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Janka Čuláková 😙


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Slnko a adrenalín 💖📷 awesome amazing day motocross nature motorbike motivation me love photographer photography photo best beautiful beauty myphoto insta inspiration instapic instaphoto instalike instalife nikon slovakia race love boy always happy

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Jolie Carey


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He loves every Sunday because of the breakfast-date out with daddy (: just men as he says! . mamaslife instababy food family kidsfashion blackandwhite kids art healthyliving fitmom happykid cute healthy cutekids coolkids photooftheday photographer instamood instagood inspiration model smile mexirish memories places vacation makeup fashion cosmetics glamour

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Amy R Terlecki


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Having two little boys means we are constantly peeling bark and lifting rocks to see what we find. This time we found some beautiful color and texture under the bark...well I did, they found bugs 🐜 foundart nature texture natureart naturelovers inspiration

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Quote of the day quotes people life lifestyle relationship friends friendship words inspiration awesome hardwork

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Colleen Smith


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If a little train engine is willing to give it's all to overcome all odds to achieve a seemingly impossible task. What's stopping you?✌🏼😊❤️ stayfocused strength love quote strengthwithin goals workhard freespirit inspiration everyday statement creative shopsmall australianmade

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Miriam Errington


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"If you know who you are with conviction, no one can define your worth, take away your power, bring you down, or say what is possible but you." ~Rise Sister Rise~ @rebeccathoughts risesisterrise ownwhoyouare strongwomen youvegotthis confidencenotarrogance beunapologeticallyyou inspiration wisewordstoliveby womansworth notimeforbullshit

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Clarissa Joi


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If you haven't MAPPED your route to SUCCESS, how to you know you're going the RIGHT way⁉️ 🔻There's a syllabus to successfully complete a course. 🔻There's a job description to successfully gain a job. 🔻There's s guidebook to obtain a driver's license. 🔻There's even a map of the NY rail system to successfully reach your destination. 🛑Soooooo why do we treat SUCCESS as if happens by happenstance??? ♦️MAP your route to SUCCESS and follow it every step of the way! 👣👣👣 slay success passion purpose profit entrepreneur corpreneur coach vision inspiration motivation keynote speaker published author singlemom advocate ClarissaJoi

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Jessica Jahn


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"I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you."⭐️ . Prepare to be inspired by Heather... another beautiful life changed by our nutritional cleansing lifestyle!💚 . "I wanted to post about my journey. I started nutritional cleansing 10/19/2015. I started at 266lbs wearing size 20 pants. I was miserable. I was a mom, wife, and career woman. I wasn't me. . Without a will or desire, I started this journey for my lil sis. See, she was getting married, and out of all her friends, she choose me to be her MOH. I was shocked. The first thought I had wasn't about her dress, the wedding, the party, it was about standing up in a church wearing a dreaded bridesmaid dress next to 8 other extremely slender, extremely gorgeous women. At that point I did some extreme self reflection. I realized: . 1. You are responsible for your happiness. My sister wanted ME. Regardless of how overweight I was. Regardless of looking out of place. She wanted me more than I wanted me. . 2. The greatest gift you can give kids was to BE with them. Healthy. Active. The food habits I was forming needed to be top notch, so they wouldn't struggle with the same issues I had. . 3. Love. I have a wonderful husband, who's loved me at my lowest and heaviest weight (after having his two kids!!) he loves me. I needed to love me too. . 4. You are the only one who can limit your potential. Take away the title and excuse you use. Take away the rules. Take away the limits. You can achieve anything YOU think YOU can. . My goal was to loose 100lbs by 8/1. And I hit -100lbs on 8/7. Now I'm comfortably a size 6. I had to throw away my entire closet. Even my shoes didn't fit me. I've continued to maintain, and I'm in the process of laying out my next set of goals. I can. I will." . transformationtuesday lifechanging nutrition cleanse fatloss goals accountability support inspiration priorities healthylifestyle healthyhabits proactive justdoit teamnourishandflourish flourishwithjess

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Comment from Infruition:

Hi all....this is Sally @wizznutrition here. I will be taking over this account for the next few days to talk all things health so keep posted for my Infruition nutrition facts 😊 . Kicking off today with this tasty mango infusion.  Did you know that mangos are the most popular fruit in the world and were thought to be first grown in India over 5,000 years ago? Mango is rich in vitamin A, C, folate and vitamin B6 which plays an important role in maintaining a healthy nervous system and has thought to lower the risk of depression

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❤️️ Por: Geysa Bueno


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Bom dia meus amores e ótima terça-feira ❣️😘 . Inspire-se ❤️👗❤️ . Siga . @gbinspiracoes @gbinspiracoes @gbinspiracoes . . . . . . . . . . look inspiration model moda fashionista flower fashion blogueiras modacrista photography photo love instagood like4like digitalinfluencer modagospel canadianfashion estilosa gbinspiracao modaparameninas girl perfect style dress modaevangelica bomdia daily instagram modafeminina goodmorning

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4bdu114h zur41f


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_ NEWCHALLENGE📍🇫🇷 - 🌞 >💡• > Je cherche toujours de nouveaux challenges. Il y à quantité de montagnes a gravir. Quand je n'ai plus de montagne, j'en construit une nouvelle" SylvesterStallone / "I'm always LOOKING for a new challenge. There are a lot of mountains to climb out there. When I run out of mountains, I'll build a new one" . 💡 << 📝❔Et vous, qu'en pensez -vous ? / please • leave a comment below /⚙ - 🚀 @effectivemindstate_paris : - motivation goals inspiration . 💛 -❔- / succes coach lifestyle couple fitness perdredupoids crossfit style art parisianstyle lyon tMarseille lille bordeaux music photographe startup food terrasses money quote photooftheday healthyfood yoga paleo 🔅

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#moonsjewelry ™


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Felix Jade Kendrick


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"Throw on your dress and put on your doll faces.Everyone thinks that we're perfect." @littlebodybigheart quote music melaniemartinez dollhouse grunge societykills ok pokerface fake emotional art outline tumblr blogcer inspiration blackandwhite berlin whatever follow me ornot idgaf

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dance nature inspiration pagoda home chill relax like4like like likeforlike music kaytranada

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Fitness Inspiration


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👉 @kristinasaniel . . weighlifting weightloss goals exercise cardio body fitness inspiration motivation transformation gym healthy healthyfood biceps abs glutes muscle workout lifting progress results gains selfie legs rihanna taylorswift selenagomez arianagrande justinbieber

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Today i feel sixteen 🎀👧🏽 . . . . . . . . summer summervibes positivevibes vibes mylife selfie hot beachlife colorful oceanside girlpower seaside sea summer2017 like4like girl pretty graphicdesign doll hairstyle makeup designer fashiondesigner fashion details outfit inspiration likealways summertime sweetness

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Comment from Kait:

Finally learned how to do front squats 😂 light weight, high reps, added in with my plyos! Let's shrink these legs! comeback fitness legday glutes cardio npc npcbikini gym plyos fitspo fitfam fitnessmotivation lunges workout motivation strong instafit inspiration sweat goals fitness fitchick weightlifting bodybuilding

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N O U H A 🌸


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According to the Law of Attraction, we’re always transmitting positive or negative energy. Others pick up on this and respond likewise. When you attract like-minded positive people, together you can focus on obtaining your desires. Positive people will ONLY encourage and support you. quoteoftheday motivation inspiration happinessproject quote lifequotes quotestoliveby positivelife positivity positiveenergy positivevibes powerofpositivity instadaily motto hapiness love

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Jennifer D.


Comment from Jennifer D.:

Dare to be you. Be who you are at all times. If you don't like who you are, change what you don't like. We have choices everyday. Make sure they are good ones ❤️

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Comment from Josephine🌺:

My morning yum 😃💪🏼👊🏼

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Benike Palfi


Comment from Benike Palfi:

CLEAN SLATE My good friend @alexschana and I often talk about hitting the reset button and starting over, going through life again, knowing what we now know, and making better decisions. Thing is, obviously there is no reset button. But every day gives us the chance to start over - break bad habits, form new ones, and make a difference. As the Chinese proverb so famously states: "The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now." So here's to a new start, a clean slate, wherever you may be in life and whatever you may need ⭐️ 📷 @kassphotography

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Camila Kist Interiores


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Bom diia com detalhes de um home theater liindo!!! 😍❤✨ . Por @arq.higorzanelato

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Inspiração do dia com essa sala linda 💭 __________♡___________ Quem mais amou? 💜💜💜

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Getting Nauti


Comment from Getting Nauti:

"Fortune brings in some boats that are not steered." -William Shakespeare

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✏️|Arquiteta Jéssica Lima

Comment from ✏️|Arquiteta Jéssica Lima:

Bom dia!! Um lavabo cheio de ideias criativas e acessíveis!! A bancada foi feita com uma prateleira e mãos francesas, a Cuba é um balde de lata e a parede de tijolinhos é adesivo vinílico!! 😍👏🏻 Varias ideias para inspirar!!❤️ Via: @decorarmm

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Jennifer George


Comment from Jennifer George:

Which do you prefer? Current status: strong. I think when we are looking at weight loss, we strive to be skinny. For me, skinny is not sustainable. It would be fine if I was a fitness competitor or genetically born that way, however, I think when designing health and fitness goals that you focus on defining how you want to feel and what would empower you overall. transformationtuesda

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Megan Welch


Comment from Megan Welch:

We can't always control what is going on in the world, but we can control what we allow in our homes and in and around our bodies and that of our children and pets. The 1 pollutant in our homes is laundry soap & dryer sheets. So many toxicities are hiding in everyday products, and it only takes turning away for one second for little ones to get into something they shouldn't. On the back of this bottle, it say: "If ingested, drink plenty of water and consult a physician." Not rush to the ER, not cal the poison hotline. This switch is such a no-brainer for me and will remain so for the rest of my life.

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Comment from Lucy:

🖍"Color is the keyboard,🎹 👀the eyes are the harmonies, 🌬the soul is the piano with many strings. 🎨The artist is the hand👈 that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul".💓💓🕊 Happy Tuesday guys !!! New projects in my mind 😉 My favourite supplies? ·Schmincke Horadam watercolours ·Winsor & Newton Series 7 brushes 😘 Art by Lucy natura_picta picoftheday happiness visualsoflife lovemylife watercoloring artcollective creativemind artistoftheday artist painting lifestylephotography makeart artinprogress watercolorartist beautifuloftheday artistic artlovers illustrator colors_of_day mixedmediaart lifeofanartist art exploretocreate musicianlife mixedmedia inspiration watercolorist wanderlust traveler

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