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👑دوسـكى نــاسـنامـا مــه يــه👑


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Sasunaru! 🙏🏻 • • • Tags[attackontitan ]❌ [naruto ]❌ [shippuden ] [anime ]💠[manga ]💠[onepiece ] [bleach ]🔥[Dbz ]🔥[otaku ]🔥[l4l ] [otaku ]🌹[f4f ]🌹[kawaii ]🌹[fma ] [sasuke ]👀 [ itachi ]👀 [ uchiha ] [sharigan ]🌻[tokyoghoul ]❤️[obito ] [deidara ]🎇[kaneki ]🎇[kakashi ] [jiraiya ]🔶[deathnote ]🔶[madara ] [neji ]☀️[goku ][vegeta ]☀️ [minato]

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Martini srinova


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ashlyn( ;´Д`)


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i aLWAYS steal stuff from @blossomsugawara but she my main hoe so xoxo but oK here we go;; umm i act like tanaka a LOT because he screams n has no chill like lmao ME, tsukki because wow this is bout to get deep but: he doesn't rly try in volleyball bc he's afraid that all his efforts will be wasted n i don't try in school because of that but also ive never tried in school and i feel like if i try and fail it would be a huge disappointment because i /tried/ so ya LMFAO if that makes sense also oikawa because??? idk??? i took a "which character r u" quiz n got him so ;P well i guess i do his pose a lot n im trash but im ugly - wow if u actually read that comment "wow ur so cool" LMAO

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♡cαя∂cαρтσя ѕαкυяα ♡


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tsubasa and sakura >

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논 ( の ん )


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🌎 . . 最初っから最後まで本当に楽しかった! こんな一日中楽しめたユニバは本当に初めて!! このメンバーで行けてよかったなぁ . 待ち時間にみんなでゲームして座る場所がない決めたり、 空き時間でさえも楽しかった笑笑 みんながみんな優しくて、 気を使うことなく過ごせたのが本当に良かったなぁ〜〜 . みんなありがとう!! . . usj yestarday best day thx love みんな高校違うけど がんばろうね iphone7 画質やばい f4f like4like instagood instalike instapic instagram

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💫Constanza Celis Briones💫


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Últimamente no estoy bien, me deprimo de la nada, me aburre todo y se me quitan las ganas de hacer cualquier cosa.😴 . . daysadphotophotographgirlsmilestylesonrisaenjoydisfrutachilechilegraminstachilelikeforlikemodelinstalikefollowforfollowmoodmomenttagl4lf4fcamerapro

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Platini Fashion


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Greetings! We are currently looking for influencers. There are benefits in becoming an influencer long-term. We look forward to new applicants to be a part of a great fun team! Please direct message us @platinijeans telling us why you want to be one and a little about yourself. . Here's how it works: 1. Tag a friend or fashion blogger 2. Follow @platinijeans 3. Direct message Us . We look forward to hearing from you very soon! . influence influencers fashionblogger blogger fashion promote promoters f4f fashion style menswear menstyle mensfashion latino california losangeles beach platinionme platinifluencers

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— PHOEBE CLARK ;; a small shy baby who adores anything n everything that breathes!! feminist!feminist! conspiracy theorist side job. wannabe winchester. ardent puppy n kitten enthusiast. doodler. pebble skipper. nickname aficionado.

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jorjah/georgia?! #09


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Unfiltered Memery

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Nguyễn Kiều Diễm.


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I was thinking about rereading all of Casandra Clare's book, but if I do that, I don't know how much reading I can do outside of her books. My other idea is to read just The Infernal Devices and Lady Midnight, and maybe the last book in TMI, in time for Lord Of Shadows release. But I don't want to have to sprint through hem and it take away from my other reading sooooo... - - - -Besides that I haven't posted in a few days because I was sick and couldn't take any pictures.. don't want to get any germs in m books! And also, Instagram keeps deleting my pictures after a few seconds if I don't watch the go up... but that's a pain so I keep posting these😕

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Clare Parlero


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Back at the seven magic mountains with the kids this time and they enjoyed it! 😍 views colors raibow rocks colorfulrocks sevenmagicmountains outdoors lasvegas instago instafame instagood l4l likeforlike likesforlikes likeme followforlikes f4f followforfollow followtrain kids boys

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눈때문에 들어갈까 말까 고민 했지만 하얗게 뒤덮인 들판을 보니 '그래도 우리 오길 잘했다.'했다.

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today was an ok day, I guess.

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R Tavella Inmuebles


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Fotography Isparta


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Edu Hidalgo


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Hong Kong Pokemon Trade Center


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Alexa Fernanda


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@dapavipid12 me lleva a ver a @soymarioruiz @batimario el 30 de abril !!! ♡♡ 😭😭💕 Quiero conocerlo!!! Like plox 🙏🙏❤✌ fslc followshoutoutlikecomment TagsForLikesFSLC follow shoutout like comment f4f s4s l4l c4c followback shoutoutback likeback commentback love instagood photooftheday pleasefollow pleaseshoutout pleaselike pleasecomment teamfslcback fslcback follows shoutouts likes comments fslcalways

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