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Kian McLay


Comment from Kian McLay:

Adventure Time collab with @specialedwins, he killed it on the drawings! I was super hyped to do some assembly magic. This piece is available. 10mm removeable 3 hole 7 inches billshakesglass adventuretime cartoons bmo peppermintbutler gunther 10milmafia glassart headyglassforsale handdrawn bestofglass glassofig txglass atxglass boro supportlocal

5 Minutes ago

Ninja Dabber


Comment from Ninja Dabber:

The @chipglass refined klein function is just impeccable 🌪 still for sale, $1400 obo. chipg chipgang chipgforsale forsale heady headyglass headyforsale headyfortrade headyglassart headyglassofig headyglassforsale headyglassfortrade glassart glassofig glassforsale glassfortrade bestofglass boroart boroofig boroforsale borofortrade oprahswookclub oprahsbookclub 710 710society thousanddollarglass thousanddollarsmoke refinedklein kleinrecycler

15 Minutes ago

That Dude


Comment from That Dude:

headyglassforsale glassart headyglassart nature beautiful tits 710 topshelf dank 420 girlswhosmoke nudes marijuana weed ganja tigerstyle forthekids mids love smokeweed forevergrateful ijustwannadohoodratshitwithmyf teamnosleep wedontsmokethesame givethanks

19 Minutes ago

Sesh 2 Sesh


Comment from Sesh 2 Sesh:

Love my view...😌 @lyonsglass sandiegodabbers sddabbers 619dabbers glassforsale headyglassforsale hoverglass glassfortrade

23 Minutes ago



Comment from Burnbark:

FOR SALE 2 🔥💎gems !! illuminati bluv carbcap cannabiscommunity convectioncap cbd thc bho bhombingamerica dope fresh freshness hash heady headyglassforsale glassporn boromarket boro dank nyc nycdabbers topshelf topshelflife topshelfonly photooftheday

24 Minutes ago



Comment from wall_lay:

I brought the @jordyminnick out for this stopdropandglob nominated by my good friend @manbehindthecurtains . I'm dabbing up some Berry White. I'm going to pass this glob off to @jooo_oooe @galaxy_dabs @milky.dabs @headyglassphotography_ @586dank and @collection_of_glass573 thatlooksexpensive hoodrich headyglass headyglassforsale glassforsale capstar hoodshitbitch dabaholic dabchamps dabbersdigest dankography dankshots420 dankonomics godblessinallthetrapniggas fueledbybho fueledby710 fueledbythc 710society 710 high_larry_us highsociety 1kshow qcb borobook dabbersparadise wedontsmokethesame weshouldsmoke thousanddollarsmoke thatlooksexpensive stankyydankyy

27 Minutes ago

Top Catz Galleries


Comment from Top Catz Galleries:

@tylerpglass has this tube grabs. Give him a follow and check out some 💎🎨. DM him or us for info... glassforsale glassofig glassart supporthomies boroglass glass art buylocal dealoftheday 710 420 719 coloradosprings colorado cool headyglass headyglassforsale

28 Minutes ago



Comment from concentrated_pot:

Function on point ☝️ glassforsale mothershipglass tradeandsellglass glassfortrade headyglassforsale 420life dailydabbers headyglass customglass funtion 710 highendglass bestofglass topshelflife

29 Minutes ago



Comment from G:

The homie @tylerpglass has this mini live resin for 50% off. Give him a follow and Dm him for info glassforsale glassofig glassart supporthomies boroglass glass art buylocal dealoftheday 710 420 719 coloradosprings colorado cool headyglass headyglassforsale

32 Minutes ago



Comment from borogamebillbrasky:

Ok last price drop and I keep it to collect dust just out of spite. 5500 Retail @bluegrassglass @griffintools heady glass/ beer collab(those are hops inside) lamp for 2k shipped if you pay fees. Had cbd ran through it once and put up bc work became more important, only had about 2 months sitting in closet locked up. Came with janky foam so spent $30 on brand new set and redid it perfectly and signed by bluegrass himself. Comes with matching carb cap/pendy and has amazing fuming and signed by both artist on base of both. headyglassforsale boroforsale highendglassforsale thousanddollarsmoke bluegrassglass ilovelamp

33 Minutes ago

The Mighty Quinn


Comment from The Mighty Quinn:

@adamcarterglass slow-mo function 🌪🌪💪 mightyquinnglass adamcarter kleinrecycler glassofig glassart glassforsale glass4sale glassporn rigsofig dabbers dabbersdaily dabbersunite dabbers_unite heady headyglass headyglassforsale headyart artglass buyboro 710 420 boroofig thousanddollarsmoke highendglass topshelflife minitube bestofglass functionalglassart pendantsofig

42 Minutes ago

KB Vapors


Comment from KB Vapors:

@manchildglass 😈purple lollipop jammer set 🔥 please flip thru for other angles

43 Minutes ago



Comment from A1_organics:

Mothership Exo forsale mothershipforsale moth mothershipglassheadyglassfors sforsalefunctionalglassartexom texomothershipglasspornglassfo

49 Minutes ago

Jared Hammond


Comment from Jared Hammond:

We will start calling it in one hour folks. Going once, going twice, sold. Don't miss out on the AUCTION one post back on this @doshworld collaboration timer, currently timed at 60 seconds but adjustable to whatever time is needed. Current bid is $350. rebelzglass teamrebelz coloradomade dabtimer headytimer quartztimer lowtempdabs collab auction glassauction boroauction glass4sale headyglassforsale boroforsale glassforsale oprahsbookclub handmade tastethestrain

56 Minutes ago

The Original Dabbernaut


Comment from The Original Dabbernaut:

Attention! All glass for sale. Artists @santacruzglasspics @sapglass @m_g_stanley various pendents from different artists glassforsale glassofig glass 710 glassforsale glassauction headyglass headyig headyglassforsale pendent rig pelicancase glass boroforsale borosilocate 420 heady boro glassart glassartforsale itgoesdoeninthedm oilrig

1 Hours ago

Angies Boutique


Comment from Angies Boutique:

This adorable @burtoniglass Mini Beaker with enacased opal is available in store and online at angiesbou

1 Hours ago

710 Vapors


Comment from 710 Vapors:

We are having our annual 7/10 party 🎉 Free food and beer! Come by the shop on 7/10 for goodie bags loaded with cool gear and product 😎. We are giving away $10,000 worth of product in these goodie bags!!! 710vapors 710party concentratedminds cultivatingtheculture dallasdabfam dallasdabbers dabnation rosinporn rosinrevolution dabstars dabsketball oillife rollingstoned shattermatters shatterlife dallasdabfam hemplife girlswhodab papers doja hempculture funkytowndabbers dabstersunion dabbers dabber headyart headyartisnotacrime headyshop headyglassforsale

1 Hours ago



Comment from MUST BE 18+ TO FOLLOW:

Function Fridays are always lit! Come by the shop or click our website link in our bio to see more of this @scomomoanet beauty! . . . headyglassforsal americanglass headylife headiesonly glassart headyart bestofglass bassmusic dabs errlybird 172ndstreet cannabiscommunity investinart investinheadies thousanddollarsmoke topshelf pnwstoners seattledabbers seattlestoners

1 Hours ago



Comment from Vibemind:

New. whale floweroflife wirewrap wirewrappedjewelry 5panel distressedhat distress longisland heady headyglassforsale seedoflife yoga meditation inspire art dabs artist vibemind suede streetwear killstar gypsy water namaste

1 Hours ago

Donald Beauchamp


Comment from Donald Beauchamp:

thesiriuseffect greengoddesspaint startedfromthebottom bestofglass headiesofig headyglassforsale headylife heady 710 710society 420 420community dabstagram dabs hightimes terpsauce terps glassart higherthenmost rosin glass glasspornglasshustle dab areyouhighyet dabbersdaily

1 Hours ago



Comment from •sNuff:

🍅AUCTION🍅 Ketchup squirt carb cap.💡Will fit bangers 25mm and under. Swipe for size reference 📏 . . . . Starts $0 Increments $5 Buyer pays shipping Ends when I call it Thanks for the love! 💙 . . . . . . glass glassart glassalchemy boro borosilicateglass boroart buyboro flglass glassblowing glassartist headyglass headyglassart glassofig headyglassofig glassforsale headyglassforsale boroforsale borofortrade glassauction glassauctions glassdabber dabber dabbersofig dabbersdaily snuffglass carbcap quartz banger quartzbanger hash

1 Hours ago

Jonathan Cadien


Comment from Jonathan Cadien:

Because my medical debt is really stressing me out making my health worse, I've decided to post 2 of my most valuable pieces (and I'm willing to do a heck of a deal (although both are 4 figures and over: - @koreyglass full rainbow reticello banger hanger in lemon drop and Lucy (comes with Pelican) - @nugsonly x @jh-glass ollab worked fab egg in blue and orange stardust with two amazingly intricate shields on the back and front. I really need money right now, please offer. Function video in comments. Can ship. boro yeg 420 710 bong bongs heady headyglass headyglassforsale dabs dank glassart dabchamps glassforsale cloudsovercanada bangerhanger dabrig topshelf highendglass yeg canadianglass

1 Hours ago

Raí 雷 #KoreatownGlassGallery


Comment from Raí 雷 #KoreatownGlassGallery:

ForSale FreeShipping 😱💎🔥‼️ @meademade_glass 14mm Transparent AquaAzul Beldar 🌊💦💎🔥💨💨💨 (Matching Carb Cap Included) 🙏🏽🙌🏽 DM if you have any questions 🙏🏽🙌🏽 _____________________ ______________________________ @westcoastcurebhomb_ Clementine 🍊⛽️💣🔥💨💨💨 available @la_flightclub4520 🙏🏽🙌🏽 WestCoastCure LAFlightClub _________________ ______________________________ @meademade_glass Transparent AquaAzul Beldar 🌊💦💎🔥 • @ionicquartz XL IonicQuartz 💎🔥 • @js_glass Peach Double Lip NoTempCarbCap 🍑🔥 _________________________ ______________________________ boro4sale glass4sale glassforsale boroforsale borobook headyglass bestofglass boromarket MeadeMadeGlass cannabis bho headyglassforsale headyglass functionalglassart boroofig headyart hotglass oprahsbookclub WeDontSmokeTheSame KoreatownGlassGallery

1 Hours ago

The Extension Cord!


Comment from The Extension Cord!:

Feeling good with this double bacon cheeseburger from borosillycat! As you can hear the function is on 💯. Top shelf glass! ❤🔥😊 extensioncordconnection glassart glassblowing headyglassforsale glasscane headyglassart boro glass glassof52 glassofig glassporn oprahsbookclub thousanddollarsmoke bestofglass 710society high_larry_us fueledbythc ffourtwenty functionalglassart ballersonly 🔥 headycarbcap topshelflife sacredgeometry sacredg honeycomb milli glassaddict glassalchemy 710

1 Hours ago

Skylar Nigus


Comment from Skylar Nigus:

For those that care about the difference. Noice and clean. nigusglass okcglass glassart glasspipes glassblowing headyglassforsale glassforsale pendant headyglassart boro fume glass glassofig glassporn wigwag oprahsbookclub thousanddollarsmoke bestofglass 710society fueledbythc honeycomb milli 420 dangg

1 Hours ago

Crystal Infused Glass


Comment from Crystal Infused Glass:

So new santacruz sand pieces with @grandpaglass gilsonopals , gorgeous colors on these! A couple have some tektite / zincite combos to add some dimension crystalinfusedglass jonathanseiwell headyglass headyglassforsale headypendants elegantnecklace beachwear handmade oneofakind holistichealing manifestationcreations beautiful glassjewelry

1 Hours ago

All About It


Comment from All About It:

WE LOVE GLASS AS MUCH AS YOU SO STOP IN AND SAY HELLO 😱😎😜 Bangers and Grinders and Papers and CarbCaps 😎 Pipes and SteamRollers Water Pieces and MUCH MUCH MORE 😎 STOP IN TODAY FOR ALL YOUR SMOKING NEEDS 😎 glassforsale headyglassforsale carbcap rigs riglife vape 710 adabaday adabwilldoya lowtemp 710life vapenation boroballers borocollector glassofig glassporn highsociety highlife americanmadeglass glasslife glassenthusiasts bestofglass vapedlife dabbersdaily smoke letssmoke chicagodabbers glass_of_ig glassfam

1 Hours ago

Waxy Time!


Comment from Waxy Time!:

🚨🚨2 HOVER CAPS FOR SALE 🚨🚨🚨mothershipforsale mothershipfortrade thousanddollarsmoke glassofig glassgang glassforsale heady hetti headyglass headyglass_of_ig headyglassforsale hovercapforsale hover hovercap convectioncap 710 420

1 Hours ago



Comment from Ayden:

Traveler ✈️ @_glassmith keepgrindin shredder topshelflife thousanddollarsmoke wedontsmokethesame oprahsbookclub headylife cannabiscommunity 710 onlysmokethefinest wfayo saltglass pdxdabbers pdxglobmob glassart glassofig glassforsale headyglassforsale oprahswookclub

1 Hours ago



Comment from highseasgallery:

I heard y'all like @cowboyglasss push bubs, well we got some here at the @highseasgallery come check them out at your convenience! jollyspieces glass cannabiscommunity iwillmarrymary bitximhigh oceangrown bowl bong pipe waterpipeheadyglass buyboro glassforsale artforsale rig headyglassforsale thousanddollarsmoke w420 weshouldsmoke glockteam high_larry_us ahoodsmokersclub

2 Hours ago



Comment from losstinsauces:

Dutch Treat 😎⛽ 420 420🍁 dab dabs dabbing weed weedporn weed🍁 710society 710 heady headyglassforsale headyglass headyart pukinbeagle glass glassofig quartz quaveglass quaveclubbanger quave smoke marijuana cannabis cannabiscommunity blaze concentrates bho bhombingamerica hiking

2 Hours ago

They Call Me 9️⃣ Lives


Comment from They Call Me 9️⃣ Lives:

Still up for grabs! Hit the dm 📬coyle coylecondenser freeek freeekglass glassforsale glass4sale boroforsale boro4sale headyglassforsale highendglassforsale forsale pendantrig pendantsofig eastcoastdabbin eastcoastdabbers topshelflife potheadsociety positivevibesonly dabachusetts dabbersdaily dankshots420 highsociety naturalbornstoner grassachusetts massfam

2 Hours ago

🔌 Online Glass Gallery 🔌


Comment from 🔌 Online Glass Gallery 🔌:


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