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The Hairdresser


Comment from The Hairdresser:

Holographic Hair Painting da Amanda. 8 cores, 14 nuances. Basiquinho 😉 Agenda, valores e duvidas: 📬 ☎️23 holographic holographichair turquoisehair mermaidhair turquesa cabeloturquesa pinkhair haircolor haircolored coloridos coloridosaudavel bluehair unicorn magenta pinkhair purplehair joicointensity unicornhair pastelhair messyhair ombre haircut highlights hair joico hairdresser thehairdresser wearehairdressers

2 Minutes ago

Daviz Garcia Garcia


Comment from Daviz Garcia Garcia:

dreadhead mermaid mermaidhair sunbathing queerart queer drawing pendrawing dibujo blackline bodypositive gesture

3 Minutes ago

Western Ma✂️Hair Salon


Comment from Western Ma✂️Hair Salon:

4 Minutes ago

Skye Salon & Spa


Comment from Skye Salon & Spa:

Mermaid hair don't care! 🐠☀️🌴 Jacqueline is hair-goals! Styled by Megan and color is by Jacqueline herself. _____________________ ______________________________ beachhair balayage blonde fishtailbraid braids hairstyle hairstylist grossepointe

4 Minutes ago



Comment from 🎼🌹:

Her mind swims at a depth most drown in... she is a mermaid 🌸 Check out my mermaidmakeup tutorial colloboration with the one and only @_.sparkles. on my channel : Sheismelrose linkinbio 💫 colorcolourlovers mermaidparade pursuepretty prettylittlething wish sequindress mermaidbra amethystnecklace allthingsbeauty glittermakeup weallgrow dressup darlingmovement mermaidvibes mermaidhair dscolor dslove

4 Minutes ago



Comment from LanaMarie:

So happy mermaidhair mermaid unicorns happy sorrymum multicolouredhair makeup stretchers filter

6 Minutes ago

J E S S I C A ⚡️ A Y T O N


Comment from J E S S I C A ⚡️ A Y T O N:

Question: why ain't I in London with my love running about in the sun and sipping these at the @nastygal event? Answer: I have no idea 🙃

6 Minutes ago

🙎🏼Kyanne Wagensveld 💋HMUA


Comment from 🙎🏼Kyanne Wagensveld 💋HMUA:

7 Minutes ago

Isobel, Cass And Emalee💇🏼💄💃🏼


Comment from Isobel, Cass And Emalee💇🏼💄💃🏼:

That's right folks! I'm now a grape! Expect new styles soon newhair colorhair grape hairstyles braids mermaid mermaidhair

7 Minutes ago

Kasia Hulley-Nowak


Comment from Kasia Hulley-Nowak:

Purrmaid is the best kind of mermaid 😻 pusheen purrmaid mermaid mermaidhair mermaidlife greenhair lorealcolorista coloristawashout @pusheen nofilter instalife instagirl

7 Minutes ago

Jade Lauren

Comment from Jade Lauren:

A beautiful balyagehair client mermaidhair paulmitchell hairstyles hairstyle haircolor haircolour olaplex olaplextreatment ❤️

9 Minutes ago

Naina 🌻


Comment from Naina 🌻:

do ur squats 🏋🏽‍♀️ eat ur vegetables 🥕 wear red lipstick 💄 dont let boys be mean to u 🌸

10 Minutes ago

Amy 😺


Comment from Amy 😺:

Smile 🌼 outfitoftheday picture nice grunge grungegirl photooftheday moment tumblr alternativegirl pic photo mermaidhair mermaid haircolour slipknot pastelgoth stylerock style accessories necklaces creepy instagood crocker gardens flowery flowers manga odango smile

14 Minutes ago



Comment from Kat:

Idk lol love photooftheday 20likes amazing smile follow4follow like4like look instalike picoftheday instadaily instagood bestofthedaycolorful style bbg scenekid scenegirl scenehair scene alternative alternativegirl punk purplehair mermaidhair piercings pierced piercedgirl lippiercings

15 Minutes ago


Comment from :

And if you feel you're sinking, I will jump right over into cold, cold water for you. And although time may take us into different places, I will still be patient with you, And I hope you know I won't let go, I'll be your lifeline tonight. selfie gingham clarendon snowleopard snapchat nyxcosmetics motd montecarlo lovethiscolor onpoint messyhairdontcare ombre mermaidhair ifeelpretty happyfriday coldwater majorlazer biebs olnband

15 Minutes ago



Comment from woshinidecaipRZS:

wavysilkbaseclosurequalityhair yhairmermaidhairHairspirationh tionhairinspirationhairbrained ainedcolorcorrectionBlackgirls

17 Minutes ago

Pal Griffiths


Comment from Pal Griffiths:

fishy fasinator headdress seaweed fishtankplants corals mermaid mermaidhair homemade plantoftheday colourpalette hotpink underwaterlove mermaidheadpiece plastic fakeplants recycling makeup ascot attheraces ladiesday hat

18 Minutes ago

Оф-ые предст🌈 CrazyColor🌈 в РФ

Comment from Оф-ые предст🌈 CrazyColor🌈 в РФ:

Друзья !!! Самый частый вопрос !!! ‼️какая стойкость у красителя ‼️ вот вам ответ в комментариях !!!)))) @rinatadz 😘crazy_color_russiaGoColorRus orRussiamermaidhairbluehairdon irdontcarepurplehaircoloredhai edhaircolorfulhairhairstylesha leshaircuthairdresserhairfashi fashionhairstylisthairsalonhai волосыстилистпарикмахерinstagr

19 Minutes ago



Comment from SariDee.🌈🌙🦄:

||Ma è sicuro che sia legale? Cioè.. 😍 boh, wow. 💦💦 snapchat b612selfie girl thinking love tomboy cute picoftheday beautiful photooftheday instagood mermaid pretty tumblr hotgirl mermaidhair bluehair cool igers instagramers sweet eyes bigeyes beauty l4f likeforlikes likeforlikeback followme follow4follow followbackalways

21 Minutes ago

Čendresa Kajtazaj


Comment from Čendresa Kajtazaj:

Hoping for the next time the beach will be all mine again 😭🙄🙄🙄😅 . . . . . . . . nofilter sunny blondie bikini legs body fit skinny vegan model beach nature beachbody messyhair beachlife faeswim braids hairstyles luxury luxurylife beachhouse fashion streetstyle summer plantbased mermaid mermaidhair abs bluesky bambaswim

21 Minutes ago



Comment from Bridget:

The blonder the better😜💋 right? @dei103 💎💎💎 hairdresserblondeicyred cyredkenredkenshadeseqwellabum labumbleandbumblebedheadpicoft icofthedaybalayageombreundercu dercuthaircutnewyorkmermaidhai idhairgoshennymiddletownychest chesternyhudsonvalleymilkshake

23 Minutes ago

Eloise Groom


Comment from Eloise Groom:

Heat wave but still happy 🐠 . . . . . mermaidhair vibes coachella summer @undizfamily style disneystyle sunglasses sunny summer

23 Minutes ago



Comment from Martini:

I whip my hair back and forth on fridaysweflip hairflipasana hairflipfriday tagged by @casplaycosplay you know I was ready whipit you can always flip with us! Looking for flips from @thisgoatslife @moofylove (since I just stalked your lovely page) & @queenbryt91 😍 igyogafun fitgoals fitnessmotivation fitspo aerialnation instafit instayoga igfitfam igyoga yoga yogalife yogi baltimoreyogi strongwomen igyogafam yogaisart yogaeverydamnday movement fitfam yogalove baltimore dmv mermaidhair yogainspiration fridayfun fitchicks

24 Minutes ago

Jan Calais ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀


Comment from Jan Calais ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀:

©Jan Calais. I believe in Mermaids. Making off.💙🐚. iPhone 7. ... ... mermaidhair mermaid nogender darkart photographylover portraitphotographer portraitphoto malemodel malemermaid gayboy orgulhogay semgenero gaypride celebratediversity beyourself fairytale ibelieveinmermaids brazilianmodel brazilianboy saojosedoriopreto mermaidstyle mermaidsuk iemanjá androgynous sirena sereia

24 Minutes ago



Comment from Amanda:

Couldn't chose an instagramfilter because I didn't want to ruin her eyes thatlooktho I can seerightthroughyou rianadisyn haircolor foils blondehair mermaidhair unicornhair give it all to me!mommythebommy

25 Minutes ago

Jemma Davies


Comment from Jemma Davies:

Side by side of the wicked transformation I did 😍😍 bluehair blue ocean reallifemermaid mermaidhair inlove kidmans hairbybec manicpanic manic

27 Minutes ago



Comment from Bridget:

Beachy blonde👒🌊☀️🙃 For my main beachhhhhh😏 @anastaysha hairdresserblondeicyredkenred enredkenshadeseqwellabumbleand leandbumblebedheadpicofthedayb edaybalayageombreundercuthairc haircutnewyorkmermaidhairgoshe goshennymiddletownychesternyhu rnyhudsonvalleymilkshakemorocc

29 Minutes ago

Parrucchiera Petrini Carla


Comment from Parrucchiera Petrini Carla:

DURANTE & DOPO 👌👌 dopo balayage balayageombre amzing manicpanic ghd ghdhair pink mauve pinkhair purple purplehair mermaidhair unicorn unicornhair hairstyle haircolor campibisenzio parrucchierapetrinicarla followforfollow like vsco beauty beautiful

29 Minutes ago

Niki & Bukizzle


Comment from Niki & Bukizzle:

Love it!!! Thanks to @rachelannssalon with RandolphsSalon! BlueHair PurpleHair Highlights MermaidHair SoManyColors StraightHair CurlyHair YouOnlyLiveOnce

30 Minutes ago

Anri Armer


Comment from Anri Armer:

Since I was 5 years old, all I wanted to be was a Mermaid... 🌈☀️ Today my dream came true... 💜

33 Minutes ago

Jana Vinkija


Comment from Jana Vinkija:

Happiness is an attitude.👌💅 p.s. I need botox. summer positivevibes positive positiveenergy happy motivation happiness navyshirt slogan quouteoftheday necklace gemini june 2017 mermaidhair unicornhair colourfulhair tanlines bethebestversionofyou goingout latviangirl blonde instaselfie

34 Minutes ago

SarahMarie|Colorist| RVA


Comment from SarahMarie|Colorist| RVA:

Sooo... this is a thing I have been working on with @thebusinessofbalayage and @jenniferlopiccolo_llc behind the scenes for awhile now and it is REALLY exciting to share it with you all now. I am over the moon l, I keep pinching myself to make sure this is real life. For all the details follow the link in my profile💖🦄🌈 thevividbrunette

36 Minutes ago

Alyssa Skye


Comment from Alyssa Skye:

When your stomach is big enough to use as a table 😅 it's all fun and games until she kicks my coffee 😂 sc: satanspikachu 34weeks coffeetime panda mermaidhair

41 Minutes ago