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猫catssmilehappy templemonk

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~ Val ~


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Breakfast at Tiffany's. ☕ MonkCoffee Monk Bernal Breaksfast VSCO VSCOcam CafeAuLait

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僧侶の四季 僧侶の四季 僧侶 四季illustration illustrator drawing draw design line trazos designer art madrid erastosatori erastosatoriart digital wacom 画画 縁 絵を書くstyle original piece thumbnail landscape paisaje monk monje luz satori

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Carlos VM


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Dreams don't work unless you do!!😍🚁📷😃 meditation dji mavicpro monk funny friends videooftheday nicevideo edition fcpx aerialview monastery flags bmw dronestagram drones drone dronefly barcelona canon epic fun happy bff dron work travel trip

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Trinh Le


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monk morning temple tokyo japan

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māyā. the illusion ❤


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Sadhu. Holy man. ॐ मणि पद्मे हूँ;

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Jacob Woods


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This Friday season 10 starts for Diablo 3 and for the 1st time ever it will be in sync with Xbox1 & PS4 this is the armor set you can get for each char in the season 10. diablo3 Diablo diablo3seasons diablo3season10 blizzard season10 pcgamer ps4gamer xbox1 crusader demonhunter monk wizard whichdoctor barbarian

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Kaysi Smith


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Monk cat? catpeople dungeonsanddragons dnd monk cats catpeople art artist artwork artoftheday instaart inspiration creative characterdesign conceptart sketch

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Zangla Palace ladakh zanskar India temple sutra buddhism buddhist monk room drums holy prayerflags pray beautiful tibet tibetan travelphotography photo

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monk morningfog fog buddhism myanmar goldenrock

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loving the sweet southern life


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besthusbandever knows me well! I love it when my birthday gifts arrive early - so much delicious flavor😊 psych monk youknowthatsright heresthething

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19th Century History


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Painting of Karl Friedrich Lessing by Julius Hübner. Karl Friedrich Lessing (February 15, 1808 – January 4, 1880) was a German historical and landscape painter. He was born near Breslau, Germany (modern day Wrocław, Poland) and attended the Berlin Academy. At first, Lessing began painting landscapes after he found inspiration from Caspar David Friedrich. Most of Lessing's landscape portraits were castle ruins, forgotten cemeteries, rugged rock formations, which he inhabited with figures of monks, knights and thieves. In 1826 he obtained a prize with his "Cemetery in Ruins". Once Lessing went to work in Düsseldorf, he began painting historical images. He became the director of the academy, exercising great influence on the Düsseldorf school of painting. In 1842, Lessing gained popularity from his painting "Das trauernde Königspaar" (Mourning Royal CoupleIn). In 1858 he was appointed director of the gallery at Karlsruhe, where he continued painting until his death in 1880. 1800s 19century history painting artist skill school germany poland breslau wroclaw düsseldorf academy landscape faith Berlin castle ruins cemetery monk knight theif robbery prize teacher death passion work portrait gallery

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Matthew Percival


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Tibetan priest during a blessing ceremony - eastern Tibet monk onmytravels smile blessing Buddhism photooftheday picoftheday travel stare

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Lauren 'Huffy' Hough


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Made a friend today Fuerteventura birdsofinstagram bird instabird slowmotion monk parakeet canaryislands Spain

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Gabrielle around the globe


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Yong monks taking selfies in front of the waterfall. 03.09.2016 backpacking neverstopexploring travelgramtraveltheworld worldtraveler aroundtheworldaroundtheworldpix wonderful_places travelislifebeautifuldestinations passionpasseportexploremore instapassport letsgosomewherelifeofadventure travel travelingphotographyislifee photographyloverslonelyplanet routard beautifulphotooftheday worldtrip amazing asia laos nature people monk

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Comment from veigaink:

Desde pequeño siempre me fascinó esta estatua que está en el cementerio de mi pueblo. Cuenta la leyenda que cada vez que se entierra a alguien allí el monje pasa una página del libro! Que hay de cierto? No lo sé, pero se que está noche estareis aterrados pensando en ello. sculpture statue graveyardstatue cemeterysculpture grave graveyard cemetery monk necronomicon tomb funebre lugiubrious spooky dark horrorhistory graveyardstories cementerio puertodevega

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Tareq Salha


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Monk sketch monk sketch doodle arms thirdeye 3eyes 6arms unknown levitating levitation

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Fabrizio Iozzo


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FAST ANIMALS AND SLOW KIDS...fastanimalsandslowkids fask blackandwhite portrait myphotography myphoto rock musiclive music instamusic blancoynegro likeme like like4like tagme instacool monk splendor followme bn biancoenero monocrome monocromo @fastanimalsandslowkids

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Marine B


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monk buddha buddhist zen pray prayerwheel red dress escape lookatme temple china beijing asia trip travel tourists visiting respectful photography photo camera photooftheday portrait instagood instalike instafollow funny cool memories

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Luisa Ricci


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fastanimalsandslowkids jacopogigliotti bassplayer bassist forsenonèlafelicità tour2017 livemusic rock monk roma musicphotography

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@mrln_1 lust renoideluxe twp thewildpeople sunday brothers brotherhood @acide_one concentration réflexion monk graffiti life friendshipalwaysmatchin pourlespdquinegraffquepourleshowbiz

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Joni tecuento


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monk tattoo

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レオ 🍃 Leo


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Many defaults, but i'm proud of him.👊🏮 《 Keep calm and train wingChun ! 》 _________________________ workinprogress work wip wongfeihung wingchun oc originalcharacter martialarts art sketchbook sketch instadraw drawing shaolinmonk shaolin shaolinkungfu wushu kungfu monk wutang doodle illustration illust shaolintraining shonen kemonomimi kitsune buddhism artiste

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Joni tecuento


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monk tattoo

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Even a two days walk is worth to attend a chief monks funeral for these Burmese ladies at Inle Lake. myanmar inlelake funeral chief monk traditional redsoil headbag asia sea travel backpacking seetheworld difference gapyear project15m9 discover photooftheday happy amateurphoto travelstoke lonelyplanet stayandwonder welivetoexplore wanderlust instatravel travelphotography view adventure travelgram

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Aishan Gonaduwa 🍻 🇺🇸


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Food Foodporn SriLankan SriLankanfood SriLankanstyle FoodLover Almsgiving buddhism lunch lunchtime cooking yummy tasty tastyfood chef cheflife traditional religion religious monk temple karma buddhists beliefs feeding chicken cashewnuts shrimp mango curry

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Schlaflos in S...köln. Warum? Weil ist so. Weil so viel passiert. Grad viel schönes und aufregendes und sensationelles ✌🏼 aber jetzt hab ich es ausgesprochen und jetzt ist es vorbei 😳 sowhat karma die Hundeschule ist proppevoll, die Kunden super und die Hunde erst 😍 der neue Job rennt... seit heute. 💪🏼 ich bin zu Hause bei @chaotenherzpfoten und das ist Mega. Der Text ist genauso durcheinander wie alles andere, aber schön durcheinander. 😊 Auch wenn ich mehr so der Monk bin. Ordnung ist das halbe... undsoweiter. Manchmal geht es aber auch anders und das ist super. So, gute Nacht 😴 bildpasstnichtzumtext egal motivation hundemädchen happy crazy schlaflos monk? negradnichtso aberwirdschon mussabernicht köln hashtagssindunnötig unddoof weheihrlacht hunde derhashtagmusssein wegenhunden

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Shini T'ai


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It's ya favorite battlemaid << i guess - - - - mnk monk aura auragirl maid heavensward stormblood screenshot realmreborn battlemaid ff14 ffxiv finalfantasy finalfantasy14 finalfantasyxiv online nerd gamer cute moogle moogleserver

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Belen Sosa Chmit


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Budas buddha budismo temple monk banana thailand instatravel wanderlust travelphotography aroundtheworld travelgram

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Islamic 🎥 & quotes✒


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And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds. Qur'an(21:107) . . . . gospel torah hebrew hearing heart day lightmuhammadislamicpost read psalms verses revelationangels messengers hindu worship created athiest buddha judgement قرآنيات monk record pope

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Austin Batchelor


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Finished this painting today for my latest YouTube video on painting facial banding. There's not a thing you can't learn through practice and hard work.

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Valentina Masi


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Fall in love with a monk. Done! ✔️🤦‍♀️ myanmar beautiful monk buddhistmonk love sacreandprofane

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Carlos VM


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In our filming "The way to lightning" we could feel how the soul speaks through longing. 😊 meditation way lightning happyness dji dronestagram dron drone mavicpro mavic phantom4 feelgood friends sunday monastery monk canon gopro instagood drones barcelona vacation travel fun epic wanderlust awesome amazing

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