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Alx B.


Comment from Alx B.:

Sometimes serendipity gets a little out of hand- crashing the World Health Organization's FIRST Africa Health Forum with all the ministries of Africa and largest health tech entities.... 'let me tell you about my little baby project @assistivelabs ' . . . clearmyschedule dropwhatyouredoing thenameisalex onlyhispanicformiles entrepreneur femalefounders fempreneur workhard digitalnomadlife entrepreneurlife health disability WHOafrica kigali africa africahealthforum worldhealth puttingpeoplefirst inafrica goestorwanda startuplife universalhealth SDGs sustainablehealthgoals assistivetech assistivetechnology

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Danny Dawoud


Comment from Danny Dawoud:

Won our first game against Poland 57 - 32. Solid performance by all!Now we play the Irish tomorrow at 10am UK time! Go GB!! . . . . . . . . . wheelch WCRugby quadrugby murderball Wheelchair rugby WREC2017 Athlete disabilitysport disability Sports gym Fitness GreatBritain Wigan Germany koblenz Oi osteogenesisimperfecta BrittleBones paralympics ParalympicsGB BelieveImOnlyHuman

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Normal Land


Comment from Normal Land:

After a couple of delays, the disabilitypride pins will finally be ready to ship tomorrow! Thank you to everyone who's bought one already for your patience, and if you haven't got one yet and want it quick buy it today, as I'm away for a week from tomorrow! softenamel enamelpin pinsofig pingamestrong pinstagram pin pingameproper lapelpin pingame cute kitsch girly femme shopsmall patches patch patchgame patchgamestrong embroideredpatch icecream space intergalactic alienbabe disabled disability disabilityrights disabledartists

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Andrew Jenks


Comment from Andrew Jenks:

Chad, it's time to nail this puppy. ChadAndJenksShow autism autismawareness

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Ella Gray 🏇


Comment from Ella Gray 🏇:

I love Patch so much! ❤️😋 patch racehorse horseracing equestrian horse horses adorable oneeyedwonder 2017 disability

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Comment from InvaAliexpress:

мячдлякисти @invaaliexpress тренажер @invaaliexpress Многим уже знакома такая штука, как powerball 😌 для тренировки кисти просто отличная вещь. Шейникам, главное, удержать. У этого продавца разные модели/. Реально, очень крутая штука для разработки рук.👍 А Есть те, кто уже приобретал, трогал, смотрел?) Как впечатления? 442,38 - 631,79 руб. / шт. инва inva sport disability wheelchair wheelchairlife spinalcordinjury oneleg aliexpress sale gajet всеразныевсеравные безграниц дляинвалидов реабилитация гаджеты длядома дляспорта дляжизни спинальник шейник травма травмапозвоночника

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Disabled Fashion


Comment from Disabled Fashion:

TAG YOUR DISABLED FRIENDS PLEASE!!! disableddisabilityfashionamput amputeegirlreddresspinkskirt hairstylecutehappylovemoda blackbrunetteengellihandicapco beautifulwheelchairwheelchairg wheelchairbarbiewheelchairlife nevergiveuptbtfollowmedance

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Vicky Blanken


Comment from Vicky Blanken:

Older child and adult 'nappies' needn't be dull, clinical affairs. Let us make you a cheery item of clothing! http://www.snuggleb l-In-One-Cotton_p_17.html bre incontinence disability specialneeds

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Chronic Illness Blog


Comment from Chronic Illness Blog:

Hi everyone! I'm making a Lemon Tonic RSO smoothie on my story today. It's super simple even on high pain days. Don't forget to lick the spoon 😋 RSO by @crescolabs Total: 66.23%

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Comment from BubbasMEltys🐝🦄💀:

Some of my meltys inspired by invisible illnesses to help raise awareness and add a little fun to our otherwise spoonie tough days. There's something so satisfying in melting something representing your pain or feelings. Tonite I melt fury as I'm mad at my knees and mad at the prices of wheelchairs ❤️😥😡 waxtarts waxmelts waxvendor waxaddict candles candlemelts scent scentedcandles alternative gothwaxmelts gothic gothichome goth awareness chronicillness invisibleillness disability mentalillness spoonie spoonielife crueltyfree smallbusiness photooftheday fun love bubbasmeltys realshit lush new

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RALLY Sports Group


Comment from RALLY Sports Group:

The 🇺🇸 @paraalpine Team has completed a few off season ski camps at Mammoth Mountain and recently went to San Diego for a dryland trainingcamp to work on strength and conditioning. OneTeam adaptiveathlete skiteam teammates paralympics TeamUSA

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Comment from WillietteSafehouse:

20% of the World's poorest people have some kind of disability. We are determined to improve the community.

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Comment from ZebraWitch/Ari:

Mindfulness meditation helps my mental health immeasurably. It's taken me a long time to learn the skill, but protecting the time for it each day has been so worth it. vegetarian vegan dairyfree foodie ilovefood zebrawitch zebrawitchcooks foodporn summer tastyfood EDS ehlersdanlossyndrome spoonies spoonsavingfood disability mentalhealth depression anxiety meditation selfcare mindfulness wellness triggerpoint physiotherapy london fresh healthy simplefood

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Comment from Nero:

If you’re an adaptive athlete looking to compete in UK then look no further! And please can everyone share and spread the word 💪🏻👊🏻 @infernoracing @101truegrit @reebokuk @concept2inc @concept2greg . . . Repost @legless912 ・・・ Last few pictures from the weekends competing at the @infernoracing such an amazing weekend and so pleased to be apart of it as an adaptive athlete. Hopefully we can generate more interest and really get the adaptive side of things as big in the uk as it is in the states. Looking forward to see what we can sort for strength in depth. Need 8-15 competitors so get in touch is you're registered disabled and want to compete. crossfit adaptiveathlete adaptivefitness legless disability ukveterans helpforheroes blesma

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Comment from L O R N A:

Mummy loves Essie, so so so much. She's having a good day today, so Nana has helped give her a bath 🛀. Essie absolutely loved it and was relaxed and chilled. Makes a change, as her sensory imbalance means she hates being naked (but being immersed in water isn't so bad 👍🏻). 🐢 Pops is showing off her little "button" on her tummy which is how all the food and medication she has is given. This has been a game changer for us since she had the operation in February. 🐢 Oh and Instagram, don't you dare even think about blocking this post on the grounds of Essie being in the bath. This is my baby girl and she is beautiful (and enjoying being a mermaid 🐬🐠🐟). 🐢 leavepopsalone bathtime mermaid essiepops makingmemories onedayatatime 📷: Nana and Grandpups 😍

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Life Elixir


Comment from Life Elixir:

Need a recommendation for a movie ? colour of paradise is a reflection of life love beauty spiritual and nature How we take for granted the small but invaluable gifts that we have in life. Even with a disability we can reach beyond our goals iran lifeelixir essentialoils meditation inspiration inspire blind quotes herbal essentialoil natural love lovequotes success

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InvisiYouth Charity


Comment from InvisiYouth Charity:

No better way to get through all those meetings and conference calls than getting surprised by your volunteers with copies of newspaper articles about your latest fundraiser💛Loving all the support around the work that InvisiYouth's doing!! Here's to lots more you spot the two news articles?? charity nonprofit philanthropic philanthropy chronicillness illness health hospital disability healthcare university college highschool youth teen youngadults raredisease activist motivation inspire advocacy invisibleillness spoonie spoonielife adaptive adaptivesports newspaper CharityTuesday meetings press

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Comment from Johan:

I know wheelchair racing is very expensive, so I make a wheelchair is not standard(Jakarta Marathon 2014) disabilitas Disability disablities disable disabled difabel nevergiveup polio Semangat indonesia banten kotatangerang kotamadya pulaujawa tangerang Olahraga ngymn latihan

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Veronica Hernandez


Comment from Veronica Hernandez:

I've only attempted astrophotography a few times. This time I brought a tripod. My arms are not great due to nerve damage-so that made all the difference. Very amateur attempts! I'm happy to have found a passion, later in life-second only to my kids/family. It's saved me from depression, etc. during a rough spinal surgery/damage journey. Taken at Upper Owens River-near Mammoth, CA california, camping, disability,spinalfusion,astrop astrophoto, nightsky, night,campers, fishing, hiking, vacation, usa,summer, roadtrip, fishing, moms, amateurphotography, photography, nature, geography, fisherman,mammothmountain, summer photographer,photos, milkyway, upperowens, river, amateurphotographer, nature, reflections, amateurphoto

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Comment from soar:

【若者の自殺予防】インターネットを使った夜回りが行き場のない き場のない孤独を救う。若者の自殺予防に取り組む「OVA」伊藤 VA」伊藤次郎さん。 ・ ・ 記事へはプロフィールのリンクを 人の持つ可能性が広がる瞬間を捉え、伝えていくメディアです。 アです。 ・ 障害 disability 多様性 メンタルヘルス うつ自殺 自殺予防 精神保健福祉士 ソーシャルワーカー 発達障害 マーケティング インターネット 夜回り 夜回り2.0 失業 虐待 不登校 いじめ 死にたい 自傷 臨床心理士 看護師 精神疾患 闘病 入院 気分障害

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Sami Jankins


Comment from Sami Jankins:

New issue of Tiny Tim Literary Review is out TODAY! Link in bio. We put a new twist on disability and health lit. (Painting by Tammy Ruggles - legally blind artist) genrewriting literary art disabled disability criplit health illness chronicillness chronicpain writersofinstagram writing writer editors writerslife literaryreview fiction nonfiction poetry poetrycommunity nurses doctors therapists medical amwriting amediting

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Comment from InvaAliexpress:

утяжелители @invaaliexpress Утяжелители веса 1 кг для занятий лфк, реабилитации и спорта на лодыжки и руки. При занятиях ходьбой и на резинках подойдет хорошо. Отличное качество! 1464,72 руб / пара инва inva sport disability wheelchair wheelchairlife spinalcordinjury oneleg aliexpress sale gajet всеразныевсеравные безграниц дляинвалидов реабилитация гаджеты длядома дляспорта дляжизни спинальник шейник травма травмапозвоночника

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Smile Farms Inc.


Comment from Smile Farms Inc.:

What a difference 10 days can make! Our cucumbers & tomatoes are almost ready to harvest - at Smile Farms at The Viscardi Center 😋🥒🍅🥗TuesdayThoughts

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Comment from ChelsF:

His van made a strange buzzing sound. I asked if that meant that food was done cooking. "No," he said seriously, "The doors were locking." nohumorthisearly cabbie disability medicaltransport twincities Minneapolis StPaul minnesota

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Comment from InvaAliexpress:

велотренажер @invaaliexpress Электрический мини для разработки парализованных ног и рук. Понравилась очень цена 11.700 р. и бесплатная доставка, в России встречала ценники за 20, поэтому рекомендовано для тех, кто хочет сэкономить.👍 Но надо общаться с продавцом по комплектации и моделям, педалям, выбирайте 220 и чтоб вилка для наших розеток подходила. 11.700 р. инва inva sport disability wheelchair wheelchairlife spinalcordinjury oneleg aliexpress sale gajet всеразныевсеравные безграниц дляинвалидов реабилитация гаджеты длядома дляспорта дляжизни спинальник шейник травма травмапозвоночника

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Louise Lugo


Comment from Louise Lugo:

Speak great things to yourself! You are a frigging Rock Star! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🤗❤️

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Winter Tatsuki


Comment from Winter Tatsuki:

M21 - "When you hear the word 'disabled,' people immediately think about people who can't walk or talk or do everything that people take for granted. Now, I take nothing for granted. But I find the real disability is people who can't find joy in life and are bitter." - Teri Garr disabled quote storyoflife special disability passion joy instagram vsco vscocam journey throwback interior architecture architecturephotography parkinglot bay like4like photojournalism streetphotography photography shopping building bestoftheday potd malaysia cars

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Joel Cooper


Comment from Joel Cooper:

(Link in bio) Friends and I are close to $400 in our gofundme to get the equipment we need to open Lion House Fitness. If you could please donate, share, screenshot the gofundme and post it as a post, it would help out so much. This gym that helps everyone, but has people with physical disabilities in mind has been something I have been looking into doing since the age of 16 and all the money I do have saved is going toward adaptive equipment and the first few months of running the building. Thank you! disability gym fitness

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Total Access Centre Inc


Comment from Total Access Centre Inc:

Beautiful Accessible Bathroom in Condo. accessibility barrierfree seniors toronto mississauga universaldesign disability zoomer boomer grabbar amazing bathroom designer

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National Consortium


Comment from National Consortium:

Deadline is today to book your group rate room for the 2017 NCPEID Conference. ⠀ Call 1-877-685-5593 and provide the group rate code EID or tell them you are part of NCPEID. ⠀ You can also book your room online: DontDisqualifyModify CAPE PhysEd4All APENSeducation disability⠀ SHAPEamerica SHAPE SHAPEamerica teacher teaching futureteacher teacherlyfe handsonlearning iteach learnbydoing adaptedpe physicaleducation adaptedphysicaleducation adaptedphysicalactivity autismawareness autismadvocate proposalwriting science research kinesiology⠀

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Comment from InvaAliexpress:

корсеты @invaaliexpress 515,18 руб. / шт Пояс корсет для поддержки спины для занятий лфк, когда стоишь в коленоупоре, и вообще, когда болит спина для всех. Ухаживающим очень кстати будет. Материал по бокам сетчатый, на лето самое то!!! Не жарко будет, тело дышит. инва inva sport disability wheelchair wheelchairlife spinalcordinjury oneleg aliexpress sale gajet всеразныевсеравные безграниц дляинвалидов реабилитация гаджеты длядома дляспорта дляжизни спинальник шейник травма травмапозвоночника

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TeamFoxp2 8 : A big "thank you" to Beatrice Guy, the director of the SOGETI "Disability Mission" ! thanks disabilityawareness accessibility equality share mission disability

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Jesse Samuel


Comment from Jesse Samuel:

lrg foosball disability bling projects playhard chain foodie pipe smoking lollipop custom diamond clean giraffe nolegs dontcare wokeuplikethis lovinglife here earthbound

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