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CaliGirlGems 🌴🌞


Comment from CaliGirlGems 🌴🌞:

💥LIVE AUCTION💥 Starting bid $9 Amethyst Half Circle . Measures approximately: 30 mm x 21 mm . . Auction ends Monday 6/26/17 6 pm (PT) . . RULES: Please take a few minutes to read the rules before bidding. 💵1. Bid in whole Dollar increments 👈 2. Tag the person you outbid. 📮 3. Domestic US shipping $3.85. International shipping $12-$15. 📃 4. Winner will receive a DM from me with payment instructions. 💰5. Payment due within 24 hours of winning or the item will go to the next highest bidder. 📬6. Order shipped 1-2 days of auction closing and payment received. ❌ 7 . No discount codes applicable on auction items. 🚫8. No deleting bids. 🤔 9. ONLYserious bids please. Bids placed and not paid will result in exclusion from future auctions. . 🙌💜Happy bidding my friends! . . . crystalauction crystallover crystals healingcrystals mineralspecimens reiki meditationcrystals crystalauctions wican crystalcollection crystalsforsale gemstones spiritualsoul geology rockhound wicca witches caligirlgems chakra metaphysical Zen meditation crystalshop gems manifestgoals gem amethyst enlightened

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Zoe Crosbie


Comment from Zoe Crosbie:

Beautiful carnelian Pendant with tiny cluster || oxidised and wrapped with copper wire • off to its new home - carnelian available for custom orders 💬 carnelian wirewrap wirewrapping wireweave jewellery jewellerydesign gemstone crystalpendant crystalhealing meditation naturalhealing red customise handmadejewellery naturelovers naturalhealing rocksandminerals

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Comment from •💠PHYLLICIA💠•:

✨🌙 crossing my fingers that I'm one of the lucky ones that get to win the new alo warrior mat. Alo is one of my favorite brands. And I love black mats as they disguise my sweat marks. Lol 😉the final Day 10 of AloWarriorChallenge eagle arms reverse warrior 🔆 Wearing all @aloyoga . . . yoga yogini yogaeverydamday namaste yogapose asana balance yogagram yogagirl benddontbreak flexibility yogisofinstagram onebreathatatime yogaflow practiceandalliscoming fitness fit healthy wellness goddess blackgirlyoga meditation meditate beagoddess warriorpose

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Tara Lillian


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@Regrann from @reemystic - Follow your intuition because it will always lead you towards a right path. Build a trust and faith with your sixth sense. Being intuitive myself I strongly encourage you you to develop your intuition and enjoy your life!••• om light truthwisdom spiritualthoughts quotegoodvibes spiritual om ॐ happyenergy crystals healing vibeschakras chakra thirdeye awakenedenlightened highervibes consciousnesshappiness aum yoga buddhism zenbuddha meditation meditate 🔥🙏🔥

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Ashley Browne


Comment from Ashley Browne:

. . love power skincare great tall gift organic vegan vegetarian black boss realtalk nature natural naturalhair naturalista vibe awake music zen melanin meditation life live smile goals cleanliving power chill locs

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Pearly Shells Yoga


Comment from Pearly Shells Yoga:

Start your weekend off with those Gooooood Vibes!☀️🤸🏽‍♀️⚓️ . . . . . th gratefulheart grateful goddess yoga yogaeverydamnday rise yogaclass yogalove community fitness flow poweryoga vinyasa instayoga sunsetyoga stlawrenceriver alexandriabay thousandislands newyork boldtcastle pearlyshellsyoga sunset sunsalutation meditation letgo heartopener

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Kathryn E


Comment from Kathryn E:

Night 5: The Final Evening Gratitude for great friends (like @zaikagross!). Gratitude for pleasure in simple things. Gratitude for nature in the forms revealed during this trip. Gratitude for the gifts of this life. Gratitude. saranaclake tent canoe tarp nature getoutside vacation greatoutdoors adk adirondacks relax relaxation chillout meditation meditate cleanair breathe lake summer change emerge beauty night fire sky blue green gratitude

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Rohanna Marie Wheatley


Comment from Rohanna Marie Wheatley:

New strawberries & leaves coming in. 🍓 ilovemylife ilovemyfriends ilovemyfamily ilovemyhome ilovemyjob ilivemylife ilovenature iloveroadtrips peaceofmind powerofpositivity gratitudeiseverything goodvibesonly makemelaugh love trust spirituality serenity strength getknockeddown standbackup believeinyourself believeinothers moveon moveforward meditation peace live & dontlookback thankyou loveyourself

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My Path Inspired


Comment from My Path Inspired:

Finding my inner joy tonight. dots pointalism mandala bluebird inspirelife inspiredagain joyful beauty arttherapy art paintmarkers birdart naturegirl meditation

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Comment from Audrey:

chakrahealing clarity relaxation balance mentalhealth awareness crystals reikimaster spiritualawakening happy meditation shamanism poweranimal strength higherpower universe dreams consciousness motherearth mentalhealthawareness schizophrenia depression anxiety innerpeace love journey intuitive magical divine enlightenment holistic angels

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Michael Brian Baker


Comment from Michael Brian Baker:

M A N D A L A is a new center for Yoga and wellness in the heart of Santa Monica, co-creation of Saul David Raye and other amazing facilitators, a circle representing the whole. The MANDALA center is a community of teachers, students, artists, and activists coming together for the common purpose of healing, awakening, and deepening the conversation of consciousness. Using body, heart, mind, and soul, the community is proactive in individual personal and planetary evolution. The roots of MANDALA go back over 12 years and have grown from the hearts and minds of many who have dedicated their lives to yoga, meditation, inner healing, and community service. We are a circle. Bringing together teachers from a variety of spiritual paths and disciplines while working together in an attitude of mutual respect and support, the Center operates from a model that provides profit sharing for teachers and staff, as well as support for non-profits that work for social justice, the environment, and peace. Join Michael & The Breath Center in LA next month for a community Breathwork class to celebrate the opening of Mandala! Community Breathwork - Los Angeles Collective Saturday July 1st 230pm-430pm Mandala 719 Broadway Santa Monica CA 90401 20$ Suggested Donation, No One Turned Away for Lack of Funds All Veterans Active and Non Active Admission Free with Proper Military ID Preregistration encouraged S pranayama for peace and wellbeing No experience required All belief systems welcome Next LA Event: August 12th . . . @mandala_center sauldavidraye losangeles intelligence health empowerment wealth motivation beautiful lifestyle creativity success santamonica love worldpeace veterans yogi happiness bhaktifest mandala freedom peace breathwork breathe breath healing yoga meditation reflections2017 thebreathcenter michaelbrianbaker

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Tesha Mariie 🍄


Comment from Tesha Mariie 🍄:

Cleansing, clearing. Rose quartz water meditation. Rose quartz amplified by water vibrating straight to your core 🍃 peaceofmind bliss mindfulness meditation rest recovery spirtual crystals grounding heartchakra

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Cimone Green


Comment from Cimone Green:

I'm at Peace, blank mind, positive space. peace mind body soul myenergy youcanthavemyenergy spirit bonding meditation namaste innerlight mylight beenwriting release letitallhangout letgo findself balance woosah

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Kano W


Comment from Kano W:

Ever lean something about your past and imagine what it would've been like if you took a different path at some point? Life's a trip. There are an infinite amount of entrances and closures that you live through. How much power do we really have to choose how we live? • • • • • • • • • • • art pool reflections photography shadow light water figure scooter girl flying meditation thinking thoughts life living nature sunny vsco

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Comment from 🌙AlexG.:

Whoever you are, wherever you are... If you're watching this, I love you❤ moonchild spiritual channeling raisingvibrations lawofattraction gnosis thirdeye universe meditation peace love light healing knowledgeofself selflove lovefrequency namaste weareone consciousness 432hz numerology sacredgeometry awake lightworker metaphysical awareness merkaba divinefeminine vegan synchronicity

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ॐ Realidade Psicodélica


Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ॐ Realidade Psicodélica:

Melhor bolo de aniversário 🔝🍁🚀 Marque seus amigos👇🏼✌🏼 @realidade_psicodelica - - - - - - - psychedelicpsychedelicspsychedelicdrugspschedelicartshroomsmushroomsdmtacidlsdmarijuanamaryjane420trippythirdeyeillusionfantasyspiritualspiritualitymeditationenlightenmenthippieuniversegalaxyspacestarsmoongoodvibespeaceloveart

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Comment from Amari:

Dreaming and manifesting this AMAZING amethyst for our home one day... Absolutely in LOVE! 😇🙏🏼💜amethyst crystalhealing conciousness gemshow goodvibes meditation crystallove

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Sacred 7 Treasures


Comment from Sacred 7 Treasures:

Just finished this Labradorite, Opalite, and Mystic Aura Quartz Intuition Talisman. I'll add it to my Etsy shop tonight after dinner. I'm seriously craving turkey taquitos right now. 😋 . ✨✨ Here's some Spiritual info on the stone beads I used from my favorite source Wearing or carrying Labradorite allows one's innate magical powers to surface. It enhances the mental and intuitive abilities of clairvoyance, telepathy, prophecy and coincidence control, and assists in communication with higher guides and spirits in accessing Akashic records, psychic readings and past-life recall. It provides an ease in moving between the worlds, and permits a safe and grounded return to the present. Aura Quartzes are crystals of spiritual elevation, remarkable for their powers of guidance and expansion of the soul. They provide serenity and peace during meditation, deepening one’s attunement to the Divine and opening gateways to the angelic realm. They assist in remembering lessons from past incarnations and expand the awareness of one’s spiritual purpose for this lifetime. Aura Quartzes are highly protective during spiritual journeying, and can be an effective aid for conscious channeling and all types of inter-dimensional communications. Opalite is subtle yet highly energetic.  It is ideal for meditation.  Opalite improves communication on all levels, especially the spiritual.  It removes energy blockages of the chakras and meridians.  Emotionally, Opalite helps by assisting during transitions of all kinds.  It engenders persistence and gives us strength in verbalising our hidden feelings.  It can also help us to be successful in business. gemstones crystals healing jewelry fashion accessories beads bracelets bohemian boho gypsy spiritual energy positive positivity positivevibes yoga meditation handmade healingstones

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Mariely Hidalgo-Gato


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flowersofinstagram flowers flower flowerstagram mari miamigirl mood meditation motivation model mothernature naturalbeauty nature beautiful vibes actress fitlife girlsthatlift happy life love lookaround womenthatlift energy friday venus goddess grateful blessed earthisbeautiful

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~ L A U R E N B E C K E R ~


Comment from ~ L A U R E N B E C K E R ~:

Todays New Moon in CANCER invites us to pay attention to our home, family, security, and comfort. Can you make your home more inviting? Do you need to nourish your body more? Is there someone in your life that needs a little extra TLC? Show up for your loved ones, but ensure you don't overcommit. Look after your needs first. http://www.laurenbecke newmooncancer astrology holistichealth kinesiology reiki RAWkinesiology meditation healing wellness laurenbeckerliving findingfreedomwithin holistichealing

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Nabee Jewelry Design


Comment from Nabee Jewelry Design:

❤🦋💥✨🔥We are cleansing Nabee's Crystals for receiving positivity from the universe on the New Moon. Happy New Moon , everyone !! May All your wishes and dreams come true💥🔥✨🙏🌟👗 @nabee_jewelry_design crystalsetsyswarovskiaccessoriesweddingbridesbridesmaidweddingdressbridesmaiddressshoppinggiftlovepartnermeditationenergyinnerpeacemindandbodynecklaceearringsbraceletsgoldjewelryuniquefashionfashionbloggermakeuppartynewmoonprayer

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Clarissa & Scott and Erica


Comment from Clarissa & Scott and Erica:

💯⭐️a moment @yogahustle ・・・ Throw down your mat and take a minute for yourself. . . . . . yoga hustle workhardplayhard sweat morningmotivation yogi yogalove yogaeverywhere yogaeverydamnday yogajunkie yogajourney swag crazysexyyoga yogadaily yogaaddict venicebeach health yogagirl ownyourpractice street yogainspiration namaste namasteyall namasteallday yogaflow meditation meditate justbreathe spreadlove

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Specialists In Pre/Postnatal


Comment from Specialists In Pre/Postnatal:

Wow! An amazing Mother-Daughter class taught by @yogajenni and her beautiful daughter. Then the party continued with ice cream treats! So many lovely places to snack after yoga @intheglebe ❤️ Thank you Jenni for being an amazing woman, mother and yoga teacher 🙏😘

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Rohanna Marie Wheatley


Comment from Rohanna Marie Wheatley:

Cilantro blossoms ilovemylife ilovemyfriends ilovemyfamily ilovemyhome ilovemyjob ilivemylife ilovenature iloveroadtrips peaceofmind powerofpositivity gratitudeiseverything goodvibesonly makemelaugh love trust spirituality serenity strength getknockeddown standbackup believeinyourself believeinothers moveon moveforward meditation peace live & dontlookback thankyou loveyourself

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Believe in yourself✋


Comment from Believe in yourself✋:

Let the creek flowww🛐👌 Meditation Chakras Yoga love peace mudras happiness knowledge

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Jennifer Perry


Comment from Jennifer Perry:

Quite a journey with these sacred instruments tonight, in attendance a Buffalo Drum, Ceremonial Drum, Gong and Salfaggio Chimes for tonight's meditation. heal meditation ceremony sacred percussion

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📷✨ c r a v e


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. "All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow." -Leo Tolstoy crave_images

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✰Eternal Magick✰


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💎🔥AUCTION🔥💎 This is your chance to win this high quality rough piece of Amethyst!! 💎 🔥Weight: 316g !! 💎Starting bid: $15.00 🔥MUST BID IN WHOLE DOLLAR INCREMENTS! 💎MUST TAG WHO YOU OUTBID! 🔥Shipping for this item varies DM for details and international buyers must contact for shipping info. 💎Will combine shipping NO RETRACTING BIDS! 🔥PAYPAL ONLY MUST PAY WITHIN 24 HOURS OF THE AUCTION ENDING! 💎Shown wet to highlight detail!! 💎Auctions will last until 6pm est. Sunday

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The WaterॐBearer's Tea


Comment from The WaterॐBearer's Tea:

weekend collective energy [june 23-25]: NEW MOON IN CANCER ✨🤘🏽hi hi guys!! WELCOME TO CANCER SEASON!!♋️ (if you haven’t already, head to my youtubechannel and watch my NEW VIDEO on CANCER SEASON!! “ALL ABOUT CANCER!”✨♋️ we are currently an hour and some change away from a NEW MOON IN CANCER!🌙 i’m copying my recent post about the geminimoon and what the newmoonincancer will be dishing out! “the moon was in gemini from the evening of june 21 through the evening of the 23rd! this gemini new moon was super special! (it also is a supermoon ; or very close to earth) it was special because we JUST finished up geminiseason on the 20th! This has major significance because this past gemini moon was used to wrap up all of the mental processing and fine-tuning we’ve been doing to ourselves all geminiseason 😨🤔! all of the things about our thinking that we want to change were brought back up during this gemini moon! i went through MAJOR spiritual testing during this moon transit!🤕😩 (especially with this being my natal moon sign😒) BUT…our savior MOTHER CANCER is on the way!♋️ the moon has just shifted into cancer and is only 2 degrees away from meeting with the sun! when the ☀️ and 🌙 meet in the sky our thoughts and emotions are aligned with our heart and soul! we set intentions and heal past hurts during this time! i feel it as a time of “brushing off ya shoulders” and re-starting a new phase!😎 an emotional one. with this new moon being in cancer…we will be healing past emotions and repressed wounds! there have been several situations where we did not get what we wanted over these past few days! this was spirit’s test to see how our emotions and inner child could handle it! after several emotional breakdowns…i eventually learned to not take things so emotionally serious before they play out! this was my major lesson that i’m taking with me to this new moon! think about how you want to feel with this new moon! not how we feel in the situation but how we want to! i feel that we get so stuck in our current situation we get lost in it! accept and feel what is currently going on but if it’s not a feeling you’re vibing with…CHANGE THE VIBE!” 👇🏾

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Luli Bisan


Comment from Luli Bisan:

meditation meditationtonightmeditacion meditaciones meditationroom meditationstation meditationtime TODAY 19:15 PACIFIC TIME INTENTION 19:30 MEDITATION

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Sian Wilson


Comment from Sian Wilson:

🔥Winter Solstice singing, dancing and all round fun with friends.🔥❤️ Love the energy of a big warm fire on a winter's night... reflecting on how far we have come and with the re-birth of the sun, spending time in nature and stillness to give birth to intentions for the coming months. If you're in the northern hemisphere experiencing the summer solstice, it's also a time for reflection and as the dark increases, drawing within to nurture ourselves and our dreams and desires.💞

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Comment from Searching_4_Simplicity:

I will forever be thankful for this little girl 💞 myrock truelove shemakesmeabetterperson shecha 30months 15months

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