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Dean Jacobs 🔹World Travelor🔹


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What a great morning at the Battle of the Books in Cedar Falls IA. explorewithdean dreambig_livetall inspire dreams hope

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Music + Media + Brands


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It's Friday. Go make magic ✨🦄 📷 @emelinaah

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Wood & Nika


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Entrepreneurial Mindset


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Doule tap! . . . motivation inspiration quotes success dreams goals achieve hardwork lifestyle luxury wisdom work gentleman nevergiveup dontgiveup entrepreneur mindset grind passion hustle determination rich millionaire word adventure classroom learn travel journey

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bloger: TRIP, MUSIC, LIFE 🌍🇧🇷🎸


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немного инсайтов за день... 👉 делай так как подсказывает сердце 👌 не думай хорошо или плохо??? Просто делай ! 🙏 не думай за других.. что тебе дадут оценку..2,3,4,5+... думай ❤️ если ты боишься мнения окружающих.. просто представь.. что ты один идешь по белому листу.. и то в каком направлении ты пошёл зависит только от тебя💃 а ещё не оглядывайся назад.. что было то было.. 👌👣 вперёд и мечтай ... 🎬просто будь .. счастлив 💁 красота мир любовь dreams cool perfectnight

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Ellen Renk


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row row row this morning 🚣🏻‍♀️ felt good to move around while still trying to kick this virus! ruthless crossfit bridgebuilt workout stayhumble cardio motivation fitness instafit workout womenwholift strongwomen lift nutrition seekdeath passion progress positivemindset likeadrug liftheavy goals dreams

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Motivate | Success | Lead


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It might be hard to see your next step or maybe your just overwhelmed with all the work you put in and still no results. But you have to be persistent and patient. . 📸: @joelymm . mindsetofthegreat

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L.A 💜 dream usa la america city beach landscape dreams pic filter mood instapic instagram instagood instamood instagramers instadaily picoftheday igers instacool

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blackandwhite biancoenero oggicosì travelme life moments heart dreams sweet romantic love look mare sea Venice Venezia sera sea mare evening happy Italytramontobeautifulcity cool giovedi thursdaymoments moon

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Blake Aka. Ashton Martian


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Out my window, I see everything I dream about Nd wish I had it💎👑ohio artistsofinstagram ambition inked misfit dreams Rapper artistlife

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Shery Sediq


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تصبحون_على_خير احلام سعيدة جميل good night happy dreams videos like like4like love flowers mednight morning omg beauty instagram instadaily instagood fascinating wow sky likeforlike wonderful picoftheday photooftheday

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Kim Blake


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Happy days in the studio! . . . artist artstudio makersmovement intentions healingstones jewelrydesigner jewellery acessories handmade bloggerstyle instalove oneofakind lifestyle happylife dreams manifest intentions springday summerstyle

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Kirsty 💋


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Shits getting real....😬 noregrets goals strength lifegoals bringiton fitness fit endurance nevergiveup scaryshit challenge notbroken dreams dreambig

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Merisa Kobiljak


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goodnight selfie dark prisma effect sweet dreams 😺😽😴

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Filipe Oliveira


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Reforming Entrepreneur


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nazan mengu


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Мне хочется идти... Я хочу идти... escspe photooftheday photography bestoftheday dreams dreaming daydreaming travelgram travel onboard fly cloudsporn clouds skygarden skygarden skylovers самолет летать лететь путешествия небо

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Dumb shit dreams blueeyes blue melancholy

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Inspirativna Realnost


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~ Pazite šta želite, možda se i ostvari 🌝

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Eugenia Berg


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Model: Jaana Viren Photo: E.Berg fairy fantasy fairyitail fineartphotography beauty oldtree fog spring darkbeauty finland porvoo dreams

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Karlien Coetzee


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Are you ready? 😁 😁 😁 😁 . . . . . fun friday friends motivate family goals happiness keepondreaming author prayer power positive coffee wine dragons dreams weekend joy readers authorsofinstagram crazybandtogether gameon lifestyle mentality inspiration bringiton destiny instagram

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Jiří Neuwirth


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icehockey left forward love it when dreams come true czech

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FWB Charity Events


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So, what does Friends With Benefit mean? There are probably hundreds of different meanings for that term. In our eyes, we are all friends in this one large world and we all benefit one another. We benefit you, by giving amazing experiences you'll never forget. You benefit charities, by donating money in support of people in need. And charities benefit those in need, with the money donated. It's one big love triangle... or a love square? Maybe a love circle? Well, in the end, it doesn't matter which shape, as long as the love is shared. love goodvibes dreams charity seafoamgreen giveback

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Comment from ProsperityQuotes:

It's funny that I found this post. While doing my morning workout, a family and their kids were next to me. 1 Was asking me what am I doing? The second was running around laughing. The third was crying for his dads attention until he got it. Life is pretty crazy, so I'm going to start doing these 3 things from now on. To the family that was next to me, thank you. Your kids brought some great lessons to me.

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Stan Washington


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⚰💥🔫 💭 vs Excuses dreams ✌🏾️ Reality 🙏🏾📈💯

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Anja (Anya)


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I'm a big fan of beautiful artistic and 'rough around the edges' earthy pottery. To me it is a poignant metaphor for life. It's our skin, our shell, it's what keeps us together within our selves. It gets filled with different drinks, lifegiving water, delicious coffees, warming teas, cleansing elexiers, hot momentous sake....anything. What your cup gets filled with you do have choice over and it is all part of you living your life in your cup. I love that today my cup's saucer is sprinkled with chocolate 😊 Life's what you make it. It's been a big week in my house but the boys and I showed up every day. No setback is a setback - there's always the next step forward. I choose the good stuff 💚💕💚 . choice life cups living nourishing healthalways nwm sahm lifestyle freedom coffee dreams action thelittlethings pottery timeout

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Paweł Ko. 31yrs •🇵🇱🇩🇪•


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Lubisz się huśtać ⁉️😁😍 They say dreams come true in dis city 3phase erreicht... dortmund city bigcity huśtawka pohuśtajsięzemną

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Domingo Barrachina


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happymoment happyday funday printemps castaner castañer espadrilles chic stylish shoes worldwide women girl color design fashion moda dreams modafeminina model travel ready barcelona paris mexico miami milano colombia chile

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Comment from MAX:

buenasnoches goodnight instagood instamood happy dreamscometrue dreams instanature soft atope feliz followme tagsforlikes follow4follow ilusion tbt me pictureoftheday guy 🌱

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Comment from Jessica_leigh_barrett🌙✨💫:

The Buddhists say that life is suffering ~ other people say that it's not and it doesn't have to be. My question is ~ how do we not suffer when there are many influences in our daily lives. . . We're told that we need to take responsibility for our actions but who is the we that is taking responsibility. Our food, water and air has chemicals in it, some come from bloodlines of genocide and war, there are drugs, corruption and starvation happening across the planet. If we're all connected then how can we expect not to feel effected. . . Where do these ideas of what we need to do in this life come from? Our dreams, passions and desires. What we do in each day to make ourselves feel worthy in this life and how we act in our justifications. I see people planning for a future and into the future but when was that ever promised to us? I also hear of success and what we need to do to be successful but what does success even mean? . . An alcoholic decides not to have a drink today and a business owner made a $10000 sale is that not both ? What life are we idealising and attaching ourself too? . . We are all deluded in some way, and it's hilarious. This human experience, this body and all it is subject too. Interacting with all elements, energies, patterns and other life forms. It's ridiculous. . What saves you? What do you turn to during your deepest reflections. I believe that only through our connection to our true nature and the natural laws of this universe will we begin to find peace. Life isn't happening out there, it's happening through us and It requires acceptance. Pain is inevitable but is our biggest teacher, to feel something so deep and surrender by opening up and turning towards it. . . Silence! ~ Look inwards. ~ Be still ~Listen ~ Slow down. Feel your breathe . Go into nature. .~Watch your thought patterns. Show gratitude. Be aware without judgement and let go. Then you will glimpse the essence of that I am.

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Kiki & Lolly


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Mummy, I do enjoy helping you write 😽 - Lolly • • • • • blackandwhitecat cat instacat instadaily catlover adoptdontshop kittenmeow ilovemycat iphoneography family love potd catsofinstagram

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