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"Homo" Sapien


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- - - - - - - memesdankmemeslo meslolfunnyfunnymemesanimetiko etikodidnothingwronghahahaedgy

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Meme Dude 🐸


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Damn, this doctor's a savage 😷 Follow for more! Double tap if you liked it! - sober dankmeme dank nochill ctfu oldrow relateable likesreturned drunk 420 dogs dogsofinstagram dumb fail makeout nature instagood savage study travel lifehack 2017 college photoshop alcohol memes picoftheday celebrity picky

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Andrei Croitor


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BEANNEDD!!! memes memesarefunny beaned dankmemes dank lit follow4follow followforfollow freshmemes coolmemes

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Taco You Fraud Mf


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Last one is me whenever i got plans smh🙄 memes broke funnymemes summer dank dankmemes funny daddy lgbt boneless pizza bitchplease bitch canthang twitter money gucci

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Comment from ramit_inma_buthol:

Lmao - - - meme memes nohomo jetfuelcantmeltsteelbeems dank dankmemes edgymemes edgy 😂 lol cashmeoutside new pepe oshitwaddup datboi cancer cancerousmemes 🅱

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🗑☄emo trash memes☄🗑


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HAHA this is all true 😂 Tags~ ryden patd panicatthedisco mcr mychemicalromance fob falloutboy tøp twentyønepiløts emomemes emo emotrininty rydenisrealandthegovernmentkno memes trash ryanross beebo brendonurie ryangetbackintheband afycso prettyodd vicesandvirtues twtltrtd DOAB joshdun tylerjoseph frankiero mikeyway gerardway

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Memes and Tumblr posts


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wHat when did this happened??? dogsatemycatandnow ndnowimcryingbecauseilovedmyca jkguysmycatsaredoingwell tumblrposts memes rihanna

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Meme Mafia


Comment from Meme Mafia:

First post on new meme page!! 🎉🎉😄😄 meme memes memesdaily dankmemes funnymemes

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Comment from yosoyhumor:

Síguenos para Más @yosoyhumor 😉. - CosasQuePasan memes humor viral risas comedia chistes reir Venezuela Colombia Chile México Bolivia Ecuador Perú Argentina Panama Brasil Paraguay Uruguay Nicaragua Cuba Honduras Elsalvador Guatemala España

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If I witnessed this I would be just as hyped . . . memes yewsername

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Meme Land


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I need me one classy fish pets Ghettofabulous shh carrots food water memes memesdaily movingUp dank dankmemes life iseeyou follow like4follow like enjoy followforfollow likeforlike

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clean memes.

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This is me😂 tan white boy girl nottan iwish wish peachrings food candy fliporflop dm me friends hmu hi hey meme heymemehey memes clean cleanmemes cleanmeme cleanerthanclean whatdoyoumean avery holly ashley shelbie toomanyhashtags

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MeMe StEaLeR


Comment from MeMe StEaLeR:

lol basketball memes

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Comment from 45sonn:

Repost @cliplibrary ( @get_repost) ・・・ Which one would you choose? - - - - - - - - - follow comedy banter Girls haraambanter instadaily igers lol lmao lmfao funny hilarious laugh laughing tweegram friends photooftheday friends crazy instahappy joke jokes joking epic funnypictures haha humor memes memememes

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dank memer


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snap chat lowkey irrelevant in my opinion dankmemesmemesedgykysearrapepa apepapafrankuhitlermemesfidget fidgetspinnerskrtkkkhitlermeme

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no pussies allowed

Comment from no pussies allowed:

Fresh 💣C faM italia sushi wwe cloroformio wrestling royalrumble royal rumble nba meme memes funny basketball warriors cavs 3 1 420 memesdaily relatable dank marchmadness hoodjokes hilarious comedy hoodhumor zerochill jokes kanyewest kimkardashian

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Avanti, Pablo


Comment from Avanti, Pablo:

Throwback -Avanti meme memes dank dankmeme dankmemes cringe 911 cancer autism thot nigga suicide depression minecraft filthyfrank papafranku edgy edgymeme weed 420 marijuana funny lmao retard beter daddy gay gaypride lgbt trans

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Comment from Pringle:

If only 🤔 comment like4like followforfollow follow followme l4l f4f meme memes

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My Chromies Call Me Cookie


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😂 ITS EVERYDAY DAY BRO😵🔫 follow me @the_real_cookie_memes I post memes every single day👌🗓🔛🔝🚨🔞DM ME RANDOM SHIT LIKE ACTUAL SHIT 💩... IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE SHIT I POST GTFO NI🅱️🅱️A 🔥🔥🔥 lmao fivegummemes followforfollow memes memesdaily cancermemesdanker firstworldproblems 誕生日プレゼント hoya wtf cancermemes savage fail offensivememes lol robloxmemes dankmemesdankmemescantmeltstee bushdid911 donaldtrumpmemes cringe memes wtfwhyimsingle autismchromosomesminecraftshit funnymemes

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Donko memes


Comment from Donko memes:

. . . . memememesdaily ℳℰℳℰs memesdaily dankmemes dank funny gore edgymemes edgy funnymemes memes edge kek kekmemes spicy spicymemes dank dankmemes

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I should read more often


Comment from I should read more often:

Real talk _ - _ - _ - rpg7 memes meme funny serioushelp themonk anime sellout kanyewest manga weeb deathtoshortpeople

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the best of the best


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Funny because Asians have tiny pee pees - - - -Bamboozling isn't it - FOLLOW @dankandanker.v2 autism cringe meme memes autistic nicememe lmaolol kek lmfao immortalmemes filthyfrank 4chan ayylmao weeaboo anime vaporwave wtf fnaf jetfuelcantmeltsteelbeams johncena papfranku edgy mlg kidzbop v2

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Andres Isaza "Andresito"🇨🇴


Comment from Andres Isaza "Andresito"🇨🇴:

Etique A tus amigos👇 Para Mas Risas 👉 @soyandresit0 Activa las Notificaciónes . . . risaymasr risas humor memes chistetipico jajaj

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Follow The Best Funny Page👆


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Tag A Friend👌 Double Tap For More Videos👍 Follow 👉 @hoodvine ••••••••••••••••••••••

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😂 @yglygod🔌 ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ funnylollmaolmfaomemeslaughnoc ghnochilloffensivecomedyjokejo okejokessavagekanyewestmileycy leycyruseminemfollowforfollowl llowlilyachtyyeezysjustinbiebe bieberselenagomezdopelitgirlsb

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👸👻 viv


Comment from 👸👻 viv:

So fake your death Or it's your blame And leave the lights on When you stay Take off your clothes And dream that fame Come on and feel that shame I choose defeat I walk away And leave this place The same today Some like to sleep We like to play Just look at all that pain

44 Seconds ago

nicolas cage cupcake


Comment from nicolas cage cupcake:

MY MAN OWEN -Alex Tags: tumblrtextpo tumblr tumblrpost tumblrposts tumblrtextposts textposts textpost relatablepost relatable funnytextpost dank dankmeme dankmemes meme memes funnymeme funnymemes funny dadjokes puns badjokes lol haha lmao joke posts memeaccount textpostaccount funnythings heck

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Comment from oopsidroppedthesoap:

🙄 - - - - - - { meme memes funny laugh lol cancer hilarious nolife dankmeme 420 dank feminism feminismiscancer trump hillary dankmemes memes😂 }

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3 admins


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dankmemes filthyfrank memes 4chan bushdid911

46 Seconds ago

follow if you wrong read this


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i love @colesprouse . - tumblr tumblerposts minecraft dead meme memes funny lol followforfollow f4f twitter cringe dank dankmemes new lit selfie popular famous xd themes haha roblox lazytown spamforspam dab deadmemes likeforlike memesdaily dailymemes

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👸👻 viv


Comment from 👸👻 viv:

I choose defeat I walk away And leave this place The same today Some like to sleep We like to play Just look at all that pain You want the heart All to be saved But even good guys Still get paid So watch my back And keep the blade I think it got you laid

5 Minutes ago

👸👻 viv


Comment from 👸👻 viv:

But even lights can fade away. Some people hope Some people pay But why'd we have to stay? 'Cause even heroes Get the blues Or any misery you choose You like to watch We like to use And we were born to lose

7 Minutes ago



Comment from occasional_asshole:

My friends don't even tag me in pictures food lazy memes bruh eid

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