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Antonio Grassia


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👨‍👩‍👦 family fam mom dad toptags @top.tags brother sister brothers sisters bro sis siblings love instagood father mother related fun photooftheday children kids life happy familytime cute smile fun

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When ThyFather's over protectiveness spikes in from time to time, guess I'll just have to dance to the music FathersDayEveryday FathersDay2017 Dad DaddysGirl AmangHari

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Irini Stamataki...


Comment from Irini Stamataki...:

Love them so much!!!!! 💘❤💟💟👍👌💋💚👍💛� 👍💛💛💖💚💋❤💟👍💛💛💕💕✌💖💚 ✌💖💚👌💘❤💟💟👍💛💙💙💙💕💟❤ wearewithyoujohnnydepp supportjohnnydepp onlyhim 1997 captainjacksparrow jacksparrow jackie jack savvy dad hello mylove keithrichards captainteague mysexyman rollingstones concert my depp man piratesofthecaribbean

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Comment from mbobyriyanto:

Nyante bersama @dr.hansen . . . HTers HashTags bestoftheday bro brother chilen cute dad fam family familytime father fun funny happy igers instagood kids life love mom mother photoofthday picoftheday related sis sister smile General

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Andy Buchan


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babydylan bottomlesspit daddy dad mydaddy mydaddyisadj eatingusoutofhouseandhome

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Comment from stillmiss:

Diep son trip...! 🌥📍🏕🏝🏊🏻 adventure homies gopro5 diepson diepsonisland camping vietnam dad team

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The Don Father 🎩


Comment from The Don Father 🎩:

Thank you, Mum's Mail for featuring my beautiful family on your Durban July cover 😬 Such an honour! Thanks to Nick Horne for the exceptional cover photo! Milly dressed by @zipcodefashion . . TheDonFather DadBlog Blog Blogger Dad Family MumsMail July Cover Love Parents Blessed

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Tamekah Austin


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sunny nature look ilovespring naturelover sky skirt frost weddingcake reflection dad look iphoneonly cities summertime

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Come rendere la festa per la tua nuova casa o per la tua casa appena ristrutturata indimenticabile?🕋 🏰 Stampa di tela - Impronte + Testo desiderato N°Art.  LW4895 Sorprendi gli ospiti della festa d’inaugurazione con uno straordinario libro degli ospiti! Su una tela che porta stampato il tuo nome tutti i presenti possono lasciare un loro ricordo indelebile e personalissimo apponendo la propria impronta digitale e scrivendo il proprio nome. 😀 stampasutela bestoftheday palloncini up children cute dad party family familytime father fun funny happy igers instagood impronte life love mom mother photoofthday picoftheday related ideeregalo newhome stampa wallart wallartit

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Kinga Koszut


Comment from Kinga Koszut:

Najfajniejszy Tata na świecie!!! happy fathersday my daddy love man father dad smile hello tata dzieńojca kocham swojego Tatę biglove daughter

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Dionicio Farmac


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Nestogeno de Nestle llego a nuestra casa, todo para tu bebe.  Estamos 24 Horas dedicados a ti! diniciofarmac farmacia farmacy dioniciofarmacrd servicios 24horas perfumeria drogstore parfum salud detalles sancristobal delivery health dad padre madre hijos RD  delivery bebe nestogeno nestle

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Carpediem Profits ⏺


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Want a system that works? Support | training | life coaches | community of entrepreneurs | beginner friendly | commission | click the link in bio for more info🖱workfromhome mlmmarketing mom dad

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Paulina Włodarczyk


Comment from Paulina Włodarczyk:

Fan sportu⚽ w kuchni potrafi zrobić tylko jajecznicę🍳 nigdy się nie poddaje💪- tyle nas łączy. W dodatku jest moim najlepszym wsparciem. Jestem farciarą❤ dad daddy myhero loveu fathersday olkaphotography

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Comment from khouse12:

Me and my Monkey 👣💙 fatherson father baby babyboy boy daddy dad family love fit cityfitness fitness fitfam inked tatooed inkeddaddy muscle gymmonkey

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Vrolijke Geboortekaartjes


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🐧🐧🐧 . . . nature photooftheday flowers animals sopretty pets cute animallovers birth bday family mom dad bro sis familytime newborn adorable kids baby photo drawing art illustration artist instaart artoftheday graphics penguins penguin

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Fast Food


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. Özünüzə hakim ola bilməyəcəyiniz bir dad 😍🍕💛. pizza streetpizza sucuk sucukpizza delicios love lovepizza StreetFood FastFood taste dad delicios ləzzət dadli Azerbaijan Sumgait sumqayit nizami baku

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Agnieszka Zalewska


Comment from Agnieszka Zalewska:

Wszystkiego co najlepsze Dla najlepszego Taty na świecie! Kocham Cię! 😘 fathersday dad parents ilovehim bestfriends hugs love sea

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Ankit Mishra


Comment from Ankit Mishra:

Once he taught me how to walk, today I'm teaching him how to ride a bike. Because of a severe accident of him in his adulthood from a bike, he never tried to learn how to ride a bike, but now it's my duty to teach him how to ride it. (though he knows how to ride a scooty) mysuperhero ❤️ dad 😘 r15 bike teaching hometown proudson dadsonduo bestdadever vacation vacationdiaries life ❤️ tattoos 😬

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Comment from Watson:

My favorite day of the week- Friday! Now I have the whole weekend with mom and dad! freakyfriday drwatson watson goldendoodle mcdoodles playtimeforever happydood dad

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Monika Singh


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All I need is my Dad's touch 😂😂joeynimishsingh rottweiler Dad'slilboy ilovemydaddy

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Vincenzo Orabona


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T-bone steak... potatoes e salad... lunch lunchtime friday hungry steak tbonesteak potatoes salad food foodpic foodporn foodie dad daddytime daughter relax buonpranzo goodhour

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Bidfood Farutex


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Wszystkim ojcom życzymy wszystkiego najlepszego! :) dads dad father fathersday june dzienojca dzientaty tata ojciec eat drink bidfood bidfoodfarutex farutex doyouknow czywieszze ciekawostka

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Tamekah Austin


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light puddle snooze sunnydays view jockey picture skyline lovedogs computers smile coral staywarm skyscraper cake dad funtimes fam graphics

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Comment from ★dell★:

Dinner with some of my favorites 💜💙💛💚 ∙ family familydinner amazingboyfriend mum dad sister sons 2of3 shortmum

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Comment from Agachilka:

my dad my hero córeczka coreczkatatusia fathersday father mamtopotacie jakkroplawody family awesome sisters tatapowiedzial tata photooftheday summer sister polishgirl niemajakumamy polishwoman natural

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Hello Kurdistan


Comment from Hello Kurdistan:

ھەموو شتەکان کاتین، ھەموو شتەکان بۆ ساتێک دێن و دواتر ون دەبن، وە تەنانەت مرۆڤەکانیش. مرۆڤانێک ھەن زۆرێک لە کاتەکانت بۆ ئەوان تەرخان دەکەی تەنانەت ئەو شتانەش ناکەیت کە ویستوتن بیانکەیت. کاتێک دەتەوێ بخوێنیتەوە بەڵام لەناکاو نامایەکت بۆ دێت و نووسراوە پێویستیم پێتە، تۆش واز لە کتێبخوێندنەوەکەت دەھێنیت یان واز لە سەیر کردنی فیلمەکەت دێنی، بەڵام دواتریش بەیانی لە خەو ھەڵ دەستیت و سەیر دەکەی ئەو کەسە ھیچیتر بوونی نییە. بۆیە کات بۆ کەسەکان تەرخان بکە بەڵام بەو شێوەیە نا وازبێنی لەو شتانەی کە دەتەوێن و خۆشتدەوێن... ئەحمە‌د ئاكۆ

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M a g d a 👩🏼


Comment from M a g d a 👩🏼:

D z i e ń T a t y 💛 ❤️ 💛 ❤️ 🎨 M I Ł O Ś Ć 😍 mała Wielka sztuka dzientatyfathersdaymiło ymiłośćtatadziecizabawaradocha dochakreatywnieodsercapiątekpr tekprezentsztukamalarstwoartar artartisticworkofartpaintingfu ingfunlovefatherdadchildrenbab

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Marysia😊 Poland


Comment from Marysia😊 Poland:

"Jak tata pokazał mi wszechświat" Ich relacja jest coraz bardziej zażyła, coraz bardziej maja ten swój męski świat, którego ja jako kobieta już nie ogarniam-ryby, rozmowy o kosmosie, wspólne koszenie trawy, majsterkowanie. Patrząc na to, jak fajnie wprowadza mój mąż Franka w męskie klimaty, wiem jedno- nauczy go jeszcze wiele i ja spokojnie będę mogła oddać to moje wychuchane, wytulone dziecko, światu i ludziom. Bo najlepszy nauczyciel życia, to właśnie tata❤️ Tak sobie myślę, ze jeśli Bóg chciał mi kiedyś wynagrodzić stratę mojego własnego taty-to napewno dając mi jego-silnego, zaradnego, zawsze dbającego żeby włos nam z głowy nie spadł. Dobrze, ze z nami jesteś... fathersdayfamily fam mom dad TagsForLikes brother sister brothers sisters bro sis siblings love instagood father mother related fun photooftheday children kids life happy familytime cute smile fun

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Eve 👸🏼🎀


Comment from Eve 👸🏼🎀:

Wszystkiego najlepszego dla mojego Superbohatera 👨🏻👧🏼💕 dad daughter dzienojca daddy daddysgirl tbt polishgirl polskadziewczyna usa 1995 happy family

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Giacomo babo Carrozzo


Comment from Giacomo babo Carrozzo:

Prima uscita mia! vasconostop reloadededition kom dad animal vascorossi

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Comment from MIREIA ❤️ EDGAR:

Hoy Luca 👶🏻 cumple 20 semanas y hemos cambiado el capazo por la sillita de paseo! Tengo q reconocer que yo no quería... pq así se ve más mayor!! Pero esta vez ha ganado la batalla mi maridín, q ya hacía tiempo lo quería cambiar!! 🤷🏽‍♀️😅. padresprimerizos padresfelices baby babyboy babylove babysleeping babylittleluca photooftheday picoftheday mother mom mummy mum momlife motherhood crianzaconapego love lovely lovemyboys bestdadever dad like like4like lamaquinista fridaymood fridayvibes verbena mama mamasboy bugaboo

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Krystian Budek


Comment from Krystian Budek:

Wszystkiego najlepszego Papa ! fathersday dad papa bogus steelo shirt colourfull dzienojca

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Zani AZ


Comment from Zani AZ:

Makin tambah tua ajah..... 19+ Potong tumpeng. . . . family fam mom dad brother sister brothers sisters bro sis siblings love instagood father mother related fun photooftheday children kids life happy familytime cute smile fun

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