Photos of eyepainting

Salvador Almanza


Comment from Salvador Almanza:

🌺"Flowers in my blood" 🌺 Oil painting 11X14 A self reflecting painting of growth and what's to come the unknown. leafsinthewilderness eyes oilpainting flower art canvas insight eyepainting

1 Hours ago

Leila H


Comment from Leila H:

I forgot how much fun painting with watercolor was, these three are watercolor. People don't know what they're talking about when they say my work is incohesive ;) sarcasm art wallart paintingoftheday eyeart

1 Hours ago

cari art


Comment from cari art:

art🎨 art eyepainting colorvibe yellow red eye

2 Hours ago

Vanessa Gliever


Comment from Vanessa Gliever:

art🎨 artist watercolorpainting watercolorist watercolor realism eye eyepainting

2 Hours ago



Comment from Artstheticcs:

Newest piece! • arttimelapse timelapse drawingtimelapse attemptedrealism attempt shading art eye eyepainting painting

2 Hours ago

Mistress Tiny Nightmare


Comment from Mistress Tiny Nightmare:

Painting and izzasaurusrex break :) goldenpaints art painting shadowing eyepainting desert moonlight

3 Hours ago

🎨Artist. Painter. Educator🎨


Comment from 🎨Artist. Painter. Educator🎨:

Next piece in the works 👁 evileye evileyeart proctection everylittlebithelps mywork seriesart artby_sonjadiehl ipaint painter painting eyepainting paintallday dowhatyoulove localartist njartist etsyart etsyartist etsyshopowner beyou liveincolor bebright artsyfartsy

3 Hours ago

Amy Watson - 17✌ Scottish 💙


Comment from Amy Watson - 17✌ Scottish 💙:

painting arty acrylic paint ink colourful art artist eyepainting eyes canvas creative unique surrealism

4 Hours ago

Sherri Harville Veron


Comment from Sherri Harville Veron:

5 Hours ago

Scott R


Comment from Scott R:

Did another watercolor painting. Tried playing around a bit. eye waterpaint watercolor watercolorpainting art painting paint eyepainting

6 Hours ago

Jaimé Lucia


Comment from Jaimé Lucia:

Moving from pen to paint. Iris setting behind pointed peaks, the river of anxiety winding through the meadows of reflection. . painting imjuststartingok eye eyepainting surreal surrealism bobross artofvisuals artistsoninstagram originalart sky nature naturepainting makearteveryday makeartnotwar

6 Hours ago

Richelle Zomnir


Comment from Richelle Zomnir:

Most challenging makeup I have done so far, yet so much fun! I love how the painted lips also frown when I frown. It was hilarious my family was laughing at me so much. ------------------------------ scary horror sfx doubleyes makeup makeupart mua facepaint painter art artist eyepainting eye creepy nightmare redeyes urbandecay toofaced katvond curlyhair painting sfxmakeup photography artwork realism realistic inspire snazaroo videoclip makeupvideo

6 Hours ago

Instagram Art Featuring Page 👁


Comment from Instagram Art Featuring Page 👁:

Amazing!🔥 Follow us @eyedrawing for more!😍❤️ Artist @gemmaduffieldportraits 🎨 Tag your friends below!👇🏻eyedrawing . . . . . eye eyeoftheday sketch eyesketch artist artwork artistic art instaart instaartist color coloredpencils eyepainting artgallery artstagram nawden supportart worldofartists dailyart arts_help artwork realism detail artistsoninstagram followformore artoftheday artlovers artshow

7 Hours ago



Comment from laneb0i:

progress • • art artist arting artpiece artwork draw drawing sketch sketching paint painting oil oilpaint oilpainting eye teenartist eyepainting panel oilonpanel wip workinprogress youngartist

7 Hours ago

Mireya Torres


Comment from Mireya Torres:

Work in progress... 🌸🐾 eye eyepainting absract blueeye blue white pink purple watercolors watercolours abstractpainting

8 Hours ago



Comment from Eyesner:

Sold. Army trench with melting eyes . . . . . . . art clothigdesign handdyed goodwill renew remake handmade acrylics acrylicart acrylicpainting acrylicartwork srt oneofakind style streetwear mens eyes eyepainting paint painting sarasota florida localart

9 Hours ago



Comment from ginko:

eye~ . . . I love love love art but it's been stressful knowing I have an account to keep up and I'm wondering if I should just quit :/ the thing I've been struggling with the most is having an account theme?? Like now I just post the occasional piece that I like but I really want an account with a purpose, like I used to have with animal jam commissions. Idk man. I love this but it's hard to grow an account on the basis of nothing but 'I paint sometimes here come look at it' art traditionalart acrylicpainting acrylic impressionist impressionistart eyedrawing eye eyepainting eyeball eyeart painting

9 Hours ago

KRH Art Lessons


Comment from KRH Art Lessons:

Tangy Zangy Blue (detail), oil on linen. artteacher paintingteacher artteaching eyepainting paintinginstructor arttutor arttutorial eyebrows oilpainting stilllife painting oldmasters youtubeartist oldmastertechnique classicaldrawing figurative figurativeart arte artistic artlovers tips artwork female portrait portrait pintura

9 Hours ago

Alannah Spence


Comment from Alannah Spence:

Some unfinished Oil on 7cmx7cm canvas eyes 🎨👀 . . . artwork art eyepainting eyes painting oilpainting oil wip workinprogress artistsoninstagram insaart arte artist scottishartist scottishart artistshare

10 Hours ago

Eduarda Claro


Comment from Eduarda Claro:

eyes hazeleyes paintingdetail sarasampaio greeneyes eyedrawing eyepainting

10 Hours ago

Martha Lyons


Comment from Martha Lyons:

Haven't uploaded in ages whoops😅 This piece is done in watercolours and pen ✒💧🎨 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . artist drawing watercolor painting eyes eyedrawing eyepainting redeyes occult occultart surrealism surrealart abstract abstractart darkartists young_artists_help artist_4_shoutout artsanity artfido magicgallery theartshed artofvisuals aov aesthetic flatlay aesthetic

10 Hours ago

Life Flames


Comment from Life Flames:

'Eye Of The Tiger' - Acryl and wax on canvas 80 X 80 cm, Jadwiga Zurad, Life Flames 2017, art abstractart kunst eyepaintings eyepainting uniqueeyesart uniqueeys tiger tigers painting paintings abstractpainting abstract lifeflamescoaching life_flames

10 Hours ago

Life Flames


Comment from Life Flames:

'The Mirror of The Soul' - Acryl on canvas 50 x 50cm, Jadwiga Zurad, Life Flames 2017 art abstractart uniqueeyesart life_flames lifeflamescoaching kunst bild painting paintings eyepainting eyepaintings jadwigazurad

11 Hours ago



Comment from Neeka:


11 Hours ago

John Walker


Comment from John Walker:

"Metamorphosis Six" 6x6" acrylic on board, from a series of faux fresco eye paintings, 2015. imaginativeart chicagoartist acrylic newcontemporary walkerbrushworks artistsoninstagram dankquartcollection lowbrow acrylicpainting eyepainting popsurrealism

11 Hours ago

Mrinal Soni


Comment from Mrinal Soni:

Day 14/365 Practice Practice Practice penciluthaoartbanao art artist artwork artlover drawing sketch sketching staedtlers hardwork talent passion pencilcolor colour pencildrawing realisticdrawing staedtler pencil pencildrawing pencilsketch pencilart semirealistic realisticdrawing art_realism_ pencilsacademy theartparadise animation digitalart digitalpainting eyepainting eyes

12 Hours ago

Style Diary


Comment from Style Diary:

👖👖👖👖👖/5 The native American styles being incorporated in modern society is a must. I want Feathers in my hair. Blue painted under my eyes. Warrior stripes. I want assless chaps. And I'm sure some chaps would like to see my ass in them. 😏 native glitter Indian redindian nativeamerican eyepainting eyeshadow acrylicpainting @art @art_worldly botany blxckink feathers contemporaryart beautifulbizarre illustration surrealart hippie flowers lovewatts popsurrealism chaps feministart pencildrawing illustrate asslesschaps スケッチ assless

12 Hours ago

True Art Face Painting


Comment from True Art Face Painting:

Truly Beautiful Floral Eye-Design in IrvingTexas 🌸🎨🌼💃TrueArt TrueArtFacePainting FacePainting JosephinaCreates Glitter GlitterTattoos FacePaintingGlitter FlowerFacePainting Texas Beauty Beautiful NaturalBeauty MelaninPoppin Gorgeous Eyes EyePainting Painting art TrueArtist

12 Hours ago



Comment from Annalise:

Eye practice

14 Hours ago

Simone Smith


Comment from Simone Smith:

Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up✖️ • • • artchild artlover artistic art drawing marker markers eyes eyeart eyepainting markerart markerpen markerdrawing blackandwhite blackandwhiteart create creative beginner artistsofinstagram artistintraining artistinthemaking beginnerartist

15 Hours ago

Nidhi Kolhatkar


Comment from Nidhi Kolhatkar:

Mirror of the soul.... watercolor watercolorart eye watercolorpainting warm watercoloreye art drawingpen brushpen inspiration eyelashinstapaint instadaily instart artwork artoftheday artofinstagram insta watercolor watercolorartwork eyeinspired eyepainting painting traditionalpainting blue

16 Hours ago

MR :: Fashion Illustrations


Comment from MR :: Fashion Illustrations:

"The eye-maker" Very tiny detail of next illustration. Tomorrow is my birthday. I'll turn 30. Maybe I'll be just older, maybe I'll be more adult. Surely I'm going to continue growing as artist 🌸 I wish you all creative people the best luck in improving your skills, every day-- . . Meanwhile I make fake lashes, detail after detail Will you help me sharing tomorrow's post? 💕 . . childrenillustration fashionillustration eyemaker makeup bigeye skulleye eyedrawing eyepainting eyelashes

17 Hours ago

Shannon Molver


Comment from Shannon Molver:

Almost finished, I'm going to be adding 10 hidden mini illustrations within this painting then I will seal it and will finally be able to show the new owner...hope they like it. oilandacrylic acryliconcanvas oilpainting paintmixing artistinresidence abstractart abstractartist artirsts commission peacockpainting octopusart butterflypainting eyepainting fire firepainting rosegarden illustration nofilter

18 Hours ago