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Forrest Farms


Comment from Forrest Farms:

tbt to when I was a glassblower back in 2006-2011 before I became a full time ganjafarmer humbleroots boro lampwork bubbler pendant pendy goddess youngbuck hungry hustler

17 Minutes ago

Dylan Joyce


Comment from Dylan Joyce:

Hey go check out my new website! (the link is in my bio) Anything that's not on there just shoot me a DM for pricing. supportyourlocalglassblower glassforsale eastcoastglass nyglass fumetech fumecrew glasschain chaingang pendant pendysofig pendy morrisvillestate morrisvillestatecollege syracuse headshops minitubemafia playingwithfire

40 Minutes ago



Comment from Cali.Trees:

🌬✨Still Have To Buy A Few More, But Got My Close Friends And Family These Baby Carved Phanties For Good Luck 🍀 🐘💕✨ @tribal_weaver_gv @blazenjsgrassvalley @q_heffner_glass calyx purpledream rainydaysingotham candyland terpss headytrees heady calyx pendy headypendy 710 420 dablife 710society 420somewhere goldie dabman dabs dab justdab honey shatter bho pharaoh gold trippy headyart headylife

1 Hours ago

Ozzie Anwar


Comment from Ozzie Anwar:

Tipis Tipis dikota Kembang 💐🌼🌺🌹🌸 downhillskateboardi view panorama sunset lombok Indonesia slide pendy coleman predrift skate testride cornering hairpins gopro skateboarding downhillskateboarding longboardindoneisa indolongboard lomboarders lomboklongboardriders staycoolsocks loyaltoprocess gokil rrtm rrtmclothings longboardina lombokisland Indonesia screenshot @lomboklongboardriders @gokilgear @longboardina @calibertrucks @staycoolsocks @rrtmclothing @ozziestore2n 🎥 @rickydangos

2 Hours ago



Comment from Cinciskater47:

Big thanks Robert for blowing this strawberry 🍓❤️ @gradeaglass pendy glasspendy glasspendant glasspendants glassporn raw rawhempwick headyglass heady 10mmmafia 10mm

2 Hours ago



Comment from Soak:

Last day of SALE Series 3 Nug Run pendys If interested check out the website all orders come with series 3 sticker pack. And some extras to stick up where ever your heart desires. (Available threw my BIG CARTEL link to website in my bio) glass glassart glassofig glassporn glasspendant pendy pendants soakglass jewelry bongbeauties art artporn marijuana 420 710 heady headyglass highlife hightimes highsociety nugpendant nugrun medicalmarijuana medical dabs cannabis stoners kush

2 Hours ago

Maria June


Comment from Maria June:

❄❄Some ice to cool you down❄❄ hollowpendant with an implosion Currently available. . . . . . . . glassofig glassofinstagram oprahswookclub oprahsbookclub yourmom hashtag glassofig glassofinstagram wearableart pendants pendantsofinstagram 710 420blazeit fresh2death headyglass goldfume silverfume implosion pendy

2 Hours ago

Hannah King


Comment from Hannah King:

My man @dippyglass hooked me UP with a welcome home surprise 👌 3 pendys (I bought 🤷😂) plus 2 little beautiful nug pendys & and original throwback start up piece?! You gotttttta check this dude out. His pieces are amazing, he loves his nannergang & really, he's a fucking HILARIOUS dude himself - check his story. Thank so much my dude!!! appreciationpost shatternanner shatter 420 glassporn dippyfollowers dippynanner nanner banana bhombsquad happytokestribe pendy

2 Hours ago



Comment from jlux_living_in_art:

Probably my favorite glass photo ive ever taken...thanks to @firefly_glass the killa gorilla looks like he's in action, its amazing what some of these glass artists are doing, this piece is 100 100 100 100 100! 100 100 100 100 100! nfse * bestofglassglassofigfir cflglasshighclassglassheadygla illuminatiheadyorgtfo420710wax 10waxdabsculptedtopshelfglassW acideaterMothershipakmglassmot hateradeskullpendycarbcapserum

3 Hours ago



Comment from Loahkon:

@headyzglass is doing a giveaway on this mystery adventurine functional pipe pendy! Go check them out if you havent they always have amazing work for reasonable prices! functionalart glassforsale giveaway freeglass glassgiveaway glassart glassofig glass boro heady pendy pendant pipe canadianglass cannabis hologramglass

3 Hours ago

Headyz Glass & Gifts


Comment from Headyz Glass & Gifts:

Doing our first giveaway. super excited about this pendy pipe from @hologramglass entering is easy 1. Like the post 2. Comment 2 friends That's to enter, We'll be randomly selecting a winner on Saturday June 24th at 8pm Pacific time. glassart glassofig canadianglass bcglass dab dabcanada boro glassforsale heady heady headyglass glassgiveaways

3 Hours ago

Marketing Glass


Comment from Marketing Glass:

4 Hours ago



Comment from true_organics:

The uv on this dot stack pendy from @thedwarfinsideglass is so cool, go check him out tdg3kgiveaway glass glassofig glasslife glassart art artofig organic organicart oprahswookclub oprahsbookclub pendant pendantsofig pendy uvglass uv tdiglass

4 Hours ago

Dr. Cooks


Comment from Dr. Cooks:

MYSTERY BAG AUCTION TIME! Rules: 1️⃣Auction Starts at $25 2️⃣Bid in Increments of $5+ 3️⃣Buyer pays shipping 4️⃣Please tag previous buyer 5️⃣Auction Ends Saturday June 24th at midnight (mt) 6️⃣No Reserve 7️⃣Buyer has 24 hours for payment 8️⃣Paypal Only . . . . . . . . . . . gla terps glassforsale 710labs 420 cbd 710 terpenes dabs dabbersdaily shatter opals swirls fire glassart pendy mini minitube bong bubbler rig derbs recycler nug hemp hash

4 Hours ago

The Island Goddess


Comment from The Island Goddess:

Fair jewels:) come grab a choker, bracelet, necklace or so much more! handmadwithlove petaluma sonomacounty calilove balidaily festivallife festivalvibes festivalstyle beachbabe balilife boho bohochic om namaste beachlife pendy heady calistyle yogagirl

4 Hours ago

Andrew Feldman


Comment from Andrew Feldman:

Throwback to my first stone macrame wrap. I've worn this everyday for the last 5 years. Well worn and a bit dirty but still holding handmade macrame jewelry necklace jewelrybox jewelryporn chrysocolla gemstone crystal crystaltherapy zen beauty balance yoga create creation love life loveandlight lovewhatyoudo workflow pendy goodvibes throwbackthursday tbt durable art artsy etsy happyhempin

4 Hours ago



Comment from Kelsey:

💫Another dual sided watercolor pendant💫 👉Swiiiipppeee 👉(sold) • • • • •watercolour spaceart space spacejewelry necklace art wearableart art🎨 artist artwork girlswhopaint orlandoart orlando orlandoartist orlandogirl pendantsforsale pendy pendyforsale artforsale spacenerd spacelover obsessed girlswithtattoos charm charms eastcoastartist space spacetattoo spaceart jewelry jewelrydesigner handmadejewelry

4 Hours ago



Comment from MaryJane🍁:

First video is just wind, but then babe put jams on & we were jammin in the forest! Lovin the crown filters 👑🌲🌳☀️🌈🎶 • • • If you're feeling like royalty, go order from herb queens‼️ use my discount code; iGalaxy ✨✨ • • • • HerbQueen Natural NoMakeup LongHair NaturalHair Nature Organic Raw RawCone RawCones RawLife Pendant Pendy RainbowPendant PendantAppreciation seeourcrew MaryJane Weed WeedPorn Marijuana Cannabis GanjaGirl Stoners StonerLife HighSociety HighLife HighTimes THC CannabisCommunity Cloud9

4 Hours ago

Kelsey Godfrey


Comment from Kelsey Godfrey:

Another dual watercolor pendant (commission, nfs). I'm obsessed with the blues in this piece, I dunno about you 😍 • • • •watercolour spaceart space spacejewelry necklace art wearableart art🎨 artist artwork girlswhopaint orlandoart orlando orlandoartist orlandogirl pendantsforsale pendy pendyforsale artforsale spacenerd spacelover obsessed girlswithtattoos charm charms eastcoastartist space spacetattoo spaceart jewelry jewelrydesigner handmadejewelry

5 Hours ago

Mew2d2 Glass Auctions


Comment from Mew2d2 Glass Auctions:

**AUCTION** 🔥 re-wig disc pendant with green slyme back by @mew2d2glass 👻 Starts at $30 with minimum $3 increments. Add $5 for shipping to u.s. $13 to canada. Ends 6/23 at 8:00pm pacific time. Please be paypal ready within 24 hours to claim. Thank you and goodluck! boro borosilicate glassart glassofig pendantsofig pendy pendant pendantsofig pendantsforsale glassforsale glassauction wigwag

5 Hours ago



Comment from sherijane:

I'll take $250 shipped tonight for my blingingest pendant ever 💕✨😎 dm me to purchase pendantpendylongmontboulderden erdenverfortcollinscolorado420 do420headyfestivaljewelryjewel jewelerriojewelerartistartloca tlocalheadiessummercolorgratef ratefuldeadsherijanespacegirlt

5 Hours ago

Lisa Juarez


Comment from Lisa Juarez:

5 Hours ago

Lisa Juarez


Comment from Lisa Juarez:

So excited this came today @dollhouseglass thank you so much. I love it! Pendant Pendy BlownGlass Opal HandBlown

5 Hours ago

nuggsnuggets (jaysun)


Comment from nuggsnuggets (jaysun):

vortexmarble vortex marble glassmarble glass glassmaker marbleman borosilicate boromarble glassporn glassart glassstagram instaglass ppp stuffstonerslike boro oprahsbookclub ccc ppp floridaglass floridastoner glassforsale nuggetglass pendant pendy pendantsofig pendyporn

5 Hours ago



Comment from Masha:

After about 24hrs (see my last post), the results are in! Please excuse the coffee-stained scratch paper. Looks like my work next week will be "black-ice" themed. I will be making a large anatomically correct one in that same exact color scheme, yes, but also a variety of smaller-scale piece in similar colors, and maybe throw in some curveballs as well... Keep an eye out for the actual update announcement :) thank you to everyone who dropped by with their vote!

6 Hours ago



Comment from Mosh:

@710scoops helpin dankify the serumntonic collection with this sick @calmbo pendy , thanks again homie calmglass glass glassofig bestofglass cflreactive pendant pendysofig pendantsofig art glassart glassalchemy serum tonic jewlery hippiebling necklace boro heady headyglass thatlooksexpensive stayglassy stayhigh stayconcentrated

6 Hours ago

Bonnie Adams


Comment from Bonnie Adams:

Not Obsessed with @beerglass I Swear 😂 numba3 beerfam boro pendy stopdropandpendyshot lokislipstick fume fumegod flow cannabiscommunity chaospendant glassofig glassporn pendant happytokestribe worldreefers cannabis prop215 mmj staymedicated higherthanmost stoner dank medicated hippyatheart happytokes galaxypendant

7 Hours ago



Comment from rachel:

Got my pendy so excited it's so freaking beautiful @thirteenmoonshotglass glass pendy beautiful 420 215 dab girlswhosmoke lit love instagood photo picoftheday color bongbeauties dabdoll sun beauty goodvibes stonergirl stonergirlcommunity peacefulpassionateproductivepo pothead dabstagram likeforlike 710society topshelf gofollow follow like

7 Hours ago



Comment from yung_kakashi710:

7 Hours ago

Danny Stephen Cuccovia Jr


Comment from Danny Stephen Cuccovia Jr:

Started my day off with a fat dab from the fam @goon_dabs of the Animal Cookies tasty asf good looks fam,this cali heat sucks over 100° roasting over here lol dabbers_unite AnimalCookies Shatter DoYouDabArmy BhombingAmerica DailyDabber LowTempMafia DabSrUs incycler ThermalP Banger CaliforniaTerpines HighlyEducated Samari DabWizard Dabstagram DabbersDelight Pendy TerpBoyz terpsonpoint WeDontSmokeTheSame TopShelfLyfe InstaDabberz dankASF FlavorChasor SharksTerritory Cali tattoos

7 Hours ago



Comment from Nik:

Thanks for the free pendy! @radbradglass go give this guy a follow!! His art is so satisfying I didnt really understand these glass pendy thangs until i got one they are sick!! Awesome color awesome texture! 👌🏻 good work man! apex beer bikesvscops bikelifeberry camero doitforstate dirtbikekidz freenikk gr0marmy gromsquad honda hellablox helpthehomeless iCATCHemALL instagramcats jetski dabs bong 420 shatter amber wax thc cbd pot canabis highupglass hitmanglass pendy glass

7 Hours ago

Gabriel J Hodges


Comment from Gabriel J Hodges:

100$ Lorax coin up for grabs ready for use, worked to 600 no polish, first 80 in my paypal gets it :) super fun milli I did last year with Ryan Mccluer!!! milli gatorgabe heady lorax coins mille loraxmilli coinforsale pendy murrine glassisfun

7 Hours ago

Cape Cod Cultivations


Comment from Cape Cod Cultivations:

YAAAAY IT CAME!!!! My first ever @puffspendymelts !!!!!! I can't wait to see what's inside!!!! glasspendant pendy headycandles headyglass

8 Hours ago