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✨ Where's the Moon Astrology 🌙


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⚠️SPOILER ALERT AHS MURDER HOUSE⚠️ But tbh if you still haven't watched Murder House you kind of deserve to have it spoiled. Shame on you. Astrology Zodiac Horoscope Astromeme Neptune astrologer astrology astrologysigns astrologysign astrologyposts astrologyreadings etsy etsyseller etsysellersofinstagram zodiac zodiacsigns best horoscope horoscopes starseed indigo indigochild lightworker metaphysical crystal crystalhealing etsy etsyseller etsyshop etsysellersofinstagram etsygifts etsy feels

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Time for our mid-week mini reading! ✨ Three of Wands ✨ Take a moment to look around and take inventory of the conditions around you; you just might realize that things are going pretty well, perhaps even better than you thought. Difficulties have subsided and you've been able to make strides in a positive direction. This progress has been able to build respect from those around that might not have existed before. That's not to say these people haven't been supportive, they have been, but tangible results lead to even more support, encouragement, and appreciation. All this positive momentum is a wonderful thing but do remember that you are still in the beginning, fragile stage of this journey. Hitting benchmarks is a great way to stay on track and keep your motivation up as you are likely still longing for for a dream or desire that's been in your heart for some time now. Use the incremental gains you have achieved to set the foundation for your next steps. Invest yourself in what you've started and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty in the process. Break out of your safety zone and wholeheartedly go after what is calling you. ✨ tarot tarotcard tarotcards tarotdeck tarotspread tarotreading tarotcommunity divine divination esoteric ethereal forecast forecasting cartomancy metaphysical minitarot minitarotreading tinytarot tinytarotreading midweek minireading minorarcana threeofwands message energy mindandbody loveandlight

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@1.spiritual spreading love and truth 🙏🏻

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Manifesting Time


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Tap Here===> @ManifestingTime And Follow The Link To Learn 3 Keys To Creating Miracles In Your Life & Live Your Dreams

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Mystik Moon Gypsy


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That's right folks, I'm 33 today! I love my 30's so much. Looking back over 32 it was such a time of spiritual growth for me. I have found where I am suppose to be in this life and I am so excited to continue my journey!

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SPiRiTUS OCCULTUM Limited Edition Handprinted Apparel, Alchemically Made Using Sacred Geometry. True Energies Positively Infused. ​by. OM' FREE SHIPPING!!! SPiRiTUS OCCULTUM Limited Edition Alchemically Made, Genuine Quality Apparel Handprinted Using SacredGeometry. metaphysical metaphysics spiritusoccultum triaprimastore alchemy hermetic triaprima muscletank tanktop cotton mens style fashion art peace positivevibes love life handprinted esoteric selfie ladies apparel sacredgeometry shaman crystalbracelet @spiritusoccultum @triaprimastore ladystyle menstyle tshirt limitededition selfie ladystyle

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RepostBy @queen_omie_jones: "Never want to close my Eye ever again...👁👑" justlikethat nobiggie awakening 3rdeye staywoke higherconsciousness vibratehigher itshappening i iam metaphysical freethinker

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Mystik Moon Gypsy


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Because it's an amazing day!

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Set Your Self Free

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Hi Gemini! Daily Oracle Card: AERACURA~Blossoming “You are just getting started, so have patience with yourself and the process, and do not give up.” In many ways, you are like a flower bud who is ripe and ready to open and grow. Don’t try to rush this process, as it’s part of your beautiful path. Enjoy learning new knowledge and skills. Take. Your time to gather new ideas. Nurture your body with plenty of fresh air, sunshine, water, and healthful food. Soon enough, you’ll get the unmistakable signal that it’s time to put your learning into action. Spend time among flowers, or work with flower essences and oils to support your growth process. geminiaeracurablossomingpatie patienceprocessdonotgiveupstan pstandstrongnurturefreshairsun irsunshinedailyoraclecardoracl oraclecardsoraclereadersofinst finstagramgoddessdoreenvirtueg rtuegoddessrisingdivinefeminin mininewarriorwomanstrengthpowe hpowerbeautyhigherselfhigherfr herfrequencymetaphysicaleartha

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✨Crystal Way✨


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E P I D O T E --- comes from the Greek word for 'increase'...If you have been working on your spiritual growth, this stone has a strong vibration to aid you to attune to spirit.⠀ This stone will enhance your awareness of various aspects of yourself, and it may be very helpful if you unknowingly have been resistant to letting go of some attitude that you need to change, for your highest good.crystalwaysfcrystalcrysta rystalsspiritualstoneshealingc lingchakrasquartzconsciousness snessmineralmineralsmineralspe alspecimenscrystalhealingmagic magicrockshealingstonesreikibe ikibestofbayareasanfranciscoin scoinnersunsetreikihealingheal ghealingcrystalsmetaphysicalmy

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The Moody Witch


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I love @thehoodwitch so much. Her content is always so unexpected and delightful, she drives diversity in a space that can be appallingly prone to exclusion and appropriation, and her aesthetic is badass. Repost from an icon. 🔮 . . . . witchesofinstagram witches witchy paganism occult pagansofinstagram magick witchcraft witch blessedbe pagan metaphysical newage loveandlight 魔女 魔術 selflove selfcare affirmation positivemind witchesofig inspiration empowerment mindful positivethinking loveyourself beyourself feelinyourself

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The (Heka) Tu Ma'at✨📒📖


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A Mothers Love is Infinite without bounds or Limits. . . . . Tua For Blessing Me Tua For honoring Me Tua For The Struggle Tua For The Hours & Days of Labor Tua for all those Nights I cried alone with Only My growing Womb to Hold.. Tua for All joys Tua for All The Pain All The headaches lol Tua For All the Hugs & The Mut I love Youuu's Tua for All The support Tua for All The knowledge Tua for All the Wisdom Tua To All the love I've gained Tua to All that I've Lost Tua to All the Choices I've Made as a Woman an As A Mother I am Profoundly Greatful.🌱 TUA TUA TUA TUA TUA Ntr to God Be The Glory!! There is None higher than The Most High.The All in All Ayibobo!!! . . . . Thank you to the Goddess for Capturing such Precious Moments!!! @artphosoul . . . . maat treeoflife kemistry natureisgod nagas cultivate peace unconditionallove loveenergy lovefrequency caring healing blockages growth balance harmony mother mystic metaphysical earthling earthing vegan artist muse ArtInProgress artinmotion

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Playing with resin today!!😊I ❤️❤️❤️what I do!!! resin jewelry crafts pendants steampunk sugarskull shopping homemade gears evileye metaphysical ouija talisman homemade bangles steampunkstyle owl

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bewitching gems & jewels


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Put a ring (.. or 5) on it 💍 💁🏽🌸💠✨ Some new wirewrapped rings along with some oldies ✨ from left to right labradorite greentourmaline sleepingbeautyturquoise agateslice lacquer moonstone & clearquartz 🔮🔮🔮

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Comment from オルゴナイト🔮Omochiの世界館:

* ✴Citrine radiating a perfect sparkle under the sky Perfect existence from wherever you look 👀👌 * 🔮おもちの余談🔮 先日アップしたシトリンで シトリンですが 空の下でも撮りたくて😁📷✴ 眩いレインボ いレインボーとファントムが素晴らしい✴ どこから見ても隙の無 rockhound metaphysical angelaura gemporn minerals tarotcards orgonite stone rainbow crystal quartz spiritual crystalhealing jewelry 寶石 宝石 能量石 礦石 天然石 鉱石 オルゴナイト スピリチュアル 占い パワーストーン 虹 Omochiの世界館 水晶 シトリン citrine

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Kevin Powers


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printmaking printstudio reliefprint reliefprinting letterpress letterpresslove ink printmakingstudio printart printartist dallasartist originalartwork popart contemporaryart modernart abstractart artlove artlife artporn artstudent interiordesign homedecor lowbrowart urbanart guerillaart soul energy universe metaphysical

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Emilia Stroh


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давайлетать lyrics quotes philosophy destruction booklover towrite reading tell aboutwords откудабрать слово thestoryteller aboutlyric metaphysical design recherche дизайнер bücherliebe Von Wittgenstein über Werner Heisenberg bishin zu Derrida...😊 Ich bin neugierig.

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Need a place to plant cat grass, violas or an herb for the kitchen counter? This planter is perfect! Want it? LINK IN BIO!

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Repost @iridescentmoon_ ( @get_repost) ・・・ ☾ ♥ spiritual spirituality awakening soulmate souls cannabis starseed universe space alien ufo enlightenment reincarnation love peace weed knowledge spirit guide believe quote soulmates twinflame nature crystals empath metaphysical lightworker pretty

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Moonflower's Metaphysical


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life enjoy metaphysical spirituality spiritual lightworker consciouness loveandlight goodvibes peaceandlove vibes shoplocal stouffville yorkregion moonflower moonflowersmetaphysical love peace healing gemstones crystals crystalhealer crystallove crystalhealing loveyourself psychic medium

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Crystal Life Technology


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This delightful quartz specimen has many portals along the sides and the bottom. Great for meditation, or placing the portals towards you while someone chimes on the other side to send you quartz energy in a new way. crystals crystalshop rockshop ​ ​crystallore crystallife crystallove​ ​ilovecrystals rockhound geology​ ​crystalhealing genevaIL yogi​ ​yoga​ ​chakra chakras hippie freespirit​ ​oneearth mystic meditation​ ​metaphysical consciousness​ ​intuition​ ​love happiness boho​ ​bohemian

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僃εɕϯ σƒ ςմɓʆίʍε ☽


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Just a girl and her sidekick Satori. 🌸😸 @spiritnectar I think I found @sukiicat a boyfriend He's even wearing a tuxedo! 😂

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Comment from Eric:

20 celadonite phantom points 1" - 1.25" $40 + $3 shipping Send DM or comment Sold. minerals rockhound rocks gems gemstone fineminerals lemurian lemuria yogi nature earth naturalpoints crystalpoints dabs crystalpoints crystalcollector reiki reikihealing healingcrystals love light earth metaphysical crystal crystals quartz gems gemstones photography photo

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It's Raining Zen


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Remember, we always keep cool, clean water just inside Mineral Springs for our four-legged friends! And the cookie jar is always stocked just inside the front door. We are more than dogfriendly, we are dogcrazy here! itsrainingzen rainingzen newage metaphysical bohemian lovemydog petfriendly petreiki reiki altonillinois visitalton exploregreatrivers mineralspringshotel mineralspringsmall

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Angela Henderson


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Grand rising!! sacredtreecreations metaphysical crystals gems goodvibes shopsmallbusiness magick brujas blackgirlmagic chakra melanin adventure peace love wirewrap jewelry blackgirlsrock melaningoddess motherearth

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Michelle Pazicni


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Tiger and bat spirit guides showed up in this one! spirituality spiritguides animalspiritguides animaltotem guidance arttherapist arttherapy transpersonalarttherapy spiritualarttherapy spiritualart transpersonal metaphysical rainbows abstractart colorfulart colors

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lenormand cardreading cardreader spiritual oracle divination intuitive psychic espiritismo spirituality metaphysical witchcraft spells mattkahn

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Exactly! Release what does. It serves you and get excited about all the possibilities there are out there! vibratehigher loveandlight lightseeker meditation metaphysical awakening mindful consciousness cosmicenergy universallifeforce kundalini moonlover sunworshipper sourceconciousness namaste teamallende seekeroflight innerlight innerwisdom honeybsjourney spiritual omnist

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Tonya Gonzalez


Comment from Tonya Gonzalez:

Being a Spell Casting, Juju Magic making, Bruja is what I've always known I was. As a kid I spent endless hours in the library learning Sacred Magic & Spiritual Medicine. I began with Astrology then Religious-ness that led me to Tarot & beyond. The thing is, as kids we know more of who we are than we do now. Magic like Alchemy changes one thing into another. Tarot, Candles, Crystals & Energy are a few tools I love ❤️ What are your Tools of your Trade 👀😍 "Use Your Magic" Tonyaism Art by @deviantart . . . alchemist magic ShaWoman tarotmagic Bewitch Witchy Bruja Bewitchery Beloved SoulSelf spiritual Unicorn Crystals Chakras SpiritChild Tarot PsychicMedium Healer ServeShareShine Blessed TarotCoaching Witches wicca NewAge WitchesofColor Metaphysical ACIM

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Amanda Woods


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🌊Effortless🌊 ✨Although life may seem a bit(or a lot) chaotic at the moment, things will not permanently be in disarray. ✨The waterfall may be tumultuous, but it is also beautiful. A reminder and meditation on non resistance. ✨The water that excitedly races down the falls, and runs down rivers eventually makes it to calmer streams. It's a natural evolution. Effortless... ✨Times of stress can be opportunities to teach ourselves new ways of thinking, and being. Remember to breathe, let go of worry and fear.🙏🏽 freespirit oraclereading oraclecardswaterfall spiritual metaphysical cards witchesofinstagram magicinspiraionalquotes inspiration spiritguide spirittribe hippie hippiestyle indigo indigochild goddess message mystic meditation lovebeautiful naturewaterfall

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Maiden.Mother.Crone Shop


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FLASH SALE‼️ 2 Amethyst Points for $3 Seriously a steal! 😱 Please comment SOLD to purchase these two! 🙌 See original flash sale post for more details ✨ amethyst crystal crystals crystalgems crystalsforsale crystalshop point amethystpoint amethystcrystal meditation crystalgrid spiritual metaphysical newage flashsale onlineshopping sobrietystone crystalhealing purple

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MarLo Alvarez


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Through the process of reincarnation we have all lived on other planets and in other dimensions and we will continue to do so after our lessons on Earth have been completed. Earth is merely a school - one of many in our long education-DoloresCannon 👽 ___________________________ art by @slimline_design _____________________________ _____________________ multidim reincarnation dimensions paralleluniverse spirituality spiritual Earth NewEarth metaphysical planet astraltravel awakening ascension Starseed forbiddenknowledge Esoteric energy stars Desert weareallconnected weareone 💜

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