Photos of insects

Roni Scott


Comment from Roni Scott:

butterfly butterflies moth moths flyingbug flyingbugs flyinginsect insect insects wings

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Comment from Suruchi:

macro macro_x macrophotography macro_mood macroworld macro_captures macro_vision macro_freaks macro_holic macro_perfection butterfly butterfly_n_flower butterflies naturelovers nature_lovers naturephotography naturephotography nature_brilliance rainbow_petals butterflylove flowerlovers macro_secrets insects insectmacro insectstagram9vega9

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Danny Yee


Comment from Danny Yee:

My first time setting a lady bug without spots.... insects ladybug nature spotless weird firsttime insect bug buglife

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Brian Y. Anderson


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nature nature_perfection naturelovers nature_shooters nature_up_close wildlife wildlife_perfection butterfly butterflies butterfliesofinstagram premiumbutterfly igclubbutterfly bns_macro bns_insects insect insects macro macros macro_perfection macro_captures bns_macro canon canon_official insects_of_our_world art beauty - this is an old pic I dug up from several years ago when I just had a 50mm lens.

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Comment from revathi367:

This photo is PG13. Nature in action literally. instanature randomfinds insects ladybird spring

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Anjani Kumar Tripathi


Comment from Anjani Kumar Tripathi:

JUMPING SPIDER PREYING DRAGON FLY Jumping spider adopt gruesome clever ways to catch & kill their prey: 1. Use camouflage to blend into surroundings. 2. Swift reflexes & leaping abilities, upto 25 times if their own size. 3. They are fastest moving arthropod in existence, due to their circulatory system. When blood pressure rises in their limbs, body moves by way of pressure release hydraulic system. 4. Bimodal breathing (both book lungs & tracheal system). 5. Four pairs of eye, keenest vision. insects spider prey arthropod dragonfly macros macromania macrophotography ig_daily ig_myshot ig_shutterbugs ig_photooftheday

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Comment from Biología:

Alguacil insect insects biology earth photo photo perfect animal sweet scene biology best naturaleza biologia biología great happy hermoso love lovenature colors vida nice nature labiologia LaBiología

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Comment from Lulu:

nature naturephotography macrophotography macrogallery macro_mood macro_perfection macro_merahputih ip_connect macro_globe macro_x photography photoshoot photo_macro macroshot photo_of_the_day igbest_macros ip_connect best_macro_instagram best_macro best_macros_instagraam biggest_macros insects insects_of_our_world orange insects_shots insectsofinstagram insectstagram insects_macro

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Dênis Pícoli


Comment from Dênis Pícoli:

250mm macro lens.

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onge kickhopper


Comment from onge kickhopper:

laler xiaomi redmi3s xiaomiphoto xiaomiphotography phonephotography mobilephotography smartphone_photos phonephotography_id PPID galerippid lensbong lensbongraphy macro macrophotography macrophone macro_shot macro_globe macros macro_indonesia insect insects insectlicious

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Amateur Entomologist - Oscar 🌱


Comment from Amateur Entomologist - Oscar 🌱:

This is a [Diptera], a family of flies. I couldn't go beyond that with these species as flies in general are kind of hard to identify. Essa é uma [Diptera], uma família de moscas. Não pude ir além disso pois moscas em geral são difíceis de identificar. macroporn macro wildlife naturelovers nature_brilliance animal animallovers animalsofinstagram animals insects insect wild earth macrophotography nature bugs picoftheday instagramers macro_perfection instapic instanaturelover naturephotography naturegram natureporn natureonly natureaddict naturelove planet aniamales animallover

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Sêê Møré Størîès


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mobile photography clicked on blackberry indian photography nature morning sunrise cactus insects nature

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Current Theme: 🐜🐞 Bug Theme 🐝🐛


Comment from Current Theme: 🐜🐞 Bug Theme 🐝🐛:

Fly Swatter Painting The boys had a lot of fun with this, but the activity didn't last long. I used thumb tacks to hold the paper to the fence and the swatting of the paper made the paper rip off. I kept re-positioning the paper, but eventually the activity had to end. Lol! Next time, I'm going to try tape. 😊

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binti Ka'ad


Comment from binti Ka'ad:

Nangkring bahagia.. 😆😁 . . . diptera fly flowerfly bug bugs instabug bugslover bugsoninstagram insect insectagram insects insectlover insectoninstagram macro macroworld macroworld_tr macrophotography makro belajarmakro makrofotografi macrolover lalat lalatbunga serangga nangkring nyemak uwn_insect

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Sure, Not


Comment from Sure, Not:

nature protection floodready somanyants flood ants insects

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فقط خاص ترين كليپ هاي روز


Comment from فقط خاص ترين كليپ هاي روز:

🙄🙄khastarinhakhas پست_قبلی_رو_ببین👇 پست_بعدی_رو_ببینید پست . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . insects insect bug bugs bugslife macro closeup nature animals animals instanature instagood macrogardener macrophotography creature creatures macro_creature_feature photooftheday tagbeastapp photo wildlife nature_shooters earth naturelover lovenature

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onge kickhopper


Comment from onge kickhopper:

bikin krupuk kulit bisa nih.. xiaomi redmi3s xiaomiphoto xiaomiphotography phonephotography mobilephotography smartphone_photos phonephotography_id PPID galerippid lensbong lensbongraphy macro macrophotography macrophone macro_shot macro_globe macros macro_indonesia macro_x macro_holic insect insects insectlicious

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Bruno Tosso


Comment from Bruno Tosso:

spider spidersofinstagram arachnids arachnid insect insects spiders bug bugs animals animal macro macrophotography wildlife smartphonephotography arthropod arthropods araña arañas insecto insectos aracnidos aracnido

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Comment from john:

friendoftheday nature earth insects 🐛

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Mary Gorman


Comment from Mary Gorman:

Cecropia Moth

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Comment from tkram23:

dragonfly epic epicphoto amazing beauty nature natureshot naturephoto naturelover naturelovers naturephotography nature_perfection mothernature mothernatureatitsbest depthoffield photography patience stunning coloursofnature myisland myislandhome lantau lantauisland lifeonlantau insect insects i❤️nature ilovenature

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Comment from kathyfrazierjenkins:

Snout-nosed butterfly, 2011 snoutnosedbutterfly snoutnosebutterfly butterfly butterflies butterflies_kfj butterfliesofinstagram insect insects_kfj insects insectsofinstagram

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Roxy Saran


Comment from Roxy Saran:

🚙Go-to gardening💐 oils: 💙Peppermint, Cedarwood, and Lavender. Peppermint and Cedarwood help keep all sorts of 🐜bugs away, while Lavender is great for soothing skin irritations.essentialoils natural holistic gardening skin irritated bugs insects

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Agus Shoumul Arof


Comment from Agus Shoumul Arof:

Name : Plain Tiger (Danaus chrysippus) Location : ITS - Surabaya - ID plaintiger danauschrysippus butterfly butterflylovers insects insectagram ip_insects igclubbutterfly great_capture_butterflies butterfly_ir butterflyphotography butterflyshot instabutterfly entomology 9vaga_butterfly9 flipping_butterfly eternalized_moment insectguru total_butterflies dofnature dof_addicts insects_of_our_world macro_merahputih

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Brett Morrison


Comment from Brett Morrison:

First week of spring! spring flowers forsythia bees savethebees nature yellow colorado cuboulder insects pollinators

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Comment from splendid_nature:

〰🏆 HIGHLIGHTS🏆〰 🔸🔸 🔸 This 📷 is the artist: @kiyoe_sh 🔸 Selected 🔎 : @j.a.k.silva 🔸 For you change to be featured: 👇👇👇 Follow @splendid_nature and tag 🔸 ----------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- . When using tag, you take on full responsibility as photo author ! Quando usar a tag , você assume a responsabilidade como autor da foto ! nature birds insects flowers natureza follow naturaleza photo photooftheday lovely cute love achadosdasemana beautiful thebest bestshot spl_jak spl_kiyoe_sh

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tommy mims


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centipedetattoo newskooltattoo insects sidetattoo maddtat2

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Nadia Z 🇨🇳


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My pets 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ . . . life lifestylelovelife home pets bug bugs insects nature plant plants

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Rebekah de Brey (Floyd)


Comment from Rebekah de Brey (Floyd):

'Frost bite' One cold blowflys rear-end.....there really is no delicate way to say that! tasmania macro_secrets smallworld_uc macro_sultans macro_kings jw_snapshots pocket_macro excellent_macros insects macro_vision macroclique jw i_macro_i top_macro macroworld_tr blowfly macro_freaks macro_creature_feature macro_holic macro_ocd macrolove macro insect_perfection insectagram

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Jennifer Abbott


Comment from Jennifer Abbott:

This little Bee was drinking the dew drops of the rose petals. Can't get more natural than that!! Enjoy nature and tranquillity at River Gardens Axedale BnB in Central Victoria. Only 20 minutes from Bendigo and Heathcote. naturelovers naturephotography nature bees beephotography lovelife roses flowers honeybees explorebendigo exploreheathcote exploremelbourne travelvictoria bedandbreakfastaustralia bedandbreakfast roses theweeklytimes bendigoweekly liveinvictoria bugs insects insectphotography

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🇸🇰 Ludo & 🇦🇺 Dani


Comment from 🇸🇰 Ludo & 🇦🇺 Dani:

🇨🇴 Stick bug! This guy is definitely the coolest insect in the amazon!! . . stickinsect attitude mohawk jungletrek night insect amazontour nightwalk colombia explorecolombia colours_of_day welivetoexplore backpackingsouthamerica travelling traveltheworld travelphotography 12mthadventure worldtravel insects adventuretime travelphotos roamtheplanet wonderful_places travelawesome ourplanetdaily gooutside onlyinsouthamerica

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Dread Beads by LiveLuvCreate


Comment from Dread Beads by LiveLuvCreate:

Bumble Bee Dread Loc Beads💙🐝🌻❇ 3 sizes will be available in a few hours on my Etsy! (Link in bio) dreadbead locbead dreadstyles locstyles dreadlockbead dreadlockstyles locs locbeads locsforwomen dreadsforwomen dreadstylesformen locstyles locstylesforwomen locstylesformen dreadstylesforwomen dreadhead bumblebee bee bees🐝 nature insectmagazine insects bugs bumblebees dreadjewelry hairbeads

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Comment from AnimalDibs:

"Inches to go before I sleep." animaldibs

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