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Phan E. Pak


Comment from Phan E. Pak:

This set is done! I'm shipping this out to @richiesaps16 tomorrow. I'm really stoked on the bubble cap, it came out great! qtipholder

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Francesco Vona


Comment from Francesco Vona:

•Nei giorni più tristi,ricorda i nostri sorrisi la prima volta che ci siamo visti💎• insta instame instatag instalike instagood instadaily instastyle instalike instasingle instangram instalove instaglass summer remember instatumbrl nosense instacolor instame like4like follow4follow tbt chenesapetevoi soloperpoche likeforfollow old sunset sunglasses love sguardi love colors 💎👁

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Comment from kogamasan:


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Smoking Vessels


Comment from Smoking Vessels:

"Wake and Bake" Available from @fritglass sherlock sherlockmug wakeandbake pipecup pipesofig instaglass headyglass

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Comment from halfstronaut:

💎FOR SALE 💎 🔮 All-Quartz 1st (flawless) Hovercap 📦 I will ship anywhere in the US for free! 💸 DM me - $350 takes it 😴 Don't sleep. . hovercap hoverglass hovercapforsale convectioncap glassforsale boroforsale buyglass buyboro westcoastdabbers cannabiscommunity weedofig topshelflife medicalpandas weshouldsmoke dabbers_unite justblazeig dabsrus thousanddollarsmoke glassofig headyglass wfayo instaglass dabbersdaily

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Jason Link


Comment from Jason Link:

Got a couple Pikachu dabbers left, $50 710 minirig pokemon cannabisculture instaglass dabstagram shatter 420 rosin shatter glassofig solventless dabsrus nugrun terps concentrates dablife fueledbybho glasslife bongbeauties 710society boroforsale girlswhosmokeweed bestofglass dailydabbers dabgirls topshelflife cannabiscommunity oprahsbookclub claritycounts

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Comment from SONAY CAM SANAT:

Günaydın🌞🌞 Sun is shining 💖 güneşin ışıklarıyla uyanmak güzel çok güzel🙏🙏 şükürler olsuncamkutucamsanatıfüzyoncamsanatıcamkursuglasscourse workshopinstaartinstaglass artloverssanatsever

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Comment from Rob:

Some randoms that are around the shop. pendents mushrooms marbles swirl spins twists hearts thankyou support openmikeeagle nightmares glassforsale jewlery luckycharms yolo glassofig instaglass shopsmall

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Clover Glass/Clover Pipes

Comment from Clover Glass/Clover Pipes:

Clover Glass Bongs Wholesale & Glass Water Pipes,OEM and ODM is welcome! Whatsapp: +86 13927497235 Email: sales06 Skype: Vaporunion cloverbong cloverglass vaporizer smoke topshelflife glassofig weshouldsmoke girlswhosmoke glassart glassforsale glassporn smokeshop thousanddollarsmoke glasslife oprahasbookclub headshop glasspipes glass_of_ig glasspipe boroofig buyboro funtionalglassart instaglass wesellpipes

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CloverGlass / CloverPipe


Comment from CloverGlass / CloverPipe:

Clover Glass Bongs Wholesale & Glass Water Pipes,OEM and ODM is welcome! Whatsapp: +86 13927497235 Email: sales06 Skype: Vaporunion cloverbong cloverglass vaporizer smoke topshelflife glassofig weshouldsmoke girlswhosmoke glassart glassforsale glassporn smokeshop thousanddollarsmoke glasslife oprahasbookclub headshop glasspipes glass_of_ig glasspipe boroofig buyboro funtionalglassart instaglass wesellpipes

3 Hours ago 🍍 Online Shop


Comment from 🍍 Online Shop:

🏺This exquisite carved glass Artifact Amphora Bottle rig made by Baker Glass is now available at during our Spring Sale ! ⚱️The knifed patterns and classic styling make this piece look like a beautiful antique ceramic vase, and the 24k gold fumed implosion puck is immaculate giving off wicked visuals! 😍Please check online to see our High-Def photos of this gem, Also feel free to DM us with any questions, have a great rest of your day all! 🤙🌺🔥💎 🍁Spring Sale : 🍁 ✈️We Ship Worldwide Daily!✈️ bakerglasscarvedglassamphoraglassamphoraminitubebangerhangergoldfumedimplosionfumedimplosionoprahsbookclubfumedglassglassfrit

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NVS Glassworks Woodstock


Comment from NVS Glassworks Woodstock:

@glount.cobula_420 came by today and tried out a few @mavglass pieces, but this was the winner 🔥🌪🌪🌪functiongameonpoint mavfam

3 Hours ago

Bonefish Glass


Comment from Bonefish Glass:

Flooding out the mayoral with a g of that Afghan kush budder meltshot instaglass headyglassart headyglassofig mcsquaredglass waterspinner beastcoast phillydabbers phillyslabbin mayoralquartzbanger

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Comment from #investinheadies:

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Comment from cosmos420:

Now Available: @t.k_happa x @obie_og 2017 This piece is brand new and has never be used. Features a bowlpiece with a Happa fish Milli as well as several UV-Reactive Wig-Wag sections by Obie and a Happa chip stack section. Price: 3000 DM for additional inquiry Photograph by @windhome

4 Hours ago

A Rig For All Budgets


Comment from A Rig For All Budgets:

Just in, are these UV🔦 Milli Carb Cap and Stands by @b.ry_glass Each has an Illuminatti💡 top with a Rainow🌈 and Black Switchack Millie made in house, y the artist🎨 The linework l👀ks killer🔫 and there's a matching stand🙌🏼 They have Diagonal Directional Airflow and function great, spinning🌀terps for that low temp rip🗣💨 Most are designed to fit XL QCB's ut there're a couple for Reg QCB's as well. Here's the dope colors🔥🔥 from left to right, used 1️⃣ Teal and Indigo Adventurene 2️⃣ Treehugger and Dark Coalt 3️⃣ Marigold and Jade 4️⃣ Amer Purple and Red Elvis 5️⃣ Mystery Adventurene and Shamrock These are availale now for $50💰 including Priority Shipping📦 If you see one you're interested in, or have any questions please DM us. Thanks for looking and have a great night😋✌🏼 rigdepot glassforsale glassauction dastagram carcap topshelflife daersdaily glassforsale glassofig glass_of_ig glassporn headyglass dasrus homingamerica fueledyho glass_of_ig errl oroforsale uyoro oprahsookclu daers_unite 710society estofglass headyglass girlswhoda jjiquartzanger dalife instaglass oro weshouldsmoke qc rosin glasscommunity

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Comment from B$:

Boom! @willmcfeeley the baton worked! 638 is the call. 636 is the winner. Lets hope for more ScuderiaFerrari wins, so we can get some more FreeMoney going. 21 rounds in total. 20 more chances to win. @willmcfeeley dm your info. Thank again to everyone who entered. ForzaFerrari Forumla1 F1 Bmoneyglass Bmoney 420 710 glassofig instaglass oil dab dabs oprahsbookclub northeastglassmafia dailydabber dabbersdaily inglasswetrust jewishpipesmatter

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Comment from l.l.cassidy:

I ❤ this photo! I took it for my brother & his new wife. 😄 best of 2 worlds here.. diamonds and SEAdiamonds! 😀 wedding weddingday weddingring happiness weddingphotography notaphotographer itried 😄 diamond beautiful seaglass beachfinds myfavorite instawedding instabeach instasea instabeauty instadiamond instaglass instahappy weddedbliss

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Garrett Brebes (Breh-bzz)


Comment from Garrett Brebes (Breh-bzz):

Alien rig 4. Hit up @52nd_glass_shop to see this beauty in a drop coming soon! Thanks for looking and the vibes ! brebes brebesglass elevatorglass wearethemakers boro rigsofig alienglass synapsetech instaglass

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Comment from aDabaDoya:

out of waxxx aDabaDoYa marijuana wax concentrates hashoil dab dabs weed 710 420 instaglass highlife hightimes bong blunt azmmj mmj bong prop203 kief shatter waxwednesday meltshot bigdab 710dabs stayhigh glassofig

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Music Man Glass


Comment from Music Man Glass:

(SOLD) Little sloth guy. Sale pending. musicmanglass instaglass iwillbebetterthaniwasyesterday torchwork pendy pendant positivity americanboro glass glassofig glasssloth glassforsale headyglass headiesofig lovelife lawofattraction colorado coloradoart coloradoglass boro boroofig meltglass

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Erik Vogel


Comment from Erik Vogel:

Couple of fillas from last week. glassart glassofig glass kilningit dabstagram pendant pendantsofig headyglass headypendant heady oprahsbookclub bestofglass fillacello instaglass cannabiscommunity 710 glasspendant glassjewelry

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Comment from igglassgallery:

Available dichroic pendant from @heyrig Signed & dated ✍️ DM for info/ questions!

6 Hours ago

Headies Glass Gallery


Comment from Headies Glass Gallery:

6 Hours ago

BC Smoke Shop..Established '96


Comment from BC Smoke Shop..Established '96:

@mullerglass 🔥🔥🔥 . This beautiful piece is destined for the perfect home. . 📬 Available to ship. 📬

6 Hours ago

Culture Rising Port Credit


Comment from Culture Rising Port Credit:

Diamond Knots are available! We currently have 14mm male and female options available. . This unique quartz design from J-Red allows for fantastic air flow with great heat retention, and eliminates the need for carbing. And of course, American-made quartz is synonymous with amazing flavour!

6 Hours ago

HyperSun llc


Comment from HyperSun llc:

🔥🔥🔥AUCTION🔥🔥🔥 💥☉💥Made by HyperSun💥☉💥 🕛🕛🕛ENDS 24 HOURS AFTER THE FIRST BID 🕛🕛🕛 🙏🙏🙏Please tag a friend and follow @hypersun_ when when you bid 🙏🙏🙏 👉👉👉 Bidding starts at $50, $10 increments, 2 minute sniper rule, Buy It Now Price - $250, Bidders must be +18 and ABLE TO PAY LOL, Winner covers shipping, GOOD LUCK!👈👈👌 HalfFullGlass weshouldsmoke stonergirl girlswhosmoke borobabe highlife borobooknewglass glassaddict rigsofig rig travelrig highsociety boroforsale instaglass iloveglass stonerchick stonerchicks glassauctionsdaily stonerlife stonernation smokeup heady sesh getlifted staylifted glassporn glassauction glassauctions

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Comment from herbnlegendaz:

This bad ass coil pot on this is so sick!!! Come by check it out and say HIgH!!!! @mdscientist_market

6 Hours ago



Comment from igglassgallery:

Available marble dabber DM for info/ any questions!

7 Hours ago

Collin Haire


Comment from Collin Haire:

Next guitar in the series. Unfortunately too much devit to sell. Good challenge though especially inlaying the filla. haireglass glassart glassartist glassofig glasspipe art color instaglass guitars guitarart

7 Hours ago

Skyler Blood-Raiter


Comment from Skyler Blood-Raiter:

A galaxy pen was born today. . . . . . . nofilter hotshot glassofig glasslife headyglass instaglass art artglasslampwork glassblowing bestofglass headyart boro love borosilicate space galaxy stars astronomy glasspen ink dippingpen inkpen glasspens

7 Hours ago

Culture Rising


Comment from Culture Rising:

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Heather Hewitt Torry


Comment from Heather Hewitt Torry:

flowerpotrig flower glassofig glassflower fall illuminati pstglass htglass murkywatersstudio fallflowers dablife dabbersdaily dabthis morningsession getthedaystarted girlsthatdab headshop smokeshop smokebreak headstash oprahsbookclub instaglass

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