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Ashley Adams


Comment from Ashley Adams:

Gothic Maiden Dead Girl will be rising from the ashes. I will be doing photo shoots again as well as continuing with my own photography and Makeup. I took a long break to focus on other things. But I think it's time to resume. photography makeupartist makeupartist gothicmaiden gothgirl model modeling backtowork art artist photographer feelingood feelingmyself feelingme alternative darksouls adamsfamily wednesdayaddams addamsfamily

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Comment from svenjaanderson:

I uploaded this bow choker to my shop @fafnirstreasures yesterday ❤ I need to create more of these 💖 bow choker wrap necklace velvet black lilac pastel gothic gothgirl jewellery seashell shell mermaid violet blue tentacle deepsea magic unicorn rainbow silver amethyst quartz crystal healing energy witchcraft witch wicca

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Princess Of The Underworld 👸🏻💀


Comment from Princess Of The Underworld 👸🏻💀:

I'm basically black and white anyway without a filter 😂 goth gothgirl blueeyes piercings septumpiercing lippiercing collar owned

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Comment from KRYclothing:

thk!!!! awesome😈 KRYclothingalternativewearfashion gothgothicgothgirlgothboyssatan devilpastelgothemorockthklove tokyojapanjapanbrand

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🕷Livy Lobotomy🕷


Comment from 🕷Livy Lobotomy🕷:

Out with my love for my nans 60th 💎💕 . goff goth gothic gothgoth gothgirl alt alternative alternativegirl alternativeboy pink pinkhair pinktheme pinkaesthetic piercing bodymods scene emo punk spamforspam like4like follow4follow

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R₳I ₲ΩÐ$₱€€Δ ✡


Comment from R₳I ₲ΩÐ$₱€€Δ ✡:

I just want a bad witch 🌚 witch gothgirl goth followforfollow hml wicca occult satanic moon depressed love darkness witchcraft gm alternativecurves alternativegirls

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Comment from KIRAYANI:


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Dana Leahu


Comment from Dana Leahu:

Had such a great time at the super busy Dutch Comic Con. Played around with the Nintendo Switch, stuffed my face with mochi and got some awesome loot 🤖🎩

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Katie McLellan


Comment from Katie McLellan:

@cubadupa you have done it again. You have brought to together old friends and new friends. And helped us create new memories and with so much pride for the city of Wellington I am so grateful I can be apart of it. aintnocitylikewellington @richtercityrebels have taught us and Great words they are! This weekend has been unforgettable and fun and inclusive of everyone. From strutting our sexy selfs down Cuba street to volunteering at @eva_beva_ it's been an incredible two days. ❤💋😘🤗😁 friends cubadupa Wellington Newzealand city festival steetparty happiness joy party drag dragqueens bioqueen gay instadrag instagay pride life makeup gothgirl mermaid horns crowns flowers fans @tine.line @cherrylee_design @indy_pendant @the.florence.nightshade @obsolete_pleasures @bjornh.aslund @vivian_bruce

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Comment from ⓞⓦⓔⓝ👽:

💀💀💀 . . . . . emo emogirl scene scenegirl goth gothgirl pastelgoth pastelgothgirl black white paradise sunshine oppai suwen feels

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Eddie Sison


Comment from Eddie Sison:

Seahorse earrings or fake plugs....carved from horn. seahorse blackseahorse seahorseearrings exoticearrings horncarving hornplugs hornjewelry exoticjewelry animaljewelry seashellsandseahorses gothgirl animalearrings awesomeseahorse awesomeearrings instafollowers instafollow instafreak instageek surfergirl mermaidsandseahorses

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• ONYX •


Comment from • ONYX •:

Also happy mommy day to @rkb2_0 , Your strength, wisdom, and beauty inspires me daily. Thank you for always having open arms for me to run into, thank you for always being there for my siblings and I, and thank you for all of your support and encouragement that I've received from you throughout the years. You're pretty damn fabulous 💖

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☾heyenne Kiki Vrancken


Comment from ☾heyenne Kiki Vrancken:

Love the way you hate me , idiot❤ _ alt alternative altgirl alternativegirl goth gothgoth gothic gothgirl gothicgirl gothicgirlsdoitbetter metal metalhead metalgirl witch witchbitch

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C. Tuck.


Comment from C. Tuck.:

«No pido la luna, pido tu presencia» femalegothstylebacktospain✈ byeholand✈gothgirlmetalmetalgirl

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Cleo Ramona


Comment from Cleo Ramona:

A list of things septum gothgoth gothgirl latina czech jewishprincess

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🃏Daddy's Lil Monster🃏


Comment from 🃏Daddy's Lil Monster🃏:

I would really love if you guys were way more active.🔮✨Love you guys bunches, spam me with likes&comments!💜 • 💌Snapchat:emopanda_queen💌 ↗Turn on post notifications for new posts daily↗ • Tags • • • emo emoboy emogirl scene scenegirls sceneboy goth gothgirl gothboy bored ily❤ bands bvb monsterenergybuzz motionlessinwhite newyearsday sleepingwithsirens askingalexandria bringmethehorizon tøp piercetheveil alltimelow wintersucks hottopic tattoos piercings weirdo

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Raven Dusk 🌙


Comment from Raven Dusk 🌙:

Went out for the day yesterday 😊 goth gothic gothgirl gothmum gothmodel alternativemodel metal metalgirl metalmum blackhair paleskin black makeup piercing labret noglasses choker pregnant pregnancy pregnantmum toddler littlegoth metalkid cute littleboy proudmum inthecar dayout

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Comment from Darcie:

Have you had a peek at this ootd yet?

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Guity Rafik🌹💀🌹


Comment from Guity Rafik🌹💀🌹:

💙💎T H E B L U E S 💎💙 Eyes: Tropic Cool x9 palette, Marine Ultra Chromagraphic pencil, Spiked Veluxe brow pencil, In Extra Dimension mascara (Sky is the Limit) Lips: Nice Cheeks Crystal Glaze Gloss, Stripdown lip pencil, Lip Primer Skin: Strobe Cream, Essential Oil, Pro Long wear concealers, Mineralize foundation, Double Gleam skin finish, Give Me Sun skin finish, Warm Soul blush makeupartist makeup mua beauty instamakeup motd makeuplook colorful glow lips eyes skin tattooedgirls inked inkedgirls blue horrorgirl nudelip bestoftheday picoftheday makeupoftheday maccosmetics blueeyes alternativegirl goth gothgirl girl pretty photooftheday navy

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Roxanne Louise Phillips-Moore


Comment from Roxanne Louise Phillips-Moore:

Happy Mother's day to my beautiful Mummy Amanda xxx kawaii alternative goth gothic Gothgoth gothgirl gothicgirl gothmakeup gothicmakeup looe nugoth steampunk grunge mother cute mua makeup makeupartist roxanneghost cybergoth naturalredhead redhair mummy altmum effyourbeautystandards altgirl alternativegirl emo mothersday happymothersday

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Comment from shahab.gothic:

Name : LUNA LORRAINE Tag : gothic and gothicstyle and gothicgirl and gothicart and gothicmetal and gothicartist and gothicgirls and gothica and goth and gothgirl and fashion and witch and witchfashion and gothicmodel and gothicmodels and gothicgirls and sexygoth and sexygothic and sexygothicgirl and sexygothicgirls

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Alix Leffy🐼


Comment from Alix Leffy🐼:

Xx manicpanic crazy single pale anxiety socialanxiety depressed depression girly septumpiercing coloredhair cheekpiercing crueltyfree lgbtq lgbt beauty makeup lashes cute shorthair tumblrgirls gothgirls creepy spooky art love dead dark slay green

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Melissa Darby


Comment from Melissa Darby:

To celebrate Mother's Day in the UK there is 26% off all jewellery today only!! CODE- flashsale26 . . .flashsale momof3 jewellery jewellerysale alternativejewellery gothgirl scenegirl pastelgoth nugothjewellery nugoth instashop sale discountcode pinkhair blackclothing alternativeclothing jewellerytrends jewellerylover happymothersday momofboys silverjewellery earringsale necklacesale gothnecklace

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Léa L. 🌙


Comment from Léa L. 🌙:

Mes amours sont toutes mortes et l'existence est trop lente. Les roses sont fanées depuis longtemps; il neigera bientôt. Il me faut balayer les dernières cendres sur le palier. Va-t-en, toi aussi.

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dan haysom.15


Comment from dan haysom.15:

i love her 💗tumblr grunge bands alternative tumblrgirl aesthetic emo dark occult softgrunge pastel like4like likeforlike hipster sad rock melaniemartinez kawaii killstar goth motionlessinwhite punk metal gothgirl piercings cats pastelgoth heavymetal bmth

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Norma Rivera Zamora


Comment from Norma Rivera Zamora:

Kirby by Koko Irvine on Deviant art PLEASE support and like the drawings there awesome :3 gothic goth gothgirl gothgoth gothboy korean koreangirl geek nerdboy nerdygirl gamergirl gamerboy kirby classicgaming classicgames cartoon artist artistsoninstagram drawing sketch cartoonist

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Ako Blablah


Comment from Ako Blablah:

My work Bloody tieee tie tie BLABLA /// ootd artwork style design londonfashion emogirl punkgirl costume harajuku gothgirl emo punk goth tokyofashion londonpunk fashion harajukufashion japanesefashion jfashion tie alternativefashion anime punkrock cosplay rockgirl model tokyo visualkeiファッション art

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Zarah di Pompeii 🕷🕸♥


Comment from Zarah di Pompeii 🕷🕸♥:

Good morning :) • • • • piercing girlswithpiercings nostril septum microdermalanchor girlwithtattoos girlswithink girlswithink ink inked inkedup tattedup inknotmink tattoo lipstick black grunge witch plugs gothic maccosmetics chanel nyxcosmetics fakeleather choker goth gothgirl vampire harness

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• ONYX •


Comment from • ONYX •:

Happy mommy day to this beautiful woman. I am still baffled how you are strong, intelligent, funny, caring, and beautiful all at once. If I ever have children, I hope that I am the mother to them that you are to me. Thank you for helping me create the mould to be the person I'm meant to be. I miss you everyday that we're not together! So, to my bezzie chum and my mother. Thank you 💖💖💖💖 happymothersday

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Shadow Moon Designs


Comment from Shadow Moon Designs:

"Wand Chooses The Witch" earrings for sale in my Etsy shop! 😊 Link in bio! 🔮✨ earrings jewelry jewelrygram jewelrydesign jewelryaddict jewelrydesigner etsy etsyshop etsyseller etsyjewelry harrypotter jkrowling hogwarts gryffindor slytherin hermionegranger ronweasley snake snape dumbledore magic witch wicca goth gothic gothgirl gothstyle alternative alternativegirl alternativestyle

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Anna-Marie Molnar


Comment from Anna-Marie Molnar:

😈 gothgirl bodymodification girlswithtattoos

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Joleen Andersen


Comment from Joleen Andersen:

💀Skulls & studs💀 skulls skull studs goth gothic gothgirl pastelgoth occult dead fashion spooky spookygirl metal scandinavia scandinaviangirl dark beauty harajuku

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Giulia Eliza


Comment from Giulia Eliza:

Andiaaaaamoooo 🖤 punkrave burleska gothgirl dark godancing dark Black gothic goth roses blackroses newrock newrockboots

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