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Michele Victoria Gonzales


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When we recognise the virtues, the talent, the beauty of Mother Earth, something is born in us, some kind of connection, love is born. —Thich Nhat Hanh lovemiche loveyourself

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Awesome HIIT workout today. Torched EVERYTHING!!! . . . thebettyrocker30daychallenge stopdropandbettyrock @thebettyrocker hiit circuittraining weightloss weightlossjourney fitness fitnessjourney cardio fitfam loveyourself enough tummytuck tummytuckjourney mommymakeover

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Bad Example Clothing

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Happy Tuesday!!😎 • • . . . . . . . loveyourself bossbabe womenempoweringwomen empowerothers idontneedyournegativity embrace lovethyself selflove momprenuer momofteens tuesdays tacotuesdays shoutoutomyself lovetheskinyourin etsystore etsyshopowner etsylife badexample etsy inspire love picoftheday etsyswag etsyshop

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Laura Fenamore


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xoxo... Laura Fenamore ⠀ 😊 ⠀ Find my book on Amazon: ⠀ ~ ⠀ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ⠀ losehatenotweight nobodyshame allbodiesaregoodbodies celebratemysize healthyisthenewskinny weightlosstransformation loveyourself healthyhabits healthymom livehealthy bodypositivity weightlossinspiration womenempowerment bodylove womensupportingwomen Empowered bodyimage empoweringwomen womenempoweringwomen lovemybody healthybodyhealthymind lifestylechanges bodyconfidence weightlosscommunity ilovemybody bodyacceptance healthycurve bodyconfident skinnyfatperfect

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Misty Stachel


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Make the time now so you can enjoy life longer! heatlh fitness workoutmotivation workoutquotes healthyheart❤️ loveyourself

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Caridad Maldonado


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The best way to start the day is by doing something that helps make YOU a better version of yourself. selfimprovement positivemindset healthylifestyle loveyourself gymflow fitlife bodydesignuniversity bodydesignpersonaltraining

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Extension and Control🙌🏻 Pilates for wellness🌺 pilatesinstafitfitfamhealthfitspoakashnakanungodancerchoreographerpilatesgirlinstagramstrongissexypilateseverydaypracticedailyworkitloveyourselfwellnessstabilitybalancemotivationstaymotivatedmarchmatnessmakeithappenmindbodysoul

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Welcome to NBU!


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So I'm thinking about maybe changing my name? Maybe??? -Emily? • Image Description: post asks "What's your gender/sexuality?" • Our DMs are always open, whether you need to talk, have questions, or are just bored and would like some company. • Tags • nonbinary nonbinaryunited nbu bigender genderfluid trigender neutrois agender androgyne demigirl demiboy demiguy transgender trans genderqueer lgbtyouth lgbtpride lgbtq lgbt nb safespace lovewins loveyourself gay

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Inge Tebbens


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I know my skin isn't perfect. I know I have laugh lines around my mouth and redness around my nose. But I'm happy with all those imperfections because that's what makes me me. Be happy with who you are, because the only person who needs to accept you is you❤ bodyconfidence loveyourself

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TAPS Training


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Whey Pro Vanilla Protein for decreasing recovery time to increase gains! Train hard, eat clean, recover SMART! tapstraining weightloss exercise abs body bodybuilding athlete strength cardio work workout fit fitness fitfam fitspo fitlife lift lifting training gains gym gymlife family loveyourself motivation picoftheday diet healthy protein supplements

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Chloe Williamson


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Had so much fun drawing @mylifecoachrachel she truly inspiring! artoftheday inspiring art loveyourself

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Love & Motivation


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Am I the only one? - noteforlove

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Kassi Opia


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So should I go for the rugged lumberjack look ?? layschips funnyfaces loveyourself workingmom

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Makatleho Nkosi


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To those who are tempted to say that to me.....I too alive so save your breath💋 chooselife bepresent beneaththeskin loveyourself

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If only it were this easy. Self love is a practice, and it starts with self care. Talk to yourself like you would a best friend, treat yourself with respect and appreciation for who you are. And then go do all the things that light the world up. This planet needs more love, less hate. More hope, less cynicism. But it is near impossible to generate genuine goodness in the world when you're coming from a place of self loathing, depletion, or apathy. So taking care of yourself is the first critical step. Be kind to yourself, and to one another. Roll that up and smoke it. . . . . . selfcare selflove feminism radicalselfacceptance spreadkindness startswithin loveyourself graceclubyvr

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100 Days


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Komal Gedam


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Christa Allen


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This shirt and mug were made for me! momtoboys thatonegirlthough shesamess caffeinerequired coffeelove choosehealthy choosehappy live laugh loveyourself

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How could you not love this face ! mancrusheveryday beard 🐼 thismorning handsome loveyourself

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Self love is very important. I have struggled with it because I couldn't get a certain guy to like me, I couldn't run as fast as my friends or walk as far. I thought just be because I was big I was not beautiful. However that's not the case at all. The person I am in the inside makes me beautiful. My personality, my smile, the way I love people everything that makes me who I am, makes me beautiful. I won't lie and say that I don't still have issues with myself but I'm learning to love me for me. I'm not losing weight to look " beautiful" I'm losing weight for me health.❤️ DontHateYourselfJustChangeYourself selflove loveyourself beautiful weightstruggle weightlossstory weightloss weightlosstransformation weight weightlosssupport weightlossmotivation motovation selfmotivation fitmom fitfamily fitdad fitfam fitness lovefitness lovefit fattofit nevergiveuponyourself neverstop keepgoing doingit transformation obese obeasetobeast beast support weightlosssupport

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Valentina Church


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morgan dunn 🌿


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So I found something while I was away. Paradise. But not in a physical place, within myself. I noticed something that I had been searching for, for a long time. I found that when I travel, the noise gets cut. I can think clearer, everything is amplified and I live in the present moment like no other time. I no longer care what anyone thinks and I'm not bothered by what others are doing and what I'm not. Cliques, things and FOMO moments vanish. It becomes about who I am at my core and what's truly important. I noticed this feeling every time I was away and came back from every trip I've gone on the last few years but couldn't put my finger on what was different and why when I came back everything seemed so much more noisy, busy, foggy and COMPLICATED. Things always felt much more of a grind. I take my work with me when I travel since my business is online so it wasn't that, I still work when I bounce from place to place. No. It was something in me that shifted and after this trip I found what that was and now know what I need to do to keep that Paradise no matter where I am.

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Kathhobbit 💀


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To work so hard but feel like you are achieving nothing is probably the worst feel ever but there's actually so much difference between now and a month after having my girl when I first started on working to change how I feel about my belly and how it looks change progress keepgoing keepfit workout workhard bestrong stay positive bodypositive stretchmarks mummytummy transformation belly appreciation apperciate tattooed inked tattooedmum sturnumtattoo behappy confidence beproud proud strong independent love life loveyourself

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