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Comment from Mr.DabAlot:

I still can't believe this was fake hologram universalstudios fastandfurious dabbs dabber dabsrus dabstagram dabbersdaily dabbers_unite 710 710society dablife stoners highlife stoned weedheaven weedreup thc terps slab wax headyglass headyboro headylife caliliving justdabbin

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Comment from 775:

Driving and flying dabsdabstagramdabbingdailydabb ydabbersdabbersonlyshatterjjex rjjextractssupportyourlocalwax alwaxterpsheadytopnotchdabsrus bsrusdablifedabaholicsdabcityw citywaxywednesday710710society ciety710dailymeltingwaxf4fdabi

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⚔️2 HOUR FLASH AUCTION⚔️ . . @710swords. . .Starts at 0$ . .Increments of 5$ or more. . .Add 5$ for shipping . . .Tag the last bidder . . .Must pay in 24 hours . . .Paypal . . .Ends in 2 hours. . .Small reserve. . .glassofig igglass igglassauction 420 bud smokebud heady headyglass fuledbythcdabbers_u ers_unitehightimestopshelfdail fdailydabbersstonerlifemeltsho ltshotterpsgirlswhosmokeweed42 eed420girlswhodabdabsrusdabshc abshcfseshatterrosinwaxbongbab

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Comment from Kayla💐:

🎶you dont judge me cause if you did baby, I would judge you too🎶 I feel this song right now lmao not sure if that's good 😧 its summer and I dont have shit to do, so im doing the usual💨 issues juliamichaels blunted

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Rookie Rook


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Comment from Cosmos:

The morning was going wonderfully so I thought I'd share a new piece of artwork I finished recently titled: "Wandering Thoughts" 🤔 💭 "Aries" was created by @malaquiasglass and is the first of the Zodiac Series ♈️ Pendant: "Shred my Mind" @gpsglass 🏂 Dabber: @cosmelts Carbcap: @thumpglass Banger: @mayoralquartz 🎵 "Manifest" - @russ

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Comment from vdubmob_710:

Taking a dab @kaizen_medicinal booth @southbaysmokeout so much fire it's ridiculous dab dabsociety dabsrus dabstagram VDUBMOB710 DabKings kaizen kaizenmedicinal dabbersunite dabbindaily dailydabbin dailydabber 710 831dabbers SouthBaySmokeout IfItAintHeadyYouAintReady youcantdabwithus weshouldsmoke

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🐶Rolex Remedies🐶


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Good morning Stoners, We've Have Been Excited & Working Non Stop To Bring You Guys Some Fire New Strains To The Lineup, You Can Catch Us This Weekend At @SecretSesh_LA & @LAXSesh For The Release Of Our New Company! We Will Have A Bunch Of Premium Nug Runs At A Great Compassionate Donation, Don't Sleep! Here's A Look At Some SUPER EXCLUSIVE!! "Pink Starburst" PNR Cake Batter 🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭 �🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭� This Flavor Has Such A Crazy Terp Profile, Reminds Us Of Some "Zkittles" Everytime We Dab It 😋😋🤤🤤🤤

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Comment from Travler:

Let's bake!! travleredibles fuckthatsdelicious azmmj wakenbake baked kushcannabiscommunity prettypotheads CBD 420friendly 420life medicalmarijuana edibles shatter dabs dabsrus medicinal medibles

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Comment from buddersupplyco:

Uh oh! There's a rat in my garden! 😱 - - Just kidding! Custom 150mg Chocolate Fudge Dumbo Rat Pops! - - DM for custom pops & more! 💕👌

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mids mail order 🔞


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Pixie pop in stock for limited time only 6 bucks each 🔞 dab dabs dabsrus dablife dabstagram dabbing dabcity terps liveresin acetate oil wax cannabis cannabiscommunity 420 highsociety headyglass glassofig fuckery meltshot globs 710 710society 710life vape vapeking vapegod

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Comment from TERPS🍯_&_ERBS🍁:

A quick dab out the dr.dabber dabbing on some pineappleExpress @red_dragon_extracts420 Dank oil dabs fire slumped sesh smokeup distillate weshouldSmoke flight follow like prop215 dabsrus dabber drDabber m16dabber mk

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J.R Spliff


Comment from J.R Spliff:

Nice dab off " Walt the wobbegong" to start my afternoon! Hope everyone has a good day and shout out to @lacorte_lampworking for the sick piece and of course shout out to @tommytubez for the ✏! I get my son for the next few days so I'll be off here😆🤗 hope you guys have a good week and here's to Tuesday!!ohighodabbinginspacef pacefreshsqueezeddaily710socie society710gallerywasteittotast otasteitpuddlegangglobsquaddab addabwithmedabsdabbersdailywes lyweshouldsmokeweshoulddabhigh bhigh_larry_uscannabiscommunit munityfueledbythcweed420feedmi eedmidwesttokersocietydabbingo smokeweedeveryday710 iwillmarrymarydabsrusreclaim_r

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Duke Baron


Comment from Duke Baron:

Hearing offers on my @yunkglass sherlock for a little bit while I'm saving up for another piece. Never been used. Hit me up if you're interested🙏 . yunk glassaddict glassporn glassofig glassforsale pendantsforsale pendantsofig headyglass heady sherlock 710 420 710society highsociety dabsrus terps weshouldsmoke

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Comment from li.dabbers:

Enjoying my ships lidabbers nydabbers eastcoastdabbers dabsrus dabbersdaily dabbers_unite oprahsbookclub 710 710society bho thc fueledbybho fueledbythc wax shatter dab claritycounts wfayo 420 topshelflife mothership ofz mothershipglass moxie goldcoast headieshideout ballrig torus mini stevesizelove

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Artisan Canna Cigars


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Comment from Travis:

Rickety wrecked son. 👈👉👆👇🖕🤙🙃710society errl eastcoastdabbers staylifted staymedicated 710 420 wasteittotasteit omnigang omniovereverything dabsrus dabstagram glassofig whatyousmokingon glassart glassaddict 710life haveyoutriedfreebasingit TeamPhuncky check6

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TopShelfLife_ Backup


Comment from TopShelfLife_ Backup:

@prime_xtractions always bringing the heat with the prime platinumOG topshelflife as fuck!!

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Online Dispensary Vancouver


Comment from Online Dispensary Vancouver:

Crazy Lemon Lush OFFER!! Link in bio 👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻 @platinumherbalcare The general consensus surrounding Lemon Kush is that is a cross between Master Kush and Lemon Joy. However, breeder specific variations exist. Alien Genetics, for example, explains their Lemon Kush as a hybrid between Lemon G, a prized strain from Ohio, and an Afghan Kush. The genetics are the only area of dispute as everyone will agree that the sweet flavors of lemon and citrus mix exceptionally well with the earthy kush undertones. The light green buds are covered in a white frosting of trichomes and provide uplifting and creative effects. Lemon Kush is the perfect solution for when the stresses of life have you feeling sour.

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Nectar King Extracts


Comment from Nectar King Extracts:

Dab Time 420 errl extracts mmj cannabis 710 prop215 dabkings dab dabs dabbers dabsrus dablifestyle dablife dabdaily bhogart shatter slabporn nectarkingextracts terps thc indica sativa

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Pat G


Comment from Pat G:

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Queen Dabby


Comment from Queen Dabby:

Using my @plumbglass I scooped from @positively_vibe before I start my errands for the day. Tuesdays are usually my adulting days where I get shit done ! I can't believe 4th of July is next week! 🎆What's everyone's plans? Where are you going to see fireworks? Have a Stoney Tuesday y'all ! somegirlsgethighhigherthanmost nmostfueledbythchigh_larry_usg y_usganjagirlsconcentrates7104 s710420weedstagramdabloyaltoth ltotheoildabbersdailysmokewith ewithmeiwillmarrymarybhombinga bingamericamarijuanammjcannabi

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Brittany 😈


Comment from Brittany 😈:

Happy little spoiled princess 😊😊 stonergirl dabs dablife 710 quartznail girlswhosmokeweed 420queen bongbeauties highlife maryjane kushqueen highsociety girlsthatdab ladylungs ganjagirl somegirlsgethigh dabdolls shatter ironlungs dabporn fueledbythc dabbersdaily dabsofig stayhigh concentratedcommunity terps weshoulddab dabsrus wedontsmokethesame dabqueen

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Finn The Human 🤗🌳


Comment from Finn The Human 🤗🌳:

Quick Snap on some Game Changer ⛽️🔥🙌 indoor indica hybrid dabs dabsrus weedmaps cannabiscommunity weedculture stoner dabstagram snap letsdab weshouldsmoke sativa glass perc ironlungs

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Alex Palmer


Comment from Alex Palmer:

That moment u realize u smoked too much flower and doesn't hit till u in public, im freeking out maaan! "Always in the Shadows Looking for the light" Twitch aka Alex síngledads sarasotastoners sarasotaflorida sarasotasingles sarasotasingle single singlesarasota stonerdad dabstagram dablife dab dabs dabbing dabsrus dabsmakeeverythingbetter thcconcentrate thc hightimesmagazine marijuana marijuanamovement marijuanamania bluntsmoker bluntsmoke bonghits bongrips csgoskins csgoknife csgo counterstrike globaloffensive

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Comment from Shannon:

Available! Firekist pendy, this was made by @hotshitshotandy dabsrus bhombingamerica skull710glassofigdabbers_unite weedstagram headyglass fueledbythc highsociety glasspornglass_of_ighightimes potporn dabsglassartpendantsofigheadsh hash weshouldsmoke topshelflife

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Comment from Troy:

So ....dabs dab dabfam dabsrus dabwilldoya halodab dabwithme wakeandbake weed weedporn 710 710fam 710dabs 710squad 710society 710hightempdabbz😧😧😧 highaf dabmarino

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Must Be 21 Years + To Follow


Comment from Must Be 21 Years + To Follow:

Shoutout to our boy @msandcannabis for these epic shots of the cherryak 🙏 ・・・ Glad I was able to grab some @mpx_az , the selection of other companies are little to none 😬😞. BUT SILVERLINING I know I can ALWAYS count on MPXarizona and I'm so grateful 🙏 mpx mpxaz meltingpointextracts prop203 azmmj cannabiscommunity thc dabstagram dabstagram710 dabsrus dabsociety dabsfordays dabsdaily dabsohard 710 710society 710movement 710community 710gallery 710lifestyle 710life 710daily MSWarrior

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Comment from kidkush:

😇🖕💁🏻‍♂️ don't waste my time people AzgotDanky dankonomics prop203 thousanddollarsmoke weshouldsmoke wedontsmokethesame weedhunter dabs dabsrus ca_organic org_alternative strictlyogs bhombing_america dankshots420 kushgoons dablife pushtrees hrbnlife potheadsociety topshelflife wakenbake shatter crumble justblazeig glockteam ofwk azmmj weedgoons high_larry_us thedailythc

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Comment from thepipeking:

@sanfordglass blue stardust bottle function ✔️ 🌐 click link in bio to shop Snap:thepipeking Kik: THEPIPEKING Text : 714-451-6345 Email: sales 📸: @hamztpk thepipeking sanfordglass

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OC's Headiest Smokers Gallery


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@sanfordglass blue stardust bottle function ✔️ 🌐 click link in bio to shop Snap:thepipeking Kik: THEPIPEKING Text : 714-451-6345 Email: sales 📸: @hamztpk thepipeking sanfordglass

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Logan Parks


Comment from Logan Parks:

Small dab and fumbling around the carb cap. Heading to the DMV, yo. 🙄 weedstagram dabstagram dabbersdaily stonersdaily weshouldsmoke iwillmarrymary prettypotheads 710society 420 like4like follow4follow concentrates bhomingamerica claritycounts terpsauce high_larry_us hightimes crackingnugs dabs cannabiscommunity wfayo dabsrus terpy organic girlswhosmokeweed

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Comment from inconsolable🦇:

New England's weather today sums up me up well lately🌦 nofilter stonernation dabsrus keepitchronic dank dankshots420 710society 710community mmp dabs cannabiscommunity medicated girlswhodab thehighsociety eastcoaststoners weedfeed legallymedicated newengland dabbersdaily dabstagram girlswhosmoke indica dab sativa witch l4l weedstagram whatsyourflavor nugshot nugsnotdrugs

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