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• fulltimecreative • diamondtattoo flowertattoo girlytattoos galaxytattoo nebula cosmic nebulatattoo armtattoo tattrx tattoo tattoos tattoom tattooed tattooedgirls ink inks inked inkedup inklove truecolors trueartist tattooartist ankaratattoo equilattera ankara ankaradövme ankaratattoo kacetattooer

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🌛🌕🌜Avalon Rose 🌛🌕🌜


Comment from 🌛🌕🌜Avalon Rose 🌛🌕🌜:

So I have no other bookings today.. so have a selfie, space all tomorrow 10:30-6pm juniorartist ladytattooers iphone7plus inkedgirls instafollow instatattoo instaink bandana pinup rockabilly bestcoat wolverhampton cutetattoos girlytattoos kawaiitattoo 1950s tattoospace booknow tattoodesign

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Mel Perlman


Comment from Mel Perlman:

I am unsure what we were talking about when I videoed this but. "Fashion pumpkins!" It was a pleasure to tattoo you @vanessagaotattoo Come in and hang out, say hi, anytime.

54 Minutes ago

Eric S.


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1 Hours ago

Violet LaVey


Comment from Violet LaVey:

I'm finally back in the shop, boys and girls! Come stop by I have open availability tattoos traditionaltattoo neotraditionaltattoo creepytattoos cutetattoos girlytattoos brutaltattoos metaltattoos trvecvltblackmetal tbdm mayhem mastodon ghostbc thebandghost blackworktattoo horrortattoos psychedelictattoos groovytattoos trippytattoos darkartists deathtattoos prettytattoos inkordie coolkidsclub metalheadgirls metalelitist

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Mel Perlman


Comment from Mel Perlman:

Did this teacup and makeup brushed last night. The lettering was already on her arm. Thanks again Christine, I'm looking forward to the rest of your arm.

1 Hours ago

Sophie Boyens


Comment from Sophie Boyens:

Ti radis retravaillé... tracet :) tattoo tattooday tattoooftheday contouring tattooarm armstattoo tattoogirl tattoogirlz tattoogirls tattooed tattooedgirl tattooedgirls tattooart girlytattoos girly radis tattooing tattooidea tattooist tattooink tattooideas tattoogallery perle boyenssophiegallerie

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Zula Tattoo


Comment from Zula Tattoo:

Clients Designs blackworktattoo blackworkers blackwork blackink darkartist darkworkers finelinetattoo fineliner finelines black casahandmade handmadetattoobogota handmadetattoo zulatattoo zulamorad tatuadora tatuadoracolombiana girlytattoo girlytattoos bogota

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Georgia Rudgley


Comment from Georgia Rudgley:

Drew up these cute little summer pieces because the sun was out and it got me excited. All available! ☀️🌴🌺🍹🐠🐚💜 tropical tropicaltattoo shell seashell seashelltattoo palmtreetattoo palmtree flowertattoo flower heart hearttattoo availabletattoo kawaiitattoo cutetattoo cute girlytattoo girlytattoos girly colourtattoo essex essextattooist uk uktattoo summer sunshine beach

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Mike Buyskes


Comment from Mike Buyskes:

Morning ttt tttism darkart darkartist darkartists neo neotrad neotradsub neotraditional neotraditionaltattoo skull darkcrystal traditionalart flash tattooflash goth gothicart girlytattoos punk grind metal rosetattoo flower flowertattoo mushroomtattoo fungus bird birdtattoo wickeddark bookoflife

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Acacia sewell, 22 ♐


Comment from Acacia sewell, 22 ♐:

A few new additions! . . tattoos littlefingertattoos girlswithtattoos girlytattoos instatattoo fingertattoos hearttattoo dottattoo tattoo tattooed littlefingertattoo heartfingertattoo

2 Hours ago

Carla Pinto


Comment from Carla Pinto:

Amapola. 🌺 tropicaleo watercolortattoo watercolor ink tatuaje inked linetattoo flowertattoo floraltattoo pielstudios puertorico flores girlytattoos

2 Hours ago

Jim Atkins


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3 Hours ago

Just Call Me Kitten. 🥀


Comment from Just Call Me Kitten. 🥀:

Teeny weeny itty bitty watercolor owl. tattooyaya ladytattooers

3 Hours ago

Pamela Bresciani 23 ♑


Comment from Pamela Bresciani 23 ♑:

👸🏰 me pic picoftheday girls girly girl girlwithtattoos girlswithtattoos girlsgeneration girly girlytattoos weirdgirl weird weirdgirl love cute cutest cuteness

3 Hours ago

Salamandra Tattoo Family


Comment from Salamandra Tattoo Family:

Rosita para Pilar!!😍 🌹Gracias!! Dibujo y tatuaje por @silvia_pomar ... .. .. . .. premiademar maresme barcelona vilassar tattoo tatuaje tatuatge tattooart ink rose rosa finearttattoofineartist dots linework dotwork dotstattoo dotworktattoo stipplinglines dotism girlytattoos ladytattooers girlswithtattoos beautiful instamood bestoftheday inspiration tattooinspiration dotworktattoo stippling

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Pamela Bresciani 23 ♑


Comment from Pamela Bresciani 23 ♑:

👸💘 favouritwthing me pic picoftheday girls girly girl girlwithtattoos girlswithtattoos girlsgeneration girly girlytattoos weirdgirl weird weirdgirl love cute cutest cuteness cute💕

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Comment from badgalrachy:

A pic just because 🕺🏽💃🏼 littleblackdress lbd fashionista pinkhairdontcare curlyhair curlygirls girlytattoos girlswithink girlswithtattoos partytime instafashion stylista mirrorselfie pinkhair style instastyle curlyco curlygang ootd ootd tattedup

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skin thirsty


Comment from skin thirsty:

Free hand roses rosetattoo girlytattoos blackandgraytattoo bishoprotary customtattoo dynamicink tommytattoosupplies tattoolife

3 Hours ago

Hailey Slade


Comment from Hailey Slade:

Forgot to post this from Saturday, thanks Bernadette! girlytattoos tattoo tattoos tattooer tattooedwomen tattooedwoman sunflowertattoo beetattoo armtattoos weymouthtattoos tattooistsindorset @osprey_tattoo

4 Hours ago

Iesha Godden Tattoo


Comment from Iesha Godden Tattoo:

Cause the only thing better than Powerpuff Girls and ice cream is Powerpuff Girls ice creams, duh! 💖 ALL AVAILABLE! tattoo tattooapprentice apprenticetattoo apprenticetattooer apprenticetattooist apprenticetattooartist apprenticetattoos apprenticetattooers cartoontattoo cartoontattoos powerpuffgirls powerpuffgirlstattoo icecreamtattoo cutetattoo funtattoo girlytattoos southamptontattoo southamptontattooartist southamptontattoostudio titanictattoos

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Comment from nextleveltattoostudio:

Sweetpeas by @t.brooksaoos firsaoo sweepeas sweepea ribaoo colouraoo girlyaoos radiionalaoo flowers floweraoo wesonsupermare brisol memorialaoo aoois aooer aooaris cusomaoo cueaoos ashabrooks

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Comment from MermaidsPeony🌸:

🦊🌸 gettingready nightout tapntinmondays tapntin vans vansbeanie greyhair silverhair mermaidhair urbandecay nakedpalette wingedeyeliner tattoos girlswithtattoos piercedgirls chestdermals ukcplugs prettygirls uniwigs sg sghopeful sgh alternativegirl alternative cleaveage handtattoo girlytattoos fingertattoos mırrorselfie

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Tattoo Cream


Comment from Tattoo Cream:

Done💪 tattoo tattoos rosetattoo roses ink armtattoo art flowers flowertattoo ny miami worldwide blackandgreytattoo finelineblackandgrey singleneedle girlytattoos tattoogirl tatted

5 Hours ago

Whitney Hopwood


Comment from Whitney Hopwood:

Day 14/21✔️ . ✨Make time for it✨ . Just get it done . Nobody ever got strong or got in shape by thinking about it . They did it👊🏼💪🏼 . Always here to chat😘 . Link in bio👆🏼

6 Hours ago

Rachael Gail


Comment from Rachael Gail:

Finished redraw of my gnarly tattoo! So much better! Pretty colours rather than nasty orange with a more defined cross and patterned anchor. ❤ tattoo tattoo2me tattoos tat tat coverup coveruptattoo redraw colourtattoo colourpop girlytattoos art artwork talent NITalent NorthernIrelandTalent NorthernIreland home perfect attemptnumber3

7 Hours ago

Ash Austin


Comment from Ash Austin:

A cool Jack Skellington I got to start a while back now, that I forgot to post! Super fun can't wait to finish it! tattoo tattooworld tattooist uktattoo uktattooapprentice uktattooapprenticeship tattooapprentice dotworktattoo mandalatattoo tradition traditionaltattoo traditionaltattooflash girlytattoos worldoftattoos paintlife painting worldofart tattooart girlswithtattoos uktattoo boyswithtattoos fingertattoo tattoodesigns tattooflash availabledesigns tattoome wip lichfieldtattoo lichfield

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Small Tats


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// R O S A R Y // small tattoos smalltattoos tattoocrazy smaltats quotestoliveby lifequotes body art bodyart bodyiscanvas tatssmall fingertattoo tinytats tinytattoos blackink inked ink wristtattoo cute instatattoo handtattoo ankletatto inkedgirls diamond diamondtattoo chic girlytattoos

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Lee Jack


Comment from Lee Jack:

crownelectrictattoo booktattoo girlytattoos girlswithtattoos creativetattoos lasvegasink

8 Hours ago

Liezel Beerman

Comment from Liezel Beerman:

Recently redrew an old design. Can't wait to paint it ✨🖤 liezelbeermanart

8 Hours ago

✨ Liezel ✨


Comment from ✨ Liezel ✨:

Recently redrew an old design. Will paint it this weekend when I get some spare time 😊follow my art page for all my art posts ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨

8 Hours ago

Bobbie Dazzler


Comment from Bobbie Dazzler:

Some more wee birdies birdtattoo bird tattooflash tattooflashmelbourne linework fineliner flash flashworkers drawing melbournetattoos melbournetattoo melbournetattooflash melbourne melburn australia art drawing traditionaltattoo tradtattoo tattoodesign girlytattoos cutetattoo apprentice apprenticetattoo tattooapprentice inktricate ink inked

8 Hours ago

Tattoo U Cardiff


Comment from Tattoo U Cardiff:

All these designs are up grabs drop me a message for booking details. cardiff cardifftattoo southwales wales uk uktattooartists uktattoo ink inkedgirls inkedup tattoo tattoos tattooed tattooer blackandwhite tattoodesign tattooflash flashtattoo girlytattoos tattooedgirls moon heart art arty instaart digitalart digitalpainting neotraditionaltattoo traditionaltattoo illustration

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