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Comment from ALEH:

Help Israeli Children with severe complex disabilities enjoy THE SUMMER OF THEIR DREAMS! 🍦⛱️ At ALEH, we believe that EVERYONE deserves a summer filled with friends, fun and fantastic adventures! With your support, we can provide our amazing ALEH residents with an unforgettable summer experience. --> DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT! Every dollar you give will be matched by a generous donor. DONATE NOW: tion/summer-camps-2017/ ALEHD

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No Need For A Name


Comment from No Need For A Name:

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Comment from ActiveWheelchairAttachment:

snow is in my wheelchairlife again! Thanks to freedom trax attachmentshareyourhandicap deldithandicap ability outdoors beach disabled

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Lucy Trieshmann


Comment from Lucy Trieshmann:

Tell me this isn't the life - I won't believe you ⛰ choosehappiness ilovecharlottesville

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Abilities in Motion

Comment from Abilities in Motion:

We can't wait to go kayaking! 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 w 〰〰〰 itiesInMotion .com/abilitiesmotion 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 kayak yourstodiscover ontario gooutside disability disabled ability inclusion adaptivepaddling gta Autism autismawareness amputee CerebralPalsy amputeelife differentlyabled disabilitysport acquiredbraininjury amputeeathlete toronto alliston paddlecanada

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Samanta Bullock


Comment from Samanta Bullock:

With a good basic you will have endless options. Com um bom básico você terá infinitas opções. clothes thisgirlcan fashion grateful cadeirante wheelchairuser wheelchair moda muscle model beautiful power cadeiraderodas tennisplayer deficiente eficiente samabullock disabled disability inclusao fashioninclusivo lookdodia lookoftheday diversity kuschall

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Donna Teale


Comment from Donna Teale:

Here's my new wheels 😆 Just delivered today. We have named it Gonzalez 😂 at the moment it's a bit tricky to use because my leg is so immobilised at 30°, but I think after I get my brace adjusted it will be fine 😊 . . . . wheelchair wheels newwheels gonzalezthewheelchair myride spoonie disabled mobilityproblems iammorethanmyillness mewarrior cfsme fibromyalgia crps donnagetsanewknee surgery recovery learningtowalk newadventure freedom

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Comment from OCAL GLOBAL:

2100kms, 10 days, 24hrs non-stop relay, The @ocalglobal 2017 Journey for CHANGE was a massive success. 12 ordinary people, 10 runners, 2 hand cyclists DOING SOMETHING EPIC WITH AND FOR DIFFERENTLY ABLED PEOPLE AND CHILDREN ❤️ HAVE YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO DO THE OCAL2018 JOURNEY FOR CHANGE? email me nicolene _________________________ disabled disability differentlyabled run running handcycle capetown southafrica charity adventure getinvolved

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Progeo Wheelchairs Official


Comment from Progeo Wheelchairs Official:

Jason from Canada with his new Noir full carbon in lime essence! The most resistant carbon-fibre chair made to measure! mobility carbon ferrari rehacare rehabilitation tetraplegic mobilityroadshow progeowheelchair paraplegic limits sport spinergy backrest handicap rehateamprogeo paralimpic imadaptive adaptation handicaph wheelchairs progeowheelchairs wheelchairswag paralimpicgames wheelchairlife disabled spinalcordinjury wheelchair disability mobility fauteuilroulant canada

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Tarra Stoddard


Comment from Tarra Stoddard:

Are you living or just existing? The choice is yours. The best time to start anything is now. Let's do this! proiswasthere, ProisSC, reelcamogirl, EarnYourWild, 2AJewels, - Vanguardoutdoors, Vanguardproteam, vanguardoptics,, BraveIt, Raiseyourglass, huntersdoitbetter, reelcamoteammember, hunter, vanguardlifestyle, womenthathunt, womenthatshoot, agirlandhergun, nrawomen, Realgirlshunt, hunting, girlswhohunt WomenWhoSeek, toughcookie, womenoftheoutdoors, disabled, womenhunttoo, nraoutdoors, iamasportsman, whatgetsyououtdoors

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Adam Šablatúra


Comment from Adam Šablatúra:

blackandwhite summer sunnyday disabled boy smile😊 every day

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Ryan Horn.sey


Comment from Ryan Horn.sey:

Hey everyone you know what today is? Its Monday. You know what that means DEADLIFTS all the deadlifts. Infact so many that your pretty sure you left a piece of your soul on that lifting platform 😂😂😂 - 🏋Lifts: Deadlifts 30kg (2x10), 50kg (5x5), 57.5kg (3x5) Maxed out 60kg for (1x3) - 💪Through in some Lat pulldown variations and bicep work. Overall an extremely tiring but fun session. . - 🤘Rocking my RaskolApparel DBZ inspired Vegeta tshirt "I will be legendary, I will ascend" One of my fave to workout in. I think its appropriate for pulling some heavy ass weight. - Now for me to collapse in a heap for an hour! 😥💦 remsey101 gym gymlife lifting backday deadlift deadliftsfordays fittness fitfam disabled cerebralpalsy cp motivation mondaymotivation Raskol raskolapparel omarisuf dragonball Vegeta saiyan

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Sylwia Gajewska


Comment from Sylwia Gajewska:

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Comment from ПроРеутов:

Инвалиды-колясочники проверили безбарьерные переходы Реутова и оценили доступность городской среды - подробности на Реутов доступнаясреда безбарьернаясреда инвалиды ЖКХ Подмосковье barrier free environment test disabled wheelchair Reutov Russia

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Comment from Siobhan:

And this is why you should fact check before sharing articles! regram @findingmyrange THIS IS FAKE!!!! @theshadeborough take this down! The community don't need anymore hurt pots chronicpain chronicillness spoonie ibs eds asthma fibromyalgia disabled hypermobility london ehlersdanlossyndrome chronicfatigue ladbrokegrove latimerroad GrenfellTower justiceforgrenfell

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Zoe 🌈


Comment from Zoe 🌈:

eeek! Was so nervous to put this up on here but decided if it made just one person feel better then it was worth it. So i wrote a letter a while ago to try and get my feelings out and plucked up the courage to show Joey and he loved it. We then showed a friend who didn't know I wrote it and she got so upset but in a good way I promise! It took me a long time to submit it but I did and the feedback has been fab! So the link is in my bio if you want to take a look and dm me and let me know what you guys think! Such a surreal experience putting myself out there but so far it's definitely been worth it! themighty chronicpainsyndrome chronicillness chronicpain edstype3 edstype3 ehlersdanlos ehlersdanlossyndrome pots potsie potssyndrome posturalorthostatictachycardia bentnotbroken disabled disability depression anxiety

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Comment from Stayathomdaddy:

Have a great monday guys. Whatever u need to do today get it done. U got this. 💪🏻💥. disabled noexcuses nevergiveup iveup thinblueline disabled pt ed ptsd staystrong tbi concuss ncussion overcome pcs chronicp onicpain doublevision migraine raine anxiety irontherapy blue bluelivesmatter vice livebyth

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Summerfield Holiday Cottages


Comment from Summerfield Holiday Cottages:

Good morning/afternoon.. ▪It may be Monday again and yes, we all wish the weekends would go slower, but we can do this. A good cup of coffee or tea and were good to go! ▪ How do you start your mornings?

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Iván est


Comment from Iván est:

💎💎 . . . antwerp antwerpen belgium belgie belgique streetphotography streetphoto old disabled

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Donna Teale


Comment from Donna Teale:

And here's a picture of the Cous Cous Salad 😍 we had it for lunch yesterday with some crunchy raw salad, wraps and tahini dressing. Perfect for this veg loving Mama! It took less than 15 minutes to prepare, Niamh and Eddie made it and I sat on the sofa in the kitchen and "supervised" 😂 Plus totally vegan... don't tell the kids though 😉😉😉 And we have leftovers in the fridge! Yes! Winning! . . . couscoussalad raw rawvegetables eatwellforless healthyfamily lunchideas eattherainbow veganonabudget babyvegan veganlunch spoonie disabled guthealth healthyfood eatyourselfbetter

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Comment from Иван:

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Steph 👸🏽Spoonie ❤️😇🇬🇧🇹🇿🇮🇳😇 ❤️


Comment from Steph 👸🏽Spoonie ❤️😇🇬🇧🇹🇿🇮🇳😇 ❤️:

❌❌❌THIS IS FAKE!!!!❌❌❌ FAKE NEWS FAKE METRO @theshadeborough take this down! The community don't need anymore hurt pots chronicpain chronicillness spoonie ibs eds asthma fibromyalgia disabled hypermobility london ehlersdanlossyndrome chronicfatigue ladbrokegrove latimerroad GrenfellTower justiceforgrenfell

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Comment from Marcin:

Typical Monday 🖤❤️💪 noexcuses polsihboy polskichlopak nolegnoproblem bodybuilding bodybuilder disabled goodday gym fit training muscle silownia dieta gymfreak hero spartan poland monday biceps iphone apple wiecejtagowniepamietam

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Steph 👸🏽Spoonie ❤️😇🇬🇧🇹🇿🇮🇳😇 ❤️


Comment from Steph 👸🏽Spoonie ❤️😇🇬🇧🇹🇿🇮🇳😇 ❤️:

eid 4 Grenfell ❤️❤️❤️ pots chronicpain chronicillness spoonie ibs eds asthma fibromyalgia disabled hypermobility london ehlersdanlossyndrome chronicfatigue ladbrokegrove latimerroad GrenfellTower justiceforgrenfell

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Laura Killingbeck


Comment from Laura Killingbeck:

Here I am with health guru/fitness trainer @mamacacaochocolate, doing physical therapy one week after acl reconstruction surgery. We were lucky to discover this extremely long jungle vine hanging from the ceiling, which I have now incorporated into my training routine. A few days ago I never could have touched this vine! I attribute my unprecedented success to Mama Cacao's motivational fitness training and strict diet of chocolate and protein. . . . . . . . . . . aclrecover acl aclrehab cripplehumor aclhumor crippledlife recovery healing heal healthylifestyle healthy guru motivation fitness rehab physicaltherapy funny stretch strange disabled inspiration instalove amazing permaculture naturewhisperers jungle costarica rainforest ranchomastatal aclwarriors

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Deine Christine!


Comment from Deine Christine!:

Wozu doch mein Rollstuhl alles gut ist ... I like it und nee neue Jeans im Sommer Sale auch noch gefunden.... 👖👍😉 läuft 👍lebenmithandicap disabled handicap summersale wheelchair wheelchairlife wheelchairmodel jeanshose ms mslifestyle multiplesklerose multiplesclerosis sale girlbossmonday multiplesclerosissupport sommer2017 multiplesclerosisawareness sommer multiplesclerosisfighter k4 @kuschall

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Comment from witold_trolka:

Picnic for disabled people Silesia Poland Gorzyce disabled minusvalidos

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Comment from FashionBelle:

Monday, where has the sun gone?!

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Comment from NOSLEEPLANDLORD🕇✡♿🙆👀🙅😪:

You’ve got a lot of choices. If getting out of bed in the morning is a chore and you’re not smiling on a regular basis, try another choice.We are who we choose to be. Nobody is going to come and save you. You’ve got to save yourself enjoy ur day and come shop wit us @804jewelry @ace_goldndia wheelchairredz iamwiththejeweler ristakersneversleep @teamspacey @bigsweetzgs itsallraw @djbanga804 dumpoffdjs gold faith love rolex patekphilippe cnn alllivesmatter reallife loyal mymixtapez datpiff nba mlb sports ufc mma wutang luxury millionaire billionaire wheelchair handicap disabled free music @djhoffa_ @djpitt_dse dumpoffgang rp

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Casadaptada Blog


Comment from Casadaptada Blog:

Nunca segure uma lágrima para mostrar que tem força, mas deixe-a rolar para mostrar que tem sentimento.

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Steph 👸🏽Spoonie ❤️😇🇬🇧🇹🇿🇮🇳😇 ❤️


Comment from Steph 👸🏽Spoonie ❤️😇🇬🇧🇹🇿🇮🇳😇 ❤️:

Repost @awareness4eds ( @get_repost) ・・・ Daily EDS Life 😊😩😷😂😴🤕🤢😢😖😘😜😬🤧😧☹️ pots chronicpain chronicillness spoonie ibs eds asthma fibromyalgia disabled hypermobility london ehlersdanlossyndrome chronicfatigue

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El Lenguaje Musical


Comment from El Lenguaje Musical:

Espectacular Performance en el espectáculo MyDream . Patrocinado por @unesco . inclusion de personas con DiscapacidadVisual a través de las ArtesEscenicas . disability disabled ScenicArts theatre music musica musicon Musicoterapia musictherapy instamusic instaartist ilovemusic lenguajemusical emocion emocional artistic musiclovers

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Soraya & Gabriel


Comment from Soraya & Gabriel:

We are on day 5 of 15 and we are both slightly burnt, very relaxed, attitude at its highest for Gabriel at the moment and having a lot of time to just think about things. Despite sassy pants Gabriel acting like he is 13 and hitting me thinking it's funny we are having a lovely time together. Peaceful, playful and perfect time just doing nothing, but doing it together. cerebralpalsyawareness cerebralpalsyandme gabriel disabled swimming holiday nothing disabledsonsinglemum disabledson singlemum t1d

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