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!!Everything under the 🌞sun sale!! Is tomorrow! 1 day only-in store only . . . shopchicksaddlery chicksaddlery horsebackriding horse equestrian doggear dog western english instore

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Forrest North


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That head tilt though spillers apple treats begging lippizzaner horses horsesofinstagram horseworld horseriding riding equestrian

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Beyond riding, Horsemanship { learn WHY to enter USHJA Stable Challenge presented by the theplaidhorsemag on} @ushunterjumper horsemanship stable equestrian

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C a r l y


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The sweetest boy in town ❤ leggs arabian equestrian

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Centro Hípico Harafah


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Viva a sensação de montar cavalos! Agende uma aula experimental gratuita pelos nossos telefones. | 🐎 Centro Hípico Harafah | 📍 Rua Itaboraí, 560, próximo à Arena Castelão | ☎ (85) 3295.2898 | vemproHarafah horse loucosporcavalos twohearts hipismo fortaleza equestrian hipismoemfortaleza cavalos amorporcavalos lugardegentefeliz Harafah

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Johanna Linnea Karlsson


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L❤VE!🦄 3yo horsesoninstagram equestrian dressyrhäst futurestar forromance sddesigndk sddesign oldenburger dressagehorse

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"Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend." horses horse equestrian photography sunny summer gelding adventure oregon

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀bethany waldron


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Cannot wait to get my crazy boy back. He's spending a week or so with a friend of ours so that he can work him through his bucking issues. I went and saw him last night ( he left on Saturday ) and he called for me and got all excited, it made my day. 😍 - old pic -

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Aminah Shuayb


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Trying to teach him to bow 🐴 horseofinstagram horses training equestrian horselife horsesofinstagram gopro

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I ❤️ this 🐴~~~ horse goals equestrian dreams 🌼riding horselove

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Horse or Giraffe? 🌿🐴 . . . . giraffe painthorse painthorsesofinstagram horsesofinstagram horsestagram horses overopaint quarterhorse americanpainthorse aqha horselove horselife cowgirl equestrian cowgirlmagazine countrygirl horseoftheday horseriding horseoftheday horses_of_instagram cowgirlup buzzfeedanimals paintsdoitbest instahorse horselover horsecaremom_post pictureperfectpaints horsefun_feature horsesplanet horsingaround horseselfie

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🌿 NJT | 25 | East Coast 🌎


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🐴 A herd just happens to follow 🐎 I wonder what compels them to follow so calmly of their own volition.... . . outdoors horses vegan veganlife plantbased equestrian follow trail hike camping nature walk rescue mustang arab herd

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I think Biscuit likes Colorado!

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Phaultless's Coffin Bone Injury . One windy afternoon, Katlyn decided to lunge Phaultless before riding him, in order to gauge just how spirited he might be feeling that day. All of a sudden, something spooked him---causing him to gallop off at full speed around the outdoor arena (which had very hard, uneven footing). Katlyn was able to retrieve the gelding fairly quickly, however unfortunately it was not quite quick enough. She started to walk Phaultless to help cool him down, and noticed he was slightly lame. As they walked, she noticed that he progressively got more and more sore on his right front foot, and within 30 minutes, he was severely lame and could barely put any weight on the foot. Katlyn immediately consulted with the stable owner, who called their local veterinary clinic....Read the rest of Phaultless's story by visiting her page on our site at sure to keep up with Phaultless and Katlyn here on Instagram @girlslovebays! horsedvmcasestory horseinjury roadtorecovery vetvisit tmzvetclinic vetclinic coffinboneinjury stallrest radiographs lamenessexam tricktraining canada equestrian horses horserehab lameness

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Slo-mo for the horse that already moves in slo-mo lol ottb thoroughbred horse pony equestrian slowmo

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Whitemountaineering Spring 2018 menswear 🐴💕

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Lee Gannon


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More paintings up in Red Lodge! These are at the fantastic Heist Studio + Gallery right on N Broadway artmontana montanaartist western newwest wildwest westernart contemporary contemporaryart contemporarywesternart montanaart redlodge heiststudiogallery montanalife travel fineart originalart cowgirlstyle westernstyle western cactus horses rodeo homeofchampionsrodeo mountaintown horse equestrian

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Molly Whitchurch


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Didn't have the best ride today. I was really anxious jumpimg and I have no doubts that Bambi could feel that. I also kept looking down at the jumps which is something I NEVER do. I think that might relate back to me being so anxious. Every ride is a lesson and hopefully the next will be better. I also have my first show comimg up and I am working on reminding myself that no matter what happens it will be a great learning experience MotivationalQuote equestrian horsegirl

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🎀 Hillary Newton 🎀


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Whatever our souls are made of - hers and mine are the same 💕 soulhorse hearthorse goodf goodfortheheart loveher brunet runette baymare flicka draft d aft draftcross equestrian pets

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Nani A. Carro

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ensillando caballos horses gaucho buenosairesphoto bsas argentina360 carloskeen smoking pueblosdebsas instanice smoke cigarette horsesofinstagram horselife tradiciones instagood instalike insta photooftheday fotografia fotodeldia fiestadelsol travelpics like4like equestrian

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lilli charlotte


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vorfreude💕 schulzeniehues2017lasttimevorf evorfreudeequestrianjumpinghor

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Kirsten Lamoureux


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🙃 I managed to screw up her mane big time oh well!! fjordhorse Also wanted to say a major thank you to @sfsdobrev for this awesome icon, and I totally suggest you follow and shout her out for her incredible work! 🎀

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Sam Berlin Photography


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had a great lesson today! Also I can't get over how cute this horses face and perked ears are 😂 ••• eqwtdtp_2 horseshow equitation hunter jumper rider photography equestrian horseshow equestrianphotography photooftheday gainfollowers horseaccount photographyaccount jump dressage eventing crosscountry showjumping besthorseshows

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Nicole Trent


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Just chilling in the indoor turnout. .. I mean. .. stall. equestrian equestrianfitness equestrianlifestyle equestrianathlete athlete horses horsemom fitness fitforlife fitfem breechbody gym gymgirl barnlife passion dedication perseverance

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Tack doesn't float

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Based this character off of one of my childhood plushies and one of my closest and dearest friends. Love the character and still have the plushie 😜 His name is Daily . . . pastelparadoxart furrybadges furrycommunity fursonaart fursona characterdesign sketchesofinstagram doodlesofinstagram fursuit art horse horses horseoc equestrian mylittlepony mylittleponyoc vixxdraws

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Milton Lane Equestrian


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20% off Milton Lane prints until the end of June! miltonlane prints wallart vintage equestrian equestrianart equestrianstyle styling interiordesign countrystyle farmhouse houseandgarden renovation preppy polo dressage showjumping showhorse showhunter huntclub sale eofy horse ride racehorse homedecor horsesofinstagram pony

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Arc de Triomphe; ADT Tack, LLC


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"This is My Devon. It’s hard work and it’s nerves. It’s sweat and tears – some of joy and some of disappointment. And it’s every part of magic." . . . . .Click the link in our bio to read and share our latest blog post from ADT Tack's contributing writer Christiane Schumann Campbell . . . . blog blogger devon devonhorseshow equine equestrian equestrianblogger website webstagram equestrianlife equestrianphotography equestrianlifestyle equestriansofinstagram horse horsejumping horseshow horsesofinstagram leather tack craftsmanship quality handcrafted loveyourtack loveyourhorse

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The Black Fox Farm


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How cute are Sam and asher?

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Halo Neuroscience


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Repost from @samanthaausa fine-tuning her training to unlock her potential. championsarebuilt unlockyourpotential ・・・ Unlock your potential with @haloneuroscience Working on the little things to get that extra 1%! neuropriming halosport neuroscience haloathlete unlockyourpotential sport performance enhancement haloneuro lovewhatyoudo💞 5uperathlete modernpentathlon fencing swimming equestrian running shooting pentathlete femaleathlete poweredbyghp

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Dusty Farms


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Caitlin Rantala


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Which mug is your favorite? Grab yours now! Link to shop is in the bio. All proceeds support rescue horses ☕️ treatyoself

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Lynn Lamphere


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🐴❤️ . . . vsco vscocam vscofilter postworkout horsebackriding horse horsesofinstagram horses mylegs riding tuesday workout equestrian

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