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Emma Rose


Comment from Emma Rose:

Excuse this appreciation post but....So freaking proud of this man 😍 he buys his first house this week on top of working 40+ hours! I'm one lucky lady to stand by your side 😍😘 mancrushmoday dibs cabelas lovehim dogdad mcm mancrush myguy newhomeowner datass

45 Minutes ago

Mens World Daily


Comment from Mens World Daily:

45 Minutes ago The Biggest Video - Movie and Music Archive



Comment from Юлия.:

TheBeast🙋🏻 Dibs ThankYou forsavingme myBeauTY. I've almost lost my mind. 🙄😁😉

47 Minutes ago



Comment from neci:

Look at all those plates! He's kinda strong I guess. 😂 I hope to be half as strong as he is one day. 💪🏾mcm motivationmonday powerlifter misfits dibs

1 Hours ago

Libretto's Street Pizza


Comment from Libretto's Street Pizza:

Moody Monday pizza stack. Uptown slingin 11 til 3 every day this week. Can you spot the crust bubble? dibs

2 Hours ago

Speed Marine Dubai


Comment from Speed Marine Dubai:

فرعنا الجديد في دبي معرض رقم ٩ شارع ند الحمر - مجمع راس الخور الافتتاح قريبا... New Branch in Dubai at Showroom9, Naad Hammar Ras Al Khor Complex Opening Soon... scarab scarab195open scarabboat scarabboats boats jetboats gulfcraft silvercraft oryx dibs dibs2017 dubaiboatshow dubaiinternationalboatshow speedmarinedxb aquaglide candock jetpilot bodyglove aquaglideurope dubailife dubailuxury dubaifun dubailiving

2 Hours ago



Comment from Lizz:

Day trip to The Pillars 🌊☀️Thanks to @frray and the rest of Melbourne for the hospitality! It's been unreal ❤️livelokai goprosession thepillars sundayfunday cliffjumping soldoutwombats dibs mtmarthapillars morningtonpeninsula

3 Hours ago

Brandal Baskettball


Comment from Brandal Baskettball:

^^Playying For Funny^^, (Gak perlu kalian beban, bermainlah untuk senang)... DIBS

5 Hours ago

Saving The Waves 🌀


Comment from Saving The Waves 🌀:

🌀 Mola mola groupppp😍😍😍 ––——––——––——|🔹|––——––——––—— 🔘 SavingtheWaves ・・・ Ocean sunfish (or mola mola) are native to the temperate and tropical waters of every ocean in the world ・・・ Although early research suggested sunfish moved around mainly by drifting with ocean currents, individuals have been recorded swimming 26 km in a day, at a top speed of 3.2 km/h ・・・ Despite their size, ocean sunfish are docile, and pose no threat to human divers. Injuries from sunfish are rare, although a slight danger exists from large sunfish leaping out of the water onto boats. ・・・ - Don't wait for change, BE the change - ––——––——––——|🔹|––——––——––——

6 Hours ago

Alicia Hernandez💀💉


Comment from Alicia Hernandez💀💉:

This is by far my favorite kandi I've ever made! If you received one from me it's because I was either checking you out, just had a few drinks, or I really liked your outfit 🍑👌🏼🐶 ravebooty ultramusicfestival corgibutt kandi trade miami dibs florida ultramiami nicebutt ootd crafty cutie edmlifestyle beads plurkandi ravebabe plurvibes ultra2017 newfriends festivalseason fluffbutt miamimusicweek

7 Hours ago

🚿👑Exotic Seductress Scarlett💋🔥


Comment from 🚿👑Exotic Seductress Scarlett💋🔥:

All hands on deck💅⚓😂😍😊🍑 @dawna.xo 😘 Batbabe & Barbie 💕💎 doubletrouble notmyass booty cheeky victorias mine dibs ibite rough claws showerqueens wetnwild slipnslide sundayfunday girlswithtattoos slimthick hustling hottie team duo twerkitlikemiley pleasers daddy bdms

8 Hours ago

Rachel Quinn


Comment from Rachel Quinn:

9 Hours ago



Comment from jules:

Had a blastyblast hiking today with bae 😝 dayoff 3sisterswaterfalls sd cardio climbing waterfall pretty nature getoutside fitcouples swollmates sobasic cutethough dibs canteveing

11 Hours ago



Comment from jwithy:

The Chi-town Practical Applications really nailed it. Esp partial to 03, 16, 20, and 25. dibs fieldnuts fieldnotes

11 Hours ago

The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine


Comment from The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine:

12 Hours ago

Natasha Newman


Comment from Natasha Newman:

Just saw power rangers. I call the yellow one. ⚡️DIBS

13 Hours ago

kels ballerini ✨| 3.24


Comment from kels ballerini ✨| 3.24:

THE ROSES I GAVE KELSEA THEN SHE POSED AND POSTED A PHOTO W THEM _- @kelseaballerini thefirsttime xo peterpan lovemelikeyoumeanit squarepegs firsttime lookingatstars sirens secondhandsmoke dibs stilettos yeahboy underage nashville tennessee knoxville firsttimetour opry hometeamtour

13 Hours ago

Dibs and Nellie


Comment from Dibs and Nellie:

Dibs, if you want to make new friends you should start by not trying to bite their legs and face off....

13 Hours ago

Dibs and Nellie


Comment from Dibs and Nellie:

Tried to take a picture of Dibs and his new Peeps bear but that didn't go over very well... he's going nuts over this guy!

13 Hours ago



Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀🌹Maselina🌹:

I've got dibs on this work of art. 🎨😈😼 Levi Boss BossBabe Dibs Attackontitan4life AttackOnTitan AOT Babe PieceOfArt WorkOfArt mine ❤ CalledIt

14 Hours ago

⚜ Brookelle Bombshelle ⚜


Comment from ⚜ Brookelle Bombshelle ⚜:

🔆BESTFRIEND APPRECIATION POST 🔆 my one and only ride or die, my a1 since day1, my good ol banana chip, my main squeeze fo lifeeeee! 💕 the only friend that I've ever had who has been in my life consistently for over 10 years now 😗😮 I've never known anyone else to be so unconditionally loving, kind, understanding, supportive, and fun to be around. She makes me smile, laugh, and sometimes she even makes me laugh so hard I cry 😭 I can't put into words how much I love and admire you. You're such a beautiful butterfly and I'm happy that I can be the one to watch you evolve and grown into the amazing woman you are meant to be 💜 you are irreplaceable and so special to me 💜 and you always have the best advice and know the right thing to say. You make me feel loved and cared for BFFL bff bestfriend mainsqueeze rideordie a1sinceday1 mybittie olbananachips myoneamdonly savannahmotherfuckingyoungbitches iloveyou DIBS MYbff notyours backoff shesmine ok

14 Hours ago



Comment from Patti:

JoshMcdermitt Josh Matthew Michael McDermitt EugenePorter Eugene EugeneBringsTheSex sex sexy cute sweet DibsIsDibs dibs TheWalkingDead TWD TheWalkerStalkerCon 2017 AMC Rosemont Chicago Illinois

14 Hours ago

Corinne Casey


Comment from Corinne Casey:

I can't think of a better place to hike a mountain, survive a snow storm and get ENGAGED!! Adventure buddies for life! engaged adventurebuddiesforlife myhuman dibs yosemite

14 Hours ago

Melissa Hare


Comment from Melissa Hare:

Time for sleeps, you can go now pleaseleave bye myspot dibs naptime catcave blanketfort lazysunday sunday catsofinstagram Rara

14 Hours ago

tucson arizona


Comment from tucson arizona:

Ble stardust Eye pf RA Pendant. First person to call DIBS gets this pendant for $35 shipping included in usa Glassofig pendantsofig glassart pendant pendy headyglass glass charm eyeforsale sale availableglass available auction glassauction dibs glasseye eyeball eyes jewelry tucsonaz necklace jar Egyptian pharaohs god

15 Hours ago

tucson arizona


Comment from tucson arizona:

Diffuser jar Pendant. First person to call DIBS gets this pendant for $20 shipping included in usa ((fill with a few drops of your favorite essential oil to carry with you all day!)) Glassofig pendantsofig glassart pendant pendy headyglass glass charm bottle elephant hollow forsale sale availableglass available auction glassauction dibs colonge perfume perfumebottle essentialoils diffuser jewelry tucsonaz necklace jar cork

15 Hours ago



Comment from Tori:

"It's not theirs to speculate if this is wrong. Your hands are tough, but they're where mine belong, and I'll fight all doubt, no matter how long it takes. Life makes love hard, the stakes are high, but this is ours." mine dibs happiness laughter wouldnttradeit wouldnthaveitanyotherway imcallingdibs hesmine 2017 thisisus thisisit life pleasestay

15 Hours ago

Hunter Rae | Vancouver, BC.


Comment from Hunter Rae | Vancouver, BC.:

So much love for this human 😻💛 kissesforever dibs

15 Hours ago

beautiful for a moment.


Comment from beautiful for a moment.:

This picture is so 😍 • Back-up: @balleriniclassic
Personal: @thehouston12
Kik: houstonb12
kelseaballerini thefirsttimelovemelikeyoumeanit dibs peterpanyeahboy countrymusiccmt fanpageilovecountrymusic countrysinger beautifulpicofthedayinstagood blondebaellerinibaellerinisroseswewerelikehighschoolkb2

15 Hours ago



Comment from Poppin'Pip:

This chair's claimed. Where're going to sit?

16 Hours ago



Comment from Mars:

Banner coming home with me... lastweekend persona5 atlus persona dibs april

16 Hours ago

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡


Comment from ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡:

I know everybody wants you That ain't no secret Hey baby what's your status? And tell me are you trynna keep it? Well, they can all back off Cause I know what I want And while I've got your attention Did I mention: If you got a kiss on your lips that you're looking for somebody to take If you got a heart that ain't afraid of love ain't afraid to break If you've got a Friday night free and a shotgun seat Well I'm just saying, I ain't got nowhere to be So baby I'll take whatever it is you've got to give Yeah I'll calling dibs On your lips On your kiss On your time Boy, I'm calling dibs On your hand On your heart All mine dibs kelseaballerini

17 Hours ago

Hannah Burnett


Comment from Hannah Burnett:

There isn't a filter strong enough to make this cute but I'm so happy there's photo evidence of this night. imgoingtokillmyself panicatthemofodiscodisco dibs whatstheproblemwithhaving2kids squadgoals

18 Hours ago