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Chase Cooley


Comment from Chase Cooley:

So I caved in and finally bought the gravityfalls journal. It's a beautiful high quality book. Definitely worth it.

17 Seconds ago

Christopher Corleto


Comment from Christopher Corleto:

Recently watched Gravity Falls and became addicted, thought of these two idiots when I saw these guys haha, maybe I'll color it soon cooleeto overwatch gravityfalls fanart junkrat roadhog silly videogames doodle digitalart

1 Minutes ago



Comment from Inquieta:

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Comment from Wyatt:

Buy 4 stickers and get 25% off, bug 10 and get 50% off! redbubble sticker stickers bobross rickandmorty breakingbad seinfeld AquaTeenHungerForce adultswim frylock heisenberg madmax madmaxfuryroad scarface mashup gravityfalls 420 billcipher swampthing ronswanson nickofferman parksandrec dc dccomics walterwhite walrus skull mrfloppy unhappilyeverafter stickerapp

3 Minutes ago



Comment from Kendraw:

Mabel ipadpro doodles procreate gravityfalls mabelpines

4 Minutes ago



Comment from DuskImp:

OK. I FINALLY opened up this bad boy and MY GOD IT'S BEAUTIFUL. Will do a side by side comparison of this and the first journal. Time to be Gravity Falls trash all over again. gravityfalls journal3 journal3specialedition

5 Minutes ago

Star Butterful 🌈🦋


Comment from Star Butterful 🌈🦋:

Bring back so many memories 🙄 they when thro a lot I feel like it might not end well I think some one might die 😭☠️ gravityfalls starvstheforcesofevil evilneverwins evilqueen ? evilbill season3 tomuchtohandle 🤕night

6 Minutes ago

Garbage Bin!

Comment from Garbage Bin!:

So many options for this one I can't wait! Give me a character/some characters! gravityfalls stevenuniverse campcamp pjohoo voltron eddsworld fandoms nightinthewoods drawingmeme drawingchallenge campcamp campcampbell

8 Minutes ago

christi || 2.8k 💫


Comment from christi || 2.8k 💫:

here comes a thOT ( i pulled an all nighter to draw this and i am not dissapointed ) rate me daddies!1! christimart

9 Minutes ago

Adrien Pines Diaz


Comment from Adrien Pines Diaz:

Quiero!!!!😍💘💞 Si alguien conoce al artista por favor dejenmelo en los comentarios😊 starco Oscar toffe jarco starbutterfly marcodiaz jackielinnthomas tom season2 season1 season3 starvstheforcesofevil daron daronnefcy disney disneyxd Lumarforever jackie gravityfalls mabel dipper season2 Alexhirsch pacifica pato Stan Stanfojackierd Stanley pines Bill

9 Minutes ago



Comment from Nikki:

Work in progress of an angry Dorito demon. XD . . . . . . . gravityfalls disney disneyxd billcipher weirdmaggedon workinprogress cartoons cartoon fanart markers illustration prismacolor

12 Minutes ago



Comment from Gabeh.Flores:

gravityfalls sdds 💬

13 Minutes ago



Comment from Pernillavanilla:

Playing with shadows ..... The fall! yoga blackandwhiteonly window fall deep inspiration meditate reflection light photooftheday photographylovers gravityfalls bodypositive sony create explore dancer lost dark change goodvibes la nyc art instadaily jump edge tattoo ink drawing

16 Minutes ago



Comment from Gabeh.Flores:

Os irmãos que vc se inspira ❤ gravityfalls

16 Minutes ago

Call Me Nix Ebb Or Bill


Comment from Call Me Nix Ebb Or Bill:

Just a quick 10 minute lineless thing. I needed a break from my other drawings myart billcipher humanbillcipher billcipherhuman smolbill gravityfalls gravityfallsfanart summer beach linelessart digitalart ocean drawing doodle hessassy

16 Minutes ago

🐞🐱Chatnoir 🐱🐞


Comment from 🐞🐱Chatnoir 🐱🐞:

Fun facts * * @fangirl_ladybug_etc * * miraculous marenette Adrien ladybug chatnoircosplay Stevenuniverse voltron volpina gravityfalls chatnoir ladybug Adrien ayla miraculousladybug miraculouschatnoir ladybug

17 Minutes ago



Comment from Gabeh.Flores:

Um dia eu vou saber desenhar o Dipper 💭😊 gravityfalls

18 Minutes ago

Allison cruz


Comment from Allison cruz:

Awww who else likes this show cuz I do gravityfalls

19 Minutes ago

Emilia || 16


Comment from Emilia || 16:

Heyyy here's a lil teen Mabel bc I forgot to post yesterday and I kinda like this mabel mabelpines gravityfalls dipper dipperpines myart sketch sketchbook art doodle star

23 Minutes ago



Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Starco🌸:

🥀 iM sHOOK marco's hoodie around stars arm toffee killed the mother?! marco😭 so MUCH IS GOING ON

28 Minutes ago

Nairobi Valdez


Comment from Nairobi Valdez:

Hice muy feliz al conspiranoico fanático de las caricaturas de mi hermano 😁😁😁 littlebrosbirthday gravityfalls 3diary cumpleaños happiness

30 Minutes ago



Comment from Caty:

Bc who doesn't love waddles the pig 🐷 waddlesgravityfallscartoonani onanimationsketchcutepigpiggyk

38 Minutes ago



Comment from asside:

Day184: I wasn't scared, until i stepped on the margin of the platform, feeling the weight of the string... I jumped at the second trial. I remember free falling is so smooth, it is so good 😊 congratulations to my first bungee jump in life! bungeejumping bungee freefall gravityfalls fallingdown flying inthesky bluesky freefromfear sangil santandercolombia columbia southamerica travel traveller backpack backpacker instatravel travelgram 201dayinsa

38 Minutes ago

Luke Schrödinger


Comment from Luke Schrödinger:

I hope everyone had a good day (Credit to minryll on tumblr) - - - - gravityfalls

39 Minutes ago

Rick and Morty Fan page!!


Comment from Rick and Morty Fan page!!:

39 Minutes ago

Dan Sundquist


Comment from Dan Sundquist:

Walking is so freaking hard when you're 1 years old. Swipe ⬅️⬅️⬅️ toddlerlife gravityfalls

43 Minutes ago

Margaret McCarthy


Comment from Margaret McCarthy:

gravityfalls gravityfall drawing draw draws drew inking coloring color drawings pen marker pens markers bill

45 Minutes ago

Brandon Graham


Comment from Brandon Graham:

sketchbook sketch ufo pizza gravityfalls bill doodle skull ear eye eyecandy teeth smile egg fire

48 Minutes ago

Dr. Flug


Comment from Dr. Flug:

villainous alanituriel markiplier blackhat 505 flug cartoonnetwork demencia gravityfalls [The picture, of course, isn't mine]

49 Minutes ago



Comment from UCC:

Got to meet some really awesome Bobs 🍔 fans randomly yesterday while walking the beach by my house! They had these amazing Kuchi Kopi tattoos on their legs. Soooo cool!! @franciscolopezca uccdistributing bobsburgers kuchikopi @bobsburgersfox bobsburgerstattoo tattoo tattoos tattooed cartoon fanart fanboy fangirl cosplay bobsburgerscosplay art stevenuniverse rickandmorty gravityfalls undertale thesimpsons sdcc pokemon funko funkopop hamburger work done by @laurenalexandralux

52 Minutes ago

Currently F.H.S. Summer Camp


Comment from Currently F.H.S. Summer Camp:

FOREST RP You are allowed in the forest and anywhere else at camp. You may also use your electronics and devices. • • • • starwars sherlock doctorwho thehungergames supernatural divergent disney gravityfalls pentatonix ptx fandom multifandom joinmyrp joinmyacademy

52 Minutes ago

Currently F.H.S. Summer Camp


Comment from Currently F.H.S. Summer Camp:

Welcome to camp, Sierra! React below! • • • • starwars sherlock doctorwho thehungergames supernatural divergent disney gravityfalls pentatonix ptx fandom multifandom joinmyrp joinmyacademy

58 Minutes ago

🌙Alyson Trancy Pines 🌲


Comment from 🌙Alyson Trancy Pines 🌲:

I'm not going to admit I'm in love with Bill no chance no way. I won't say I'm in love. ⚠️ • • • Bill: @theanimeavenger_cosplay • • • • • Tags • • disney gravityfallsdippercosplay gravityfallsdipperpines gravityfallsdipper dipper dipperpines dippercosplay dipperpinescosplay cosplay gravityfalls pinetree pinetreecosplay mason masonpines masonpinescosplay masongravityfalls gravityfallsmason gravityfallsmasonpines Billciphercosplayer billcipher gravityfallsbillcipher bill cipher billciphercosplay utahcosplayer utahcosplayergirl utahcosplay Idahocosplay idahocosplayers idahocosplayer

3 Hours ago