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Just gonna leave this here..... yeah.... Dunno artist • • • • Steven garnet amythyst pearl lapis peridot jasper rosequarts alexandrite fusion topaz connie aquamarine mydiamond diamond ruby sapphire smokyquarts malachite lion gem stevenuniverse whitediamond bluediamond yellowdiamond pinkdiamond opal gayspacerocksftw

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ᴄᴜʀʀᴇɴᴛʟʏ ᴘᴏsᴛɪɴɢ:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


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finish the sentence rebecca

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Newly listed items available in our shop. mantillacomb malachite rhinestonebrooch jasper PastSplendors gotvintage

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✨ Auctions Are Live!✨


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✨LIVE AUCTION✨ 1x Gorgeous Azurite with Malachite 💙✨ Weight: 106.4 Grams Bid starts at $14 & must increase by Whole Dollar increments. + $4 Shipping. (U.S. Only) Winner must pay within 24 hours ❤️ Auctions end at 10PM Central Time tomorrow June 29th! (Overnight Auction) We will comment ✨Closed✨ followed by the last person to bid Before 10pm Central Time. A Reserved listing will be made for the winner in our shop❤. -💕Please tag the bidder before you! 💕 Good luck & have fun!😘 crystalauction crystals chakra crystalauctions azurite pinealgland thirdeye malachite sacredspace meditation namaste higherconsciousness universe azuritecrystals hippiespirits nature innerpeace crystalhealing loveandlight crystalcollection reiki spiritual vibratehigher yoga positivevibes hippiesoul metaphysical

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Ninja Ash


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Happy 20 years Harry Potter!! Also 1/4 of my rock collection

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My Religion Is Zircon


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I shouldn't be allowed to edit anymore Credit: me you assholes • • • steven cartoonnetwork sapphire ruby sourcream connie jasper peridot lapis lion alexandrite opal sugilite onion greg garnet amethyst pearl stevonnie bismuth malachite sardonyx smokeyquartz aquamarine zircon topaz stevenuniverse

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Steven Universe ⭐️


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Aquamarines 💦 🎨/ Nomidot aquamarine fanart tags stevenuniverse su crystalgems stevenquartzuniverse amethyst garnet ruby sapphire pearl peridot lapislazuli jasper bismuth rosequartz hollyblueagate opal sugalite rainbowquartz sardonyx malachite yellowdiamond bluediamond whitediamond gems homeworld cartoonnetwork

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Roses🌹 By Taikova Tumblr _____________ stevenuni su pearl garnet amethyst lapislazuli lapis peridot ruby sapphire lapidot crystalgems clods fusion stevonnie malachite sardonyx opal alexandrite rosequartz homeworld homeworldgems connie zircon lars topaz aquamarine bluediamond yellowdiamond

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Marie C


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Malachite Bead Bracelet with Silver ,two rose Quartz & one black Agate bead. malachite bracelet

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The Uncarved Block


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Brochantite specimen from Milpillas Mine, Sonora, Mexico. Starting bid is $80/ 7.3 x 3.8 x 3 cm/ 78.3 grams. Famed for its Azurite specimens, the Milpillas Mine has also been home to some of the world's finest Brochantite specimens. Look at the saturated green color of the slender crystals here! The color is something else, with some areas of lighter shades contrasted by green do deep it almost appears to be black at first glance! This specimen here is a good example for the find, and of a finer quality than many other localities have usually produced. The Milpillas Mine is considered to be one of the most important specimen localities this side of the millennium due to the Azurite, Malachite pseudomorphs after Azurite, Brochantite, and Cuprite specimens recovered in recent years. Don't miss out on this one! Auction ends 06/29/17 at 7:00 PM, PDT *LInk to bid on profile  theuncarvedblockCrystalsMiner nofilter Mineralcollecting RockShop RocksBidBidtoday Crystalforsale crystalcrystallove  crystalhealing  putzugemsofIG Brochantite MilpillasMine Mexico Azurite Pseudomorph metalicchrome specimen Malachite famousMine Cuprite collectorsdream collectorsdelight displaypiece

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stevenuniverse steven pearl garnet amythest ruby saphire rosequartz rosequarts peridot lapis yellowdiamond bluediamond whitediamond pinkdiamond greguniverse connie malachite sardonyx opal alexandrite stevonnie rainbowquartz sugilite smokeyquarts

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Steven Universe Fan Account


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Beautiful edit Credit to original • • • stevenuniversehomeworldg orldgemscrystalgemshomeworldpe rldpearlgarnetamethystrubysapp ysapphirejaspercrystalgemssard ssardonyxrainbowquartzmalachit achiteperidotlapislazulirosequ

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We're chained ⛓... Had limited colors and no sharpener but at least it got done 😑..Ran out of blue though. Bare with me I'm realllly rusty. malachite drawing jasper jasperquartz fusion stevenuniverse lapis notsorry steven cn su crystalgems currupted weak pinkdiamond yellowdiamond bluediamond rosequartz lars sadie l4l f4f tbh

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Mystic Goddess HetHeru(Hathor)


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Good energy is contagious; keep yourself surrounded by good company and truth seekers... ~Mystic Hathor What are you waiting for !? 💌 Book your; Oracle Astronomy Reading, Natal Chart & or Meditation sessions with me!... Come see me in the "D" (Detroit) or by phone or video chat. (((Special))) I am now also writting and mailing hand channeled messages for individuals who are interested in my custom wisdom. If you want to get in on receiving these one of a kind letter messages; email me to sign up! ~The Real HetHeru ⚛ Email me for all inquiries, prices and locations... art motherearth crystals calcite azurite malachite energy beauty beautiful vibes spirituality esoteric universal art pretty amazing enlightenment stone holistic photooftheday

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Jasper and her Pearl🔥 {By andromedaealpha tumblr} ______________________ _______________________ steven su pearl garnet amethyst lapislazuli lapis peridot ruby sapphire lapidot crystalgems clods fusion stevonnie malachite sardonyx opal alexandrite rosequartz homeworld homeworldgems connie zircon lars topaz aquamarine bluediamond yellowdiamond

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Repost from @homeworld_lapis Anyway if u watch SU who's ur favorite/least favorite get? My fav is Lapis and my least fav is jasper ew stevenuniverse bluediamond yellowdiamond lapislazuli jasper steven pearl garnet amythest peridot sapphire ruby malachite sardonyx lion rosequartz pinkdiamond whitediamond cartoonnetwork

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💠Art Acc : @uytenbogaardtite


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Funny thing to imagine: the Rutile twins trying to change clothes. • Credit to Catghost • stevenuniversepearl pearlamethystgarnetrubysapphir pphireperidotlapislazulilapisj apisjasperyellowdiamondyellowp llowpearlrosequartzbluediamond amondbluepearlwhitediamondsard dsardonyxsugiliteopalthecluste lusterclustergemsrainbowquartz

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Alexis Boyd


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Adult Connie And Steven! Request By @geekedofflaw😊😊 stevenuniverse garnet pearl amathyst fandom opal sardonyx sugolite fanedit fusion malachite rainbowquartz fanart drawings outline outlines sharpie sharpelines pencildrawing pencilart onfleek onpoint lovelylady giantwoman gemsona

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Amborella Organics


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Canada! We've arrived at The Feel Good Store 💦🌺Thank you for posting your purposeful finds @meiwonderful ・・・ Today's haul from @feelgoodsj 😙rose incense , some new crystals, and a vanilla hibiscus sucker by amborellaorganics can plant the stick!!! fluorite malachite amethyst ilovesaintjohn livelifeuptown

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💠Art Acc : @uytenbogaardtite


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This was one of the art styles I was inspired by a long time ago. • Credit to Chairosaki • stevenuniversepea sepearlamethystgarnetrubysapph sapphireperidotlapislazulilapi ilapisjasperyellowdiamondyello yellowpearlrosequartzbluediamo diamondbluepearlwhitediamondsa ondsardonyxsugiliteopaltheclus eclusterclustergemsrainbowquar

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Steven Universe TRASH 🔴


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"COOL" - - [🖌: ushi418] - - - - stevenunivers su garnet amethyst pearl peridot lapis lapidot ruby sapphire lapislazuli crystalgems fusion stevonnie malachite sardonyx opal alexandrite rosequartz homeworld homeworldgems connie conniemahesewaran zircon lars topaz aquamarine bluediamond yellowdiamond

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Steven Universe


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hey guys! - - [credit to owner] _ [Stevenuniversegarnet sugilitemalachitegainpost stevonniesardonyxopalmalachite chitesurainbowquartzamethystpe ystpearlstevensulike4likelapis lapislapislazulijasperperidotl sapphirehomeworldmemescartoonn toonnetworkcrystalgemsyellowdi

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hermes lindy malachite color, Shipping worldwide. serious buyer please contact me for more information. Whatsapp: +852 5161 9028 / also accept phone calls. hermeslindylindy26lindy lindy30lindy34lindymalachitehe itehermesmalachitehermesГермес ермесгермескеллигермескелливна qatargirls abudhabiblogger kellybag lindybag luxurybrand

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Viral Banget


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Coba pilih satu batu dari gambar Ini, Dan Kamu akan mengetahui bagaimana karakter kepribadian kamu sehari-hari. Batu 1 Batu pertama adalah Opalite. Orang yang memilih batu ini dapat dikatakan sebagai sosok yang menyukai kebebasan dalam hidup. terutama ditengah hiruk pikuk peradaban masa kini. Dimana orang tersebut akan berusaha keluar dari rutinitas untuk menemukan kedamaian di suatu tempat yang tenang, dimana bisa menenangkan jiwa dan pikiran anda. Batu 2 Batu kedua adalah Malachite. Ini menunjukkan bahwa adanya perubahan hidup yang besar dalam kehidupan untuk pribadi orang yang memilihnya. Banyak perubahan tersebut bersifat spiritual. Kemungkinan juga mengalami perubahan dalam kehidupan cinta . Ini adalah saat yang tepat untuk mempertimbangkan pilihan yang telah dibuat dalam skema kehidupan yang besar di masa depan. Batu 3 Batu ketiga adalah batumatahari. Jika diri anda merasa tertarik pada batu jenis ini, berarti Anda adalah seorang yang optimis, terutama dalam menghadapi masa depan cerah Anda. Pastikan untuk menghabiskan banyak waktu untuk menyerap kehangatan sinar matahari untuk energi Anda saat hendak melakukan aktivitas yang membuat Anda lebih baik. Batu 4 Batu keempat adalah batu obsidianmahoni. Jika tertarik pada batu ini, alam bawah sadar Anda mencoba mengatakan bahwa inilah saat yang tepat untuk keluar dari kebiasaan dan rutinitas lama dan menciptakan kehidupan baru. Ingatlah selalu, betapa beruntungnya Anda dan betapa bersyukurnya Anda terhadap segala hal yang Anda miliki dan jangan pernah membiarkan cemburu merayap ke dalam pikiran Anda. Batu 5 Batu kelima disebut howlite. Jika Anda tertarik dengan batu ini, jagalah pikiran Anda agar tetap terbuka untuk menangkap pesan dari “makhluk lain” dunia ini. Pesan-pesan ini mungkin berasal dari makhluk duniawi lainnya atau melewati kerabat dan orang yang kita cintai. Batu 6 Batu terakhir adalah mahkotadalmatian. Batu ini menunjukkan bahwa Anda senang untuk mencintai dan berbagi kasih dengan orang-orang. Anda juga perlu terus bermain dan mencoba hal-hal baru dalam hidup Anda seperti melakukan petualangan baru atau membuat teman baru. Bersenang-senanglah agar hari Anda menyenangkan da

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Just in case y'all were wondering what malachite would look like with eyebrows... . . . Follow my art account: @galacticmint . . . . stevenuniverseconniestevengarnetpearlperidotlapislapislazulirebeccasugarcartoonnetworklapidotamedotmemepearlmethystrubysaphirecrystalgemsyellowdiamondjaspermalachitesugulitesardonyxopalstevonniealexandritewearethecrystalgemsmemespinkdiamond

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may arts!


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woah I've actually posted almost everyday since the holidays started wow

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steven universe page fOllow


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u can thank me now - - -don't look its hashtags- -dm for credit/to take down- - -pearl garnet amethyst su peridot jasper crystalgems ruby lapislazuli steven rosequartz lapis sapphire sardonyx opal connie stevonnie malachite alexandrite sugilite cartoonnetwork homeworldgems art lapidot rose greguniverse rainbowquartz fusion yellowdiamond

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Scared Of Change


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MYSTERYPEARL {By Nushi418 Tumblr}

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Elizabeth Webb


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Some new crystals 💜 crystals gems malachite orangecalcite redtigerseye mookitejasper paganism hippie

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Peace and Love on the Planet Earth💖 {By Netjan on tumblr} _________ stevenuniver su pearl garnet amethyst lapislazuli lapis peridot ruby sapphire lapidot crystalgems clods fusion stevonnie malachite sardonyx opal alexandrite rosequartz homeworld homeworldgems connie zircon lars topaz aquamarine bluediamond yellowdiamond

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nicole | Broken Feather Shop


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Thank you so much for coming back to me @katijooooo! We worked together on this custom dream catcher. I love customs! Message me on IG or Etsy today with your very own ideas for a custom dream catcher! 🙏🏼♥️ • • • dreamcatcher handmade etsy shopsmall nativeinspired feathers malachite rearviewmirror metal beads bronze weaving love respect natural art artistsoninstagram etsyseller shopsmall dreamweaver giftsforher giftsforhim southwestern homedecor

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made of love♡


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i have nothing to post and i'm sorry so im just gonna post this cause it's funny😂EDIT: if you guys have any suggestions on what you want me to post PLEASE dm me, i want to know what you guys want to see😊😊😊i'm open! • • • SU Steven Universe Garnet Ruby Sapphire Amethyst Pearl The Crystal Gems Fusion Diamonds Homeworld Lion Lapis Peridot Jasper Bismuth Connie Sugilite Sardonyx Smoky Quartz Rainbow Quartz Opal Malachite Alexandrite

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Melissa Watzke


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Old and new...the Surrounded in Joy charm was part of our Holiday collection and is currently on sale! I love it paired with our brand new Collector's Edition Floral keeper!!! floral malachite suroundedinjoy sale keepcollective keepoftheday ikeephappy charmedinomaha

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