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I have goals. I have limits. I have a "plan". But within those I also have FREEDOM. . . . . . 2017ismine ibelieveinme

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Day 8: I 💜 gross sweaty workout clothes! Does anyone else not feel satisfied unless they're slightly sore/stiff from a workout? I can always count on @jillianmichaels for that. GOALS: Stay on track & keep up the positivevibes 🌼🌻 workout fitness fitnessmotivation exercise weights motivation healthy fit diet summerbody happy bbg hiit sweaty

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Damn Jillian that was a lot of floor work! This old ladies wrists can't take it👵🏻 damnjillian tryingtogetmybodyback slowlybutsurely arthritissucks oldsucks crabkickssuck geterdone💪 becausebackfatisathing jillianmichaels @workoutjunkies

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Comment from Keri:

"It's not about perfect. It's about effort." Thanks, JM - you kick my ass, but you also keep me going. Tagged fitches, let me see that sweatyselfie & that positivitychain quote 💪 . . . fitgirlsguide workyourquirk ncfitgirl fitgirlvarsity varsityfitgirl makeyourownmagic exercise jillianmichaels positivitychain

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👀 Spotted! @jillianmichaels sporting fitmamaapparel Muse Bralette and @rockyourbest_raquelhorsford rocking her Fit Mama One Shoulder Bra for their upcoming DVD 💪🏻 hardworkpaysoffs jillianmichaels womeninfitness womeninfashion womeninpr fit fitness fitlife activewear athleisure sportsbra

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It's happening again! The booty is coming back! Woohoo!!!! happytohaveyouback bootyinprogress squats jillianmichaels killerbunsandthighs 4monthdifference

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When it's gloomy outside, prep colorful salads to bring a little Summer in your life🍓🍃☀️whereareyousummer

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"If you have a strong enough WHY, you can tolerate any HOW."~ Jillian Michaels LesBrown lesbrownmotivation personaldevelopment jillianmichaels lifelessons paradigmshift

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"Love me" @ekat19 ethancutkosky debbiegallagher shameless iangallagher iansomerhalder likeforlike lipgallagher liamgallagher carl carlgallagher cameronmonaghan jeremyallenwhite jillianmichaels shameless amsterdam ethancutkoskyedits f4f foodporn fionagallagher emmastone emmakenney emmyrossum

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Haven't worn this for over a year and it still fits so I must be doing something right jillianmichaels killerabs 30dayshred fitfam instafit fitmom fitness personaltrainer diet weightloss nutrition circuits hiit cardio thisgirlcan strongnotskinny strengthtraining

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LeeZona Zivotnavagi RTL Bodyshred osobnitrener grupnitreninzi metabolickitreninzi jillianmichaels

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Comment from Lauren:

So today was crazy busy you know the ones where its just none stop till gone 9pm sorting children our for school, work, sorting children out for friends birthday party, sorting out their clothes as they are staying at their nans for a few days, doing easter bonnets, decorating eggs and putting the little women to bed 😴😴😴 I still managed to fit in an hr for myself to work out go me because i really didnt feel like it. i started off with cardio 1 from body revolution as the schedule states followed by a 20 min body coach hiit which im just going to say it i smashed it 😀💪 peak heart rate people. i mean im def giving it 110% no excuses!! Ive been doing a 10 min ab blaster every day this week too i need these muscles to make an appearance for summer 😉 tiredmum mumlife workingmum hiit dailyworkout peak heartrate polar thebodycoach leanin15 noexcuses 110% healthylifestyle gettingfit gettinglean healthymum jillianmichaels bodyrevolution

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Kathrin R.

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Zwischen Einkaufen und Kinder abholen habe ich ein jillianmichaels 20-Minuten Workout eingeschoben: Kickbox-Methode, workout 3 (Schwerpunkt Bauch). fitness fitnessdvd sport kickboxing kickboxen cardio kondition nofilter fitmom wotkoutathome zuhausetrainieren workoutzuhause fitmommy sportymom bodyweighttraining bodyweight bikini bikinifigur bauchweg sixpack bauchbeinepo

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Comment from Jordan:

Treadmill + Fixer Upper

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Yuupp After having dinner this just happend cravings AllinModeration healthy pumpfam cleanse lean gains consistencyiskey detoxing weightlossjourney toningup gettingstrongereveryday slowprogress health leanandmean proteinshakes 7dayjumpstartmealplan workingtowardsabetterme motivation💯 MeMyselfandI competingwithmyself support personaljourney Exercise fitness workout Getting back2itslowly 30dayshread proteinpowder jillianmichaels 💪💪

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💫 AmandaStarr • KC, MO


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Stocked my snack drawer up at work with some of these goodies! I'm obsessed w/ the fruit bars by @thatsitfruits and @kindbars! The Mango Apple is 😍. I haven't tried the Picky Bars I found at Trader Joe's yet, although I am anxious to. These were the only flavors I could find. Has anyone tried either of these before or know if there are others?!

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Inténtalo tú puedes


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Como pasa el tiempo, casi 60 días 😅 90daybodychallenge dia34 90dias intentalotupuedes desayuno 5comidas buenasnoches felizmiercoles mitad desemana instagram youtuber instamood youtubeinstafit instafoodrunning jillianmichaels bodyrevolutio ypct casi 60dias unpoco mas mañana

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Diyet Diet Dieet Boy:172yas44


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Aksam ustu, leslie ile 1 mili ne alaka bilmiyorum, trampolinde yaptim, az once de , Jillian Micheals in Level 2 ye basladim, ayyyy cok terledim yaa, dus sonra tumba da yatak ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 yansin yaglar jullianmichaels 30dayshred sport evdespor evsporu thuissporten sweting zweetsport zweet ikwilafvallen afvallen fitwoman fitvrouw fitkadin instagram sport sporten sporting sporyap zayiflamakistiyorum jillianmichaels jillianmicheals30dayshred instadiet instadiyet instasport yaptimoldu level2 fatburner fatburn fatburning

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Thai vegetable curry doesntfeellikeadiet jillianmichaels weightlossjourney

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Comment from Emma:

I don't care if I look like an idiot in this pic - I tried something new and it was INTENSE!!!! I did not want to work out tonight, at all, I wanted to sit and eat all the cake. But I put on my big girl pants and stuck on JM's yogameltdown - phew!!!!! 😅😅 fitness yoga workout fitfam homeworkout healthyliving timetomove fitfam fitnessjourney tikiboo tikiboofitness jillianmichaels fitnessmotivation nogymnoproblem weightloss weightlossjourney rhfitness teamrh gettingstronger healthystudentnurse

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Es wird klappen!


Comment from Es wird klappen!:

Endlich Mal zur Ruhe kommen:) 45 min exaktes LISS und viel Bewegung nebenbei. ww weightwatchers weightloss weightwatchersdeutschland weightwatchersuk bbg bbgprogress bbgcommunity sport jillianmichaels po abnehmen neustart abnehmen2016 abnahme laufen spaß weightwatchers360 indoorsport bbgtransformation badewanne liss baden abnehmenohnezuhungern abnehmenohneverzicht bbgdach bbggermany bbgtransformation gesund bbggirls spazieren

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Якимчук Катерина


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Тот случай когда после тренировки хотела сделать фото селфи , а сын решил иначе и что вышло то вышло 😀 и как же не попробовать гантели на зуб! Кстати , они проверку прошли, Вася одобрил ! Ну а я отлично позанималась с jillianmichaels hardbody ! тренировка спорт фитнес фитнесс дети детидома тренировкадома занимашки джилианмайклс джиллианмайклс фитнесмама мамахудеет sport workout training fitness fitmodel motivation fitmom зож

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Finito il giorno 2 di hardbody di @jillianmichaels hardbody ... semplicemente la adoro !!! workoutitalia workout workoutmotivation motivation fitness fitgirls fitgirl instafit instaworkout

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Ooma Heather Bixby


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Abs, long fake nails, sweat pants, and childrens toys. Life. Haha workoutcomplete abs babytoys nannylife whataday hadabitofabreakdown luckyigottoworkout losthope gotsomeback hashimotossucks invisibleillness problems workout releaseendorphins jillianmichaels mychecmicalromance bestworkoutmusic gotmethrough muscles picoftheday instagood nails

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Niki Cox


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Workout Wednesday!! Today I did abs and legs 💃👟👙🏋 weightlossjourney workoutwednesday lowcarb dvd workingonmyfitness jillianmichaels legs abs

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Comment from anjaloves:

winenotwednesday 🍷 swapped the wine for a tiuapproved dessert 😌👌🏻🍓 Fekt kind of tired the whole day, but still kicked the Bootycall, which was Booty and Abs with jillianmichaels and later I went on a 1 hour walk for cardio. Meals were on point and leangreenclean and now I'm enyoing my dessert 🍨 tiuteam tiucommunity lookforlove tiubodylove tiutoneandshred tiunutritionplan tiu tiushred tiuapproved @karenakatrina @toneitup tiugirl tiueurope tiugirlproblems tiumember tiucommunity tiucoffee tiustudent health fitnessjourney nutrition 2017 tiucheckin tiubootycall

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Mimi SP


Comment from Mimi SP:

Sauteed chicken strips w/a spinach, cucumber salad AllinModeration healthy pumpfam cleanse lean gains consistencyiskey detoxing weightlossjourney toningup gettingstrongereveryday slowprogress health leanandmean proteinshakes 7dayjumpstartmealplan workingtowardsabetterme motivation💯 MeMyselfandI competingwithmyself support personaljourney Exercise fitness workout Getting back2itslowly 30dayshread proteinpowder jillianmichaels 💪💪

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Кость Широкая


Comment from Кость Широкая:

Девоньки, кто делал кардио 3 из революции, вопрос к вам. Вы как выжили то вообще??? 😃😃 я на третьем круге просто легла и уже не вставала. Такие дела. По еде тут вроде все видно. А я спать😃 bodyrevolution cardio3 яхудею пп похудение спорт правильноепитание мамахудеет уменявсеполучится идукцели дневник ппмама подсчеткалорий food sport jillianmichaels slim 40kg stopfat slimdiary еда кбжу betterthanyesterday пэпэ жируходи будустройной маманапп healthyfood beslim жирулидосвидули

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Comment from ludy:

😄😆 🍑🍑🍑Grinning ear to ear after fun and tough booty toneandshred workout with @karenakatrina and jillianmichaels. Crazy donkey kicks standing and touching the floor. My legs are still shaking....wowsie. grateful I think the bonsai move was my fav recovery time 🎉 - 5 daily moves ✔ - yoga with my kid ✔ - booty and abs video from bodylove ✔ smiling • • • • • toneitup tiuteam tiugirls tiugirl tiucommunity myperfectfit workout fitness leanclean fitfam bikiniprogram beachbabe nutrition fresh lifestyle instagood trainieren tiugermany tiula celebrate letthegoodtimesroll

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Comment from Kate:

I could give you 1000 reasons for me not working out. After spending the past two weeks traveling and having a yucky cold everything told me to wait one more day. But damn it I did my @jillianmichaels sixweeksixpack video and I feel great!

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Jennifer Humphrey


Comment from Jennifer Humphrey:

You have one goal in life and that's to be the best you, you can be 👊🏻jillianmichaels

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Nadia Ingham


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Today's workout choice holidayprep strongnotskinny jillianmichaels ihateburpees thisgirlcan fitnessmotivation fitbit fitbitblaze

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Comment from Jynell_Petrosino:

FIT(ish)CHICKS WANTED!!! Whether you are a die hard fitchick, or just getting started health and fitness journey-- I AM LOOKING FOR YOU! When I say fit(ish) I mean that you have an interest in establishing a healthy lifestyle centered around balance and moderation- no quick fixes 💁🏻 In other words you want muscles, and have your cake too! human Have you always wanted a career in fitness? Well today is your lucky day!!! I am looking for (5) fit(ish)chicks that are interested in building an online health and fitness business from the comfort of their own home... OR wherever they decide to drop their mobile office for the day ;) Job Description: Health Coach Expectations: -Willing to learn -Interested in getting in the best shape ever -1-2 hours a day to spare -Access to social media -Willing to follow a basic online training to help get you started right -Outgoing -Dedicated -Team oriented -Willing to transpire a "be here in a year" mentality What you can expect: -To get amazing health and fitness results -Chance to earn free trips -Connect with other amazing, inspiring fit(ish)chicks -Supplement or fully replace your income -HELP PEOPLE -Become a public role model -Personal growth -Did I mention TRAVEL ;) I am looking for FIVE down to earth women who simply enjoy health and fitness. No it doesn't matter what you look like, or whether or not your at the beginning or end of your journey. I am just looking to mentor and duplicate the success that I have had thus far in my business to those who are committed and motivated to run with me! Serious inquires only! (Please no coaches or those already working with coaches!) Cannot wait to chat :-D Jynpetrofitness I will get back to you within 24 hours!

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