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Dylan Barrett


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G'warn Doug @point.never joint high highlife

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Lord Sully


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The Broadway San Antonio


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Every homeowner dreams of owning a spacious home on acres of land, but as that dream becomes a reality, the maintenance required to keep up with their home eats away time spent on activities they used to enjoy. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, more and more people are choosing to make the transition from a 5,000 square­foot home to a high­rise that boasts a life of ease. The term downsizing has taken on a new definition, in that it no longer equates to giving up quality, but transitioning into a more simplistic luxury lifestyle. What was once perceived as a lifestyle of the elderly and emptynesters has drastically expanded to include everyone from families with young children to recently married couples. The ease of the lock and leave lifestyle, coupled with amenities inspired by fivestar resorts, attracts people of all ages to a simpler lifestyle in a high­rise.

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Lord Sully


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SHE ❤️live slow ride fast 43ride Tina she passion downhill girl jump high cycling bicycle fotografia @jakubwosikfotograf sport photography nsbikes fuzz

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❄ Davide Foti ❄


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Remember Bormio bormio remember landscape mountains trees sky snow leaf green nature sunnyday sunny beautiful beautifulday love relax enjoy enjoying italy picoftheday stelvio high highview view

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀x


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How long would it take you to smoke this? Good night 💨🌳🌜🔥 420 cannabis weed weedstagram ganja highsociety maryjane stoner 710 kush highlife cannabiscommunity dank thc hightimes high weedporn smoke pot stoned dabs weedgirls stonernation dope stonergirls weedbabe instaweed cannabiscuties cannabisconnoisseursclub

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Lord Sully


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weed hemp bud dank herbs marijuana ganja sensimilla trees smoke high ripped loaded lifted stoned

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Lord Sully


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weed hemp bud dank herbs marijuana ganja sensimilla trees smoke high ripped loaded lifted stoned

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Comment from Chl0ster:

🆘 2nd NIGHT LISTED!! 🆘 💔NY MANHATTAN BABY. TO BE DESTROYED 6/28/17💔 ➡️**NEW HOPE RESCUE** . My name is KANE 💗* My Animal ID is A1115026
I am a female brown and tan labrador retr and am pit bull ter mix. The shelter thinks I am about 12MONTHS old. 06/11/2017 - surrender reason stated was CHILDCONFL 😩 . 06/26/2017 AT RISK for BEHAVIOR - displayed social behavior in ACC and has shown resource guarding concerns. . Bought online and with owner ONE YEAR!! She was hit by a car 2 months ago (she got off leash) and was treated at the hospital. Around strangers Kane is very friendly and outgoing. Sometimes she gets nervous around them and will bark, but then gets friendly. Has lived with an 8y/o and has spent time around younger dogs and is relaxed and playful. She played exuberantly with adults and children. Does great at the dog park and plays with other dogs exuberantly and sometimes a little rough. Kane nipped at the daughter in the home when she brushed passed her while Kane was in possession of a bone. The bite DIDN'T break skin and left a red mark. She is partially housetrained but has accidents if not walked for extended amounts of time😩. NOT bothered by loud noises. Kane WILL growl and can snap when someone (other than owner) touches her food while eating, when someone takes a treat or toy out of her mouth. NOT bothered pushed/pulled of furniture, holds/restrains her, disturbs her while sleeping, gives her a bath, brushed her or touches her feet😊. Described as friendly, playful, affectionate and sometimes anxious. Her activity level is high and she loves to play fetch with balls. Her owner loves that Kane will talk to her with yowls and howls. She sleeps in the living room. She has been kept mostly indoors and and eats both wet and dry food. She whines a little when left alone😢, and she was crate trained (up to 10 hrs). She knows “sit, stay, paw, hug, stop, come”. For exercise she loves the dog park. She pulls on leash and will wander when off leash and is hard to catch. 😢💔🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💗💗💗 . ***CONSIDER fostering, ALL expenses paid for. 🙏🏻EMAIL helpdogs if you're local to NY or the NE USA & can help

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Andrea Finizio


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A F T E R S H O W E R after shower white pale high contrast boy girl love us cute nice picture picoftheday

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@itscandass designed this awesome sequel to "high and boring", available now, awesome always! Search "high and boring" on . . . http highandboring high candacecarrizales cactusshirt retro

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💎A Shelf Above The Rest 💎


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Throwback to that little slab of apricot kush ( 90 grams ) bho 710 stoner stoned staygreen stonernation hash high hightimes hashtag kush kushgang cannabis cannabiscommunity 420 life universe dabs

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Sandro Onixtattoo


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Tattoo de Emanueli. ... tattoo girl tattoed go power make high up permantly love hate ink inked bottle drink lifestyle

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Jiji tattoo notkm exceptionalphysiques tengohambre yeah mepeguemediobajon high instapic instaphoto iphoneonly like4like l4l selfie fun fitness cool bestoftheday blackandwhite notkm

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Shabby Chic.


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Something about not stopping. No looking back until you get there. The adrenalin keeps me going. On a Constant high. success motivation drive goals happy ambition work learning high hardwork travels dreams give pray

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Comment from Elior:

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Ivica Capan


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Spider Girl (Chelle). 🕸💜


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I saw things that weren't there.👀 . [Foto del 20/06/2016]. 🚬🌙💊 'Madrugadas infinitas de insomnio; sola & drogada por mis pesadillas'. . photography photograph photoshoot canon powershoot model eye haircolor bluehair high night ManicPanic tumblrgirl grunge style greenhair lovely cute memories remembers feelings lastyear likeforlike l4l followforfollow f4f past me myself picoftheday

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Dominik Wilhelm Buchholz💭📷🔮🎧🔎


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Can You See the small little lights in the night...colognekölndarknightre ghtrememberthedeceasedripandho andhopetoseeyouallagainlovelif velifegoodlifesingleliferumhig umhightimedopedopelifehigh🖑42

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Comment from KingsOfWeed:

smoke kush weedstagram instaweed cannabiscommunity stoned highlife thc weedstagram420 cannabis joints weedporn weednectar pot 420 buds stonerdays medicalmarijua maryjane ganjagirls grass stonerscommunity highsociety ganja stoners high

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Tubby Coat


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Cliffs & strength. No limits. nolimits high cliffs sea southitaly puglia polignano free travelling noboundaries drawing blackandwhite colors artsofinstagram sketch strong fort castle horizon neverstop explore ink art

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Ali 🌿 علي


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♢ trip summer happy sunny Turkey yaz view manzara antioch Hatay mavi blue green yeşil picoftheday instapic plane high hello summer17

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Comment from braddahkaiks_808:

Raging the squirter yesterday with the homie @camerondabs_ thanks for the hospitality bro🙏🏻. . . . functionalglassart functionjunction headyglass headyart headyhawaii royscoglass squirter OGminisquirter clearjammers enuffglass directionalcap playboicarti stoned high globcity 710hawaii 710art 710 710society weed dabs dabstagram quaveclubbanger

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Jeff Tuller


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high altitude lunch las montañas de cadaques españa 🇪🇸

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Inna Pryimak


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nofilterneeded just another part of Sylt-beauty __________________ ________________ syltbeautiful tifulviewstrandnaturebestnatur natureinspirationtravelernofil nofilterblueskynicegreatperson

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Alexander Smith


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I've been a very naughty boy!! 😂😈 Huge thank you to Shelby She went through hell to get these for me - - - - cannabiscommunity cannabis onlysmokethefinest growyourown 420 dank dankcorp ganja trees high hightimes highcrimes gameover gohard highlife highsociety

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Comment from weed_in:

Strawberry fields forever...

5 Minutes ago

DiddyVampin Creations


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Walking on Sky's feat. @konnichiwa_gwan Created by: Me DVCreations CONNECK Adidastracksuit

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Comment from kotom!:

get🔥🔥 converseallstarhighsho ghshoestagcreamwhiteblackredff

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