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Healthy Street Ice Pops


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Gems and finds and limes and knives. greencalcite juicerthatscrewsontoamasonjar limeafterlime cusinart

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Rocio Urbino 💋


Comment from Rocio Urbino 💋:

Green Calcite vibrations resonate with heart healing on spiritual and physical levels. Nurtures positive behavior traits such as compassion and altruism, as it releases resentments and fosters forgiveness of self and others. Aligns the pathway between the higher self and ones physical heart with the frequencies of divine LOVE, harmony and balance. Emotional attachments are removed with the help of Green Calcite so one may be fully open to receiving the experience of Divine Love. Helps to dissolve rigid beliefs and old programs restoring balance. With its gentle and profound light vibration, Green Calcite facilitates the process of letting go of what is no longer needed. greencalcite crystalhealing crystalcollector crystalbible cantgetenough themorethemerrier

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WPM Crystals


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Aquamarine is metaphysically known as a stone of courage and fortitude that can bring great power. It is said to assist with quick intellectual response. It brings inner peace, hope and self-love, gives shielding for the aura, and is said to bring angels for their guidance and protection. As such, it is an excellent crystal for meditaiton. Aquamarine is used metaphysically to dispel anger and fear. Meditation spiritual healing gypsy high highervibes highervibrations photoofday sc Hippie crystals healingcrystals crystaljewelry handmade craft citrine amethyst bluecalcite bloodstone greencalcite orangecalcite sage aquamarine

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SJ 🍁 The Unending Talent


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Some people take more advantage of the free consultations provided by SimplyHighp! Making a custom live for my good friend😚✨ Get Yours Simplyhighp.inquiries✨📬🌿 simplyhighp selfawareness unity armcuff amethyst greencalcite crystaldream healingcrystals custom torontoART weworkin

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Comment from Josiejeraee:

New hair, don't care!!!!!!! 💋🔪goodbyeblonde hellodarkness datnewnew chillinatmymoms redlipstick wetnwild missyandfierce matte makeupjunkie crystalsnecklaces clearquartz greencalcite selfie updated igdaily

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Jenni Chapman 🌿 Fern


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This GreenCalcite wirewrap reminds me of Kundalini. 💜💙💚💛❤️ shopsmall homemade handspun @letloveflow_jewelry letloveflowjewelry

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Comment from ForestNymphTreasures:

"Green calcite is a grounding and centering stone that brings stability, increases success, prosperity, business, and fertility of all kinds. It is an excellent stone for gardening. It is also considered a stone of manifestation because of it's ability to develop increase in all areas."🌱 . . . Gifted this piece for a loyal customer of mine with her purchase of the geode love stones! 💕✨🌍 I want to give the same love in return that I feel from you guys. Thanks to crystal lovers like her that support my small little shop I am able to grow, improve, and give more back.🔮🌀 my goal isn't a large profit, it's to purchase and distribute beautiful healing crystals at an actual affordable price, as well as to create new forms of art. It's all in the love✌🏻💕💫 forestnymphtreasures greencalcite growth art creativity passions healingcrystals crystallovers gardeningstone naturestreasures wirewrapping evolving love appreciation

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Elements Integrative Wellness


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greencalcite and amazonite for my first stonemedicine elixirs! thiswillbeinteresting stonemedicine crystals yeahThatgreenville vibrationalmedicine energetichealth holistichealth holistichealthcoach

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Le Life Of Pun


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These quartz and chakra stones are used for therapeutic purposes. Some people believe that the stones can contain the sun and the moon light's energy by letting it charge from leaving them next to your window. They are so alluring and staring at them already unwinds me. Guess which one is my favorite! 💎🌕🌞 healingstones quartz stones rocks therapeutic meditation chakra unwind Amethyst IndigoGabbro Lepidolite Celestite Chrysocolla RoseQuartz GreenCalcite GreenAventurine Citrine Pyrite Moonstone Carnelian BrecciatedJasper BlackTourmaline

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Comment from ToTheWoods:

🌿I do love raw crystal. Especially the soft hues of GreenCalcite. Aiming to increase your luck, prosperity or fertility, this is the amulet for you. Amped up with a copper wrap. £15 inc UK postage. If she calls to you, comment SOLD to claim 🌿

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Comment from Sigrid:

Healing Crystal Rock Set 💕($16) Set includes, a selenite wand, rose quartz, green calcite, Crystal Cluster and a gorgeous piece of peacock ore. ✨direct link in bio @sigridannedesign SIGRIDANNEDESIGN (3 different crystal rocks sets are available in my shop) ✌🏻💓 oc laguna rocks crystals healing reikihealing chakracrystals bohodecor bohostyle bohochic boho bohogirl hippiestyle hippielove gypsystyle gypsydecor rosequartz selenite selenitewand peacockore crystalhealing greencalcite rockhound potd joshuatree santamonica

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Andrea Arledge


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amazonite and greencalcite for my first stonemedicine venture! I can't wait to see what happens. cheerstonewadventures TCM

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Cheryl Ann, CCH 💎 Emerald Fawn


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Green Calcite 💚 A centering and grounding stone that works great with the heart chakra. It brings stability, prosperity and fertility of all kinds into ones life. It allows one to increase in aspects of life and in that regard is wonderful for manifestation. Also a great stone to assist with gardening so if you're about to start planting seeds this spring- this is a perfect crystal companion for you 🌱 You can find this necklace in my etsy shop! Have a look around, and use coupon code MANIFEST10 to get 10% off your order today! Find the link to shop in my bio 🌼🌼🌼 emeraldfawn love gift magic blessings handmade jewelry crystalhealing crystals healing abunance manifestation heartchakra goodvibrations shopsmall smallbiz jewelrywithapurpose magic metaphysical heart intentions pyrite accessory rawcrystal greencalcite calcite diy etsyseller

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Jessie Susannah


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I was mySelf Blessed to offer Blessings on a Work Space for Abundance, Cash Flow, and Protection this week. Please don't neglect the Energetic Cleaning of your Space! Now that Spring has sprung, get in all those corners with some saltwater or bells or smoke and move everything that's been lounging and grieving through the Winter. spiritualhousecleaning energetichygiene springcleaning protectyourspace protectyourenergy protectyourspaceandenergy blacktourmaline ruemedicine ruda rosemarymedicine mintmedicine greencalcite prosperity moneymagick spiritualentrepreneur

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Roxanne Danya


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Gorgeous ring bowl by @nude_pottery filled with gemmy goodies! handmade gem silver silversmith jewelry jewellery capetown roughstone raw kyanite greencalcite apatite tourmaline amazonite yellowcalcite peridot

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Kidz Rocks, Inc.


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Optical clear greencalcite from Mexico see more like this on my eBay mining rock rocks rockhound rockhounding rockcollection rocksandminerals gemstones healingcrystals healingstones crystals gemology gem geology gemporn gemlife crystalcollection crystalhealing crystalgems crystallove reiki chakra bohostyle chakrahealing

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Naomi Timmins


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For you 💚 @bekahlee80 cecilandrose greencalcite handmade hempnecklace macrame love

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Comment from ♎Jessie♎️:

Green Beauty (Green Calcite) copperwirewraps crystalgems crystallove crystalwraps greencalcite greencalcitewrap healingcrystals moonchild silverwirewrap stonelove wirewrap wirewrappingnewbie witchyways

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Stone Oak Creations


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💎 Green Calcite AAA 💎 how cute! greencalcite aaa calcite crystals gemstones stoneoakcreations green gem ready stones chakra healing cleansing mexico

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• tayluh •


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u r my favorite <3 i freaking lov the texture of calcite. n i finally took those horrid nails off (': greencalcite heartchakra 💚

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MAMz Divine Essentials


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I Love My New Baby. GreenCalcite WeAreOne

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Comment from 💜🌞🌼Amanda:

Crystal healing grid . 💜 🌞 🌈 labradorite emerald mossagate greencalcite amazonite goldencalcite clearquartz rosequartz distancehealing multidimensionalhealing energybalanceharmony

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MAMz Divine Essentials


Comment from MAMz Divine Essentials:

Green Calcite Green Calcite can be used to assist in the manifestation process. Green Calcite will also bring in the energy of trust, allowing that what has been manifested will be received. It is a wonderful stone to utilize for those who raise and tend to gardens, plants, and herbs. Use Green Calcite when working with the Heart Chakra to bring emotional balance and knowledge of Divine Love. Great for body layouts, Green Calcite can be placed directly on the Heart Chakra to forge a better connection between the nadis (energy channels) and chakras. Helpful for reaching mental balance, Green Calcite helps to dissolve old energy patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back. Green Calcite assists during times of mental change or big transitions. Use Green Calcite to help release the comfortable, old programs that you may be holding on to but which no longer serve you. A peaceful stone, Green Calcite can help one to look at situations differently, with the knowledge that, whether good or bad, "This too, shall pass". Physically, Green Calcite stimulates the immune system. Rigid old ideas can manifest as bone issues in the body, thus Green Calcite is useful for bone, ligament, and joint issues. Please note that Green Calcite should be cleansed thoroughly after use. Keywords: Increase Green calcite is a grounding and centering stone that brings stability. It increases success, prosperity, business, and fertility of all kinds. It is an excellent stone for gardening. It is also considered a stone of manifestation because of it's ability to develop increase in all areas. Green calcite is said to enhance intuition and psychic abilities. heartchakra CrystalHealing Chakra GreenCalcite greencalcite crystals calcite heartchakra love meditation yoga

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Kelly Boaz


Comment from Kelly Boaz:

Doing a lot of energy work these days, which is leaving me pretty low on energy. Here, have a picture of my rocks. hippiedippie

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Jeanette🦄DivineBlissHealing LA


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HandCrafted Crystal Gemstone Stud Earrings in our Etsy shop now! $15 each • Stainless Steel Posts with Rubber Backings • Reiki Vibrated & Energetically Cleansed • EtsyShop link on profile page! 🦋💎🦋Turquoise Amethyst ClearQuartz Earrings HandCrafted ChakraJewelry GreenCalcite EarthMedicine Earth Pachamama Natural DivineBlissHealing

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Heather Richileau


Comment from Heather Richileau:

One of my favorite stones ~Green Calcite So many benefits from one stone! Here are just a few; It removes emotional and cultural conditioning preparing the way for a healthier view on life. Green calcite aids communication and helps the transition from the stagnant to the positive in your life. ~Check out my Etsy shop for more information on this One of a kind handmade necklace.

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Victoria Lynn


Comment from Victoria Lynn:

New jewelry. Will be added to my shop soon. jewelry necklace calcite greencalcite choker naturalstone crystalnecklace handmade

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Raw and Real Spiritual Works


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The money crystal of the day is: greencalcite. If you want to draw money for everyday expenses and prosperity then buy our money candle and place this crystal around it. Powerful energy draws forth powerful energy. Powerful money energy draws forth money. wealthy wealth cash entrepreneur business rich MoneyMarch

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Inspiration Of The Earth


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This ray of light looking wonderful in his small green calcite necklace 💫💚Guys look amazing in crystls! You can find this small green calcite or any other pieces through the Facebook link and album 'Crystals for sale' 💚 Calcite overall: A powerful amplifier & cleanser of energy. It is amazing at cleansing away negative energies as well as increasing energy levels. A very active crystal developing growth, spiritually and mentally. Green calcite: Rich in calcium and bicarbonate, it works on the absorption of calcium but may also dissolve calcification which can build up from broken bones and arthritis (overall joint and skeletal helper aiding in tissue healing) Removes emotional baggage which we may subconsciously cling too and can resurface from triggers. Stimulant for the immune system, and is said to help removal of bacterial infections💫💚

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Comment from □▪DOLOMiTE▪□ DR. SÙC PHD☢:

Thanks for the groovy GreenCalcite crystal @jusstlikeh0ney ROCKnRoll FenderSonoran

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Comment from Pks.:

GreenCalcite Calming Grounding Stone assist in Abundance ridding Beliefsystem removing mentalblocks healingstone healingcrystals

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Comment from 🌛👁🌜:

New seed of life belly chain with green Calcite listed in my etsy shop for $20 +shipping🌼🌻🌼🌻 seedoflife floweroflife greencalcite calcite bellychain bodychain etsy etsyseller etsyshop festival festivalwear festivalfashion gypsy

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Brandi King


Comment from Brandi King:

Got some beauties today💞💙💩 stonehealing stones peaceofmind peace wholesome positivityheals earthstones earthsgems powerofthemind devine healing harmony friends calmingstones clearquartz hematite greencalcite 💚

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