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ᴠᴍɪɴ ғᴏʀᴇᴠᴇʀ 💞Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ


Comment from ᴠᴍɪɴ ғᴏʀᴇᴠᴇʀ 💞Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ:

Omggg jimin old brown hair I missed ittt 브라운 😃 JIMIN 오렌지 방탄소년단 防弾少年団 btsimagines kawaiiboy sceneboy scene scenegirl scenekid emokid bluehair emogirl emoboy minyoongi geekgirl junghoseok blackveilbrides pricetheveil sleepingwithsirens bringmethehorizon ofmiceandmen askingalexandria followeforfollow like4likers

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punk kid


Comment from punk kid:

saw my cuteness tonight and i'm so happy about it. i swear i fell so deeply in love with her, more than i was. watching her sing a full song felt amazing i swear! - punk ptv rawr poppunk punkrock lame tryhard emo adtr sws scene dimples gauges grunge bmth bands piercings lgbt emokid music punkkid punkteen emoteen dangerouswomantour dangerouswomantourseattle littlemix hooligan alternative

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Comment from Kirsche:

selfie scenegirl scenehair scene alternativegirl alternativestyle alternative emogirl emokid emo grunge grungegirl grungehair dyed dyedhair freshdyed red violet syoss newcolour me yours lindseystirling fringe scenekid whocares makeup

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Comment from caitlyn:

Last dat of school 😛😛😋 Finally emo emokid emogirl gothic gothicgirl

27 Minutes ago

Rachel Edmonds


Comment from Rachel Edmonds:

Reliving the emo days like... emo emokid soemotionalrightnow distractingmyselffrompain newhaircolour

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Comment from cody:

. . . . . scenekid scenekids scene sceneboy sceneboysandgirls piercedboy peircings septumpiercing spiderbitepiercings nosepiercing rippedjeans alternative alternative_emo alternativekid emo emoboy emokid

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Comment from Riina:

Lol finnishgirl girl scenegirl scenehair blackhair emo emogirl followplease happybirthdaytome scene tb japan manga anime Human bmth yurionice emokid black kawaii kitty creepy scary punk bringmethehorizon follow4follow follow4like yurionice⛸❄️ top twentyonepilots followplease

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laurarosemei backup


Comment from laurarosemei backup:

💆🏻 . vscocam vsco wicca aesthetic tumblr tumblrgirl goth punk emo scene scenequeen emokid scenekid teen instagood emogirl darkhair piercings tattoos emostyle scenestyle flippyhair indie

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Comment from A L T E R N A T I V E:

FOLLOW AND TAG @alternative.people.shoutouts IN A PICTURE FOR A FEATURE. emogirl emoboy emo scenegirl sceneboy grungeboy grunge indie scenehair dmforshoutout boy girl coloredhair punk followme followforfollow likeforlike scenekid emokid emohair sceneteen emoteen skater punkteen Hipster piercings flippyhair poppunk grungestyle

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Comment from GerasimKatharinaWittgenstein🙀❤:

Let me feel you near  Let me know your love  Forever changing love 🙀❤ EmoKidEmocute blackGermanyBerlin beautiful scenehairmesceneguy alternative emoguygayfriday selfie emohair emoteenemotionalEmoBoy EmoGirl GM scenegirlaltboysceneboyhair scene lovegoodmorning suicideguysvampire

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Trinity Lyons

Comment from Trinity Lyons:

Wowwwww old trin * * * * * * emo dimples emogirl scene rawr ilovehim emohair bandtee princess scenegirl scenehair emoteen bdsm forevertaken emokid scenequeen ddlg grunge smiles dark alternative imapanda alternativegirl

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Alfred Verner


Comment from Alfred Verner:

пока ,друзьяшки , я на поезд 🦇vsco vscocam vscogirl vscorussia dark black graygrayhair gothic gothicstyle scene scenekid scenehair emoemokid selfie selfietime faceed edfamily tumblr

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dry noodle


Comment from dry noodle:

ha ha I hate me

1 Hours ago



Comment from skeebsmagee:

it me @piercethevic • • • • • • • •cringe tags• emo emogirl emoboy emokid scenegirl sceneboy scenekid emohair scenehair scene alternative piercetheveil ptv bands sws atl bmth bringmethehorizon sleepingwithsirens alltimelow lyrics quote twentyonepilots hair kellinquinn vicfuentes tonyperry grunge grungekid

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Comment from ahri-chan:

Heey, the weather is so nice! me myself bored boring sun shiny weather schoolgirl selfie emo emokid emos emoworld smile smiling laugh laughing gamergirl outside eyes blue

1 Hours ago


Comment from bam:

Anyone else love their job as much as I love mine? . . . emo emogirl emokid emoteen scene scenekid scenegirl sceneteen coffee selfharrm grunge softgrunge palegrunge grungesociety wastedyouth asthetic aesthetic depressed depression suicide suicidal tumblr winter trip trippy neongrunge retro

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Comment from ahri-chan:

Goodmorning everyone, its already weekend again, time passes fast, dont you think? 25 days to go and then im finally 15! goodmorning gm me myself selfie boring emo emokid emogirl emolife weekend standing bored gamer gamergirl shopping ready league leagueoflegends rito riotgames riot

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Krista McCallister


Comment from Krista McCallister:

☄I have lost and loved and won and cried myself to the person that I am today☄ epiclasss darkeyes ravequeen girlswithpiercings girlswithtattoos grungegirl kawaiigrunge darkkawaii darkclothes pastelgrunge pastelgoth gothgirl freak redefiningfreak metalheadandproud alternativegirl alternative rockgirl punkrock weirdo emokid emogirl vampiress ladyluck aliengirl moonchild singer writer palegrunge paleskin

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Comment from Marianne:

It's blue!💙 emoemohairemostyleemogirlalternativealternativegirlalternativestylemakeupemokidscenescenekidpunkmusiclikefollowpaleselfiegirlgrungegrungegirlgothstylebluehairpiercing

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Kevin Evans


Comment from Kevin Evans:

I'm miss u /: emo emoboy emogirl emohair emokid emoteen emoband emocore emoband scene sceneboy scenegirl scenemo scenehair therelapsesymphony band

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Comment from yannicĸ~:

@saywecan_fly ~ Ouh so kawaii :3 • • × Dm me to get featured • • • [ Tags: scene scenkid sceneteen scenegirl sceneboy scenehair emo emokid emoteen emogirl emoboy emohair alternative alternativekid alternativeteen alternativegirl alternativeboy alternativehair punk punkgirl punkboy punkkid punkteen punkhair dyedhair kawaii kawaiiboy kawaiigirl dm l4l ]

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Comment from maik.kun:

~The rain is hard, like my feelings for you~ emo emoboy emoscene tumblr bmth nirvana emokid escene tomboy tumblrboy aesthetic mcr lgbt pansexual

1 Hours ago

to conform is to sell out


Comment from to conform is to sell out:

ղҽѵҽɾ ղօե ϲհɑsíղց ɑ ʍíӏӏíօղ եհíղցs í աɑղե

1 Hours ago

The Fuckin' Juls ~16%~

Comment from The Fuckin' Juls ~16%~:

The islander - Nightwish • • • emo emohair shorthair hair black quote grunge alternative scene emogirl scenegirl scenekid redhair instagoodrock punk cute hipster scenehair scemohair sad geek emoboy emoguy scenekid emokid makeup death scemo lgbt

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to conform is to sell out


Comment from to conform is to sell out:

ʍվ ҽ×ϲմsҽ ís եհɑե í'ʍ վօմղց

1 Hours ago

to conform is to sell out


Comment from to conform is to sell out:

ղօա í'ʍ ӏҽեեíղց ցօ

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Comment from No:


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chrus - ye olde nova scotia


Comment from chrus - ye olde nova scotia:

Fbf af. Almost 10 years ago. fbf hipsterpoop emokid ripodb

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Comment from EmoGirls👽🐼:

@linz0r emo emogirl scene scenegirl pastel bluehair bigeyes piercings emopage emoteen emokid alternative alternativegirl alternativekid alternativepage altgirl alt altpage alt

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Comment from silence:

21.3.2017🖤 askingalexandria whatanight emokid basictuesday askingalexandriatour helsinki nosturi natt förhelvete alternative thefinalepisode

1 Hours ago

Leena Cyrus


Comment from Leena Cyrus:

Also pretty damn sure I'm still an emokid at heart

1 Hours ago

by Zaahira Y'elena زا هرا ة


Comment from by Zaahira Y'elena زا هرا ة:

Craving sunlight as I stare at hospital walls. 😩 // No such thing as being too comfy. Tap for deets.

2 Hours ago



Comment from Andyblue:

I may look innocent but secretly I'm planning on touching your nose. . . . "Come see my cage.. built in my grave" Slipknot . . . . .

12 Hours ago