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grease monkey tattoo, made by ralph @eightballtattoos 2016 🔧🐵🔩🔧 greasemonkey mechanictattoo tattoo mechanic monkey ratchet wrench repost RepostSave with @repostsaveapp · · · tattooedguys inkedguys inkaholic monkeytattoo colortattoo monkeyshit

20 Hours ago

Courtney Fanning


Comment from Courtney Fanning:

Did this little bad boy today! Really stoked with how it turned out! newschooltattoo mechanictattoo pistontattoo

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Émilie Dubois


Comment from Émilie Dubois:

Mechanic tattoo 🚗🔧wrenchtattoo rippedskintattoo tattoo tattoos tattooist femaletattooist ink inked mechanictattoo colortattoo 514 mtl montreal canada

5 Days ago

Danie Weber


Comment from Danie Weber:

Cobertura mecanica💉 hecha en @lubtattoostudio ________________________________________ tattoo cobertura coverup tñcoveruptattoo mechanictattoo biomechanicaltattoo chesttattoo engineering

5 Days ago

Steven Mullins


Comment from Steven Mullins:

Devilbiss spray machine tattoo. Really enjoyed this one. tattoo colortattoo devilbiss tradetattoo spray spraygun mechanic mechanictattoo edinburgh edinburghtattoo tattoosbystevem

6 Days ago

Celebrity Tattoos


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Tattoo by cowboy Celebrity tattoos 248-242-4324 9520 highland rd, white lake Celebrity CelebrityTattoos Tattoo Cat Instagram InstaGood CoolTattoo cooltattoos detroit detroittattoos art artist GrayWash Mechanic MechanicTattoo BlackAndGrayTattoo Skull SkullTattoo Men'sTattoo @neotatmachines neotat

6 Days ago

Brody Flynn


Comment from Brody Flynn:

Always room in a cadillac.. thanks @boostjunkie636 cadillactattooscadillaclogomechanictattoomechanicscarscartattooclassicsautomotiveautomobilepinkcadillacbrodyflynntattoosvictoryblvdtattoosbrodyflynnhaywoodrdashevilleashevilletattoonctattoosnctattooerskinartbodyartsharonpicssharon_all_day

6 Days ago

Shawn Jones


Comment from Shawn Jones:

Little more progress filling the arm. @justinveniot metalnink sleeve mechanictattoo v8 rainbowtrout

7 Days ago

Prahlad Shetty


Comment from Prahlad Shetty:

ArtManiacs😎 presents MechanicTattoo Artist - @abhipanchal46 Talent Tattoos Art India🇮🇳

8 Days ago

Ronald A. Fraga VelaSquez


Comment from Ronald A. Fraga VelaSquez:

Totalmente curado (en proceso), foto de mi cliente. owltattoo watchtattoo owlblackandgrey blackandgreytattoo realistictattoo geartattoo owlgeartattoo mechanictattoo healedtattoo iguanatattootenerife tenerifetattoo soldadorendemoniado

8 Days ago



Comment from Tamara:

tat2 tattoos tattoo biomechanical bimechanic mechanictattoo inked inkstagram tattooer tattooist colortattoo tattoedmen dynamic worldfamousink electraproink tattooshop hungarytattoo hungary timooinktattoo timooink

9 Days ago

Loic Blindesign


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@cheyenne_tattooequipment cheyenneprofessionaltattooequipment cheyennetattooequipment cheyennetattoo cheyennepen skull skulltattoo tattoo tattrx swisstattoo tattoomodel tattooart tattootravel coquelicot poppy poppytattoo mechanic mechanictattoo redtattoo graphic graphictattoo

9 Days ago



Comment from Chel:

Curt's halfsleeve finished for now. Pinup is healed, clock is fresh 😊 @ftwmorgan @drpickles_ @stencilanchored chelartist drpickles healedtattoo georgepetty petty pinupgirl pinupdoll pinupstyle pinups mechanic mechanictattoo mechanics wrench wrenchtattoo shifter blackandgrey blackandgray realismtattoo tattoorealismo 1950s byronbay byronbaytattoo tattoobyronbay

9 Days ago

Brickhouse Tattoo Studio


Comment from Brickhouse Tattoo Studio:

Blasted that hand 💀 and mechanic cross bones brickhousetattoostudio worm nocturnalink skulltattoo redemptionaftercare mechanictattoo freehandtattoo freehandtattooartist

9 Days ago

Hyun soo Lee


Comment from Hyun soo Lee:

금일 커스텀작업한 도안입니다~~ blackworktattoo lineworktattoo skulltattoo tattoo tattoodesign mechanictattoo illustration 타투 라인워크타투 블랙워크타투 타투문의 타투도안 타투커스텀 홍대타투

10 Days ago

Think in Ink Tattoo


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mechanictattoo mechanicink 3Dmechanicink thinkininktattoo cristianpetrache tattoo tattooart bucharestink bucharest instatattoo inkstagram goodvibes

10 Days ago

Jack Wright


Comment from Jack Wright:

One from the other day bearded mechanic , wraps round the arm skull beard guyswithbeards beardtattoo neotrad blackandgrey apprentice tattooapprentice beardtattoo spanner mechanic mechanictattoo neotrad flash tattooflash tattooapprentice follow custom customtattoo uktattoo southendtattoo southend tattoo uk hipster

11 Days ago



Comment from Zanzertom@yahoo.Com:

WIP Just started this. Can't wait to finish it! Thanks for looking!

11 Days ago

Clay Thames


Comment from Clay Thames:

I am in love with my food leg sleeve!! I have to say @srmotta6.30 you are one of the BEST clients and friend I could ever have asked for !!!! Thank you so much for always being awesome!! And now I have a new tv bc of you and you awesome husband !! tattoo foodie foodtattoo mechanictattoo coastguard support honor goodpeople

11 Days ago

👊🏼K͙E͙V͙I͙N͙ U͙P͙T͙O͙N͙🙌🏼


Comment from 👊🏼K͙E͙V͙I͙N͙ U͙P͙T͙O͙N͙🙌🏼:

Spark ⚡️ plug kdevil southpawartist tattooartist @beardedbrotherstattoo sparkplug tattoo newschooltattoo traditionalmix mechanictattoo eternalink kingpintattoosupplies wrathnexustubes 9liner 9mag pma

12 Days ago

Justin Russell


Comment from Justin Russell:

Hope to do more realism this year mechanic mechanictattoo freshink blackandgrey forearmtattoo tattoos tattoolife inklife ink toolbox wrenchtattoo wrench

12 Days ago

Sammie Carmen


Comment from Sammie Carmen:

Check it ouuutt!!! Mostly finished for now...fall time we will do some things here n there 😁 thanks joe!!! sammiestattoostudio biomechanical biomechanicaltattoo sleevetattoo rippedskintattoo powersource mechanictattoo

13 Days ago

Nim & Frank


Comment from Nim & Frank:

Mechanic love tattoo, done by Nim mechanic mechanictattoo lovetattoo malelovetattoo menslovetattoo drilltattoo spannertattoo armtattoo femaletattooartist tattooedgirls piercedgirls tattooedwoman piercedwoman

14 Days ago



Comment from Chicagoinktattoo:

piston skull skull tattoo customartist customtattoo chicagoinktattoo chicagoink ink inked inkedup inkedmag mechanictattoo pistontattoo visit us ph. 773-777-9663 follow the artist @sherifftattoos @intenzetattooink

15 Days ago

Tattoo Perfection Adkins


Comment from Tattoo Perfection Adkins:

15 Days ago

greg gee


Comment from greg gee:

turbo woodpecker piston freehand blackandgrey hotrod cartattoo mechanictattoo wrenchlife

16 Days ago

Atte Mikkola


Comment from Atte Mikkola:

Second session on this freehand mechanic one :) getting the shapez flow. Next time comes rest of the colours :) piradosbrand piradoslifestyle tattooatte mechanictattoo biomechanictattoo freehand piradosestonia

17 Days ago

Katt Diamond


Comment from Katt Diamond:

On my lady @jonnabutcher at my new location @dovetailtattoo thanks for looking! tattoo customtattoo tattoos tattooed wrenchtattoo mechanictattoo colorfultattoos austin atx austintattoo

18 Days ago

Pasheone The Funk Legends


Comment from Pasheone The Funk Legends:

Freehand mechanic bio... the new shop is cracking and dollas we stackin.. americanatattooco ,homeofthetapout bio , mechanictattoo , biomechanictattoo , blackandgeytattoo, lasvegastattooartist , pasheone , cbscrew , lordscrew , cbscrewtattoos

18 Days ago



Comment from Jan:

In progress buttonstattoos268industriezoutlinesmechanictattoodetailsartworkfreshinkinkedarmtattooshouldertattoo

20 Days ago

hiram cordero


Comment from hiram cordero:

El ultimo de ayer continuando una manga de ese tema hiram tattoocostarica mechanictattoo sparkplug sparkplugtattoo

21 Days ago

Asur Zervero


Comment from Asur Zervero:

engranajes mechanic mechanictattoo mecanico tattoo tatuaje tinta ink asurzerverotattoo art arte drawing blackandwhite blancoynegro blackandwhitetattoo blacktattoo tattoolife tattooed tattooartist tattooing inked avilestattoo asturiastattoo spanishtattoo spanishtattooartist

21 Days ago

Bartek Wójcicki


Comment from Bartek Wójcicki:

Stage 2 polishboy tattoo zatuszowani finnaly biomechamics tatuaż polishtattoo polandtattoo mechanictattoo

25 Days ago