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Sometimes silence is a really good answer quote quoteoftheday thoughtsoftheday thought positiveness goodchoices goodvibes mindful mind aware awareness donotspeakwithoutthinking thinking thinkbeforeyouspeak

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Simple home made food..


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Shelb Foster


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Fiedas & Luu


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The body achieves what the mind belives !! bodymindbelivesbodybuildermusclesbigboyinstaboygymboyfitnessfitnessgirlfitgirlfitnessmodelinstagoodinstagoodpolishboypolishgirlcouplelovelifeniketattoolovetattoogympositivemotivationflworkoutphotooftheday

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We only have one life, everyone dies but not everyone lives. Spend time with your loved ones, do what makes you happy, stand for what feels right, let other people talk, live your life the way you want it, and never look back! . . . . . . life onelife lifequotes lifestyle lifeisgood quote quotestoliveby quoteoftheday inspire inspiration motivate positive positivevibes vibes hope mind qotd toronto entrepreneur girlboss

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Explorer's Motivations


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Tip: use your money exploring the world. Wisdom is the only thing you'll keep after dead. Ukraine Travel world love journey discover europe instagram photograph shoot green nature power mind

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The Wholistic Company


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🙏🏽 your soul is who you are and you inhabit a physical body ✨

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Katie Johnson


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One of those days, important to remember👌quote instagram insta bblog bblogger fashion beauty hair mua hairdresser makeup breathe style look lookbook quotes takeabreak break health selfcare art design filter mind body soul 2017

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Share Positivity


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When it is all said and done, money is but a mere material possession. The success of your life is measured based off of your happiness. Lead a happy life filled with achievements and dreams that became realities! sharepositivity success positivity happy happiness fitness healthy quote live life believe dream achieve confidence inspire motivation art photography mind positive outdoors waterfall fashion progress workhard

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Jak zdefiniować słowo, którego nie ma w słowniku? O duchowej "uważności" anywherepl trustworthiness happy happiness life mindfulness freedom mind spirit spiritual emotion meditation awareness pleasure breathe selfmade

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Questions of Science, science and progress, do not speak as loud as my Heart.... _________________________________________________ random question midnight mood 😳 why heart mind crush love confusion pain stubbornness wannabe emo beingbaid beingmyself itsthursday superbusy coldplay thescientist ilovehashtags hashtagfrenzy

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This post remind me of yesterday because my crush was just next to me and I was so stressed (no our post, we have nothing new to post sorry 😖)

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Ann-Marie Thompson


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Wellness Wednesday: Orange is our oil this week. It has so many great uses. Did you know it can also help you sleep? The same way it helps relieve anxiety in the day if you have a mind that doesn't turn off then orange can help with that. We applied frankincense and orange to our feet and necks last before bed and we slept very well. Give it a try. However I recommend if you use it for night use a different oil in the day for cheerfulness or anxiety. orange sleep mind

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Diana N. Graham


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‪WonderfulWednesday Know who is control and exercise your authority. ThinkSmart ActSmart Mind Body BeActive CertifiedLifeCoach DNG‬ SelfCare

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KT Bradshaw


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Make your mind your best friend. Love this saying - For him who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friends; but for one who has failed to do so, his mind will remain the greatest enemy. mind power bhagavadgita quote happy wimhof friend enemy consciousness thoughts emotions happiness

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Viktoria Uzunova


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Brandon Kronenbitter


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Today I am now apart of teaminsanelabz could not be anymore happier to accept this!! Glad they reached out to me, glad to be apart of the team💪🏼🤙🏼lovetowork gymtime findmotivation youversusyou focused cantgetenough mindisthelimit insanelabz consistency bodybuilding determination heart passion fight mental strong power greatness motivate teaminsanelabz work gym workout hope lion mind limits fitness encouragement humble

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Sidney Bowie


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Remember that "this is your brain on drugs" commercial? Well this is your on God: peaceful. If this is how one is kept in perfect peace, then anyone who does not have this peace does not have their mind stayed on Him, or does not trust Him, or both. What has probably happened, if the person is a Christian, is that their mind is divided between God and the worries/cares/pleasures of this world. If they don't have trust in Him, it's because they have put their trust in the things that have been provided, rather than the One who has provided them. If we find ourselves lacking peace, we need to refocus. We must keep our minds on Christ, on who He is, on what He has done, on what He has promised. The more we do that, the more we see how incredibly, completely trustworthy He is. And when you know for sure that you can trust in the sovereign Lord of all, perfect peace is inevitable. But it all goes back to, whatdoyouthinkabout? Jesus Christ Christians Christianity advancethekingdom advancetheking scripture Isaiah

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Sometimes you just need to step outside, get some fresh air, clear your head and remind yourself of who you are and where you want to be...take a moment with yourself it's very important. 😎🌤breathe goodvibes mind meditation itsayaworldwide lyon relax refreshing meditation

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Tier Training Performance


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Here's a quick tool to help you start your day off right and move in the direction of your dreams and goals! It only takes a few minutes of your day but can make a lasting impact on how you view your day and go through it! Todays Challenge: Take a moment and focus on your M.I.N.D. M: Mindfully take a few deep breaths. I: Imagine your goals for today and your future long term goals. N: Never think negative. Think of 3 things your thankful for and 3 things your proud of yourself for! D: DO 1 thing NOW that will take you 1 step closer to reaching your goals and dreams. Tend to your MIND and REACH your peak! tiertrainingperformance reachyourpeak thinkaboutbringabout mind mentalskills focus direction sportpsych sports weeklychallenge

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Woken Minds


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Wellness Wednesday: Orange is our oil this week. It has so many great uses. Did you know it can also help you sleep? The same way it helps relieve anxiety in the day if you have a mind that doesn't turn off then orange can help with that. We applied frankincense and orange to our feet and necks last before bed and we slept very well. Give it a try. However I recommend if you use it for night use a different oil in the day for cheerfulness or anxiety. orange sleep mind

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@Regrann from @truth_code - Visit our website: truthcode life quotes instawords instaquote wordsofwisdom past live instalife negative positive mind instalife thinkpositive self quote words expectation inspiration goodquotes inspirationquotes live astronomy instalife educational education - regrann

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Deanna Waggy


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Relaxation is possible. How do you release the tension and get to your true center? Let us know! Visit us at balance mind body spirit holisticOT acupressure occupationaltherapy zerobalancing soullighteningacupressure dwhealingarts soul massage relaxation holistic holistichealing zerobalancing acupressure michiana holisticindiana SEVA

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The school of life ... 🤠🤠spiritual faith faithful TagsForLikes god grace pray prayers praying amen believe religion coexist spirituality trust peace calm mind soul hope destiny wisdom compassion forgiveness thankful knowledge meditation life meditate guidance

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Kwik Learning


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Books are good for your brain AND your soul. KwikLearning

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Spiritual Gangsta


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Rock Pools 💚✌ rocks water roots elements mothernature grounding earth earthing electricity living connection universe newenergy concretewarrior plantbased grateful mind body soul templecare concious freethinker woke realist nature crytalchick loveandlight newearthorder

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44 rue des acacias.75017

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We love the beautiful energy of @magomatheonly1 , so we had to make a protein shake , dedicated to him! with @philosophielove green proteins... parisrawfitlifestyleyogaproteinbodymindspirit

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As Meigas


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Reserva tu lugar para los nuevos grupos que comienzan en Abril. Cupos limitados

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