterfacts harrypotterworld harrypotter harrypotterfunny harrypotteredits harry harrypotterfact hogwarts ronweasley harrypotterforever potterhead pottermore likeharrypotter harrypotterbae harrypotter potterfan harrypotterfan edit HPedit harrypotterworld wizardingworld slytherin hufflepuff gryffindor ravenclaw hogwartshouses potterheadforever harrypotterfandom dracomalfoy hagrid

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⚡️ Why Is It Always Me? 🇬🇧


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Me, when I wake up in the morning 👹😬

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Sriti Gallery


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Hi, Dobby! Happy birthday to you😊 dobby harrypotter potte

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אתמול יום הולדת לDobby❤ A free elaf💕 שא': איך אתם מעדיפים את דובי? 1. אלף חופשי. 2. אלף בית. תש' שלי: אלף חופשי💗 Dobby is free👑 harrypotter hbp hp hufflepuff hermionegrenger hogwarts gryffindor ronweasly rupertgrint ravenclaw emmawatson we_are_from_hogwarts wand Dobby deathlyhallowspart2 deathlyhallowspart1 danielradcliffe beautyandbeast2017 voldemort lordvoldemort potterhead slytherin severussnape freedobby👑

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Guten Morgen potternerds 😋😬 Es ist vizefreitag und ich hab morgen frei und es geht wieder in die Heimat für das Wochenende 💖 Schönen Arbeitstag wünsch ich euch 💪🏻 potternerd potterhead harrypotter harrypotterfan harrypotternerd harrypotterforever pottershirt theboywholived shirt fashion goodvibes goodmorning

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My favv❤ harrypotter20 hogwarts hpforever potterhead chamberofsecrets harrypotterchamberofsecrets favbook jkrowling

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potterhead 😍💖

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i just watched okja last night and it was very heartbreaking 😢 loved teh movie sm xx ✨{arianasarmy arianator arianagrande macmiller agb dangerouswoman dangerousarianuh love gaintrick followtrain instalike instafollow fandom band harrypotter potterhead lol couple relationshipgoals soulmates katyperry katycat katyperryfans feed brown brownbambi coffeefeed bambi beautiful coffee}✨

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I'm so tired oh boi - harrypotter potterhead ouat oncer onceuponatime fandom fandoms fangirl teenwolf fanboy textpost tumblr meme memes book books reading read reads tv tvseries tvshow feels thefeels canteven internet nerd

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amber || ravenclaw || xiii


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is posting... . . [aes: Sirius Black] {Harry Potter} • fc; 245 • Follow tagged!! • I'm so jet lagged help me 😓 • qotd: city you're in? aotd: Los Angeles Comment your answer to be tagged in my next post!! . [6/28/17] . siriusblack hogwarts siriusblackaesthetic gryffindor padfoot prongs marauders maraudersmap isolemnlyswearthatiamuptonogoo hogwartsschool harrypottermovie dogstar harrypotterbookseries hogwartsschoolofwitchcraftandw potterhead azkaban jamespotter fbawtft harrypotter hp wizard wizardingworld wizarding jkrowling wolfstar orderofthephoenix harrypotterandtheorderofthepho harrypeditcomp2 grimmauldplace ootp

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My last birthday i threw myself a Harry Potter party and this year im just going to put up my crowning achievment ( drawing wise) which i made around 9 years ago. averypotterbirthdaytome . . . . . . . hogwartsismyhom potterhead wishmehappybirthday creative_Pakistan homeiswheremycamerais imreallybadatdrawing

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Aysha Rafiq


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Off to Hogwarts for grad school! This moment was literally life changing. I could almost hear Hagrid yelling "YER A WIZARD AYSHA!". Hufflepuff for life 🙌🏼 harrypotter sorcerersstone hufflepuff platformnineandthreequarters london kingscrossstation hogwarts keepitwild northwestcreatives theoutbound optoutside rei1440project wearethewild wildernessculture stayandwander forgeyourownpath earthoutdoors unplugandreconnet neverstopexploring potterhead

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Dan Farrell


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In honour of Harry Potter's 20th anniversary, ThrowbackThursday this week takes me back to early 2015 when I went to The Elephant House cafe where JK Rowling started writing them! 😁 This was such a great day out (Edinburgh is beautiful, please visit it if you haven't already!) and it was so inspiring to see where such a successful author started out! 👌 TBT Me Guy Instaguy Instapic HarryPotter JKRowling Potterhead HarryPotterForever HarryPotterFan TheElephantHouse Edinburgh Scotland Gay Instagay GayUK GayMan GayBoy Gaystagram GaysOfInstagram GayLife GayPride LGBT LGBTPride

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I miss Dobby . . . . . . . . Tags: likesforlikes like4like l4l like4follow l4f harrypotter remuslupin hermionegranger ronweasley siriusblack jamespotter moony padfoot marauders prongs books magic fredandgeorge potters professorsnape dracomalfoy marvel bands fandoms potterhead

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Tahsin Orthy


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"yer a wizard harry!" say hi to this chibi Harry Potter locket. ✌ crafts diy locket doodle doodle_art jewelry decor handmadeharrypotter harrypotterfan potterhead potterfreak potternerd hpfan harrypotterforever harrypotterbooks

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Chaveiros Harry Potter harrypotter potterhead

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June 28 - hedwig WhoJustSitsAroundDrawin Me HPlettering @hplettering @calligraphynerd @amandakammarada handlettering moderncalligraphy calligraphy beautiful harrypotter love hpletteringJune letteringchallenge art illustration hp potterhead lettering calligraphynerd hpletteringngnerd hobby letteringnerd letteringlife expressyourself handwriting watercolor waterbrush watercolorart watercolorfill watercolors

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elisa | gryғғιndor


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Ohh Dan😍 Fave Harry ship? I like Hinny but I think Harry with Luna and Harry could also be pretty cute together.

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#1 newtina shipper


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✩fc; 664
mmmm i'm so glad I chose a theme where I don't have to do one strict edit!! It's much more fun. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
qotd: fight or flight?
a: it depends, but if I'm honest if I was in a situation like Newt and Tina, I would fight.

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Rote Zora


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Neue Lieblingstasse. ❤ potterhead harrypotter movie muggle hogwarts beautiful new inlovewith photo

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Marit✨ (She/Her)


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{Swipe} Why is Dumbledore so sarcastic and his own kind of funny?? Dumbledore is my gay hero and I want to meet someone who's kinda like this headcannon, just because that's awesome tho. Second, I'm like preparing for a whole test week and at some point's this test week will be easy, but at some not. Like the language's (German, English and French) we will have a reading/watching/hearing/speak test, so im not really able to learn that. A bad point (for me) is that the other tests are really hard to learn, we need to learn so much text and so much words and aaagh it's so much ajdhshsj - Fc: 209 Fg: 250

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Akshay - The Artist in Motion


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The loss that hurts more than anything - he was indeed a true friend ! Happy Birthday Dobby ☺ happybirthdaydobby dobby hbd houseelf freeelf pottermore potterworld potterhead HarryPotter jkrowling harrypotterfan artwork artsy sketch sketchdaily sketchoftheday instapencil instagramart fanart artistsofinstagram artspipl artfido arts_help young_artists_help sharemearts tbt throwback drawing dailydrawoff

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Kari Castellanos

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Canuto comission digitalmedia digitalart digitalillustration illustration fanart harrypotter potterhead siriusblack padfoot thegrimm bigdog blackdog canuto merodeador elsketchbookdemaka makakyk artistoninstagram instaart instagramartist followmyart followme

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Muggle: Harry Potter is for children. Me: Wingardium LeviFuckyou always potterhead harrypotter jkrowling untiltheend 20years harrypotter20

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(SWIPE) • "Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve." -J.K. Rowling ▪ ▪ ▪ J.K. Rowling is truly one of the most talented women with one of the most beautiful minds. ▪ ▪ ▪ jkrowling potterhead ginnyweasley quotes wordsofwisdom wordstoliveby sayings watercolor art lettering letteringph handlettering calligraphyph calligraphy

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Dramione Artworks


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Chapter 1 pg 6 Omg Hermione!!! What will Ron do?? Where is Draco ? Will he be able to arrive before something bad happens.... Stay tuned ( comment if u want to know the next pg) dramione dramioneship dramioneforever dramioneendgame dramioneedit dracomalfoy hermionegranger ronweasley fanart anime manga fanfiction comics books harrypotterfan harrypotter harrypotterfanart harrypotterworld koganekatherina deviantart tumblr pinterest potterhead jkrowling creditstoitsrightfulowner dramionefanart

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muggel muggels dursleys harrypotter potterhead potterlove

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Books On The Delhi Metro


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Do you need a reason to travel in metro on Friday? Well, we will give you a very pretty one. 👈 We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter. 🙋 The magical world which gave us the trio, which made love and friendship all the more special. 💪 We will be hiding these books tomorrow(Friday, 30th june) and we will share the exact location. 🚆 . No hide&seek this time, because we really want you to pick these gems. 💖💖💖 . So stay tuned. And tag your friends. Spread the love.📚 booksonthedelhimetro b harrypotter potterhead delhimetro

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Suu P Chakravarty


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Follow my writings on yourquote quote stories ttt qotd quoteoftheday wordporn quotestagram wordswag wordsofwisdom inspirationalquotes writeaway thoughts poetry instawriters writersofinstagram writersofig writersofindia igwriters igwritersclub potter harrypotter potterhead

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Still riding that harrypotter20 train with doodles. . . . art artoftheday harrypotter hermionegranger ronaldweasley gryffindor artstagram artwork drawing painting instaart fanart books character traditionalart doodle hogwarts jkrowling harrypotter20thanniversary potterhead

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Wera Salas


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Gladly, I can call myself part of the HarryPotterGeneration ⚡️ After all this time... ALWAYS. HP 20yearsofmagic happy20th 😁 potterhead

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