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Rachel Manzoni


Comment from Rachel Manzoni:

Great day to jam to Bob Marley! Afternoon nature time with my little men. ❤️ healthychoices activemom activekids greatoutdoors nature goodforyou nourish mindbodysoul holistic physicalactivity love myboys boymom💙 mythreesons parks running tinytot wellnesswarrior wellnessmama wellbeing wellnesswednesday trails spring

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Crunch - Tustin


Comment from Crunch - Tustin:

[One big happy family] . Repost @kekoa_fit ・・・ The best part of 2016 honestly for me was working at Crunch fitness! It is far more besides training clients, which is amazing as well, but woah, the staff here is family and I'm so blessed to be part of a wonderful company and the coolest team ever! 🏄🏽🙈! Me personally and the staff would love for you guys to come check out Crunch Tustin! We have some very fun equipment and are knowledgable! This guy Mario, words can't even explain how remarkable he is. I've never came across someone who puts there soul into what they do! Love you Mario 😈😎! BOOM. 💥 HIGH TIDES 🌊🌊🏄🏽🏄🏽

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Comment from psychedelicsunlight:

🌻 🌻 🌿 weed weedporn weedstagram weedstagram420 pot marijuana 420 710 plantporn fff lfl girlswhosmokeweed beautiful sexy maryjane high wavy hippie girl trippy shrooms lsd gypsy boho bohemian chakras yoga spiritual​ mindbodysoul psychedelic

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Comment from DVNTY:

"I was rolling around, and in my mind it occurred, what if God was a her" Common 🎶Faithful 🎶

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{Ni-cole Bernier}


Comment from {Ni-cole Bernier}:

Check out this former Rockette 💃🏼& her new movement studio. New Post on Blog. Link in bio. @studio27method movement . . . pilates yogo barre springwall balletfit matclass wellness fitness Charleston active mindbodysoul healthy fitfam local chsblogger

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Carly Sage, INHC


Comment from Carly Sage, INHC:

Celebratory fingerfood smorgasbord ... there are many indulgent things I love in life, and eating tasty bites in endless flavor combinations with my hands is certainly one of them. Need I say more? . . Pictured here: GF baguette, sliced and baked with olive oil, S & P to make crostini, roasted garlic schmoo (w/EVOO, S&P and fresh herbs), simple tomato bruschetta topping (yellow and red tomato, pine nuts, fresh basil, garlic, EVOO, S&P), shrimp & pear bruschetta topping (chilled steamed shrimp with diced pear, fresh parsley, citrus), and homemade hummus (chick peas, tahini, EVOO, Meyer lemon, random spices). Yeah, this was an amazing, super quick and easy, delicious, nutritious, and fun social meal. Served with chilled roasted asparagus spears and Bloody Mary's. Eating "healthy" does not mean boring. High quality, fresh, nutrient dense ingredients prepared with love and eaten mindfully, with lots of laughter = tons of healing vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and anti-aging soul food for the mind and body :-) . . healthyemotionaleating soulfood bluezones mindbodysoul integrativenutrition holistichealth mindfuleating cleaneats mediterraneandiet homecooking 30minutemeals fingerfood foodasmedicine gfdf glutenfree dairyfree celiac autoimmune antiaging intuitivechef foodislove partyfood tapas organic jerf wholefood stressrelief primal healthcoach 80/20

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Kayla Guenther


Comment from Kayla Guenther:

even on the sick & rainy days ☔️ you still get to choose your mentality! thankfulgratefulblessed

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Essential Therapeutic Massage


Comment from Essential Therapeutic Massage:

"If you understand the force of intelligence in the body, its mechanical operation and structure,  you can work on any part of the body you can reach with your hands." - LaurenBerry

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Essential Therapeutic Massage


Comment from Essential Therapeutic Massage:

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Comment from E M M A K I T T L E:

Just gone done with workout 3 of the day! I was planning on posting an after photo but the before pic was WAY less sweaty 💦🙌🏽 my entire car fogged up driving home from hot yoga 😂

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The Awakened Mind


Comment from The Awakened Mind:

🙏🌌🌄⛦Namaste angel quotes astrology attunement awakening chakra metaphysical intuition crystals lightworker psychic mindbodysoul meditation mindfulness spiritual enlightenment tarot numerology lawofattraction archangels intuition empath zen conscious alchemy thirdeye alchemy acim universe

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Alana Yo Mama 🌹


Comment from Alana Yo Mama 🌹:

Sunset and carnival Spring Break 2017 with my son part 1 . . . . . sunset carnival springbreak 2017 mamasboy son mother allsmiles laughter love life beautiful hawaii blessed nightfall sweet memories queen prince forever happiness sonshine sunshine halfmyheart mindbodysoul purelove goodvibes

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Ethan Lazzerini


Comment from Ethan Lazzerini:

My Labradorite Dragon's Egg aka Seer Stone. Some people use these like a crystal ball. aura labradorite seerstone dragonsegg dragon thirdeye loveisintheearth thecrystalbible crystalpoint bookofstones chakras thebookofstones minerals crystalhealing crystals crystal crystallove crystaltherapy healingcrystals healingstones crystalenergy metaphysical wellbeing mindbodyspirit ethanlazzerini spiritual energyhealing namaste spirituality mindbodysoul

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Tammiene De Pierres


Comment from Tammiene De Pierres:

Find courage everyday to overcome the fears that discourage your 'passion' , impede your potential and leave you feeling vulnerably insecure. 'Courage' is a fearless act of self enrichment in being the best,on your own terms, it's doing what you love regardless of the stigma voiced by sheep, it is your flourished truth to leading your best life. motivationalpost train training mindbodysoul couragetogrow strengthgains dowhatyoulove investinginme fitness bodygoals photoediting photoofme

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Words Collection


Comment from Words Collection:

ohm dress on sale 50% OFF this week with code SPRINGSALE at checkout. soundoftheuniverse complete onelife mindbodysoul yoga animalfriendly crueltyfree vegan alllifematters peta

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Kinetic Cycling


Comment from Kinetic Cycling:

Happy Humpday. We have what it takes to get you happy! 5:30 Spase 6:30 Schuylar justdoir letsdothis losangelesjobs yogastudio spinning spinclass spinstudio spinteacher indoorcycling indoorcyclingstudio brentwood brentwood fitness brentwoodspinclass brentwoodworkout Tim Eric cycling fitfam classpass lululemon opensweat mindbodyonline mindbodysoul @spaseinc @schuylaroordt @johnscarangello_thejohnnylama

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Trinity Healing


Comment from Trinity Healing:

love selfacceptance loveyourself empowerment loveyourbody bodyawareness loveyourselfunconditionally makeachange mindfulness bethechange loveandlight vibrations namaste positivethinking metaphysical metaphysics meditation meditate meditateeverydamnday transformation attitudeofgratitude grateful mindbodysoul trinity makeadifference unconditionallove spirituality

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Comment from Brittney:

yoga4growth Day 28 Power to the other yogis who stuck out this yogachallenge ! It was a fun one for me. Now I know both legs should be straight but I'm attempting to get away from the wall and this was the best I could do. I'm pretty proud of myself for facing my fear of falling over (and I have fallen over ...more than once lol). I'm tougher and more confident because of it and for that I'm grateful. Hosts: @ladydork @koyawebb Sponsors: @liforme @aloyoga @sunwarriortribe @getlovedup @toesox grateful instayoga proudyogi progress forearmstand mindbodysoul namaste

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CycleWild w/Dustin


Comment from CycleWild w/Dustin:

Hey friends... what's my snack. . . . . healthy wellness keto foodporn weightloss fitness iamwild fuelyourbody mindbodysoul loveyourbody healthyforgood addcolor breakfast lunch dinner protein eatfatgetthin hdigabtt diet nomnom foodgasm eatingfortheinsta chefmode hungry whatsmysnack

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Good Vibes 🌈 Daily Inspiration


Comment from Good Vibes 🌈 Daily Inspiration:

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Comment from GET FIT FOR SUMMER☀️:

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Kristi Walter


Comment from Kristi Walter:

I've got baby gains!!!!humpdaybabygainzworkhardslowlybutsurelyihaveanarmthingtattoosfordayschickswholiftliftingandtattoosfeelinggoodiinspiremeitsalifestylethisismyjourneyfitnessfitgoalsimobsessedgymislifegymisbaebikiniprepbeastmodegettingfitgettingleanleanteamsofitsocalmindbodysoulbackandbicepskillingmyworkoutspushingmyselfbettermeloveyourself❤️

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Tanja Vanessa


Comment from Tanja Vanessa:

lifeisgood loveyourself dontcare newbalance selfcare noexcuses relaxation lovemylife attitude keepcalm whocares mindfulness mindbodysoul changes timetorelax dontjudge dontworrybehappy dontcare life experience time is all we have appreciate it lovelife

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Cait Ross


Comment from Cait Ross:

When your hair stylist is the most talented but even better, one of the sweetest souls ever ❤🌿⭐️ @angiehannna wholesomelife longhair vibes grateful inspiration happiness mindbodysoul mindfulness healthylifestyle health wellness

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Chelsea Halstead


Comment from Chelsea Halstead:

HOLY $*! Just because we got almost a foot of snow last night, doesn't mean you can't find some warmth this week! Come check out the BRAND NEW hot yoga studio at Studio at the Alaska Club- we open Saturday the 1st! Above is my teaching schedule, TONS of opportunities to flow together each week, no excuses, meet me on the mat! • If traditional yoga isn't your thing checkout our Hot Flow fundamentals class, or Yoga Sculpt. For more info download the app or checkout for the full schedule! ✨✨✨

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Arrick Chisholm


Comment from Arrick Chisholm:

VIEWS nature saltwater northriver spring naturewalks myhappyplace outdoors mindbodysoul zinlife viewonpoint

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Comment from Jessica:

This was our last night in Vegas. Wearing this outfit had me feeling like a hip hop dancer. So after drinking way to many that's what I became and said I was.... 😂🤣💃🏽truestory noshameinmygame noshame feeling hipster overalls instagood selfie happy confidence selflove fitmom fitness fitnesslifestyle healthylifestyle healthymind fitfam organic homegrown mindbodysoul beautiful lumeecase longhair blurry fashion intriguevegas encorelasvegas vegas lovemylife love

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Comment from BrainsforBrawn:

On November 16, 2016 I wrote a post about my biggest pet peeve. The pet peeve was: accounts with huge followings, not using them to provide value or substance to the followers. The engagement on that post was insane, and still has more comments than any post I've ever made. Somebody recently asked me why I always talk about what I love, and rarely what I dislike. See, I know that negative energy is equally if not more magnetic than positive energy when it comes to attracting a following on SM. The thing is, I don't want a following that thrives off negative energy. I don't want a following that notices I made a new post, gets wide-eyed and excited thinking "I wonder what/who BrainsforBrawn is going to tear apart today!" Those are people I wouldn't want to be surrounded by. This being said, there is definitely some value to speaking about what you think needs to change, and so, today I'm going to do just that. I'm going to open your eyes to some stuff that may currently be in your blind-spot, and let you form your own opinion. That is your right, after all. ———————————— It's not uncommon to hear "coaches"(of any discipline) try to act like they're in it because they "love helping people," but they unknowingly throw themselves under the bus continuously with contradictory actions. To whomever this may concern: If you think you're competing with other coaches/influencers/whatever you want to call them, you're not in it for the love. For 1, there's enough business for everyone. For 2, if you were in it because you loved doing it, and not for a certain income, title, or accolade, would you really care if anyone else was doing better or worse than you? You claim that you're all about "teaching" people, yet, you implement techniques into your protocols to encourage dependency. So the client feels as though they will surely fail without you. You post your fancy cars/watches/shoes and follow it up with a "motivational post" about how these things represent years of hard work. Years of hard work, represent years of hard work. Fancy shit represents nothing more than the manner in which you choose to spend your money. Continued below⬇️

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Comment from PMK*BNC:

Color… Relax… Chill. Not just for 1st graders! Today our LA staff participated in a calming coloring session. wellnessprogram mindbodysoul

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Comment from Amber:

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Comment from Ichoosemeproject:

Be a Voice. Talk Saves Lives. People save People. Break the stigma..suicidalthoughts awareness beavoice aniextysuck stopsuicide youmatter talksaveslives breakthestigma depression pstd seekhelp takecontrol wellness mentalhealthawareness cit crisis believers mindbodysoul nopain

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KC Missouri Makers ➵


Comment from KC Missouri Makers ➵:

Shipped out this attractive set of "Adventure Awaits" Flour Sack Towels to Texas today. ✨ These are available on our website in the Flour Sack Towel Shop. Link in bio to purchase. kccuttingedgedesigncompany cuttingedgedesigncompany shoplocalkc colonialpatterns mindbodysoul storenvy storenvyseller mindbodyspirit storenvyshop floursacktowel floursacktowels hostessgift spiritjunkie adventure natural adventureawaits nature lightworkers housewarminggift meditation teatowel teatowels bartowel gift housewarminggifts arrow liveauthentic teatowel nursery cuttingedgedesigncompany🏡

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Elizabeth Blake


Comment from Elizabeth Blake:

Cacao time! Getting ready for another evening of serving Liquid Love... this time to the sacred sounds of @tribeoflovemusic this Friday in Brooklyn 🙌🏻💕🌎 Join us for an evening of ancient medicine songs woven by angelic harmonies and entrancing rhythms ... and heart activating Liquid Love Cacao 🌙 Link in bio ✨

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