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Barack Osama aka 911


Comment from Barack Osama aka 911:

2656 upvotes on pornhub😂

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Alex Palmer


Comment from Alex Palmer:

New lil skate video just edited and posted on my YouTube channel check it out now!!! "Always in the Shadows Looking for the light" Twitch aka Alex síngledads sarasotastoners sarasotaflorida sarasotasingles sarasotasingle single singlesarasota stonerdad dabstagram dablife dab dabs dabbing dabsrus dabsmakeeverythingbetter thcconcentrate thc hightimesmagazine marijuana marijuanamovement marijuanamania bluntsmoker bluntsmoke bonghits bongrips csgoskins csgoknife csgo counterstrike globaloffensive

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💯Daily Memes💯


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Good morning dank memes minecraft roblox lol dabs lilpump memes😂 memesdaily funnymemes dankmemes dankmeme

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lightly salted memes


Comment from lightly salted memes:

big brockey memememesdankdankmemedankestme estmemesdankestdankestmemedank edankestmemescancercancermemec memecancermemesstarbucksstarbu tarbuckscoffeeanimeyoutubetwit etwittertwitchcsgodabdabsleafy

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Will Cherry


Comment from Will Cherry:

even on sundays. Gotta grind and put in the time! Go click my linkinbio and check out the site. Plenty for recovery and healthydiet supplements. . promocode >>hempcbd<< . proteambrady cbd hemp nopainnogain lifting nongmo preworkout proteinshake cbdfam vapefam fitfam ifbb wod healthieryou chicago followtrain dabs vape supplements

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Slouch Glass


Comment from Slouch Glass:

Quick jammer from the other night. Doodles and a bit of fume, 14mm. . . . . . . slouchglass 14mm rigsofig pipesofig borosilicate lazysunday dabs errl 710society cannabiscommunity supportthemakers glassofig pendantsofig sunday weekend mood redsox eastcoast artordie boroofig summer

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☁Chommy Tong☁


Comment from ☁Chommy Tong☁:

Tag your best stoner buddy! 🤣🤣👇👇 . . . 420 cannabis weed weedstagram ganja highsociety maryjane stoner 710 kush highlife cannabiscommunity dank thc hightimes high weedporn smoke pot stoned dabs weedstagram420 stonernation dope mmj shatter fueledbythc topshelflife prop215 instaweed

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Comment from Chase:

The weather is too nice today fire bud loudpak smoke 420 710 weed hash dabs oil summer djkaled anothaone chancetherapper imtheone

1 Minutes ago

215/420 18 and older


Comment from 215/420 18 and older:

gamechangerthcaderps hcfseliveresinkingsauceporn lowtemplostinthesauce diggingfordiamondsweedgram hightimesmagazine hightimeswinnerkingofcali mmjliveyourdreamtopshelf feul710saucedabs supersaucyterpsaucewellness mothershippacksjarsonjars humboldtfinestrawanduncut

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Comment from KarmaKush:

I forgot how beautiful the blue dream looked before I put it all into dishes! Imma dab some now 🔥👌🏽 favorites 420 hightimes highlife weed weedmaps weedporn weedstagram420 weedstagram dab dabs dabbing shatter oldiebutagoodie karmakush karmakushdc karmanotpharma elephantintheroom patientsfirst patientsoverprofits

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Comment from Crystal:

Fire fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥stoner stonergirl cannabis cannabiscures medicalmarijuana awayoflife smokeweedeveryday staylifted dabs dabslife instaweed bitchismoke sour sourdiesel dank fortheloveofmaryjane blazinbetty sesh seshwithme burnone jayz blunts bongs nectorcollector medicalgrade topshelflife cannamom

2 Minutes ago

💚Soley Medical🌱🌿


Comment from 💚Soley Medical🌱🌿:

So they're out of the seedling phase so I'll be referring to them as my bushes now 😂 Grow video update under CFL :D

3 Minutes ago

J Proper


Comment from J Proper:

Pulsar traveler 1 in series of quantum space travel tubes! This features milli inlays lots of fume work and dichro space marble DM if interested honey honeycomb honeybees savethebees honeydrip bee space NASA galaxy universe recycler waterspinner fluiddynamics neildegrassetyson teleport oilglassobservatory oil_glass_contraptions glass_of_ig bestofglass stankydanky iwillmarrymary 420 710 dabs prop203 prop215

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Comment from Daddy420:

@Regrann from @theohighokid - 2 Well this is still laying around with winner failing to pay, so I guess we'll do it again, PAY ATTENTION TO THE RULES!! 24hr GIVEAWAY "A fire in the Sky", 14mm 4 hole diff downstem, winner must pay for shipping!! . . . . •Follow and tag both accounts on instagram @theohighokid @theeastcoastconnection giveaway post . •tag 3 friends in a comment on this post! . . •share/repost and use hashtag theohighokid2 . . •must be 18 years of age or older in the US . . . •must have a public profile (no giveaway accounts) . . . • 5 entries per account . . glass glassart glassofig boroglass boro art create creator dab dabs dabsofig bhombingamerica bho wax high highlife topshelflife girlswhosmoke girlswhodab california colorado washington ohio dailydabbers 710 hightimes denver pink zombies

3 Minutes ago

Oiled Glass Gallery


Comment from Oiled Glass Gallery:

Less than 1 week away before the over 30% off sale ends for this individual lamp. Because of the great price already, this lamp is not a part of the BOGO and this is the best price we will offer all year. ARTISTS: @bluegrassglass x @kaj_beck DETAILS: 14mm female 8.25" wonkafarm Holey Lamp collab is just waiting for it's first owner. This UV Illuminati, Blu-V, & Electric Flamingo Holey Lamp was formed stacking Kaj's beautiful millies blended with some incredible UV color. MSRP: $8000 normally, on special for $5500 until end of June. For only $550, you can lock this down. Remember we are the first gallery in America to offer a free layaway plan for only 10% down. Photos by @adamvancephoto pleasestayonthegrass wonderlamp kajbeck wonkafarm bluegrassglass donrob heady dabbers_unite dabbersdaily dailydabbers dabs dablife 710 710society 420 weed cannabis cannabisculture cannabiscommunity errl hightimes highlife highsociety thousanddollarsmoke highendglass weedstagram420 topshelflife stoner glassporn stayonthegrass

4 Minutes ago

Weed Site Nigga Mob


Comment from Weed Site Nigga Mob:

Weed Site Nigga Mob .. Rich Life Coming Soon ... 420 420🍁 weed thc kush kk flowers nice sweet dab dabs blunt pipe swag kick rap trap wsnmob wsn weedsite weedsitenigga weedsiteniggamob marihuana og ogkush rica flow suena fuerte

4 Minutes ago

Glass Freak


Comment from Glass Freak:

So these mofos aren't on IG nearly as much as they should be but for good reason! Not only do I consider them both brothers but none of what I do would be possible without (Danny) @quesoguapo1 & (Jeb) @denverclassic including the creation of @swampcitygallerylounge !! DO ME A FAVE IG FAM AND GO GIVE THEM A LIKE AND FOLLOW & make them feel the love so they feel obligated to post more!! 🤣😂😁 SwampCity SCGL lafamilia family cannabis 420 710 352 weedstagram dabstagram dabbersdaily dabs Chalice glass_of_ig glassart glassporn wax oprahsbookclub shatter liveresin clear teamsweetleaf terps hash oil oilrig errl staylifted highsociety

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Comment from vdubmob_710:

Starting the day off with this fire whitecookies liveresin from @exclusiveextracz831 the taste is bomb💣💣dab dabs dabsociety dabsrus dabbersunite dabberdaily dailydabbin dailydabber VDUBMOB710 dabkings bhombingamerica weshouldsmoke youcantdabwithus

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Eastern Concentration


Comment from Eastern Concentration:

Love my mayoral on the Colton dccolton mayoralquartz heady headyglass dabs glob concentrates hash terps co2 marijuana cannabis medicinal higherconsciousness weedstagram oil eastcoast beastcoast easternconcentration oldstonedbear art ma newenglanddabbers newenglandsfinest massholes

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Comment from Speakeasy:

Although drinking alcohol wasn't technically illegal, it was still illegal to transport and make liquor. Many women and flappers transported liquor by smuggling flasks under their skirts or coats! 😄😉👌 speakeasy710 speakeasycbd prohibition flappers history alcohol cannabis wfayo

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Comment from trees:

Death star og

5 Minutes ago

Marijuana King


Comment from Marijuana King:

Follow: . . . Rate the picture 1-10 Extra points for comments ! We are the best IG Store, we have bongs, papers, pipes and more! vaporizer dab kush vapeon dank vapelife wakeandbake joint weed stoner stonerfam 420 vapecommunity weedporn dabs vapenation vapestagram vaping vapefam smoke hightimes stonerlove thc cannabiscommunity shisha blunt highsociety pot dankmemes seeds

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Comment from STONER LYFE™:

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No Customs


Comment from No Customs:

lil one for @echelonglass fabjammer headyglass qtiptech dabdumpster glassofig dabs lowtemp qcb glass functionalglassart boro cannabiscommunity 710 710society graffiti ECH MPS nc qtipholder

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Comment from javi❣:

weed420cannabiscommunityweedst eedstagrammemesdankmarijuanaca anacannabisanimehightimesfunny funnydabscringememesmokestoner tonerganjadankmemesdabhighlife hlifewaxhighhighsocietykushwee

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Happy Sunday Funday fam! I'm about to head off to work for the night but first I had to go in for you on the Megatoke XL from @megatokebyyets with some Super Lemon Dream from @mightytreeco @weedconcentrates and of course some Blue Daddy from Infinite Herb Rec shop. Cheers everybody 👌👍✌️😤 dabup hightimes 710 710community highsociety bhomingamerica megatoke megatokexl 420 medical dank the710spot bho cbd empireextracts empirewellness empireofwellness shatter dabs fueledbythc extract dabber roor loyaltotheoil dankreup trumpsmokesstems qtiptech concentrate

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Comment from K.:

My Sunday so far, dabs😍 and laundry.😥 . Don't forget to check out @highstylle_dabbs His 10k giveaway is about to close! Go follow him! . And use code "barbie420" to save some dough at ☝️☝️✌ curvystonergirl 710 420angels mushroom harvest blazingbeauties prettypotheads highbeauties sexystoners stonerchick Hightimes WeedHumor A Highsociety Pushtrees Glass CannabisCommunity Cannabis FueledByBHO FreshSqueezedDaily DabbingInSpace followforfollow Dabs concentrates

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Comment from KRONIC™:

6 Minutes ago

🍯🇨🇦 The Canadian dabber 🇨🇦🍯


Comment from 🍯🇨🇦 The Canadian dabber 🇨🇦🍯:

Was in the mood for a bong rip, don't judge 🙈 at least it was through the beautiful @roorglass straight tube 👌🏻😙💨 Happy Dabbin folks, have a good Sunday • • 710 indica sativa hightimes calgary yyc alberta oprahsbookclub heady headyart headyrig marijuana cannabis dabchamps fun wedontsmokethesame 710society lowtemp wfayo westcoastdabbers meltshot cannabisculture cannabiscommunity love happy dabs summer dabbersdaily cloudsovercanada globs

6 Minutes ago

Welcome to the #SmokeTeam


Comment from Welcome to the #SmokeTeam:

Go show her some love!!! ❤💨💣💯 @_roms__ @_roms__ weedporn sativadiva vape vapemodel 420girls sativa indica kush purp ganjagirl instaweed wax dabs bongs blunts joints bongbeauties topshelf highlife girlswhosmokeweed stoners dank cali vapegirls prettypothead 420 kushdolls highbeauties smoking420girls

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Comment from ladybhoss420:

Snowland Cured Resin by @ocx_ • • OCX 💗 LadyBHOss420 • • Question of the Day: 🤔Do you prefer Indica or Sativa?

7 Minutes ago

The Errl Cup


Comment from The Errl Cup:

Terp sauce Sunday! 😤 Hope your enjoying another sweltering Arizona summer day! 😰 Don't sweat it, the best thing about summer.... The 710 Cup is right around the corner! 🙏

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Comment from Kex:

DaRusticMirror __________________________ Se for a sponsorship 🎯 __________________________ @rofiki_ @xreapershotz69 @korxea.x @_zvaui_ @vokun.v @o.marluh @lil.gustav @flusterings @justsykes_ __________________________ 🎵 $uicideBoy$ - Treat me like a prostitute (All music posted is for entertainment purposes only) ________________________ gta music gaming battlefield bfh bf1 bf4 cod cod4 codzombies dabs 710 420 vape vapor ecig ejuice pc xbox xbox1 xboxone ps4 ps3 ps2 xbox360 nintendo atari sportscars

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