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Heres a wip of a stupid and pointless fluent animation practice I did for fun... tumblr tumblrart art artwork digitalart nightinthewoods fanart fandom videogame game drawing cartoon anime cartoontumblr artstyle doodle doodleart artist sketch sketchbook stevenuniverse video crystal crystalgem lapis lapislazuli sad depression crying

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👋 ρσѕтιиg ѕυ! 👋


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[ ℓ σ α ∂ ι и g . . .(´・ω・`). . . ] - - 🎻- ❝😊❞ ━━━━━━━━━ {т a g ѕ}━━━━━━━━━━ su lapislazuli stevenuniverse periot lapislazulisu garnet pearl amethyst opal sardonyx sugilite gems peridotsu greg rose ruby sapphire jasper jasper su lapidot stevonnie su bluepearl yellowpearl bluediamond yellowdiamond conniesu stevensu connie steven pinkdiamond - Artist: Catprinx On Tumblr !

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Steven universe


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《This fusion dance!》 • • Season ? Episode ? • • QOTD: Favorite gem? • AOTD: Amythest and Ruby!! • I doubt I'll get in but bananasquadrc1 • ♡Have a great day!♡ • • Song:?? Tell me in the comments below if you know!! • • ♤Tags~~ starvstheforcesofevil starbutterfly starco svtfoe starandmarco svtfoeedit JackieLynnThomas starfan13 stevenuniverse pearlsu amythystsu garnetsu connie rosequartz lapislazuli fusion pearlmethyst ruby sapphire greguniverse sugilite smokyquartz stevonnie stardonyx rainbowquartz alexandrite opal

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Periboo 💚 - SM


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This one is the last of the day!!! I actually love how I drew this one. For all Lapidot shippers (especially Ana from @them_crystal_gems) this is Periboo & Lapiboo 💚💙 I changed my name again, now is Drawing with Periboo, sorry /: periboo peridot lapis lapislazuli lapidot connie stevenuniverse drawing art love small smolperi blush connverse jasmuth jasper bismuth pearlmethyst pearl amethyst garnet ruby sapphire tomorrow: Lion & Steven! Unboxing (?), and Nico as Peri :3

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I'mma be doing a spam becuase i can't sleep ~Dany steven steven smokyquartz crystalgems pearl peridot lapislazuli garnet ruby sapphire stevenuniverse connie stevonnie

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Laurel Long


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GAAAAAH MY BBY stevenuniverse lapislazuli

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Fusion between Lapis and Peridot! What is this fusion's name? What fusion should I do next? lapislazuli lapis peridot peridotxlapis lapisxperidot myart manga animedrawing mangadrawing art stevenuniverse crystalgems crystalgemssu lapidot

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Mars aka Chime Tsundro


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My favorite Medicine Buddha thangka, because it's so cosmic and deep! Courtesy of @thankapainting. TAYATA OHM BEKANDZE BEKANDZE MAHA BEKANDZE RADZA SAMUDGATE SOHA! medicinebuddha lapislazuli medicine buddha cosmic universal love healing blue highervibrations art gem thangka thanka buddhist mantra nepal lotus planets astronomy solarsystem universe meditation inspiration karmapa mahayana vajrayana

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Luca (he/him) 2k


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Here's a Steven's Dream edit!! 💎💎💎 For @lapisly edit war lps1task3_ - -Tags: stevenuniverse steven universe su bluediamond bluepearl yellowdiamond yellowpearl garnet ruby sapphire rosequartz lapis lapislazuli whitediamond pinkdiamond peridot pearl homeworld jasper amythest hollyblueagate sardonyx malachite alexandrite sugilite

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Invader Robin


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- stevenuniverse lapislazuli malachite jasper peridot pearl garnet amethyst sapphire ruby homeworldgems yellowdiamond bluediamond rosequartz -

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"Breathe in all that you seek, breathe out all that you must release. Breathe deep... and jump into the unknown." - @kashy92 davisdesignerjewelry justbreathe black ebony tigereye brown white jade lapislazuli blue pearl gem gemstone gemsandminerals naturalbeauty new gemstonebracelet jewelry instagood jewelrygram fashion jewelrydesigner bracelets armcandy gift customjewelry design style chakra

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trash is my aesthetic


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Lapis is the abused housewife istg ... and she liked it? I mean missed it? /quartzgems lapis lapislazuli stevenuniverse su edit

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🌟SτᎬvᎬᏁ UɴIVєяѕE🌟


Comment from 🌟SτᎬvᎬᏁ UɴIVєяѕE🌟:

☆ Credit: @peachypearl_ ☆ Omg This is Such An Amazing Edit! @peachypearl_ Has Just Started Their Account And Are Very Talented! Follow Them Please! ▪ ▪ ☆ [Tags]- stevenuniverse lapislazuli peridot garnet amethyst pearl jasper bismuth carnelian gregguniverse yellowdiamond bluediamond pinkdiamond

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Comment from Trevor:

I've seen a couple cool pictures of Peridot as the Joker and Lapis Lazuli as Harley Quinn. Jasper as Two-Face only seemed natural. steven universe stevenuniverse peridot lapislazuli lapis lazuli jasper joker harleyquinn twoface art drawing pencil sharpie coloredpencil meepmorp

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Comment from nova:

Lapis ring size 6...sans dog hair, that's buffer fuzz. nodoghair buffer fuzz lapis lapislazuli blue ring

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Garnet is Bae! 😙💖😍😁❤❤✌😊 I am their fury, I am their patience, I am a conversation!~Garnet stevenuniverse garnet amethyst peridot pearl lapislazuli rosequartz steven greguniverse universe Jasper rosesshield lionquartz ruby sapphire strongerthanyou madeoflove iamaconversation love 😍😀😊👊😎👌💖😚

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Comment from MoM SqUaD:

I'm sorry for the spelling mistake earlier. I produced this quality meme on like 1 and 1/2 hours of sleep without autocorrect. I apologize. -peri💚 stevenuniverse blueagate bluediamond yellowdiamond hollyblueagate stevenquartzuniverse pearl pearlsu pearlstevenuniverse garnet garnetsu garnetstevenuniverse amethyst amethystsu amethyststevenuniverse lapislazuli lapislazulistevenuniverse peridot peridotstevenuniverse peridotsu yellowpearl bluepearl

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Jimin Kim


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lapislazuli lapis stevenuniverse su 스티븐유니버스 스유 라피스 라피스라즐리 정말.. 정말 너무 죽겠다 살면서 "빨리" "금방" "언제" 이런 말할 때마다 오천원씩 주기 십분 간격으로 하면 제곱으로 주기 스트레스 받아서 파괴왕 되고싶다

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Jessica Bruce


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🔹Lapis Lazuli 🔹

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‡Eliana.Edits‡ ✨ 🇦🇷


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💦 Lapis Lazuli 💦 LapisLazuli StevenUniverse Steven SU homeworldgems crystalgems sufandom pearl peridot garnet amethyst

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Comment from robina:

I need a little light... selenite lapislazuli

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😯😭💞 • Credit to snovi on Tumblr • Stevenuniverse lapislazuli peridot ruby sapphire garnet pearl amethyst sugilite sardonyx alexandrite opal jasper malachite bismuth rosequartz greguniverse conniemaheswaran stevonnie

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✖️CUSTOM ORDER✖️ This gorgeous Lapis Lazuli was chosen by me based on what my customer told me their needs & desires were. One of my all time favourites is the Lapis Lazuli. Opens the third eye. Balances the throat chakra. Stimulates enlightenment & enhances dream work & psychic abilities. Lapis lazuli quickly releases stress bringing deep peace. It also gives the ability to overcome trauma. A wonderful crystal if you need help expressing yourself 💞 crystalhealing crystals crystaljewelry lapislazuli chakrahealing throatchakra thirdeye psychicabilities healing healingcrystals reikienergyinfused reikienergy magickel peace

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Steven Demayo


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Oops I'm rlly inactive. Y'all should go follow my slime acc @aslimelord

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Chopped Salad🥗


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If y'all wanna become my friend just give me a DM stevenuniverse pearlsu garnetsu amethystsu rosequartzsu yellowdiamond bluediamond yellowpearl bluepearl bismuth peridotsu lapislazuli jasper

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favorite stones✨ - 좋아하는색은변하질않는구나 여름엔원석이죠 너네들뭐가될래😌 바다 가 생각나는🌊 - yangjijewelry 양지쥬얼리 핸드메이드쥬얼리 handcraftedjewelry - 블루사랑gemstones moonstonelapislazuli공예금속공예유리공예실버쥬얼리디자이너편집샵작업핸드페인팅오오티기패션스타그램반지유니크일상데일리귀걸이선물

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Lorenna Holbrook


Comment from Lorenna Holbrook:

Not only does this look cool but "lapis-lazuli" reminds me of steven universe . . . lapislazuli stevenuniverse book mythology college

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Lulu L.P.


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Shop updated 👽🌵🦄🌻👁☮️ just added 3 pairs of handmade healingcrystal earrings 🍄🦋LINK IN BIO 🙌🙌🙌 jade greenjade clearquartz clearquartzcrystal quartz quartzcrystal lapislazuli rings artist art ebayartist vibes positivevibes rosequartz smallbusiness

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Just breathe... and never give up on yourself... on life. davisdesignerjewelry black onyx jetblack ebony tigereye brown white jade lapislazuli blue pearl gem gemstone gemsandminerals naturalbeauty new gemstonebracelet jewelry instagood jewelrygram fashion jewelrydesigner bracelets armcandy gift customjewelry design style

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Carla Buaiz de Azevedo


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I have a super hard history test, it's on Friday and I've been procrastinating studying since last Tuesday 😥 [icon by: @amet.hyst ] lapis lapislazuli lapidot peridot thecrystalgems thediamonds homeworld bluediamond bluediamond steven connie conniemaheswaren garnet pearl hyst

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ᴛʜɪs ᴀᴄᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ ʜᴀs ɴᴏ ᴀᴇsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ


Comment from ᴛʜɪs ᴀᴄᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ ʜᴀs ɴᴏ ᴀᴇsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ:

PERI WYD??? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . stevenuniverse stevenquartz stevenquartzuniverse su conniestevenuniverse conniemaheswaran crystalgems pearl pearlsu garnetsu garnet amethyst amethystsu rose rosequartz rosequartzsu greguniverse peridot peridotsu lapis lapislazuli lapislazulisu jasper jaspersu

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By Evy Yogi • Isabella Yogi


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Lapis lazuli necklace lapislazuli necklace jewellery jewelrydesigner jewellerylover accessories accessorieslover lapislazulinecklace semipreciousstone kalungbatuasli belevy belevyaccessories itcpermatahijaubelevy

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