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Comment from Rob:

New battle station, same ol' rig. pcgaming oldfathful needupgrades

18 Days ago

Clint Dase


Comment from Clint Dase:

Riverside Geyser rainbow. resetbutton grateful sharethejuice timetoreflect gysers oldfathful 10swipe hikingadventures

26 Days ago

Kevin Hao


Comment from Kevin Hao:

Gyarados🤣yellowstone wyoming oldfathful geyser

35 Days ago

Xuan Liu


Comment from Xuan Liu:

我喷了 oldfathful yellowstone

37 Days ago

tanya winters


Comment from tanya winters:

Kickin it! Alwayskickinrepersentingthe conversewhitechucksleather alltimefaveoldfathful neverchangeIlovethem

51 Days ago

Joe Six Pack


Comment from Joe Six Pack:

garbagerod motherrussia oldfathful seniorbaddy mosinnagant personalguns nikon

63 Days ago

Barney A


Comment from Barney A:

Two more days 😢 OldFathful

63 Days ago

Joe Six Pack


Comment from Joe Six Pack:

We would like to present to you today the garbage rod, this old 1942 bolt action mosin nagant/baddy senior is one of our oldest pop guns we own. I am sorry but I am a huge fan of this rifle, a lot of people hate it but I gotta say I love it. You can't go wrong with that fatty 7.62x54r, it just packs a smack when it hit, also you can't beat the price, I got this for 200$ out the door at big 5. I would also like to add that it's a piece of history, how cool is that. The Accuracy is on point, a1, good for being a old sea hag, I know it's not a Remington 700 or a Springfield m1903 or also a Mauser, but the mosin holds it down for what it's worth. The action on this gun is sweet, nice and slippery 💦😘 dose not get jammed up or caught, feeds the rounds nice and smooth. Just would like to end this shorty review in saying this rifle isn't top of the line, it isn't going to shoot great groupings, it's heavy, it's old, it's rusty, the list goes on but it's reliable and will not jam up even if it's super dirty it will always go bang .also if you like owning a piece of history and just shooting big surplus ammo at steal, making it go bing bing this rifle is what you looking for. @the.12.shot.program mosinnagant garbagerod oldfathful seniorbaddy 7.62x54r morrussia personalguns nikon

63 Days ago



Comment from rose:

Koala slippers! oldfathful

92 Days ago

Cameron Webster


Comment from Cameron Webster:

Because I don't post her enough since she retired as the daily. oldfathful prerunnerTitan dirtking blackandgold beforegoldwascool

94 Days ago

Xavier G


Comment from Xavier G:

oldfathful latenightsesh👽💚👽

129 Days ago

Reaper Airsoft and Milsim


Comment from Reaper Airsoft and Milsim:

Respect this flag A lot of brave men and women have died for it so it's not just yours it's theirs too america useoldfathful redwhiteandblue gsfreaper_airsoft_and_milsim respect gearairsoftobsessed airsoftworldwide americanmilsim team blueforcegear krytac pantacusa ronintactics

145 Days ago

Xavier G


Comment from Xavier G:

710 420 dabbindaily dabberdoo dab oldfathful

154 Days ago



Comment from Sammy:

Someone got himself a big boy bike hahah lol vapelife motolife gobigorgohome husqvarna oldfathful motoporn imgonadie lol

161 Days ago

Xavier G


Comment from Xavier G:

nail therig 710 420 dabbindaily dabcity oldfathful glassbukett legorig

167 Days ago

Xavier G


Comment from Xavier G:

710 420 dabbindaily 2:30am dabcity latenightsesh👽💚👽 shatter glassbukett cookies oldfathful therig 💨

168 Days ago



Comment from elise:

Merry Christmas from Yellowstone.

185 Days ago


Comment from Juan:

fog napavalley wine spa oldfathful relax family trip california lifeisgoodrainday oldtrucksexploreamerica Excellent_America tranquility tv_panorama travel unitedstates ig_unitedstates pocket_usa landscspe just_america just_unitedstates vsco vscom go outdoors discoveramerica

194 Days ago



Comment from Joe:

Time to say good bye to this old girl 40+ years in service bought brand new never broke down. davidbrowntractor oldfathful timeforaupgrade retirement aussieag farmerjoe

196 Days ago

Alissa Sellars


Comment from Alissa Sellars:

Much needed weekend in Yellowstone 😌😍 oldfathful goregous guyser

262 Days ago



Comment from Erinn:

geyser geysers bison hotsprings yellowstone yellowstonenationalpark oldfathful beautiful breathetaking love adventure experience roadtrip2016 roadtrip animals lifechanger instagood instagram photooftheday photoday

264 Days ago

Graham Stewart


Comment from Graham Stewart:

Some fun in the mud. fun mud 4wd gq patrol gettingdirty gotthroughit oldfathful

277 Days ago

Dylan Sinclair


Comment from Dylan Sinclair:

This old stead keeps taking me to the top oldfathfulcrf450r hondastockcrank245rideinghours moto

319 Days ago

D.J. McKendree


Comment from D.J. McKendree:

oldfathful yellowstone panarama checkoutmypage bluesky bluewater pretty prettycool photo photography photos photooftheday oneofakind art artistic loveit wow nice outintheworld outdoors oitside nature like likeitup comment follow thanks

326 Days ago



Comment from Ted:

One of the wonders of the world. familytime vacation2016 yellowstone oldfathful

327 Days ago



Comment from gaming_photography__:

Day Four Of Vacation ------------------------------ / credits / @hot_topic_gaming_3 ------------------------------ Use ️⃣️⃣ for a shoutout ------------------------------ vacation store food yellowstone Montana Idaho Wyoming canyon attractions nationalpark cool oldfathful

347 Days ago

Jorge Garcia


Comment from Jorge Garcia:

I finished just couldn't get all of it dang it oldfathful damnjorge rockclimbing boldering bolderingwall rockcity backatitagainwiththerockclimbi

1 Years ago



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1 Years ago



Comment from julianmacleod:

New addition to the family honda oldfathful

1 Years ago

Chris George


Comment from Chris George:

Copilot! labrador blacklab bestfriend oldfathful toyota 4runner trd

1 Years ago

National Park Apps & Perks


Comment from National Park Apps & Perks:

How will you be participating in the NationalPark Centennial? Find events: Download our National Park apps at Photo: NPS Nature Outdoors NPS Chimani MobileApp Mobile App NationalParks instagood ParkRanger geyser Yellowstone YellowstoneNationalPark OldFathful

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Comment from 🎀Louise🎀™:

1 Years ago


Comment from Juan:

fog napavalley wine spa oldfathful relax family trip california lifeisgood

1 Years ago