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Chase Castillo


Comment from Chase Castillo:

Throwing it back to having ab veins and round shoulders!!!😜πŸ’ͺ throwback throwbackthursday tbt fit fitness fitfam fitlife fitspo gym gymlife contestprep npc mensphysique lean abs shredz lifestyle motivation dedication goals goodvibes photooftheday

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Validus Fitness & Training


Comment from Validus Fitness & Training:

Friday morning well spent with these ladies smashing out their Boxing session this morning! Power Effort ✊🏾 another AWESOME session ladies. youvsyou youvsyouboxingcrew fridayboxing fridaysdoneright youvsyouboxing validusstrongher instafitness fitfam boxfit boxingworkout teamvalidus validusfitnessandtraining

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Comment from April:

tbt when @andrewmaguirephoto took some fun fitness photos back in Michigan . . . . fitnessmotivation fitlife fitfam photography

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Kassie GarciaπŸ’œπŸŽ€πŸ’ͺ


Comment from Kassie GarciaπŸ’œπŸŽ€πŸ’ͺ:

Dinner in the stratosphere tonight! 108 stories up! @bug_boy68 getthemgainz imatter imworthit fitness fitfam wwsmartpoints weightwatchers followmyfitnessjourney followmetogetfit myjourney myfitnessjourney fitnesslife sweatingforthewedding sweating followme followforfollow follow4follow likemystuff likemypicture likeforlike like4like l4l f4f fighttogetfit inspiration determination determinedtobefit fromfattofit fitnessislife lookinggood

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Comment from Marcela!!πŸ’œπŸ˜¬πŸ’ͺπŸ˜ŠπŸ’‹:

A strong woman looks a challenge dead in the eye and gives it a wink. πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜πŸ‘‘πŸ˜‰ . . . . . . . . . . . . strong women goals motivation girls instagram fit fitness bodybuilding smile eyes beautiful fun adventure dreams love happiness fitfam fitspo training workout focus determination body cute fitgirl gym gymlife fitnessaddict goodnight

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Nadja Weidig


Comment from Nadja Weidig:

Better bend than break 🐍 LovingPresence yoga yogalove meditation happy igyoga igyogafam amazing asana love transformation yogi yogagirl yogaeverydamnday potd instagood instadaily instafit practice practiceandalliscoming bestoftheday namaste motivation spreadlove training fitfam DoYourYogaAndAllIsComing yogachallenge

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Comment from RobinSpamer:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZYZZ! Thanks for chaanging my life RIP bro zyzz zyzzlegacy zyzzbrah birthday inspiration legend fitfam venividivici

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Jake Vanness


Comment from Jake Vanness:

I'd like to start a new series called thursdaythoughts . What has been on my mind recently is the topic of body image! I am about a year into my fitness journey, and I have to say, I have made a ton of progress. Even with that progress, sometimes I look at another physique, and think about how I am not as good as that physique. It is such a bad habit to get in to! With that, I have made it goal to not compare myself to someone else. Nothing good can come from it. Sure, you might not be at the point you want to be, but you have to look at your journey as a whole. It is all part of the process, trust in it, trust in yourself! Wish all of you a great rest of your day! - Also, I have a blog(link in bio) that I post all my daily workouts and such! Check it out if you are interested! iifym flexibledieting thursdaythoughts mensfitness motivation inspire bethebestyou fitfam fitnessjourney

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Jadale John (Jadalé)


Comment from Jadale John (Jadalé):

I know my limits,I just don't pay attention to them. . . . . Hope y'all had a great sesh!πŸ’ͺ. . . . bodybuilding gym fitness motivation fitfam fit workout npc muscle gains bodybuilder fitspo physique aesthetics beastmode ifbb shredded girlswholift dedication gymrat nopainnogain 1stphorm legionofboom nextlevelshit ironaddict personaltrainer coach goals success entrepreneur

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Mark Chua


Comment from Mark Chua:

Animal Flex 44 Packs The complete joint support stack Php.1,750 CONTACT US: Tel: 353-0843 VIBER: 0908-487-0200 (sun) 0922-858-6558 (globe) 0995-887-1358 We also do meet up and shipping. For more details and inquiries you may call/text us now STORE LOCATION: πŸ“112 new ylang ylang bldg. door 2, D Tuazon st. Corner Maria Clara, Brgy. Lourdes Q.C LANDMARK: serenitea Store hours: Mon.-Fri. 10am-6pm Sat. 10am-4pm Sun. Closed Follow us for the best price Kindly like and follow FB:Animal Pak PH IG: @animalpakph WWW.PHILSUPPLEMENTS.COM.PH teamphilsupplements teamphilsup philsupplements gymrat gymratnation musclepharm musclepharmph musclepharmnation trainhard bodybuilding bodybuilders onlineshopping fitfam igbody instafit followmeplease followme fitnessfirst gainweightnow

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Comment from Fit24Seven365:

:) fitfam cardio fitnessgoals fitspo fitlife getfit gymtime weighttraining noexcuses goalsetting gymlife workout weights fitnessaddict trainhard fitness getoutside getstrong treadmill nopainnogain youcandoit fitnessmotivation gym sweat girlswholift personaltrainer

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Claudio πŸ‡¦πŸ‡·


Comment from Claudio πŸ‡¦πŸ‡·:

@Regrann from @micaela.viscido - - regrann πŸ‡¦πŸ‡· huge hugearms bodyhuge bodybuilding big bicepsday muscles fitnessmotivation fitfam doyouevenlift superwoman badass fbb bodybuilder bodybuilding flex omg hardbody gains gainz abs biceps traps triceps ripped shredded ifbb aesthetics musclewomen ifbb aesthetics ifbbpro

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T A M β˜€οΈ Self Love Squad


Comment from T A M β˜€οΈ Self Love Squad:

Been M.I.A recently! I have been having the most fun and I've been the happiest that I have been in TOO LONG! Choose recovery. Choose your life. Choose health. Choose a new mentality. Choose freedom. Choose happiness. Choose recovery and make it your choice πŸ’š . . . . . . nourishnotpunish realcovery recoveringed recoveringaussies healthylifestyle flexitarian edwarrior fitfam eatittobeatit vegan eatingdisorderrecovery healthyrecovery balancednotclean recovered healthynotskinny eatittobeatit prorecovery selflove foodie strongnotskinny fightingforfit postivevibes inspo recoveryaccount foodphotography recoveryisworthit

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Fayaz Aziz


Comment from Fayaz Aziz:

Meal of the evening. tritip bbq broccoli zucchini postworkout eatclean vegetables protein fitness fitfam keepitreal dontcheatyourself gains

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D.j. Lusciouz


Comment from D.j. Lusciouz:

Many have asked what my one meal a day might look like... this is what tonight looks like. Calories: 1453 out of 2046 - optional 593 cals Left Protein: 110 g / Fat: 69g / Carbohydrates: 105 justwinbaby bodybuilding thehodgetwins allkindsofgains health fitfam fit fitness fitnessmotivation workout motivation gym healthy intermittentfasting cleaneating myjourney newlife getfit likesforlikes instafit picoftheday ifitfitsyourmacros pictureoftheday

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Sadie Jade


Comment from Sadie Jade:

I love mornings lately wake up to my lil, playtime and fresh spring air 🌱makeitcount fitfam cardio onedayatatime lifestylechange nike gymhairdontcare nothinghappensovernight yeti sexy tattoos bosslady spoilmyself eatclean gettingfit gettingthere getactive superfoods protein raw goodness fitness healthy eatclean fitspiration

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Funch : Functional Snack Food


Comment from Funch : Functional Snack Food:

Here comes the weekend πŸ™Œ and with it LOTS of family activities including sport, lunches, an auction and hopefully a little bit of relaxing! We have 2 bowls of these delicious protein balls in the fridge ready to go... the kids love them as much as the adult - WIN-WIN πŸ˜‰ They are a fab grab-and-go Snack funchfood fitfam foodforhealth foodprep weekendvibes healthymum familyfood fitfood healthysnacks proteinballs protein blissballs snacks energysnacks premix makeathome grabfood snackright

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Comment from ThatFlexTho:

'tis bulking season πŸŽ„πŸ’ͺ🏿 Everyone has a different reason to meal prep. Some do it to save money, some do it to save time, and some do it just to look damn good in the mirror. I can tell you for sure that it can do all of the above for you! But remember consistency is key πŸ”‘ MealPrep SaveMoney TimeSaver LookGood FitFam 2017 Health Workout Bulking BulkingSeason Consistency Food FoodPorn Bulk Diet Gym Mass Gains CookInBulk Cutting CuttingSeason WeightLoss WeightGain Macros

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Danny Lewis


Comment from Danny Lewis:

mindset motivation life funkytown fortworth roguefitness rogue fit fitfam fitspo fitmind lifestyle fitness workout gym lift cleaneating nutrition train life

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Becky Brookes


Comment from Becky Brookes:

Can I just stay here? It's too cold to get out of bed today! earlymorning sleeplessnight cold

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Joe Bruno


Comment from Joe Bruno:

Stiff legged sled - walk on ur heels pushing the sled using only ur glutes and hamstrings. / Sometimes u have to think outside the πŸ“¦

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Comment from J.Is.Getting.Fit.16:

Word fitness fitnessjourney fitnessmotivation fit weightloss fitspo weightlosstransformation weightlossjourney weightlossmotivation fitfam healthy healthyeating newme letsdothis myfitnesspal fitgirl healthjourney fitnessgoals fitspiration weightlossgoals healthgoals eatinghealthy gethealthy goals transformation thyroid transformationjourney healthylifestyle thestruggleisreal noexcuses

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Lomis Herbal Remedies


Comment from Lomis Herbal Remedies:

Eating healthy while you are taking organic remedies will not only help you recover faster but you will feel better throughout your day πŸ₯™πŸ₯—πŸ₯•πŸ…

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Quentin Chan


Comment from Quentin Chan:

It has never occured to me how much work I have put into my sumo pull. Looking back to this pull with 200kg from 2 years vs. Wednesday's 200kg, it may not look like a lot has changed but it definitely has. It feels nice to know that all that work has paid off and that my pulls have never looked better. It's all about the small steps🚢 - Also, it's awesome to see that @tarooinator has been there since the very beginning of my powerlifting journey and has been there for me ever since he gave me that white light β™₯

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Nic Gonzales


Comment from Nic Gonzales:

Signed up for my first 5k in over 3 years and gave myself 3 days to train needless to say Saturday is race day and I'm worried πŸ˜…

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Comment from shells_food_diary:

Something new to try while we walk around!

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Comment from mylkand_hunnies:

Cheers to all the idealist hopes for productivity I woke up with 🍻 may even a quarter of those plans come true πŸ™ˆ anyone else feel like maybe they have their life together, even for a moment, when necking blended greens πŸƒπŸƒ wishfulthinking

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🍩 Cam Crump 🍩


Comment from 🍩 Cam Crump 🍩:

πŸ• When you can't lift your arms after your shoulder lift, it means your selfie is gonna be blurry af! But hey, you get the point... πŸ• 2weeksout pizzadreams veins vascular whatarecarbs trusttheprocess

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Comment from Sherry:

Yes. That is pizza. And it isn't a cheat meal! I fit those into my macros! Magic of flexible dieting y'all! 😍 I don't wanna call something bad food or food that I can't eat, coz food is supposed to fuel you. No food is bad! When I do wanna eat out, I go online and check the macros. I log those in first thing in the morning, and then plan my entire day around that. So that might mean eating food that is lower in fats or carbs the rest of the day. But, I get to eat pizza!!!! πŸ˜‹ gymselfie gymrat gymlife gymflow gymaddict lifting fitnessdubai fitnessdubaigirls chickswholift girlswholift lifting exercise workout fitness fitnessaddict fitchicks fitgirls fitfamuae strongisthenewsexy girlswholift weightloss weightlossinspiration weightlifting weightlossjourney motivation fitspo fitsporation fitfam loveyourbody selflove uaefitgirls feedfeed

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Aspire To Inspire Fitness


Comment from Aspire To Inspire Fitness:

Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time. aspiretoinspirefitness changinglives hustleformuscle hustlers

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Kevin Miles


Comment from Kevin Miles:

Going to have some news on Friday so stay tuned. fitfam _______________________________________________ shoulderday riseandgrind fight nevergiveup neversettle pushforward motivational motivation dedication conquer fitmen fitness bodybuild aesthetic shredded humble delts physique fitguys takecontrol lohq mindset milesmuscle

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Rhyze Macnamara


Comment from Rhyze Macnamara:

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πŸ’‹ Moy Outhavong


Comment from πŸ’‹ Moy Outhavong:

Deficit deadlifts 87.5kgs 1x8 1x7 - video, but did 6 reps 1x6 1x5 _ When I'm meant to do 7 but I did 6 instead because I don't know how to count past 3 reps. Then the next set I was meant to do 6 but I lost count again and I don't even know if I did 5, 6 or 7. πŸ˜• πŸ€” NeedAPersonalRepCounter _ Working on my technique and confusing myself at the same time. Working on speed off the ground and more power in the lockout. But in these sets I wasn't following through. Normally I do push my hips through but not with enough speed. Next set was better. At a lower weight it's a good time to fine tune your technique without the weight making it harder.

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