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Matthew Spencer 🇨🇦


Comment from Matthew Spencer 🇨🇦:

😼😼 Gearbox hahaha stonercat kitten cats catsofinstagram YEG highlife hightimes cat catnip skateboards skateboarding

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Krys Whipped It™


Comment from Krys Whipped It™:

Thank You💯 🏆Best In The City🏆 🔥iCant Make This Up🔥 💪Krys Whipped It™💪 • • • 🔊🔊🔊WESTBANK, NEW ORLEANS... ⛽🌿🔥POTENT EDIBLES🍰🍪🍮 ✍PUT YOUR ORDER IN NOW✍ TheBakeryEdiblesKrysWhipp WhippedItWeedMarijuanaEdiblesS blesStonerHighLifeHighTimesNol esNolaNewOrleansMunchiesCakesC akesCerealBarsBrowniesLitGanja GanjaGasSmokingBakingBakeryBak ryBaker420CannabisBlackBusines

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Comment from UnderBoobSweat:

Pls find it Snoop

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Comment from NattyFarmer:

Man i miss my ladies😑 i cannot wait to get some more going.

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photosynthesis farms


Comment from photosynthesis farms:

Liberty Haze.. weedstagram420 420enlightenment 420uplift hightimes highconsciousness 420love 420lovers 420 prop215 legalizedit loveandgratitude marijuana marijuanaconsciousness bud pot grow cannabis cannabiscomunity dank weed weedporn

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sicko soldado


Comment from sicko soldado:

Going down sat JULY 8 at Chi-Cali Lounge 434 Portrero Grande Dr Monterey Park CA Mark your calendars! @conspiracytheoryrhymeactivist @journeyintozion @namek626 @sickosoldado @bsideshow @themostcritical @eddie.late.night.poet @djsurvive213 @drecarlo11 @kikismooth lahiphopevents laweekly supportyourlocalartists chicalilounge montereypark laclubs laclubscene lalive hiphopmusic weed cannabis lamusic musicculture hightimes killacali losangeles cityofla mcee ripthemic latinhiphop gfunk whatishiphop ladjs losangelesdj discjockeys beatjunkies supportlocalhiphop westcoasthiphop westcoastrap breal

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Ganja Girl


Comment from Ganja Girl:

Wake N Bake🌬💨 . . . . indica weedporn wakenbake stonerbabe girlswhosmokeweed coloradogrown coloradodispensary cannabiscommunity cannabis highsociety colorado medical follow4follow highlife hightimes greenery 420 710 weedstagram

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*Kreativ Memes *Funny Shit


Comment from *Kreativ Memes *Funny Shit:

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🔞 Daily Cannabis Content


Comment from 🔞 Daily Cannabis Content:

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Joey Lewis


Comment from Joey Lewis:

Our Enails are dope! Gets your asap. medicalmarijuana capital cannabiscommunity cannabis hightimes weed dab dabs oil wax shatter extractions extracts mmj 420 dank instaweed

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Comment from aboutfourtwenty:

Love this slow mo! Hows your keif stash looking like? Follow 👉 @Aboutfourtwenty . . . cannabis 420 marijuana ganjacannabiscommunity dank kush thchighsociety maryjane mmjweedstagram highlife hightimes710 stoner medicalmarijuanaprop215 dabs high smoke budweedporn weedstagram420 sativainstaweed stoned indicacannabisculture shatter

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🔥OrganitipS ®🔹


Comment from 🔥OrganitipS ®🔹:

It takes so much time and effort to Run a company, grow Topshelf, raise a family, and juggle the struggles that seem to pop up as soon as things start looking good. There have been a lot of ups and downs but Mary Jane has always kept me sane. To those out there that know what I'm talking about, good luck to you and stay strong. It's our time to shine. 50 years from now some will be left behind and some will make to the top. History in the cannabis industry is being made right now. Our kids will read about how all of this came together and won't even realize how hard we worked to pave the way to a free cannabis nation. I hope the future has good things in store for all who are working their asses off to secure a future in this industry. Good Luck Fam ✊✊✊✊✊ OrganitipS CannabisNation Weshouldsmoke cannabiscommunity cannabischannel maryjane saveslives naturalcures fuckbigpharma fuckcancer cannabisnation topshelflife goder godermagazine justblazig woodtips woodtip leafly weedmaps hightimes hightimesmagazine soilgrown growyourown yolo

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Elizabeth.Jai Modeling Page


Comment from Elizabeth.Jai Modeling Page:

Oh yeah..hey gorgeous 🤤 📸 : @grand_ambition_photography 💁🏾: @jaii.official • • • ||SnapChat Me!: Jai.Babyy || • ||Tweet Me!: ElizabethJaiiL || • || ASK ME TO MODEL|| • toledophotographer Michiganmodels fashion newmodels hot prettymodels natural naturalmodels modeling nycmodels models atlantamodels modelingagencies darkskinmodel darkskingirl darkskinwoman blackwoman darkskinbeauty melaninMonday melaninpopping instagoodmyphoto Blm hightimes easter summer glowing beauty chocolatemodels

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danny 🐒


Comment from danny 🐒:

@atmosphere was the highlight of my weekend. The lyrics to this song right now fits like bloods and crypts 😂 again THANK YOU @herbalsolutions_ypsilanti_ dream come true to be at this event with you and meet so many great people in the cannabis industry! hightimes midwest cannabiscup

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👌Hennessy🇵🇭 of KING's Pipe


Comment from 👌Hennessy🇵🇭 of KING's Pipe:

Repost from @big_daddys_edibles_ - Only 10 days left and I pick a winner 🎉 Epic giveaway time $850 price package retail value 🎉winner will be picked July 1st. Price package includes 1 -3 day VIP ticket @chalicefestival , 1 @drdabber Aurora vape pen, @drdabber Budder Cutter, Dr Dabber mouth piece, 2 packs of @grobotnik seeds Royal Jelly and CA Hucklefuck, 1 gram of 92% distillate, 1 gram of CBD Crystalline, 1 bottle of CBD turmeric capsules, 650 mg bottle of THC capsules, and variety of edibles🎉 rules are simple- (1) follow @big_daddys_edibles_ @chalicefestival @drdabber and @grobotnik (2) repost this post with all the original text and make sure to tag me in the post. Please only 1 repost a week. (3)tag at least 3 friends in the original post but you're not limited to to how many (4) your profile must be open and not private so I can verify entries. hightimes medicalmarijuana marijuana cannabis cannabiscommunity prop215 medibles edibles cannabutter 710 420 dab dabs dabbed dabbing weedporn weedstagram california thc cbd bigdaddysedibles Oakland sanfrancisco sanjose sacramento my1000mgediblehitsharderthanyo errl

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Comment from Kaipotss_:

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Comment from Chewberto420:

Road Kill Skunk from @sacredseed303 is on point👌😎💨💨💨roadkillskunk rks sacredseed denver colorado hightimes marijuana skunk skunkweed ganja effectshop

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Marijuana Godz


Comment from Marijuana Godz:

Double tap that shit🌿✌ I need some more stoners Keep following guys🔥 @the_devils_lettuce_420 😂👌 weed marijuana herbs seshing demonvibes 420 swed smokeweed pot cheechandchong cheeching likeforweed doubletap likethis followthispage seshwithme hightimes dabz dab poppers 420life

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Comment from greencross:

Call us at 8884202790 to schedule appointment with our doctor on July first or second! cannabiscommunity cannabisculture highsociety michiganmedical mmp hightimes cleanmeds

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Elizabeth.Jai Modeling Page


Comment from Elizabeth.Jai Modeling Page:

Your only as happy as you really want to be😊 📸 @sweet_obsession_films • • • ||SnapChat Me!: Jai.Babyy || • ||Tweet Me!: ElizabethJaiiL || • || ASK ME TO MODEL|| • DetroitModels detroitphotgrapher Michiganmodels fashion newmodels hot prettymodels natural naturalmodels modeling nycmodels models detroithair modelingagencies darkskinmodel darkskingirl darkskinwoman blackwoman darkskinbeauty melaninMonday melaninpopping instagoodmyphoto Blm hightimes easter summer glowing beauty chocolatemodels

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Buddha Barn


Comment from Buddha Barn:

Happy Monday!! Today is or customer appreciation day of June so make sure to stop by the shop and enjoy the special! 💚🙏🏾🤗 BuddhaBarn YVR

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Comment from purplehaze.editsober:

☕️Monday Motivation 🔥

4 Minutes ago

🍁 Chef Buds™ 🍁


Comment from 🍁 Chef Buds™ 🍁:

Massive shout out to the homie @globbesgallery for allowing me to complete my set for my carb cap that I won a few weeks back. Excited to hit this bomb rig by @jon_doh_glass and put this matching carb cap to use. Have a great day my friends and stay lifted! ChefBuds thc highsociety munchies highlife hightimes pot foodporn life dankshot dankshots420 cannabisculture sanfrancisco westcoast manhattan savoryedibles maryjane tristatearea Brooklyn cannabis nyc newyork eastcoast laverdeee

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Dutch Snacks UK


Comment from Dutch Snacks UK:

🔥🔥🔥 🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽� LIVE! DutchSnacksU 🇳🇱➡️🇬🇧📲⏳📦🚚🏠 🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 LIVE! .com DutchSnacksUK 🇳🇱➡️🇬🇧 📲⏳📦🚚🏠 @MrShakesBar 🇬🇧🍫🍼🍦🍨🍌🍓🍉🍍 CHOCOMEL SITE: @ChocomelUK 🇬🇧🍫🍼🍫🍼🍫🍼🍫🍼 🔼🔼🔼🔼� SNACKS UK - BRINGING YOU A TASTE OF HOLLAND 🇳🇱❌❌❌🇳🇱

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Teddy Brosevelt


Comment from Teddy Brosevelt:

outdoor homegrown growyourown cannabiscommunity cannabisculture cannabis instaweed thc fueledbythc weshouldsmoke stonernation stayhigh highlife highsociety hightimes high_larry_us wfayo ostf w420 str8flame topshelflife keepitchronic kushsociety caligrown cali_in_a_haze 420 fuckauma keepgrowingshasta theharvestcompany

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Comment from RUSSIAN RIVER FARMS sonoma co.:


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Comment from Bus FLYINGPACKS/PeepThePanda:

Taking your negative and turning it into a positive . ♿️ a wheel one . Straight motivation . Salute @remedy415 . A real one . Limits exist only in your head . Infinite . One love

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Comment from Terpy916:

Someone make me an offer on this 💎today, it comes with a pelican 1200, and for the right price a used XXL Quave club banger! Hearing all cash and trade offers today. 👂🏽🌀👂🏽🌀👂🏽🌀👂🏽🌀Thousa HeadyGlass SacramentoDabbers 916Dabbers GlassPorn GlassofIG DabPorn MeltPorn Quave 916 710 LetsDab Cmmp Dabstagram WeShouldSmoke BHOmbingAmerica StrictlyLoud HighTimes HighSociety DopeFam CannabisCommunity Dabs TopShelfLife BoroForSale GlassForSale BuyBoro glassfortrade buyselltradeglass

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Comment from 🔥Promo🔥:

@fadedflights Will be hosting their premiere sesh in the O.C. on July 17th. They are doing this event for the community so please come by and show your support! Help make it a success and tag all the venders you would like to see there! ✌&❤ . . . webakeonmondays 710 420 ocsesh gettinglit wfayo cannabiscommunity marijuana cannabis 420 weed maryjane weedculture hightimes rawlife cannabisculture terps dab mmj facts ganja smoke chill

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Medical Marihuana⠀⠀


Comment from Medical Marihuana⠀⠀:

CBD strain

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Comment from BRUM420HAZE:

Smoking on that CookieDough Brum420Haze Cooki CookieDough CoffeeShopHaze Bir e BirminghamGrade 0121Flavours vours WestMidsFlavas BlackCoun kCountryFlavas UKFlavas Amster msterDank HazeDaily HighTimes imes AmsterdamHaze CannabisClu

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P.C. Zavala


Comment from P.C. Zavala:

Pic from yesterday breaktime from 🎨ing at @hightimesmagazine michigancannabiscup of the 24k from @lakeshoreextracts , delicious 👊😋grown by @greengiantgrows , thank you for the greattimes ,hightimesmichiganandfriends dabsmmjcbdthcjointkiefhashbubb hbubblehashcrumbleshatterrosin rosinliveresinbluntcannabiscom iscommunitymichigancannabiscom iscommunitymichiganstonersston sstonedhighcannabistinctureedi reedibleshotboxdispensarywakea

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🌳Natural Mystic🌳


Comment from 🌳Natural Mystic🌳:

The BEST Smoking Cone Loading Tools 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 🌳Double Tap 🌳Click the link in the Bio 🌳 Leave us a comment ⬇️ 🌳💨🌳💨 📸 : @naturalmysticrolling 💨Puff Puff Pass💨⬇️We want to hear from you 🗣 naturalmysticsmokingconeshe neshempconeshemppaperslowburnr burnrollingpaperweekstashsmoke smokenaturallymedicalmarijuana juanahightimes420420lifecannab annabiscannabiscommunitycannab annabiscultureweedpornindicasa icasativaweedmaryjanemarijuana

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