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Comment from Kimberly:

happynationalpuppyday toocoldtocelebrate namasteinbed yorkie yorkienaptime . πŸ“²custom Procreate & applepencil πŸ–Œ custom brush made with procreate . . ipadlettering ipadpro ipadproart applepencil applepencilart pinkpearlsandposies typespire typelove typegang goodtype welovetype typography ligaturecollective strengthinletters typographyinspired moderncalligraphy modernscript modernlettering learnlettering flourish flourishforum calligrafriends handletteredabcs

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Lai Holahan


Comment from Lai Holahan:

Today was upper body training . Started with 2 , 10 lbs Dumbbells and I could feel the burn. Having access to many variations of workouts helps me schedule what type of training is due for the day It's not about looking good. It's about feeling good . When you feel good, it translates to the rest of your day. You will be more patient and more focus . You will be a better parent. You will be more productive and effective human being. Are you ready to be an effective person and improve the quality of your life ? Comment below or personal message me hardwork healthyliving healthylife flourish willpower mommy momof2 momlife motivator mommygoals rnlife superrn registerednurse

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Kishna J


Comment from Kishna J:

hustleher businesswoman businessmogul mogulmom out here grinding ppl!! grantwriter businessconsultant businessbabe I will flourish !!

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Irfan Renaldi


Comment from Irfan Renaldi:

Hello, Im Card Flourish, how about you ? pinrang cardflourish cardartist cardistry video flourish card

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Comment from Aubrey:

Daily light work outs, good eats, lots of art therapy, lots of boyfriend, new job, life. Excuse me, I'm F l O U R I S Hing. 🌻🌻🌻 self flourish

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Comment from joy_and_pigment:

Shoutout to my elementary bff, Ashleigh! @asshhie.k I appreciate all of the support and encouragement you are giving me to pursue my love for the arts! Mahalo 🌺

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Theresia Tarisa


Comment from Theresia Tarisa:

Learn to love beautyandthebeast disney

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Carolina Ledezma Carrasco


Comment from Carolina Ledezma Carrasco:

WIP. Vectors. Still lot to polish.πŸ–‹πŸ€“ . . . handmadefont typematters typegang tipografia lettering type script ilovetype tatooscript customtype thedailytype typographyporn typeeverything vector typoholic typo typetopia typography typespot wip s beziers flourish graphicdesign

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Comment from TheSilverQupcake:

Flourish with life. flourish life honey milk eggs stor preheatovento350degreesfahrenheit flowercrown gay

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Comment from Tim:

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸš€πŸ’­ To love deeply for another, for this, there are no words. Adapting to the needs of not only your love, but to the love of another, is where true selflessness awaits. Love and self evolve, allow yourself this change β€’ β€’ Love Deeply Live Life Happy ChangeIsForever Evolve Flourish Quotes Poetry

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Comment from #lizainbloom:

Unfiltered and unapologetic. bloominginfinitely comingsoonβ€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ poems poetry poets poetrycommunity poetsofinstagram writerscommunity whyiwrite whatiwriteabout writersofinstagram lizainbloom originalwork prose confessions haiku haikus haikurotica pocwriters pocartists pocpoets loversandfriends growth progress forgiveness flourish flourishing

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Kaity πŸ”


Comment from Kaity πŸ”:

Fri-yay πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Weekend, please hurry your tooshie up β˜€οΈπŸ™πŸΌπŸ“| yay for over edited photos procrastination101

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Comment from Shanaya:

Glow as you grow πŸŒžπŸŒ›βœ¨

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Comment from Artinicks:

Today's photo 😊 artinicks cardistry cardistrylife cardporn flourish playingcards cards deck thevirts virtuoso launchedition art studio

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Comment from πŸ’‹G.GonzalezπŸ’‹:

Finally boarding and heading to Los Angeles..... so excited! Sooo looking forward to this weekend! πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― @ultimatesuccesstour entrepreneur Passion Purpose Colors vida Proposito Dreams Vision leader growth night sky destiny destined2win shifting vibes Refuel Flourish training losangeles DontLetTheLashesFoolYou

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Comment from Evan:

Part of a split. painting watercolour floral blackwork tattooflash blacktattoo tttism flourish blackandgrey ornamental

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Comment from Meredith:

82/365 My way of saying "thank you" to our wonderful neighbors πŸ’πŸ’• bananabread

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Comment from Lil:

coffee caffeine fix pattern flourish

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Comment from Liam:

My life is so fucked up rn. Β° Β° Β° Snapchat: lookingback0 Β° Β° Β° abandonedskateskateboarding all_is_abandonedic_urbexjj_urbexig_abandoneddecay_nationkings_abandonedmagic magician streetmagician streetmagic bicycleplayingcards bicycle cards flourish theory11 ellusionist ellusion playingcards doubleback tragicroyalty 52kards

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Mindful Hearts


Comment from Mindful Hearts:

Each day comes bearing it's own gifts. Unite the ribbons.πŸ’• . . . . flourish floral_perfection flowers roses peonies peony white tea photography

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Latoya Tolbert


Comment from Latoya Tolbert:

Super excited about the leap of faith my brother and sister-n-love have taken...Single or Married...Engaged or Relationship...I would love for you to follow and stay connected :: Love that they desire to see healthy marriages :: Please take a moment to follow this page and share with others @made_for_marriage :: MadeForMarriage marriage mentors kingdommarriages flourish prosper grace love twobecomeone

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Sarah Richardson


Comment from Sarah Richardson:

Practicing this P today πŸ’• calligraphy passion practice

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Ethan Butler


Comment from Ethan Butler:

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The Positivity Project


Comment from The Positivity Project:

Honoured to contribute to this great message @staugsydney apositivityproject mindfulnessmasculinity smilingmind positiveeducationinaction positiveeducation respect honour hope viacharacterstrengths mentors menofhonour thrive flourish

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Austin Mankins


Comment from Austin Mankins:

Blooming like a flower cardistry flourish playingcards cards

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F Phyllis Macaluso


Comment from F Phyllis Macaluso:

florals foliates flourish envelope engrossersscript penpal penmanship penandink pointedpen copperplate flourish envelope mail snailmail watercolor watercolorpainting winsorandnewton gouache sakuraofamerica finetec gold calligraphy envelopes

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lord flourish


Comment from lord flourish:

Jus cuz irkoriginals🎨 majinbig majinbuu flourish been did it

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Perth Nutritionist


Comment from Perth Nutritionist:

TREATS! Eating treats occasionally isn't such a bad thing. It's why I call them "sometimes" foods, not "bad" foods (or "everyday" foods 😜). If eating something sweet once or twice a week brings you joy then don't feel guilty. Enjoy that cake! Go for homemade treats like these at Little Willys Cafe and there's no preservatives or additives in it so it's a little better for you than mass produced packets of biscuits.

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Who Made Your Jewelry 🌞🌾


Comment from Who Made Your Jewelry 🌞🌾:

On the hunt for Art Deco Jewelry in sad, beautiful Buffalo, I stumbled across the Fontana Boat House. franklloydwright buffalony

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Janary Suyat de Godoy


Comment from Janary Suyat de Godoy:

The great reveal! janarycreates 30daysofbiblelettering livingword biblelettering christiancreative flourish lightgiver

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Comment from Lettering.Pi:

Everything changes... calligraphy kaligrafi calligrafia rockyourhandwriting calligrapher calligraffiti calligraphymasters handwriting handmadefont handlettering flourish change

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Sebastian Ortega


Comment from Sebastian Ortega:

swapcard cardswitch royalflush poker tallyho magictrick trick slight aceofspades cardchange flourish cheating

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Kay A.


Comment from Kay A.:

Back to the shimmer πŸ˜†β™₯️✨ Yep..that's finetec! And yep..I'm obsessed πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ . . There's still time to use promo code KAYCALLIGRAPHY17 @colirocolors to save 10% off your entire order!! Hurry though..code expires on the 25th!!

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