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Jeremiah Panhorst


Comment from Jeremiah Panhorst:

Guess where I am? HARRYPOTTER

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Comment from Allie:

I am really horribad at lettering, even when I use a pencil first. Relatively happy with this though!! harrypotter mischiefmanaged bulletjournal

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Estudiante de Hogwarts


Comment from Estudiante de Hogwarts:

😍😍😍 💙Chica Ravenclaw. ravenclawpride ravenclaw uniform harrypotter wizardingworld hogwarts rowenaravenclaw lunalovegood

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Comment from sarcasm_it_is:

Hahaha throwback harrypotter voldemort 😂😂😂

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Multi-Fandom Goddess


Comment from Multi-Fandom Goddess:

| 03/23 10:08 pm | agh, pooped, i hate math TheMazeRunner TheScorchTrials TheDeathCure Marvel Divergent Insurgent Allegiant PercyJackson StarWars HarryPotter Grimm PrettyLittleLiars TheHungerGames CatchingFire Mockingjay Supernatural HeroesOfOlympus AmericanHorrorStory Sherlock DoctorWho TeenWolf TheWalkingDead TWD TextPost Bisexual PATD TØP MCR FOB Tumblr

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Comment from Life_Tips:

¿comenta que es lo que mas te gusta de la saga de Harry Potter? 👇👇👇 harrypotter hermionegranger ronyhermione ronweasley

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José Luis Arellano


Comment from José Luis Arellano:

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light tbt hogwarts castle harrypotter universalstudios

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Jen Zuñiga


Comment from Jen Zuñiga:

Always . harrypotter favshirt

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Comment from novcompetition:

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Karine Ferreira


Comment from Karine Ferreira:

The Little Witch. witch littlewitch potterhead sortinghat cousin kids magic today motox2 jkrowling harrypotter Warner editorarocco hogwarts ilvermorny castelobruxo nascidatrouxa

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Jazzie Kings


Comment from Jazzie Kings:

Look what came just in time for Ravenclaw Pride Day!! This is my first Wizarding World Crate and I'm really really happy with it! I'll do an unboxing post soon but I don't want to spoil anything for anyone 😉 . 💙 . What's your house? I'm a Ravenclaw and Thunderbird. . 💙 . wizardingworldcrate lootcrate ravenclaw potterhead harrypotter hpforlife ravenclawprideday booknerd bookstagram bookishfeatures bookishlove

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Comment from harry.potterrrrrrrr:

RAVENCLAW PRIDE • • hogwarts hermionegranger ravenclaw harrypotter cochang lunalovegood flitwick hogwarts hogwartshouses

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Estudiante de Hogwarts


Comment from Estudiante de Hogwarts:

Mini especial de mi casa por su día. 💙Chica Ravenclaw. intelligence wit individuality ravenclawpride ravenclaw harrypotter hogwarts rowenaravenclaw

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Kristin Moore


Comment from Kristin Moore:

Hogwarts Alumni Association. harrypotter

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Comment from uʍopǝpısdnsıpןɹoʍǝɥʇ:

my friend who made this is great (creds @cute_ddalgi ) • • • fandoms harrypotter twentyonepilots fb fbawtft melaniemartinez panicatthedisco falloutboy percyjackson strangerthings mychemicalromance bands fanart textpost textposts relatable stuff greenday music true voltron lance keith klance iwatobiswimclub freeanime free blink182

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Phil Potterhead


Comment from Phil Potterhead:

So true emmawatson hermionegranger harrypotter

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📚Kingdom of booklovers.👑


Comment from 📚Kingdom of booklovers.👑:

¡Especial de Ravenclaw! 💙😍 4/7. -EyesFire.🔥📖 ravenclaw Ravenclawprideday ravenclawpride harrypotter potterheads potterhead libros books booklovers lectores lectoras fangirls fanboys

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Harry Potter Oficial Brasil 🔵


Comment from Harry Potter Oficial Brasil 🔵:

Pra quem não visualizou nosso último 'snapgram' eu tinha comentado que iria começar uma nova dinâmica aqui na página de ANTES e DEPOIS dos personagens de HP, e muitas pessoas quiseram muitas mesmo. Então cá estamos nós com o a primeira pessoa, o nosso querido Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) espero que gostem da idéia ❤ 》Riick《 boanoite otimanoite harrypotter amor brasil sp vsco

2 Minutes ago

#ootd by Rameesha


Comment from #ootd by Rameesha:

"Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic." - Dumbledore. beautiful cute fashion fashionblogger fashionista follow followme friends fun girl happy igers instadaily instafashion instagood instalike instastyle lookoftheday love me ootd picoftheday selfie smile style trend harrypotter handmadecloak

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Comment from Lu:

HAPPY RAVENCLAW DAY! ♡ ♡ ♡ blackandwhite love goals blonde blondie ravenclaw harrypotter hogwarts hogwartshouses hufflepuff slitherin griffindor nerd national

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Ana Bernal


Comment from Ana Bernal:

ravenclawprideday harrypotter grammarnazi learneditfromabook

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Comment from 🆁🅴🅽🅴🅴:

Welcome to Harrypotter 彷彿來到歐洲❤️❤️ harrypotter 15th universal osaka Japan 閨蜜 環球

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Susanne Winter


Comment from Susanne Winter:

We watched PART ONE from HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD! It was awesome! I like the Ron-Actor! Haha! harrypotter harrypotterandthecursedchild theatre nomuggel jlrowling london holiday

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Comment from ✨DAN RAD✨:

DanielRadcliffe HarryPotter philosophersstone chamberofsecrets prisonerofazkaban gobletoffire orderofthephoenix halfbloodprince deathlyhallows hermionegranger emmawatson rupertgrint ronweasley tomfelton dracomalfoy slytherin hufflepuff gryffindor fantasticbeasts potterhead thewomaninblack beautyandthebeast killyourdarlings romione dramione whatif cursedchild thegoldentrio gainpost

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Estudiante de Hogwarts


Comment from Estudiante de Hogwarts:

Mini especial de mi casa por su día. 💙Chica Ravenclaw. ravenclawpride ravenclaw harrypotter hogwarts wizardingworld lunalovegood rowenaravenclaw

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Comment from Mabel:

Aquela selfie no espelho... dai tu vê que é o espelho de Ojesed 😱 harrypotter tbt

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Heather Moniz


Comment from Heather Moniz:

Day 23/31 hpdaily with the lovely @alilepere ⚡️♥️⚡️♥️⚡️ 🖊Artline Stix, Kuretake Fude 📙Rhodia . . Come check out these awesome ladies @adorecalligraphix @southwesternletters and @eighthandplum . . . . peterpettigrew artlinestix hp⚡ harrypotter handlettered handlettering handletteringpractice modernscript lettering letteringpractice creating rhodia rhodiadotpad

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Comment from Britt:

The finished product. Just call me Madame Olivander! harrypotter thewandchoosesthewizard

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Comment from Skywalker:

Happy national puppy day 🐶 pupsofinstagram puppy pup rescue sweet shichon shihtzu starwars luke luna lunabear dog doglover dalmatain dogsofinstagram harrypotter lunalovegood lunasailormoon bichonfrise bichon frise skywalker nationalpuppyday

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Rafa Serna


Comment from Rafa Serna:

Viendo Harry Potter y las Reliquias de la Muerte parte 2... Netflix no te acabes.... HarryPotter Netflix Netflixeando Jueves Traaanqui

4 Minutes ago

your buddy


Comment from your buddy:

Ravenclaw pride, my lovely nerds! 3-23-17 ravenclaw harrypotter lunalovegood chochang hogwarts ravenclawpride

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Comment from 👑🐰Shanna💎💋:

My wand is here!!! cosplayprogress newyorkcomiccon nycc awesomecon cosplay baltimorecosplay baltimorecomiccon harleyquinn harleenquinzel joker RollerDerbyharley infamousmaidofmischief maidofmischief gofundme help aspiringcosplayer dumbledoresarmy wand harrypotter dumbledore dumbledoreswand firstwand always

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