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Gaia de la Ruelle


Comment from Gaia de la Ruelle:

After all of this pain you won't see me. . . . . . scemofeatures emo emohair flippyhair emoteen emoboy emogirl scenehair scenegirl sceneboy scene emokid scenekid emostyle scenestyle coloredhair kawaii scemo simply_alternative alternative alternativegirl alternativeboy altoutcastfeature altworld92 altscemoqt piercings pierced altboysgirlspikafeature kawaiiscenedesu3 emosceneft

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Comment from Saywecan_fly:

I Hope you like it😀 emo emoboy emokid emoteen scene sceneboy scenekid emohair gothic gothboy alternative alternativeboy alternativekid kawaii kawaiiboy kawaiieyes kawaiikid drawing

12 Minutes ago

Maria Mahlstedt


Comment from Maria Mahlstedt:

emo scene emogirls scenegirls emogirl scenegirl emohair scenehair emoteen sceneteen piercings selfie sceneteens emoteens emokid scenekid punk goth gothgirl sceneboy emoboy life girl nice mädchen bauchfrei hot cute sweet body

14 Minutes ago

Freja Bormann von Köller


Comment from Freja Bormann von Köller:

jaimepreciado jessicarose jessicaandjaime jaimeandjessica cute cuties beautiful gorgeous hehasmyheartandsoul hehasmyheartforever hehasmyheartforeverandalways lovehimsomuch lovehimforever lovethemsomuch cutecouple myidol myhero myking myworld myangel myeverything ptv bands bands4life rock punk emo emokid emoteen

15 Minutes ago

Guntur Permata


Comment from Guntur Permata:

"The deepest pain is unseen by eyes. The deepest sadness is unsaid by words." emo like4like emoboy emoscene sceneemo emogirls emokid emoteen umbrella doll blood

16 Minutes ago



Comment from sadboy🔯:

Forget me alternativestylealternativehai vehairalternativegirlalternati rnativemodelalternativekidemoh demohairEmostyleemogirlemoboye oboyemoteenemokidtattooedpunka punkaltboyaltgirlaltmodelflipp flippyhairpiercedscenescenemod nemodelscenehairscenehairdontc followme followmeplease

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Andy Black

Comment from Andy Black:

I won't be active at all today because I'm meeting Andy!!! ☺ · - @americansatan - @andyblack - Andy Black · [Tags: rockbands bands scenekid scene scenegirl emo emokid brendonurie emogirl youtube anime sws ptv bvb mcr bmth bandquotes bandlyrics jakepitts kellinquinn vicfuentes andybiersack gerardway oliversykes kellin deathnote llawliet blackveilbrides twentyonepilots piercetheveil]

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twenty øne piløts


Comment from twenty øne piløts:

INCREDIBLE art by @nameless_tory ! Show some love and check out her page! If you scroll down you will find AMAZING twenty øne piløts art! - - @nameless_tory - - - @joshuadun - - - @tylerrjoseph - - - @twentyonepilots - - - -If you like my posts, be sure to click that FOLLOW button! I'd love to have you be apart of this clique page!! - - - - - If you have any content, (art, covers, edits, poems, fan art, etc.. send them my way! I will post them here for the clique to recognize you❤️ - - forever lyrics videos fan update tylerandjosh tylerjosephandjoshdun joshdunisjoshfun rockbands scenekid scene scenegirl emokid emogirl anime sws bvb bmth bandquotes bandlyrics jakepitts kellinquinn andybiersack oliversykes kellin deathnote tylerjosh llawliet tylerrjoseph emotionalroadshow

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Comment from Alternative_world92:

In order to get features, give us a shoutout or follow @r3b.elle @ximmortal.madnessx . . . alternative alternativegirl alt altgirl emo emogirl scene scenegirl emohair scenehair rock dyedhair pierced piercing pastel pastelgoth grunge emokid cute adorable kawaii scenequeen scenehairstyle altmodel colorfulhair AltFantasy

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Comment from 🌟✭BoZo✭👽:

◇Scary Monsters Super Creeps Keep me running Running Scared◇ emo emogirl emokid emoteen deb sue rock punk punkrock alternative alternativegirl art art🎨 grunge goth fanart music mirrorselfie selfie makeup makeupart clown clownmakeup stars bowie ashestoashes scarymonsters

34 Minutes ago

Yola Yoli


Comment from Yola Yoli:

Ewa ja aesthetic emo emogirl emoboy emokid scene scenekid scenegirl sceneboy alternativegirl alternative alternativeboy goth gothic choker

37 Minutes ago

Awesome Emos 💜💙💚💛❤️🖤💖


Comment from Awesome Emos 💜💙💚💛❤️🖤💖:

@ghoulmonochrome 💓💓Cute 💕💕 emo scenehair sceneboy scenegirls alternativegirl alternative alternativeemo pastelgoth gothicdoll colorhair emocute emoking emokid gothic emotionalrollercoaster emotionalsupport emotionally emotionalintelligence emotional_dark_pictures🔪🔪🔪 emohairstyles pincing

37 Minutes ago

notan emokid


Comment from notan emokid:

Not sure if punk, metal or scene that day 💙💚💜

38 Minutes ago



Comment from 🦌🦌🦌:

Meow likeforlike follow4follow like4follow dark spamme selfie flippyhair alternative scene feature emo makeup brown hair black outfit eyebrows emogirl scemofeatures travel cute emokid emomodel scenemodel emoteen scremo alternativegirl inspiration instagram emooutfit

40 Minutes ago

aesthetic trash


Comment from aesthetic trash:

I don't like these but oh well ■□■□■□■□■□■□■ emo punk alternative scene aesthetic cute gothic hipster emoteen bands emokid gothgirl emobands kawaiigirl makeup photography pale emohair punkkid babygirl scenekid punkhair sceneteen grungegirl scenehair pastelgoth pastelgrunge kawaii

41 Minutes ago

★† ilysm haters †★


Comment from ★† ilysm haters †★:

Per continuare il feed devo postarlo due volte lol @lilithourlove . aesthetic art black white blackandwhite starsalternative tumblr punk emohair pablopicasso grunge heart picasso lies emokid selfie bored gothic sceneteen love grunge alternativegirl hair black girl me red burgundy pablo bourgogne skull

47 Minutes ago

eliot archer


Comment from eliot archer:

It's makes me pretty happy how I've evolved in the last couple of years from that boy who always changed colored my own hair monthly/emo boy. To someone who is somewhat stylish with bowties and is confident about my looks and doesn't worry about my imperfections ❤ emokid bowties armwarmers geek gaysingle flashbackthursday twink aspergersgayboy

48 Minutes ago

★† ilysm haters †★


Comment from ★† ilysm haters †★:

aesthetic art black white blackandwhite starsalternative tumblr punk emohair pablopicasso grunge heart picasso lies emokid selfie bored gothic sceneteen love grunge alternativegirl hair black girl me red burgundy pablo bourgogne skull

48 Minutes ago

☁Ethan.☁ I'm not uke :)


Comment from ☁Ethan.☁ I'm not uke :):

☁Tell me pretty lies and look me in the face~☁ emokid emoboy emo trans Blue bored suicideboy stupid sadboy sad fuckoff forest lgbt littleboy sceneboy scenehair kawaii cute emospain

52 Minutes ago

👽Christina Chanderbhan👽


Comment from 👽Christina Chanderbhan👽:

We're all fucked up ☺ - {emosad}{emo}{emogirl}{emo }{emolove}{emolife}{emohair}{b ir}{black}{loveblack}{rawr}{da r}{dark}{suicidal}{emocore}{sa e}{sad}{emosuicide}{emotional} onal}{sadness}{emoscene}{suici suicide}{scene}{emos}{bandsexu dsexual}{scenekid}{emotion}{sc

1 Hours ago

💫 Kawaii emo girl 💫


Comment from 💫 Kawaii emo girl 💫:

emo emofrance emocute cuteemo kawaii kawaiistyle japanstyle emoteens scenefeatures sceneteens sceneteen emoteen pastel pastelgirl pastelprincess flower emogirl kawaiigirl emokid fairykei harajuku scemofeatures scenegirl scenestyle alternative_emo alternativemodel pastelcolor jfashion sweetlolita angelicpretty

1 Hours ago

DM for feature♥


Comment from DM for feature♥:

Model: @wishyishere Go check out her acc please c: • • • • • • • • goals edgy pretty grunge emo emokid emohair emogirl scene scenekid scenehair scenegirl kawaii kawaiigirl altgirl alternative alternativehair alternativeteen alternativegirl

1 Hours ago

Erika Råttan Rokolampi


Comment from Erika Råttan Rokolampi:

I'm never ashamed of the scars you see across my skin, I'm only afraid that this will never change. piercing piercings girlwithpiercings piercedgirl lippiercing snakebites sharkbites septum eyebrowpiercing bridgepiercing earlpiercing eargauge gauge eartunnel earplug emo emokid emogirl emochick alternativegirl alternativekid sidecut girlwithsidecut redhead girlwithredhair swedishgirl scars selfharmscars cuttingscars

1 Hours ago

DM for feature♥


Comment from DM for feature♥:

Model: @clockwork32_ Go check out their acc please c:• • • • • • alternativeboy alternativehair alternative cute emo emokid scene scenekid dog puppy pretty edgy goals grunge

1 Hours ago



Comment from Saywecan_fly:

They are so fucking perfect emo emoboy emokid emoteen scene sceneboy pacificmyth protestthehero pth

1 Hours ago

Satan's Spawn *21*


Comment from Satan's Spawn *21*:

Super tired again 😴 So excited for the future ^-^ - - - emoemogirlemokidmermaidk maidkawaiilolitagothgothickitt ckittenanimeanimegirlmangadark adarkkawaiiscenekidscenegirlme irlmetalheadotakudolldollfacea facealtgirlsalternativegirlalt

1 Hours ago



Comment from Ellen:

🖤💖 girlselfiealternativealte ealternativegirlemoemokidemogu emoguyemogirlemostylescenescen escenekidsceneguysceneemoscene scenegirlfreakfreakymakeupmake pmakeuplovermakeupjunkiemakeup akeupaddictbeautifulpiercingse

1 Hours ago

Mr. Juliusz


Comment from Mr. Juliusz:

Yuz . . . . . . . . . . . emo emoscene emokid emoboy polishemo polishboy scenehair scene scenekid alternativehair simply_alternative alternative dyedhair greenhair colourfulhair fun cute london anime otaku college hairdresser yaoi mohawk goth kawaii kawaiiboy uke cuteboy sceneteen

1 Hours ago



Comment from Hollie:

I love this morning! 😂 panicatthedisco patd emokid music

1 Hours ago



Comment from Miah:

Was in mood for a dress today xD emo emoboy emogirl emokid emoteen scene sceneboy scenegirl scenekid sceneteen awkward kindaweird emohair scenehair dyedhair bluehair blackhair coloredhair emomakeup scenemakeup makeup darkmakeup alternative lgbt genderfluid queer queerteen lgbtteen otaku gothicdress

1 Hours ago

A L I X • XO


Comment from A L I X • XO:

Hi, it's Billy Mays here!!! (I posted this on the wrong account fvck)

1 Hours ago



Comment from LEWIS:

Ha yay sleep is dumb C :C :C emo punk punkrock poppunk emocore punkmusic metal screamo deathcore deathmetal mosh moshpit emoboy greenday blondie themisfits adaytoremember blackveilbrides black mychemicalromance wallofdeath studs hashbrowns emokid core scene sleep sleepyhead metal rawrxD

1 Hours ago

Manon Motionless


Comment from Manon Motionless:

I'm a weirdo 😛 girl dutch emo emogirl emokid emostyle emobelt emobands emo2007 emo4life emotrash metal l4l f4f altgirl alternativestyle lgbt altrocktime altbabesfeatures scemofeatures altworld92 simply_alternative altoutcastfeature altscemoqt altgirlsboyspikafeature alternativedemons emosceneft

1 Hours ago