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Cici T


Comment from Cici T:

3 busy, sleepy and happy girls 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻foodhuntwfatfatc lunch coffee fathand

55 Minutes ago

I♥Makeup, perfume,shoes&bags


Comment from I♥Makeup, perfume,shoes&bags:

When the chokers feeling uncomfortable around the neck(fat girl issues) use it as a bracelet 😂.. @riverisland jewellery necklace choker choker necklace jewellery accessories ring weddingring weddingband fathand henna mehndi washingissues colourgone beauty makeupobsessed makeupaddicts makeuphoarders makeuplovers instapic instadaily

1 Hours ago



Comment from lana:

Proud👊👊 Tags~ binge ugly hate hatemyself fat fathand fatarm skinny wannabeskinny depressed depressedquotes depression ana anorexìa mia anorexic wanttodie weightloss weightgain thínso meanspo purge bipolar bi ed eatingdisorderproblems eatingdisorder ribs bone skinnyleg weightgain hate

17 Hours ago



Comment from lana:

So so fat😭

17 Hours ago

C H L O E T A N 👻


Comment from C H L O E T A N 👻:

💜TINGE💜 💜GRAPES💜 tinge grapes fuyoh! blackwatch shoes straw delicious tasty fathand b612

2 Days ago

Michael K. DiGiovanni Norton


Comment from Michael K. DiGiovanni Norton:

Gym StillOutHere FatHand Hurts Healing LegsAndCore Only Long6Weeks Summer17 IronAddict MugFace CastUp YeahBuddy FitFam CompleteNutrition LLL LegalLimitsLabs Go to Complete Nutrition in Meridian on Eagle! Tell them I sent you in and get some money off your purchase!🔥💪💣💊 GONOW COMPLETENUTRITION BRANDATHLETE AMBASSADORGAME

3 Days ago



Comment from Lori:

When your hand decides to swell for the day.. fathand mediumtolargeglove empanadahand

3 Days ago



Comment from jacob_idc:

So what happened was I axidentaly ran Reeses hand over by my hover and than he said it didn't hurt so I wanted to be a man so then I ran it over and then my hand got cought in the wheel and keep spinning so now I have this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 like super smart😂

5 Days ago

Hayley Barker


Comment from Hayley Barker:

Nothing beats a new set of nails 😊💅🏻 ombré nude nails acrylics shellac fathand

6 Days ago

Lora Dora


Comment from Lora Dora:

Too hot for strapping and slings and braces. So I took it off and that's some mighty fine bruising I've got there. Also, look at the fucking size of my hand 😂. Oh FML. ehlersdanlossyndrome edsproblems edsawareness subluxation makeinvisiblevisible fathand brusing swelling spoonie spoonielife toofuckinghot

7 Days ago



Comment from AmandaSmxo:

Of course this bottle will be the love bottle, because love is painful and so was this 😂😳 fml my hand is fat handtattoo fathand moneycantbuyyoulove tink dedicatedtomygirl

7 Days ago



Comment from Bdog:

Vegas in style fathand nirvana nosleep

8 Days ago



Comment from T.J:

Fully loving this colour 😍😍gingerhair ginger orange apricot dyedhair directionshairdye shade loveit instagram instahair instalike like4like instastyle fun crazy nomakeup me greeneyes closeup 17 instalove poping vibrant haileywilliams inspired look unqiue fathand smile halfface

8 Days ago



Comment from Cherri:

sausagefingers noknuckles fathand

8 Days ago

Alice in her Wonderland👅


Comment from Alice in her Wonderland👅:

All white errrrrythang🌼🌼🌼 . . . nofil love beauty fashion motd ootd snapshot instagood instadaily instafashion blackandwhite tattooed rings watches jewelry england traveling makeupaddict cute beauty blonde polishgirl italiangirl mixedraces polishgirl nail fathand fatfingers

8 Days ago

Dan Blackford ✍🎨📸🌍


Comment from Dan Blackford ✍🎨📸🌍:

Congratulations to the guys that put @norlyefestival together, what a great couple of days! 🌞🌞🌞 So proud to see my design work going down so well, it might not be the last we see of Beardy Dude yet. festival beer NL10 music fathand

8 Days ago

Ashley Lloyd-Jones


Comment from Ashley Lloyd-Jones:

Trying to get that all round tan enjoying my 2 favourite things - a nice gin, and some meat 😂 summer bbq gin farmertan lymphedema lymphoedema lymphielife fathand summer2017

9 Days ago

Charlotte Smith


Comment from Charlotte Smith:

9 Days ago

멩 🌱


Comment from 멩 🌱:

Ahora será mía de por vida, ah no. fathand

11 Days ago



Comment from sellimazil:

Low key miss my blue 💅 bluenails skyblue fathand 😩😲 onpoint

12 Days ago



Comment from daisytee_:

The weekend made me want to post more positively but I'm too tired for that so here's a wilting flower and some photo I took in a chip shop 🍟 chipshop photos daisy flower fathand shoes mirror tiles reflection

12 Days ago

Tamsin Robinson


Comment from Tamsin Robinson:

Starting my day the right way with a bit of yoga, a bit of pea protein and a bit of spa time 💁🏽🍏🥒🥑🏃🏽‍♀️humpday bulletproofcoffee workshop proteinshake bulgarihotellondon spa pool steamroom downwardfacingdog fathand

12 Days ago

Meg Lawrence 🇬🇧


Comment from Meg Lawrence 🇬🇧:

nerdy creep 💀fathand 4eyes

13 Days ago

Sarah Grabinski


Comment from Sarah Grabinski:

fathand ouch

14 Days ago

Becky Hardy


Comment from Becky Hardy:

I will spare you the scar (even I try not to look at it) but you know what this means? It means I washed my hair tonight with both hands and dried my hair by myself. Quite painful, but accomplished!!! Now to make it through therapy without fainting. Right now I'm 2 for 2 with passing out. Mentally working on myself for this week. Suggestions? fathand progress missedmylefthand cleanhair Also a big thank you to @courtfo for multiple shampoos and blow dried, @brianhardy14 for attempting to follow the brush with a blow dryer ourmarriagecansurviveanything and Karen Hardy for the braids.

14 Days ago



Comment from Christina:

So much ice cream: so little time. Lake Garda you've been a dream. I might've lost my weekend to work but who can complain when it's in a place like this. thismeltedin3.8seconds fathand generallyjustfat homewardbound lakegarda buyingtrip

14 Days ago

Ryan Edwards


Comment from Ryan Edwards:

15 Days ago

Crystal Dirinamai


Comment from Crystal Dirinamai:

The Power_puff girls.. tryingtolookcutefathand 😂bestfriendsforever ❤❤

15 Days ago

MayEli Olivares - Devars


Comment from MayEli Olivares - Devars:

Con su mini 💍 de 🦄 BabyDannaDevars unicorn unicornRing miniring fathand 😄 baby

17 Days ago

Chantelle Lamb


Comment from Chantelle Lamb:

Playfighting with the mr can cause serious injury mandown loveinjury dontworryitsnotbroke fathand thumbsprain

17 Days ago

lel 🖤


Comment from lel 🖤:

fathand daquri cocktails

17 Days ago

Giuseppe Matarrese


Comment from Giuseppe Matarrese:

Primo step..solo tattoos blackandwhite swallowtattoo silouette swallow dreamcatchertattoo dreamcatcher liner fathand fatima black firststep...e ci vediamo alla prossima seduta!!!!

18 Days ago

Rosabianca Rosi Magni


Comment from Rosabianca Rosi Magni:

spiritodelpianeta me occidentaliskarma spiritguide apache inca maya sciamanic sciamano meditation universepower powerofuniverse motherheart heartmom handfatima fathand eyegod godeye

18 Days ago