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Decorous Diva


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For all my ladies...if you don't already know, you should....melody ross has created a wonder community of supportive women all over the world. Check out bossbabe bravegirlsclub bravegirls wonderwoman soulsisters loveyourself

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Love this 💕 lovethis loveyourself knowyourworth quotes jordanbach happinessbeginswithyou

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Lucy Sutton


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I don't know much but I do know you need to keep going, that there is always more. I've honestly never felt a burning in my soul like the one I have now -to think I was totally broken down and with a dream that I so nearly didn't even begin to follow. People that know me, know what's happened over the last few years and why getting my PT qualification meant so much more to me than just the qualification, and was such a massive challenge -I cried the entire drive to my first day, because I'd been let down so badly again and had almost run out of fight.....I turned around twice.....I don't know what got me there but I'm so grateful because it started the momentum that brings me to where I am now; standing in front of the most exciting opportunity I could literally ever dream of, with absolutely incredible people in my life and the feeling that I need to pinch myself alllll the time....but not too hard, because if this is all a dream then I don't really want to wake up! If you want something, please don't give up. Please find some way to keep going. We get one life and we are so capable. I know it's hard (that's an understatement!) and sometimes feels impossible, but it's coming and it could be better than you even dared imagine!! X blood sweat tears _____________________________ dreambig doit findaway embracelife staystrong fight love opportunities fitness fitgirls girlboss girlswholiftgirls girlswithmuscle gymgirls gohardorgohome loveyourself trainhard weights resistance liftheavyshit gainz gymmotivation motivation

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Estelle 💕Life & Happiness


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La ronronthérapie, vous connaissez sans doute... ce livre est excellent... je le conseille, pourquoi pas MÊME en livre de plage 🙈🤗🙈 | Bisous les chats 😘

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Axel Monoraue


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You Run The World


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And three days from now , I was about to get married to the love of my life . And looking at him getting married to someone else on the same date is difficult . The memories still haunt me . Its not that I love him now but I did love him back then . I am not sure if he still missed me . I am not sure why my heart is not ready to accept the fact that he already belongs to someone else . Life is not easy , surround yourself with people who love you . Talk to them and pour it out . That's how you overcome . lifeisntfairthepainistemporary positivethougtsonly keepsmiling growstrongerloveyourself moveon

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Tanyapon Preehajinda


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life brokenheart loveyourself

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D a i J a v e t t e


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💛wcw 💛 perfectionist. over-thinker. cryer. awkward. extreme enthusiast. anxious. opportunist. introverted-extrovert. ---the list goes on --- a person's flaw can as well be viewed as a beauty mark. (and here is a visual representation) Balance loveyourself wcw

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Jessica Sparkes


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❤️ life holdon notetoself loveyourself word quotes

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▪Siddнarтн▪☆Òfficial Account ☆


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Unless you know where you are going then you will not know how to get there. 😘💯🇮🇳 instagood photooftheday mensfashion fashion style styleblogger fashionblogger happy instadaily instalike instagram fitness shoes beach menswear loveyourself ocd focus motivation inspiration instafit success lifestyle quote dreams quoteoftheday life gym successful boss

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Dear Life🌟


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"And You're Stuck Between Feeling Everything At Once To Feeling Numb... Nothing At All... And things will never be the same the way they once used to be and you will get hurt atleast once by every person you try to trust but this is what life is... This is what they say but I don't think so this is life for everyone else but this is my fucked up life... I know why you or anyone else in the world would eventually get tired of me... I am a broken mess... I am fake when it comes to be strong.... I have a chaos that runs into my mind... I know you can be happier with anyone else in the world... I know people like me deserve to be nothing but alone... but some people still stuck around no matter what happens and that's one of the reasons I live for which makes me die inside at time " wordwordsofwisdomwordstoliv tolivebywordswithqueenwordporn dpornwordstarwordgasmwritersof ersofinstagramwritingpoempoets poetsofinstagramtrustloveyours yourselfwritingcommunitypoetry oetrycommunityperspectivewrite writersofigheartacheqouteabout

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Nikk Nicole


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When you chocolate and love it 🙋🏾 loveyourself🍫fineassbegreatbe melanin when u admire yourself all the time 💕 besurelivealittleconfidenceart creativeshesutedamngirl

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Rachel Bamani


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Faith, Love & Freedom


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Strong Women


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Type 'yes' if you agree.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ selflove lovequote relationshipgoals relationshipquotes relationship loveyourself

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Dre Wright


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When I'm feeling my self I don't care what ppl think. Shit, I never cared what ppl think. However , what ppl think ain't none and never gone be my business. Keep it to yourself. loveyourself beyourself. I do No matter what. Be powerful. Much love and respect to you all. Night!

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Susann Bauer


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Always be yourself...unless you can be a vampire,then always be a vampire <3 Weils grad so Spaß macht in der Bilderkiste zu kramen....hier nochmal eins vom lieben Robbie! vampire gothic gothicgirl blood teeth vampireteeth blueeyes contactlenses wig model shooting portrait inkedgirl photoblastfromthepast picoftheday goth loveyourself

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Paige Leah Venier


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Keep going 🙌🏻 Remind yourself daily why you get you of bed Stay focused 🙌🏻 . . . . . . . . focus money motivation morningmotivation keepgoing keepfit gogetter letsgo results diet plan organised loveyourself

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Nicole Jennings♡


Comment from Nicole Jennings♡:

There comes a day when you realise turning the page is the best feeling in the world- because you realise there's so much more to the book than the page you were stuck on. greatful movedon loveyourself newperspectivestolife newme

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MOA Of 2017 👩🏻‍🎓💉🏥 💋MUA 💄


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A good day starts with a good thought. thursdaymotivation loveyourself smiles blackdress office lively feelgoodfactor gooday

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b'cos i'm sicker than yo average 😋😘 vanity posing selfpraise selflove loveyourself loveothers goodvibes

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Lifestyle + Brand Strategist


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I've been thinking about this lately. Who & what am I investing in (energy/love/money) thats giving no return? What's bleeding me dry? WHO is bleeding me dry?? I think the two area this has shown itself the strongest to me is in business and relationships. I realized that no matter what I've invested, if it's costing me my PEACE, my sense of SELF, my HEALTH or my VALUES... I can walk away. I can say NO. I can hold a higher standard. I can make it clear that I only invest in honorable and valuable returns. We are only victims when we allow it. It doesn't mean there won't be resistance on the rise up- but you rise with dignity and a renewed sense of power. And sometimes- those around you are so awe struck by your sudden divine light - that they can't help but back down. Isn't that powerful? I'm learning this and living this so much right now and it's so freeing. I want the same for you.

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Facts negus

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WP 535 ♥ CANON


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Goodmorning dear friends! How are you? I love to read comments and have contacts with you... And I realm want show you my face but is not the time. In this IG profile I will post only photos of everything I want and love. There's only one way: LOVE ❤ So love yourself and love the others around you. Don't forget to let them know! 😍 🌹 🌈 namaste 🙏 lifestyle hasigipsy yogapose blossom parsvabakasana yogafit instayoga yogaplay ekapadakoundinyasana yogapractice yogalove yogachallenge yogagram yogastretch lowbackstrength loveyourself igerstorino bendyyogisflow yogaforlovers yogaaddict yogini yogahigh ilove igyogafam igyoga yogalife inspiredyogis yogagirl

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Yanny Chan


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Valerie Widmaier


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Moon Cycle Bakery


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Do you remember the first time you got your period? What was that experience like for you? What kind of feelings did you associate with the experience? Did you talk about it with friends or family? Studies show that women more often than not feel shame around the first time they get their period. Moon Cycle is here to redefine the experience for women of all ages by providing delicious baked goods with hormone-balancing ingredients. We’re taking the shame out of our cycles and replacing it with a little bit of moon dust & celebration. 📸: @thebabecollective

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Charlottes Web


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Subscribe to my channel it really supports moi !! Link in bio ‼️ new video coming v soon 💡

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