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Emma Louise 🌸💪❤


Comment from Emma Louise 🌸💪❤:

What you think you become.. what you feel you attract.. what you imagine you create . . thursdaythrowback to starting my climbing journey. It couldn't have come at a better time in my life, and has given me new focus. I can't thank certain people enough for encouraging me in climbing and life. I am me again, when before I'd forgotten how to be, and letting myself be consumed by negative people . . stretch stressrelief strength mind positivevibes fitnessmotivation fitness love selflove gym exercise mindbodysoul fitspo fitfam fitspiration climbing rockclimbing thursdaymotivation friday followme follow me instagood l4l cute bouldering hard

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✨Lisa ✨


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✨Colors of Summer✨ Beaded ribbon style choker and matching wrap bracelet. Perfect pairing with your summer whites. Contact me if you would like to purchase bohostyle fashionista colorful summerfashion happy beadedjewelry chokers mindbodysoul soulsisters soul

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Teri Hill


Comment from Teri Hill:

Stay strong. Make them wonder how you're still smiling...❣ yoga yogini yogi strongyogi meditation mindbodysoul mindbodyspirit spiritual innerpeace strongwomenyoga fitness fitnessmotivation yogaeverydamnday yogaeveryday yogaeverywhere namaste blackwomenyoga blackyoga yogafit yogaforlife meditate namaste yogamoms exercise balance active relaxyoga breatheyoga blackyogasuperstars blackgirlyoga

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Comment from Wannabeblogger😉:

If I can learn to meditate...anyone can! Just 15 min. a day!! Find a quiet place...Sit in a relaxed position... concentrate on your breathing... when a thought comes...just let it go...Breath in the good shit...Breath out the bad shit!!! 👍😉😊💖 meditate mindbodysoul

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Felicity Kutlesovski


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🤓 __________________________ ___________________________♡__ __♡_____ THINKitLIVEitBEit PEA t PEACELOVEMUSCLESBABY TheReal eRealFitHouseWivesOfMelbournep urnepeaceLOVEfelicitybeYOUbele UbeleiveinYOUrselfbeYOUrbestmi estmindbodysoulmelbournefitmum itmumfitfammusclebodybuildingh dinghealthfitnesshealthychoice hoicescleaneatingdietstrongpos

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Ann Smith


Comment from Ann Smith:

It was sooooo beautiful - get out in nature today even if just for 5 minutes get out of the office! 😆☝️ 💕💕👆 . . Studies have shown that a break in a different environment ca increase your productivity by 80% 💕 💕 . . . To all you kings and queens...encourage yourself today because YOU yes YOU! YOU freaking rock 💕😘🎉 . . . My mission is to help bring others up alongside me, the business minded, entrepreneurs, leaders and all the go-getters out there... . . If this is you and if you would like me to help you to create the life of your dreams click on the click in my bio 👆 to organise a life or business coaching session 👆😄🙌 . . . life success successquotes opportunity lifecoach lifecoaching blogger vlogger business mindbodysoul gratefulheart itsabloggerslife alldayeveryday pma positivementalattitude fwis fromwhereistand alightersidetolife like4like followforfollow london

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Molly Urban


Comment from Molly Urban:

amen I didn't come this far to only come this far. Never doubt the strength I have and what I've been through. I can guarantee it's much worse than what you are throwing at me now. Only this time, I have the tools, my tribe, and my sense of strong self that will help me stay strong to my beliefs and values. Life is hard enough without putting others down. If you are looking for a reason to hate, move along now; it wasted here. I wish you nothing peace and love. lovefirst hatersgonnahate carryonwarrior youareenough takeupspace mindbodysoul namaste movealong

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Comment from RadRitual:

When you realize the 30% off summer sale isn't over until Sunday... See you 12-6! . . . . . . . . . . . . celebrate greenbeauty greenbeautyblogger bblogger cleanbeauty nontoxicbeauty indiebeauty goodvibes mindbodysoul wellness holistichealth happy makeup ecobeauty crueltyfree shoplocalpgh bestwellnessshoppittsburgh radritual

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Chi Kri Yoga


Comment from Chi Kri Yoga:

This Saturday morning class is a beautiful way to start your weekend! Come stretch your body, still your mind and find your inner peace with @wendyogini ! . Location: Dance studio, Scots Hill, Rickmansworth, Herts, WD3 3AQ . Time: 09:15 - 10:45 am . Contact: 07512 80 82 71 / wendy . yoga yoga yogainspiration yogaeverywhere yogateachers yogateacher yogaeverydamnday yogaeveryday relax flexibility rickmansworth yogajourney yogagram yogadaily meditatedaily ricky meditation saturday love peace london mindfulness mindbodysoul

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Comment from Veterok:

beautiful красота женственность feminine dance летящая воздушная air dream девушкамечта muse муза девушка мечта dream fly полет keepactive mindbodysoul нежность

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Comment from HannaH😇:

🌞Soaking up all that vitamin D🌞 sunkissed morningvibes kissyface feelingfresh mindbodysoul monsoonsgone sunnydays instagood instamood instagay instagram

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Comment from M:

My happy place thespa indulgence healthandwellbeing mindbodysoul bankaron karonbeach phuket thailuxe thailandluxe thailand holiday vacay

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Ayse Keskalan


Comment from Ayse Keskalan:

tbt oldu bile...

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Comment from Namaste🙏🙏🙏:


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Breakout Apparel SA


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Create healthy habits, not restrictions! • Love yourself enough to live a healthy life 💖✨💪🍏 . . . breakout breakoutapparelsa bedifferent bebrave bebold somethingdifferent lifestyle health activeliving fitness mindbodysoul sportswear gymwear fitnessbrand apparel african brand southafrica

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Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀нealтнyмιnd.нealтнyмoм:

Your past makes you who you are but it doesn't have to determine your future! I've had a tough childhood, I know what it's like to struggle and I had to makes lots of mistakes to get to where I am today! I know it can be hard but everyday is chance to start fresh, make a change and make difference. Don't let your past cripple you or hold back from what you want to accomplish in life. ✌🏼💜😊 . . . . . . . . . . me beabetteryou believeinyourself selfimprovement goals strongereveryday strongisthenewskinny mindbodysoul positive inspiration motivation outdoors hiking camping momlife momof2 momswithmuscles busymom workingmom determination healthandwellness wellness wellnessjourney myjourney mindset youareworthit

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Comment from KO8ESCAPES:

Let's go get those good endorphins!!!! 👍🏼👊🏼🤛🏼🙌🏼😉 ko8escapes muaythai training boxing mindbodysoul fitnessjourney fitfam fitness health wellness bootcamp beachbootcamp luxury retreats fitfam fitnessjourney phuket thailand watersports workout

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✨Lucy Anne Chard ✨


Comment from ✨Lucy Anne Chard ✨:

Appreciating just how beautiful this flower is, as it is. I love how all the tiny aspects work together to create the whole, the essence of which is magic.

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Soul Healers Nation 🤝


Comment from Soul Healers Nation 🤝:

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Ottawa's Homeless period


Comment from Ottawa's Homeless period:

Women are the backbone of our society and I will always celebrate them. Together we are stronger 💜💙 Ottawa homeless period project is 8 months today .❣ canada150ottawashomelessperiod

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Natalia Vidal


Comment from Natalia Vidal:

Bom dia!!! Concordo com cada palavra desse post da @duplacarioca ! Não adianta mesmo! Não existe milagre e somos um só, a integração de nossos hábitos, nossas atitudes, e também do que pensamos e vibramos! 🙏🏻💘🙌🏻 equilíbrio reeducaçãoalimentar atividadefisica educação gentilezageragentileza otimismo sorria alegria sintonia energia saúde bemestar doceviver alegriadoser ser justbe essência projetodragadomada balance projetodevida studioicarai pilates estetica nutrição corpomenteespirito mindbodysoul healthychoices healthy girlpower goodvibesonly

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✨ Grounded & Gold ✨


Comment from ✨ Grounded & Gold ✨:

Breakfast Vibes ✨ sparkleandshine mindbodysoul groundedgold . . . . . . mbgnosugarweek riseandshine goodmorning breakfast natural organic glutenfree paleo superfood detox nutrition healthy sustainable green cleaneats eatclean health nourish feedyoursoul healthyfood healthyeating holistic mindbodygreen wellness

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AnuSpa & Anuved


Comment from AnuSpa & Anuved:

Indulge yourself in a Pavitra snan every morning only with Anuved, India's first range of bhakti soaps. Buy online at anuved spiritual spirituality positivevibes rishikesh ganga beautyblogger herbal khadi awakening enlightenment ayurveda mindbodysoul vegetarian

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The Recover Clinic


Comment from The Recover Clinic:

You're not living your life for others, you're living your life for you ❤️

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F Katharina


Comment from F Katharina:

enjoyinglife happyme beachtime goodtimes happytimes greece sun chilling relaxing mindbodysoul vacation instapic selfie instamood instagood instadaily instamoments 🐠 pic woman girl girlstime beach waves sandbetweenmytoes brunette thankful live life kyllini

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Harlene🏃🏾‍♀️ 💅🏽👩🏽‍💻


Comment from Harlene🏃🏾‍♀️ 💅🏽👩🏽‍💻:

Sometimes you have to take a step back to see the things you couldn't see up close vacation mexico relaxed refocus recharge regroup mindbodysoul nextlevel newgoals levelup living lovelife sea beach sand lemonadebraids eatpraylove soakupthesun beautifulday morelife blessed inspiration

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Lesley K


Comment from Lesley K:

Sensory play to encourage being in your body 💙 Oil/glitter/sand but you can use so many different sensory materials 😊

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Transformational Life Coach


Comment from Transformational Life Coach:

9yrs ago I sat in the jungle of Peru doing ANOTHER round of healing 🙈. Wanting so desperately to break free of my past. Desperate to be 'done with it' I could 'move on' with me life. Like trying to get rid of a rash I hated. After weeks of 'trying hard' to be free the shaman I was working with turned to me and said: "My dear, whatever it is in your past, whatever you have been through, it is haunting you. And the ONLY person that can stop this is YOU. Only YOU can make the let it go. To stop running from it and instead....embrace it. Learn from it. Welcome every moment of it. For it may be the making of you' ✨. I realised in that moment it was going to have to come from me. To make the embrace every single thing I'd been through. And learn from it I can use it. To grow from it. I know now I could not and would not be who I am today, without every single experience I've had in my past. My past has become my biggest gift. To grow strong. To break open my heart. And stand tall...... in power. And to love.💓 The same goes for YOU. Every single one of your experiences has the opportunity to give you strength and wisdom To grow through your life. No matter how hard, no matter how painful..... it is up to YOU. To choose. To Welcome it and not let it haunt you. Instead....let it be your biggest gift to empower you to stand in light, grow in power and open to more love then you can imagine. I've been quiet on here. Embracing each moment of life on holiday with my family. A life I was once told I would never have. A life I never believed I could have had. We were wrong. I love you guys so much. Believe in you. Believe in all of you. feedyourinnerwarrior standinyourpower beinginheart empoweredliving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . wellbeingwarrior feedyoursoul balancedlife abundancemindset abundanceoflove loveyourjourney followyourheart forgeyourownpath gratefulheart grounding heartopener healthandwellness sacredliving nourishyoursoul conciousliving lifecoaching surrendered mindbodysoul mindfulliving inspirations slowlivingforlife raiseyourvibration

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Helly Beks - Be Your Own Guru


Comment from Helly Beks - Be Your Own Guru:

The soul trust, and soul reconnection process... with Helly Beks at Naturally U Body & Soul, Coppin Street, Richmond, Melbourne. Bookings essential: 9429 0290. Link for further info in comments below 💖 Thank you for reading 💖

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Comment from Claudette:

Amazing spa at the hotel, Pete and I had the most relaxing couples massage yesterday & he didn't even snore..bonus 💕spa relaxation couplesmassage massagetherapy essentialoils peaceful tranquility mindbodysoul husbandandwife itsthelittlethings instalove pretty restandrelaxation spatime instalife spain alicante holiday vibes capturingmoments

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Laura Cicchini


Comment from Laura Cicchini:

Such truth! 💕💕

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dreamcatcher 🔅🔆🔅🔆🔅🔆🔅 ॐ love dreamcatcher chakra truelove memories mindbodysoul buddha nutrition fitness healthyeating lifestyle fighter prosperity goodfortune ambition courage compassion loyalty trust pushyourself takemeaway lovethelifeyoulive family

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Keep It Simple


Comment from Keep It Simple:

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone pays off. But Health is not just about your physical being. Even though i love workingout and being strong, this is not my identity. true strength lies in your spiritual and mental health. Take care of yourself. MindBodySoul, attitude and consistancy is key. be confident, and love the life that has been given to you, it is a fragile, and precious gift. Get connected with TheGiver. Left: after 6months of mission work, no working out Middle: 3months post missions, diet tweaking and working out 3x a week Right: 9months post missions, adjusting workouts, working out 4x a week personalTrainer HIIT CrossTraining PersonalTraining ministry

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