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Sophie Toth


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crackingon justkeepswimming justbreathe oxygen hospitalstay epilepsy vertigo brokenankle complications seizures nonstop safeplace ashtead surrey uk

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Express Meditation


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Thank you to everybody who came out yesterday to celebrate internationalyogaday 🙏🏾 What an inspiring evening if yoga and meditation ✌🏽🌿 yoga meditate bepresent breathingexercises inspire

7 Minutes ago

Paulo Vieira


Comment from Paulo Vieira:

Recharging... ⚡️🌳☀️💦⏳ tbt haveabreak takeahike justbreathe prayfornature explore relax

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Comment from C:

Justo a tiempo... 🍉☀️🌴 🐬💦 • • • • • • • • • • • • • nice colorful photooftheday sea photo newadventure life pic instagood photography smile love justbreathe hapiness wild photo nature plant palm natural sea mediterraneo vsco blonde love inlove discover instalike picture blonde summer

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Kingsley Ⓥ Manfredo


Comment from Kingsley Ⓥ Manfredo:

Yes, you do. ❤🙏 goodmorning riseandshine meditation mindfulness presence dailypractice dailycalm yoga justbreathe love happiness selflove selfcare stillness peace

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Comment from Stephanie:

😌✌🔋🌎💡 'namaste gratitude patience yoga life spirituality consciousmind blackgirlmagic selflove fitness positivity strongwomenrock peace queen ebonyaesthetics goodvibes yogajourney staystrong spiritual consciousness brownskin justbreathe sunkissed melanin goodvibesonly goodnight dance perspective omvibing

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Nasheena Richardson


Comment from Nasheena Richardson:

@megwiczynski I forgot to post yesterday! I did MMA Mashup @joelfreemanfitness because I missed the "fight" and discovered through this that I was able to control my breathing a lot better after a week of Shaun's insane new workout program!! I was able to move faster and keep my core tighter. My shakeology finally arrived and I'm so excited to have it again! PD: you're capable of much more than you give yourself credit for. believeinyourself coredeforce mmamashup joelandjericho shakeology justbreathe

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Comment from tim:

Just finished emom 21' of min1 :12reverse lunges, min 2: 20DU and 6 C2B, min3: 20DU and 8 push ups. First 50" after emom are the best off the the rest of the day. justbreathe invictusmasters invictusprogramming roadtoregionals2018 crossfitbody crossfitaalst progenex lovehotweather

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Mary Long


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I was tagged by my beautiful yogafriend @callherchrissy to stopdropandyoga Have a fabulous day my friends! Tagging a few more peeps to strikeapose when they have time. 🕉💗🕉 yogaeveryday yogajunkie yogalife yogafam justbreathe stayfocused determination myyearofchange thejjcommunity

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Comment from Sahra LCSW-R, CAMS-2, SMC-C:

mindfulness MIndfulnesbasedstressmanagemen movingforward justbreathe fortoday maketodaycount❤️ SerenityZone😀

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Dubica Trubica


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Always remember how amazing and blessed you are! taksedazivjet lovemylife bebrave youareunique kikathedog lovemydog justbreathe

18 Minutes ago

•Tatjana Rambeck Dyreholt•


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Im sooooo Ready to Enter the summer In this relaxing mode! outdoorlife coffeetime relaxe holiday vacationtime justbreathe

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Comment from goal_diggerz:

Y'all gonna be ok justbreathe thirstythursday thirsty modelsofinstagram dying dead staylit

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Maja Kraguljac


Comment from Maja Kraguljac:

"The road is long, the path sometimes unclear, but the quality of the journey lies within the steadiness of your effortlessness ease. Stop, take time, let it settle, and just breathe." M.J.W. Gratidão 🙏💖✨ internationalyogaday yogaworld yoga simplelife justbreathe gratitude ahimsa

26 Minutes ago

Rachel Druckenmiller 🦋


Comment from Rachel Druckenmiller 🦋:

I know I'm not the only one who needs this reminder 💕 • • • • • • • presentoverpe rest connect reset restore replenish slowdown stop reflect recharge breathe justbreathe

26 Minutes ago

Living a blessed life🙏🏡💫💝👪


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Жизнь сама по себе -это чистый холст. Она становится тем, что вы нарисуете на нем. Вы можете нарисовать страдание, Вы можете нарисовать блаженство. В этой свободе -ваше величие. Ошо grateful🙏 sograteful beyourown believer life lifestyle freedom free justbreathe hope trust hopeforthefuture capture portrait_shots liveyourlifefully godsplanisbetter bepositive staypositive magichappens magic girlportrait nature_shooters portraitphotography bepositivealwaysandgoodthingsw hobbyphotographer portrait naturelovers dosomethingtodaythatyourfuture instapic instadaily

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The Thrive Effect


Comment from The Thrive Effect:

This week has been one for the books 📚 From cracking my phone screen to taking Odie to the vet unexpectedly - a lot of added stress has been present. This is why stress management + having techniques and tools you can use is SO important! Life happens, stress is a part of life & we need to learn to manage it effectively if we want to stay healthy (cause I'm all too familiar with health conditions related to stress 😬) Lavender essential oil has been a huge stress reliever for me - in addition to other tools - and has helped me find peace & calm in times of chaos. So I'm bringing this little bottle with me today in case I need a little help. What are some of your favorite ways to help relieve stress? 💚

39 Minutes ago

Rim DeLuux


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Lisa Muehlenbein


Comment from Lisa Muehlenbein:

Take some time today to just enjoy the moment. See something you normally wouldn't. Explore new places. Take a breath and allow the day to unfold naturally. yoga yogaeverydamnday youdoyou namaste yogateacher travelsofayogi justbreathe

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Comment from AmberlyLago:

Breathe, breathe some more, then let that shit go. dowhatsgoodforyoursoul thrive youcandothis

50 Minutes ago

The Academic Insider


Comment from The Academic Insider:

Good morning friends! I recently posted an article to my @medium page [.com/ @theacademicinsider] that explores the connections between emotional trauma, school-related stress and anxiety, psychological wellness, and physiological health. The piece is all about my personal journey of discovering, and incorporating into my life thinking patterns and yoga exercises based on, the MIND-BODY CONNECTION. I explore the science behind the notion that an unwell mind, i.e., one gripped with anxiety, stress, perfectionism, overachievement, and control, can produce an unwell body, i.e., in my case, chronic muscle pain that lasted for years. I also talk in detail about the specific yoga exercise that basically gave me my life back, i.e., legs-up-the-wall, a deep breathing meditation exercise. I know firsthand just how stressful and overwhelming the academic experience can often be: deep breathing meditation performed once or twice per day has the potential to significantly restore a healthy mind-body connection, reduce physical pain, and increase emotional contentment. Please give this article a read as it might just change your life for the better 💛 . . . university univeristylife uni college collegelife tranquility balance calmness student studentlife school schoollife happiness hope hopeful healthybody learn happy community support themoreyouknow knowledge knowledgeofself academic academia academics knowledgeispower healthy theacademicinsider healthymind

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Comment from breathebalancegrow:

Last summer big sis was trying out lots of new activities to see if we could help her adjust to the summer routine more easily and little sis had a lot of down time to practice her yoga in waiting rooms. tbt ❤. yoga mindfulness wellness yogakids kidsyoga mindfulkids kidswellness kids child childrensyoga yogachild mindfulchild nj healthychild mindbody breathebalancegrow iloveyoga yogalife peacefulchild breathe balance grow justbreathe parenting peacefulparenting mindfulparenting yogainspiration

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Loko Sport Active


Comment from Loko Sport Active:

“You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.” ― William Faulkner

1 Hours ago

Kristin Shelala


Comment from Kristin Shelala:

One day or day decide. bringyourasstoclass

1 Hours ago

Latoria Macon


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Katie 🌼


Comment from Katie 🌼:

C'est la vie 🌼 justbreathe thingsgetbetter dontworrybehappy inhalegoodvibes exhalethefakeshit

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Ester Indriani


Comment from Ester Indriani:

You will never find peace of mind untill you listen to your heart. Quote peaceofmind yinyoga keepcalmanddoyoga listentoyourheart stillness yoga justbreathe

1 Hours ago

Allie Rimanic


Comment from Allie Rimanic:

Do you want to know a secret? We DON'T always need to have a plan. We DON'T need to have it all worked out. Truth is we don't have to be any more than what we already are. We DO need to give ourselves a break! It's so easy to get caught up in working, progressing, and finding ourselves that we easily forget to ever take a moment to just breathe. A moment to take a brief break from frantically dashing towards the future. We are perfectly who and where we are meant to be. No more to do, no where to be, but now 🙏🏼

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Comment from Stonzie:

@berkmangurses "neden hepsi beyaz tenli bu kızların?" diye sormuştu bir ara😃 Ve ta taaam🤗 Az gecikmeyle ilk çikolata renkli stonzie meleği piyasalarda! 😃😇😇 nefes diyor!😌😊 justbreathe stonziemelekleri stonzieangels taşboyama tasboyama stonepainting rockpainting paintedrocks paintedstones stonziebyidilo melek angel hediyefikirleri turkuazatakmisolabilirimbuhaft

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Sydney Martinie


Comment from Sydney Martinie:

Yoga: the stilling of mental fluctuation. It doesn't need to be sad, serious, or religious; it needs to be an enjoyable way to disconnect. havefunwithyoga ! ❤️🙏🏻🤸‍♂️Cours de Vinyasa 12.30 et 20h chez Yoga Owl yoga yogalyon yogafrance ekapadakoundinyasana runningmanpose runningman yogagoals findyourzen justbreathe

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Bay Fitness


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Summer solstice flow The sun ☀️ left but we found some inner fire and some solstice flow and some handstands. Thanks @dayogini pranavinyasa. Yoga tomorrow 830am all levels. Croyde beach handstands urdvamukhavrksasana upsidedown turnthatfrownupsidedown dryrobe

14 Hours ago

Bay Fitness


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Summer solstice yoga tonight 8pm croyde beach @croydeyoga with myself & @dayogini prana vinyasa instructor & teacher trainer from holland Bootcamp on the beach and not in the hall too. 630pm yoga handstands summersolstice vinyasaflow prana core yogalover yogaoutside yogasana yogaeveryday beachyoga pranyama meditation

19 Hours ago

Bay Fitness


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