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Fazenda Gamela Eco Resort


Comment from Fazenda Gamela Eco Resort:

Um passeio muito divertido pela nossa fazenda, em contato com a natureza e contemplando as belezas. Você vai adorar dar um PASSEIO A CAVALO na Gamela! VemPraGamela Traga sua turma para curtir esse passeio delicioso. Aproveite nossa promoção especial: Por estradas internas da fazenda, com uma extensão de cerca de 4 Km, e duração de aproximadamente 50 minutos. Veja mais detalhes em: cavalo cavalos horse passeioacavalo cavalgada horseriding hotel hotelfazenda resort ecoresort gamela

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My Artpage Janine C. Bitzer


Comment from My Artpage Janine C. Bitzer:

Working on the details... Acrylic horse in progress horse horsesofinstagram dressage unicorn watercolortattoo horseriding fantasy drawing drawings art artsy artist awake artlovers horsesforsale pferd nature fantasy instaartist art horseportrait painting cheval luxury artista style decoration interiordesign decor inprogress equestrians riding

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Tea Kristine Nielsen


Comment from Tea Kristine Nielsen:

We did it again togetheralone for the second time 🐎 and this time there was a little wind, and I'm still alive 😳 Philippa ❤️ You've become such a good girl! 7913 😁 with precaucion and exeption 🙈 goodgirl loveyou crazyhorse nice spring ride cloudy afternoon dreamland nature spring17 goodenergy horselife horseriding horsegirl riding horses myhorse warmblood springtime horsepower caballo pferd hast hest forår

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Raghad Sculpture


Comment from Raghad Sculpture:

sculpture artiste paris🇫🇷 raghadsculpture artworks artcollectors modernart contemporaryart artfair artist globalartawards artmarket artworks_artist poloclub horses equitation horseriding arts horsejumping instahorses gallery galerie horsestagram horses_of_instagram horsesofig galopp horseshow galleryopening horsy Hermes

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Victoria Barnes


Comment from Victoria Barnes:

Rainy days... ☔️ horse horserider horseriding horsestagram horsesofinstagram krispin mylove myworld myboy showjumper showjumping showjumpinghorse believeinyourself proud love happy rain rainyday rainydays commitment passion life beautifulboy beautiful bay warmblood

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Eugenio Loredo


Comment from Eugenio Loredo:

Hi-yo, Silver, away! theranch cowboy desert loneranger horseriding chihuahua

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Fulya Çimen


Comment from Fulya Çimen:

Persembeyi beklemeden 2 sene once bugün 🐴 throwback tbt equestrian photooftheday picoftheday instadaily horses jetaime horselover horse showjumping oldiesbutgoldies love me stables horseriding instamood instagood goodvibes smile

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Alice | 22


Comment from Alice | 22:

So @uweriding are Varsity champions 🏆🏇🏼 so proud of these girls and so happy to have ended my last competition as a member of teamuwe on a high ✌🏼 varsityweliketorideembracetherivalryequestrianunibristoluweuniversityhorseridingwinnerschampionswinnerwinnerchickendinnerifwegodownthenwegodowntogetherlovethemgirlsfriendsteamcutehappyequestriansofinstagramteamsquadgoals

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Do you love horses?


Comment from Do you love horses?:

Finish the sentence: "When you..." we'll get it started :) When you know you are two days away from the weekend, lmao!

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Matilde ♡ :)


Comment from Matilde ♡ :):

miss my goofball 😍 this week is going by so sloww, I feel like I haven't ridden in a month when actually I rode monday and saturday 😅 oh and 1 week till spring break!!! yayy 🙌🏼 • what are you doing on spring break? 😆 • • • • mbmeqv equestrian riding horses horse ponies cavalo horsebackriding horseriding pferd equestrianproblems dailyinspiration showjumping ridingpicoftheday horselover pferdepost horsestagram horserider horsepower twohearts horselicious dressage jumping horsevideo horsephotographyaccount equine caballo equinephotography horsegram

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Mehdi Saouri


Comment from Mehdi Saouri:

Ride more, Worry less 🐎 --- horse horseriding rideordie life motivation luxury luxurious gentelman goforgold noregrets priorities empire lifestyle fun dailyessentials classy entrepreneur business morocco spain andalucia marbella goodlife goals horses respect blessed achievement

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Annie Matthiessen


Comment from Annie Matthiessen:

Since the day I first met you, I knew you would be a challenge for me. You had never been asked to trot, canter, gallop, go along the rail, side pass, defend yourself, lunge, lead, ride bareback, walk over poles, jump, try english, go tackless, and a million more things. All you had ever been told to do was walk behind another horse. The day you were dropped off in my yard for free, you looked like a sack of bones. You were so skinny I wasnt even sure how you were alive for your age. But, my crazy little self came along and took you in. And hell, im proud of myself for everything ive taught you. I'm not even sure how I did it, but I turned you into a damn good horse. But Buddy, everything ive ever learned about horses has been from you. I may have taught you a whole lot of things, but nothing compares to the things you have taught me. Before I had you, I was afraid to canter a horse, had never EVER sat in an english saddle, yet now I feel confident loping you tackless through the trees. So with my deepest regards I need to say thank you. Thank you for teaching me all I know. Thank you for making me confident in what I do. Thank you for showing me how to make myself clear. Thank you for putting up with me while I taught you English and at the same time was trying to learn it myself. Thank you for teaching me patience and discipline. Thank you for making me love bareback. Better yet, thank you for making me love horses. Thank you, for everything. No matter what happens with you Buddy, I promise you will never go anywhere I don't think will be a fit for you. And im so so so sorry Buddy. Im sorry that I cant give you what you need 💔 weve had our bad days, and plenty of them, but at the bottom of it all you were the one who taught me the thing I love most: riding. Your possible new family is being practically forced, by me of course, to keep you close to me. I promise I'll still visit Bud no matter where you end up. And I'm so proud of you Buddy. I always thought that my last ride on you would be due to your age, but it looks like you've outlasted this arthritic grandma. It's not goodbye, but it's goodbye to our rides. at least for a little while.

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Comment from Krisha:

To the happiest memories 💞 himachal nofilter CAproject horseriding shimla mountains hills blueskies sunnydays himalayas naldehra travels traveldiaries travelblogger instahimachal himachalpictures

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Greta Sanna


Comment from Greta Sanna:

Il mio posto nel mondo 🌻🐴❤

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Marina Burwell


Comment from Marina Burwell:

I am currently offering discounted photoshoots. Message me for more details.

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therese hjerp


Comment from therese hjerp:

Quattro finner sig fint i nya stallet! Han älskar sin stora hage och kommer bra in i gänget. Var lite rädd för det i början, att han inte skulle få äta eller dricka men det funkar hur bra som helst!! 👏👏 horsejump löshoppning dinresa våranresa dressyr hoppning horseriding horsemanship beautiful instahorse instahorses quattro halvblod tyskthalvblod skimmel horse horses

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Horse fan club

Comment from Horse fan club:

Incredible boop photo by @hashtagterra ・・・ Thanks for sharing! Please follow, double tap and tag horse loving friends to help share this new horse feature account 💜 Tag for a chance to be featured _feature 💖

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Equine Photography | mequines


Comment from Equine Photography | mequines:

Before & After Using Photoshop CC

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Horse Racing AU


Comment from Horse Racing AU:

Four-time G1 winner OUR IVANHOWE has been retired 🍹

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Christina Hoffman


Comment from Christina Hoffman:

I'd love for this to be my permanent view one day. horsesofinstagram horseriding horselove

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Equine Photography | mequines


Comment from Equine Photography | mequines:

Russian golden horse ~ Budjonny 2014 stallion " Bisky " __ Русское золото ~ Буденновский жеребец " Бискай "

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Comment from Terra:

Boop the snoot 💕 moody photooftheday ontario animalsofinstagram country_features animallove countryhome moodyweather animalphotography horselove lovetoronto gameoftones country_features countryliving toronto moodygrams countryroads countrypride horseriding countryside horses torontoblogger countrygirl rural_love canoncanada horselover countrylife horse horsesofinstagram percheron animaladdicts

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Comment from NL:

sun sunset equestrian horses beach sea swimming horsesofinstagram horseriding horseswimming ocean horsecrazy horse equestriansofinstagram horsey barebackriding

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Justin Catwell


Comment from Justin Catwell:

At the Races! Horse Instahorses Horses Horsesofinstagram Animals Horseriding Myhorse HorseloverHorsehead Horselove Horseoftheday Farm Horsestagram Horsejumping Horserider Horsey Horsegirl Horselove Horsephotography Horseback HorsebackRiding Horselovers Equine socialdraft

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Comment from Charleen:

Mein Schönster 👑 in einem sehr männlichen, pinken Eskadronhalfter 🙈😅showjumping showjumpinghorse springpferd springreiten horselover horseriding horsesofinstagram horsesoninstagram eskadron eskadronsuchti eskadronnextgeneration pink chestnuthorse gelding halfter fuchs wallach galopp reiten pferdeoutfit pferdetrends horsediary pferd pferderosen pferdeliebe equestrian equestriansport equestrianfashion equinesofinstagram horse_feature

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Christina Hoffman


Comment from Christina Hoffman:

I'm glad God created you so that my days can be brighter even when they seem so dark. horsesofinstagram smizing barrelracing horselove horseriding

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Horse Racing AU


Comment from Horse Racing AU:

Just a dog riding a horse 😂

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Luís Moutinho


Comment from Luís Moutinho:

Diamante🐴👌🏻saojoaodapesqueira horse horseriding riding rider equitation equestrian pony poney picsoftheday ponyofinstagram horseofinstagram tapis tapisdeselle amortisseur shockabsorber saddle pad cso jumping showjumping dressage jockey ilovemyhorse pants tshirt pantaloncavalos dourovalleyphotography

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Sklep Jeździecki Kucyka Świat


Comment from Sklep Jeździecki Kucyka Świat:

Spirit of Equestrian nauszniki od busse dlakonia konie kuce nauszniki jazdakonna jezdziectwo sklepjezdziecki sprzetjezdziecki horseriding horseequipment horses

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كرامة حرية


Comment from كرامة حرية:

🌸🐴 instasnap flowercrown instahorse rider horseriding afterwork perfectmoment castle park hellospring

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Seddina Bosna 🎿


Comment from Seddina Bosna 🎿:

I discovered that the horse is life itself, a metaphor but also an example of life's mystery and unpredictability, of life's generosity and beauty, a worthy object of repeated and ever changing contemplation... 🐴♡ . . . . . . . horse instahorse instahorses horses horsesofinstagram horseaddict horseriding love horsehead horselove horseoftheday horserider horsejumping horsephotography pferd reiten horsegirl horsemanship tagafriend horselovers

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Horse Racing AU


Comment from Horse Racing AU:

Have a look at the incredible recovery from MILO! He is one of the rescued Bulla horses 💪😇

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Comment from Paigey:

Do you remember this day? I'll never forget it, you wouldn't listen to a word I'd say but I fell in love with you anyway 💝 My Michael 🌹🕊

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