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Comment from 99_cheesecake:

Happy mother's day . . . 1mom mothersday lovemom maternity motherslove bestmother mothercare mothership motherland クッキング レシピ motherlove motherhood mommylove البحرينحلاحلوياتكيككب_كيكجيز_كيككيكة_التمركيكةالتمربراونينوتيلاصناعة_منزليةسوق_البحارنةبانكيكلوتسعيد_الام

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🍯Danny Dabberelli🍯


Comment from 🍯Danny Dabberelli🍯:

Monday morning, I have a love-hate relationship with you, you bitch. Didn't sleep that great, but I'm ready to start the day. 💪🏼Hope everyone has a great Monday and a great rest of the week 🤙🏼🤙🏼BHOmbingAmerica triceraterps qcb h3gang successfulstoner nosedab calibud headyglass topshelflife itslit twaxgang claritycounts shatter lowtemp dabbersunite chico 503 wethebest mothership bongbeauties heady iloveweed weedstagram cannabiscommunity wethebest

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Comment from ni7ck10:

Last dab off this set before it went off to its new homie ✌🏼💨 mothership mothershipmonday mothershipmafia mothershipbucket megapot everydaywelit fullmelt 710 topshelflife thousanddollarsmoke bhombs massmilkhead shatter errl rosin 710society staymedicated iwillmarrymary bhoston justblazeig glassofig bestofglass westcoastdabbers weshouldsmoke wakeandbake dabbers_unite claritycounts fueledbythc stayhigh

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Comment from G:

Some klein function for mothershipmonday . Owned by @ashmccabe1 . mothership mothershipglass klein terptuner wedontsmokethesame quaveclubbanger dabbers_unite moodmats waterspinner recycler qcb lowtemp meltshot bestofglass glassofig glassart headyglass thousanddollarsmoke highendglass dank 710 dabs oprahsbookclub mmj dablife heady high_larry_us 710society

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Comment from Nu-Toons:

'Bad Karma' @AxelThesleff 24HRAnimation Animation SmartFunnyBlack Film AnimationArt Ink CharacterDesign Astronomy Cartoons SaturdayMorningCartoons Cosmology Design EnvironmentDesign FigureModel Model fauvist Quadrivium Music Bmth Feminist Gypsy Pirate Space Princess matera traditionalanimation dgd DanceGavinDance mothership

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Comment from terpjuice.:

2K CASH for this 2nd 7.5" mothership fixie. Comes with a used rose gold swing & an OFZ. Please DM if interested

22 Minutes ago



Comment from az_errlybird:

Half grams of @moxie710 for Mothership Monday

31 Minutes ago



Comment from justgogetbaked:

finally got around to taking a video of the clear distiller 💎 just so happen to be after i scooped an old style OFZ & a brand new black dial deep dish 🙏🏻 mothership mothershipglass ofz optimalflavorzone oldstyle newstyle toblessedtobestressed ctdabbers dabbersdaily dabbers_unite weshouldsmoke eastcoast eastcoastdabbin distiller distilledglass beastcoast moodmats mystictimber evanshore toroglass newscoop bestofglass glassofig localglass

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🍯🍄Psychonaut👹🔮Glass Enthusiast


Comment from 🍯🍄Psychonaut👹🔮Glass Enthusiast:

2 of my favorite toys to play around with mothershipmonday mothershipelite mothership mothershipglass mothershipcrew mothershipgang mothershipstraightfab eliteship elitemothership bmw germanengineering glassporn glassofig straightfabulous straightfab straightfabfixie dabs dabaholic singleseed seedoflife thousanddollarsmoke scottdeppe vegasglassscene psychonautics

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Early Bird Records Köln


Comment from Early Bird Records Köln:

Funkadelic | "Cosmic Slop" | LP | Gatefold-Cover 🤘🏽 vinyl georgeclinton funkadelic pfunk parliament funkrecords gatefold gatefoldcover cosmicslop essentialfunklp artwork ufo space samples mothership mothershipconnection westbound garyshider bernieworrell eddiehazel funky

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Comment from Midwest_medicated:

2017 reverseblasted ballrig and 2017 klein i am first owner on both. Both flawless both sub9 mothershipglass floweroflife fabegg 5seed mothership thousanddollarsmoke headyglass glassart headyart highendglass oprahsbookclub ChiDabbers claritycounts chicagodabbers coloradodabbers highendglasart denverdabbers mothershipcrew mothershipgang headytrades mothershipforsale midwestdabbers oprahswookclub mothershipglassforsale heaterz

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Prithviraj Varma


Comment from Prithviraj Varma:

The sky gods don't seem to be too happy! 😜 fordfiesta fordpower Ford fordindia tripmobile mothership highways prithvirajvarmaphotography drive 165kmph diesel Roadtrip nature

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Comment from 7:Tennessee:

@smokymountainconcentrates owns some 🔥❗ This thing riiiiiips. @adambglass killed it. adambarrington adamb glassart bestofglass functionalglassart thousanddollarsmoke sugarcubebangers terptuner handspunglass mothershipglass pukinbeagle boroofig boroporn glassforsale glassporn borosilicate headyglass headyasfuck glassfortrade 420 710 dabs concentrate terps dabstagram mothership mothershipglass

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Get With The Connect


Comment from Get With The Connect:

Oh god. People these days 😑😂 • • • • • • • • getwiththeconnect thequartzconnect thermalbanger thermals thermalp plug quartzbanger quartzforsale mothership mothershipglass bluegrassglass corywilliamsonglass glassforsale glassofig 710 710society dailydabbers weshouldsmoke freshsqueezeddaily 420 not a evanshorebanger quaveclubbanger not a pukinbeagle bubblecapdrop bubblecapsforsale bubblecaps bubblecap

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23 🐼FN 💜


Comment from 23 🐼FN 💜:

@420Struggles Atomic Blasted 4-Seed shreds for Mothership Monday ... or something 😤

59 Minutes ago

Garrett Avila


Comment from Garrett Avila:

Figured I would start today with a melt shot of a fatty combo dab I just took of some GSC wax 🍪TNT live resin 💣topped off with some Green crack THCa ⛽️so terpy I swear 💦⛽️🔥🔥🙌💎💦💦🤤bestofglassglassofigMarijuanaCannabiss710societyMarijuanacounityHeadyheadyglassCannabaisscommunitymeltshotWakenbakeFueledbyBHOFueledbyTHCTopshelfThousanddollarsmokeMothershipmothershipglassTopshelflife420societyDabcommunity710lifeTerpsTerpenesTerpsonterpsstopdropandglob710420

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❌Don Gagash❌ 🇱🇰


Comment from ❌Don Gagash❌ 🇱🇰:

unofficial psychopeeps psychoparade psycho black n gold donz edm truck mothership apikaddamedium dj

1 Hours ago



Comment from midwest_terphunter:

Seshing some of the last of my Pineapple Express shatter from nativerootsdispensary The function on this @mothership_glass torus is amazing. Thanks again homie @urban_glassman dailydabbers dabstagram dabs topshelf thousanddollarsmoke shatter liveresin bho wax mothership mothershipgang mothershipglass mothershiptorus mothershipglassforsale midwestdabbers cannabis cannabissociety 710

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Benjamin Danklin


Comment from Benjamin Danklin:

Back in the day as empires made haste to colonize, to claim, to control and contain We sat patiently in the future... helpless @chelsey4realzie switch deepbreaths clenchfists juggernauts entershikari theatreoflivingarts mosh drunkpunks rawrxd blackandwhite zzzonked adieu finally standinglikestatues hazed tla southphilly mothership

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Вероника Мельникова


Comment from Вероника Мельникова:

Набираю группу активных,целеустремленных👈 Научу зарабатывать деньги👈 Бесплатная регистрация👈 Свободное время👈 Сетевой бизнес nl int Для бизнеса пиши звони 📲8913-524-0198 lovemom maternity motherslove bestmother mothercare mothersday mothership motherland motherlove motherhood mommylove motheranddaughter mothermonster mothersdaygift motherdaughter mothers momlife mama mother mymother family sunraylabs motherson motherday mothershipglass mommy parenthood @sunraylabs motherandson motherdaughtertime motherdaughterlove

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Georgina Stephens


Comment from Georgina Stephens:

Three generations of awesome ladies 👌🏻 family threegenerations mothership grandmothership

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Comment from Jack:

📸pic for attention 📸 ISO a sub 9.5 @mothership_glass Fab egg! First quality only! 💵💵💵 DM me offers mothershipfabegg itgoesdowninthedm mothershipgang chitowndabbers midwestdabbers mothership mothershipmonday mothershipforsale mothershipcrew boroballers boro borobook oprahswookclub

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Comment from errl_harbor:

🍋⤵️👨🏽‍⚖️🌱 lemondrop governmint @justanotheraz_stoner_93 errlharbor bongbeauties terpslut mothership glockteam mothershipelite mothershipmini mothershipaz mothershipglass mothershipmonday f4f love glassart gucci dabmats pinkslyme ofz @mothership_glass @jake_c_glass

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Comment from terptender_710:

Just a little glass appreciation on this mothershipmonday absolutely love my V3 mini bub, now time to dirty up this beast 💦😤💨 ——————————————————————————— dab dabs oil wax shatter bho sho concentrates terps errl cleanmeds glassofig headyglass mothership mothershipglass cannabis mmj cannabiscommunity glassappreciation famalama function dabbers dabbers_unite dabbersdaily eastcoastdabbers weshouldsesh weshouldsmoke

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Comment from good_individual:

Balling like an athlete but got no jumper🏀 mothershipmonday sub9 guwop mothership mothershipglass jakec davintitland scottdeppe

1 Hours ago

Tommy 💀


Comment from Tommy 💀:

my favorite piece i've owned yet is this double headed, steel wool and portland grey @mr.voorhees tube 🗿 NFS so don't ask unless you're offering me a HIB for it plus cash on my end 👌🏼💰 voorhees vrhs thousanddollarsmoke

1 Hours ago



Comment from smoka:

looking to sell/trade these beauties! DM offers and we can work something out! itgoesdowninthedm

1 Hours ago

Holger Brinkmann


Comment from Holger Brinkmann:

Great new Music \m/ mothership vinyl Heavy rock heavyrock hammer mega geil schallplatte vinyllover yellow gelb highstrangeness tripontheship mothership

1 Hours ago

The Stable Bridport


Comment from The Stable Bridport:

We're on Instagram - A big hello from everyone at The Stable mothership! stablepizza stablebridport pizza pies cider mothership foodie local bridport westcountry dorset dorsetbornandbred

2 Hours ago



Comment from waxmatt:

🔥🔥🔥🔥BUCKET AND SWINGS GOING FOR A STEAL🔥🔥 🔥🔥Trying to clear out some @mothership_glass i dont use while also hearing offers on my og pruple rain bucket set -og purple rain bucket set -alientech bucket with 2 minor flaws -heavily used lefty quartz -og righty titanium DM for more info. mothership mothershipglassforsale mothershipforsale ship mothershipfam shipfam shipgang mothershipofz mothershipofzcap mothershipofzforsale newstyle newstyleofzforsale newstyleofz ofzforsale ofz mothershipswingforsale mothershipswing mothershiptiswing mothershiptrades glassforsale glassofig glassart boroforsale boro

2 Hours ago



Comment from B:

Got these two pieces up from grabs rn @lee_machine yoshi 10 mm male and this UV @mitoaglass shredder hit the dm with offers mothershipglassofigglassforsale headiesforsale berner yoshi headies headiesonly glassofinstagram

2 Hours ago



Comment from Brandon:

Mini Bub 👌🏽💦 MothershipGlass

2 Hours ago



Comment from Pablo:

I'm trying to hook someone up!! Deal fell through so I'm back to hearing offers on this disc flip collab! 500 obo shoot me a DM! Function videos throughout my feed! 👀👀👀 don't snooze on it 😴😴😴😴heady headyglass headyglassart headylife headyart glassofig glassforsale glassauction oprahsbookclub earl 710 710society mothership quave dabsofig joker cbd bho lowtempdabs bestofglass artforsale klein crystals opal bestofboro thousanddollarsmoke whirlpool qcb quartz

2 Hours ago