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Анастасия Батюченко


Comment from Анастасия Батюченко:

Last winter I showed you one my traditional art with fairytale character-Lunolik.🍂🍃🌒Hohoho...finally I finished my first digital art(and I chose my cute fox-girl for it)🎨💛Прошлой Зимой я показывала арт в традишке с героиней моей сказки-Лунолик.🍂🍃🌒Хохохо..наконец я закончила мой первый диджитал(и для него я выбрала как раз мою лису)🎨💛mylife myart digital digitalart myfirstdigitalart yuzukiart byyuzuki firstdigitalart firstdigitalpainting finishedart lunolikfox lunolikthefox lunolik fairytale fairytalecharacter foxgirl march march2017 springishere диджитал первыйдиджитал лисаоборотень Лунолик Луноликлиса изсказки обожаюрисовать brightcolord paiting colors painttoolsai

11 Days ago

Boris Zaporožac


Comment from Boris Zaporožac:

sculptris sculpture alien aliens art blackandwhite digitalart digitaldrawing conceptart digitalpainting firstdigitalpainting First sculpture in Sculptris program, it's not finished yet, but here's a little preview.

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A Human Marshmellow


Comment from A Human Marshmellow:

GUYS! Guess what I did?? I finally drew digitally! Im so happy with how it turned out :). Its my first non doodle post! fuckyeah artofinstagram firstdigitalpainting art🎨 artoftheday yay artsy fartsy artwork artistsofinstagram artistic_discover

21 Days ago



Comment from isabellah.draws:

THIS WAS IT! MY FIRST DIGITAL PAINTING, EVER. Sorry, it took so long :( It's quite hard to get the hang of this, but I think this is not so bad (it took forever tho). Aaand, in the computer the colours are so much different, it makes me sad. Oh well. Hope you like it (: . Have a good day/night 💙 artaccount artacc drawingaccount drawingacc art myart drawing mydrawing digital digitalart digitalpainting digitaldrawing firstdigitalpainting ohwell coloured coloureddrawing earthwithoutartiseh iliveforart

21 Days ago

Kayla Navarro


Comment from Kayla Navarro:

Finally finished this digital portrait of the goat 🤘🏽🖤🔥 much love and positive vibes when I met nico so he wanted me to draw a picture of him and I did and honestly this is the first piece that I'm actually proud of and like so thanks Nico for the recommendation 🤑✨

27 Days ago

Aditi Basrur


Comment from Aditi Basrur:

Who'd want to eat this sleepy croissant ?? My first attempt at digitally painting food. What better way than to start with @36daysoftype @cartoonmangostudios 36daysoftype 36daysoffood 36daysoftype_C firstdigitalpainting photoshop illustration digitalpainting food typography type

33 Days ago



Comment from Vix:

What's the use of feeling blue? Spoilers! Blue Diamond from Steven Universe! It's my first digital painting, so it's pretty rough but I want to do more. It took me like 10 hours total. You do NOT have permission to steal, re-upload/re-post this artwork under any circumstances. If you want to share it or whatever, I'll be putting it up on Tumblr and I'll link the post. Constructive critique is welcome and appreciated! ^u^ - - - - - - - stevenuniverse stevenuniverseart stevenuniversefandom stevenuniversediamonds stevenuniversespoilers stevenuniversefanart stevenuniversebluediamond stevenuniversebluediamondfanart bluediamond bluediamondfanart bluediamondstevenuniverse bluediamondstevenuniversefanart su subluediamond digitalart digitalpainting firstdigitalpainting bluediamondpainting whatelsedoitag vixsart

51 Days ago

Amanda Sabia


Comment from Amanda Sabia:

Did my first digital painting of a pomegranate for last weeks fruit homework! It was a challenge but a lot of fun! 😬😬. . . digitalart digitaldrawing adobe illustration firstdigitalpainting digitalpainting bristlebrush pomegranate fruitart fruitporn realism drawing newmedium

51 Days ago

Melania Marino


Comment from Melania Marino:

firstdigitalpainting itried notreallygood inspired nature naturelover fruits 🍎🍐🍋🍉🍒

59 Days ago

Maryam Mh


Comment from Maryam Mh:

digital digitalpainting photoshop firstdigitalpainting moon skyanimation background cintiq

72 Days ago

Charlotte Annabelle


Comment from Charlotte Annabelle:

He is Back ! 🌱 groot lesgardiensdelagalaxie guardiansofthegalaxie babygroot iamgroot Gamora marvel marvelstudio myart drawingoftheday drawing draw dessin art_gallery artpipl artwork art_spotlight art illustration illustrated painting digitalpainting firstdigitalpainting cinema

73 Days ago



Comment from Gracy👑:

throwbackthursday Posting some of my old paintings which I failed to share .. I hope even a little spark can motivate and inspire people to start a big move.. This was my very first digital painting which I done back in 2014. Before that I never used to paint anything with colors in digital/traditional way.. I started to draw when I was in grade 6 and that too for a fun competitions... I never realised my gift for arts and done that for fun throughout my school days. In 2014, with all possible challenges I decided to bring my best and this came out as a voice for my calling... then I tired to paint traditionally with all possible mediums to find out my signature 😊.. Im proud and thankful for everything happened so far in my life🙏 I'll continues to post some interesting stuff with my arts in near future.. thank u... By the way, this was completely drawn in GIMP FOSS and Linux Mint oldpainting eye eyepainting enchantressgrace digitalart digitalpainting firstdigitalpainting opensourcesoftware painting art throwback digitalartist inspiration motivation thursday nofilter picoftheday photooftheday instadaily instagood tbt love instagram instamoment life

75 Days ago

Frympomaa Buckman


Comment from Frympomaa Buckman:

Thank you Israel...2017 gift....digitalpaintingsfirstdigitalpaintingselflovefinegirlthingscurls

82 Days ago

Trikusuma Nanda


Comment from Trikusuma Nanda:

She is my Queen, my cleopatra and my inspiration. I'm never leave her no matter what the future bring 👸 illustration illustrations illust characterdesign character characters digitalpainting digital digitalart firstdigitalpainting

87 Days ago

Jane Ng


Comment from Jane Ng:

Scarlett's first digital art piece! I put it up the big screen and I think it's the best looking animal amongst the rest. The others... simply lacks creativity and imagination. 😂 scarlettyew mummybias babyart firstdigitalpainting worldthroughtheeyesofachild

113 Days ago



Comment from laura_brmnn:

selfportrait, 2015 // firstdigitalpainting sketch selfie painting drawing illustration art me selfpotrait portrait allblack grunge oldie

114 Days ago

Joni Salang-oy


Comment from Joni Salang-oy:

firstdigitalpainting breather

117 Days ago

J R a e D r a w s


Comment from J R a e D r a w s:

First ever digital painting, it's not finished yet I'm still trying to figure out how to paint 😁 😄 😊 😃 ✍💻 study digitalpaintingdeer digitalillustration photoshopfirstdigitalpainting

135 Days ago



Comment from Maureen:

firstdigitalpainting wacom illustration fashionillustration art instaart instaartist design backstageparisshows kenzo vogue

162 Days ago

Abhinav Chaudhary


Comment from Abhinav Chaudhary:

Little cartoon effect me firstdigitalpainting digitalpainting happywiththeoutcome

167 Days ago

Pooja Thapa


Comment from Pooja Thapa:

Posting some artwork after a long long time firstdigitalpainting blonde hairart

170 Days ago

Aricson Tarasova


Comment from Aricson Tarasova:

Working on my first digital painting with the help of Ipad Pro in Procreate^^ Mixing digital colors is different than mixing pigments. digitalpainting digitalart firstdigitalpainting ipadpro procreate procreateapp

185 Days ago

Jun Wong


Comment from Jun Wong:

印象最深刻的角色有两个 - 从天上掉下来的天使,和不老不死的死神。 my first digital painting portrait portraitpainting digitalpainting digitalportrait photostudy firstdigitalpainting

189 Days ago

Bozsó Máté


Comment from Bozsó Máté:

My first digital abstract work. See this painting in original resolution at my DeviantART. abstract digitalpainting artrage wacom stranger shade shadow firstdigitalpainting

189 Days ago

Rolando Solorzano


Comment from Rolando Solorzano:

firstdigitalpainting wacom adobe everythingisok gear art digitalpaint learning progress needswork series clothing nyc manhattan bronx motthaven southbronx paint

240 Days ago

Jenifer Annie Gicano


Comment from Jenifer Annie Gicano:

First try. 😅🙈 Digitalpaint eye greeneye firstdigitalpainting

248 Days ago

Claire Suson Illustrations

Comment from Claire Suson Illustrations:

Finished my first photoshop tutorial through @svslearn and learned a lot! firstdigitalpainting frog photoshop cute somuchmoretolearn

254 Days ago

Lou Kneath


Comment from Lou Kneath:

An important moment for any artist - knowing your work is complete. 😊😅🎨👧🏼👏 firstdigitalpainting mylittleartist cloudscapestudios youngestrecruit

265 Days ago

Sarthak Kathuria


Comment from Sarthak Kathuria:

Self Portrait 01 FirstDigitalPainting DigitalPortrait WacomIntuos WacomIntuosDraw PenTablet SelfPortrait Art DigitalArt Illustration RayBan JohnLennonGlasses DigitalPainting LightAndShadow Flat PaperTexture AdobePhotoshop

291 Days ago

Mateusz Pohl


Comment from Mateusz Pohl:

My first date with digital painting, simple cheap stylus and @procreateapp That was fun and not so easy as I thought. digitalpainting procreate digitalart firstdigitaldrawing firstdigitalpainting

292 Days ago



Comment from Maelynn:

This is my first crack at a digital painting and I love the turn out. It’s inspired by true life as always. Sitting out on our front porch, sipping hot tea during spring rain is truly one of life’s delights. I wanted to capture that feeling in a painting. I’ve been feeling eager for the future and have begun prepping for conventions in 2017. So that means serious prints time! For more fun stuff check out my Tumblr (listed on my Instagram page) or Little Red Panda Comics on Happy Wednesday guys :) sliceoflife creativeprocess lifesdelights littleredpandacomics firstdigitalpainting rainydaysandtea lovecreating springshowers

341 Days ago

Anubhav Chauhan


Comment from Anubhav Chauhan:

My first and last digital painting merida brave digitalpainting digitalart photoshop firstdigitalpainting talnts art artist instaart picoftheday instalike disney hardwork digital pentab artwork bowandarrow arrow patience painting drawing

344 Days ago

Abhijith Shenoy


Comment from Abhijith Shenoy:

Falls!! 😘😜😜digitalpainting creative nature adventure waterfalls firstdigitalpainting

1 Years ago