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Tiffani Taylor


Comment from Tiffani Taylor:

I noticed , you think you know shit 😏 ganjababe smokeweedeveryday andthenigothigh highsociety highlife chillvibes chill medicated clouds prettypotheads bongbeauties cloudsovercanada stonersofinstagram letsgethigh weshouldsmoke stonernation sexystoners stonersociety 420lifestyle dabbersdaily 420girls 420friendly somegirlsgethigh girlswhosmoke shatter indica girlswithtattoos

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Comment from MommaCweed🌱👀:

Well...I really wanted to try this new pipe! Tho I think this maybe spam 😟 thanku tho For asking me😊 I would be happy to test Anyone's Products for them😄 420 🇨🇦 ✌ dabs shatter bud cannabis dablife ☝ medicalcannabis🤕 cbd tweedkushtweedfarmsdiamondconcentrates phytoextractions cannabiscommunity oil weed 🌱 familybrotherscon thc cbd kush mrkush highlife dabbersdaily weed hightimes weedporn twistedextracts greenwellcomp 💚 mommaCweed Cool pipe! 🤔 I think I have a pic on my fb of this🤔😂

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Wolfy Shelton


Comment from Wolfy Shelton:

GIVEAWAY REMINDER! go to the original post for details- im giving away this pretty cool twisty dabber! go check the original post for rules! (remember one entry per day) thanks everyone!

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Comment from recordcasey:

dabsociety dabs extracts terps dabbersdaily dabbers_unite potheadsociety420 dabstagram bestofdabest globstagram globsonglobs globs thehighclique fueldbythc dankreup wakeandbaked wakeandbakedaily justblazeig liveresin stonedsociety stopdropanddab saturdaze stonerdays weshouldsmoke hightimes 420headz dablife extracts concentrates vegaslife

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Comment from Joey:

I almost can't believe I woke up to 200 followers today. You guys are all so awesome, and your comments have been so supportive! Here's a .2 melt on the new @quartz_bangers thermal for ya. Enjoy! cannabiscommunity dabbersdaily wakeandbake dabs meltshot quartzbanger thermalbanger 420community 710society highlife thanksforthelove

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StayCritical All Day Every Day


Comment from StayCritical All Day Every Day:

Nice gram of wax🔥🔥🔥 wax bho dabs dank 710 dabbersdaily dabbing DankReup dankofengland -oilbongs cannabis cannabiscup cannabisculture 420 weedlife weedporn

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Comment from thehoneybeemon:

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Antonio Russo


Comment from Antonio Russo:


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🐈 Cats Who Dab🔩


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Team Death Star/ @HustleSlabs


Comment from Team Death Star/ @HustleSlabs:

If you don't know now you know... Such a beautiful piece of machinery! Life is good 🙏 TeamDeathStar TeamDeathStarPresents DailyCannabis PotheadSociety DabbersDaily 710Society WeShouldSmoke HighChicks Bongbeauties GirlsWhoSmoke 710movement BHOmbingAmerica IWillMarryMary JustBlazeIG Dabaholic Dabbers_Unite TopShelfLife

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Comment from MommaCweed🌱👀:

I am getting more comfortable with ordering good stuff Online😊 thanku 420 🇨🇦 ✌ dabs shatter bud wax cannabis dablife ☝ medicalcannabis🤕 cbd tweedkushtweedfarms diamondconcentrates phytoextractions cannabiscommunity oil weed 🌱 familybrotherscon thc cbd kush mrkush highlife dabbersdaily weed hightimes weedporn twistedextracts greenwellcomp 💚 mommaCweed

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Anonamyss Clothing Art Glass


Comment from Anonamyss Clothing Art Glass:

Ready for today's adventure anonamyss anonamyssglassworx cannabiscommunity dabbersdaily 710society oprahsbookclub supportlocal glassofig pendantsofig pittsburghglass pittsburghart pghart heady opal supportlocal pittsburghsmostdope igerspittsburgh steelcitygrammers nbsmovement nbs dankmemes glassart cannabis glassforsale boroforsale glassblowing

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Comment from 860Connecticut:

This @jme_glass egg is a ripper for sure boroforsale boroofig tradeglass glassofig glassofigforsale glassart heady headyart boro boroofig wedontsmokethesame dabbersdaily 710society thousanddollarsmoke

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Comment from wakedank710:

Flavors in it goes down in the dm 420 710 dabs shatter wax cannabis dablife cannabiscommunity oil errl highsociety bho weedstagram marijuana thc kush dank highlife dabbersdaily weed stoner hightimes glassofig high topshelflife smoke hash ganja weedporn maryjane

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Dinosaur Bob


Comment from Dinosaur Bob:

Texas. It's where the yay gets dropped off, Kennedy got knocked off, where the Alamo popped off. , It's where we say sip something and we always on the grind just tryna to flip something!! stopdropandglob for the homie @acidnaut710. Sorry for the delay big dog shatterday vibes nycdiesel bonelordglass dpglass headyglassart

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Sami ✌🏼️


Comment from Sami ✌🏼️:

Can't wait to see who takes this baby home! 😍 Don't forget to check out my auction 1 post back, sitting at $60 ‼️ Such a steal 😱 Special thanks to @courtneynoelle__29 @waynegritzky & @itssamueljay for keeping this auction going, y'all rock 🙌🏼

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Comment from shewantsthe"D"ab:

To go with breakfast 👍🏼🔥🔥shewantstheDab imstoneyy kushgang macrogoons cannabisculture glasserrl weedstagram dopefam ddank cannabis terptown stnrs staygreen roughdablife weshouldsmoke budsrus dabbersdaily kusharmy kushgoons high_larry_us topshelflife floridastoner wab420 dankshots420 macromob naturalbornstoner weed420feed cannabisculture claritycounts errlgrrl dabbinloud

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Comment from BusyDabber:

rso goldenticket pen dab straighttothebrain dabbing time 420 weedlife smokeweedeveryday 710 shatter wax rosin oil dablife dab dabbersdaily busydabber g2g g2grec thc thca cbd flower chronic medicated wizkalifahigh sativa indica hybrid indica weedsmokersonly

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Comment from chicagoradodabs:

@thumpglass raging away with the sunrise this morning 🌀

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Comment from Mr&Mrs420🦋🦋🦋💨💨💨💨💨:

It's goin down woodstocknyc 3rd eye rebels art showcase and secret smoke 💨 out sesh cannabis awareness event 2017forthekids @barnez730 and woodstocknyc sponsor kids in need and cannabis cures puck cancer puck Lyme disease we are woodstocknyc welcome to woodstocknyc and we thank you for all joining as in this epic secret sesh eastcoast sesh now let the art begin and let the smoke 💨 out begin we are woodstocknyc haveahempfulldayfucklymesdisease cannabispatient cannabisqueenforlife👑👑👑👑 cannabis4us cannabissociety cannabis cannabisculture cannabisactivist cannabissaveslives cannabissociety cannabiscures cannabiscures leagalizemarijuana sourdiesel sour diesel is all I nowdabbersdaily haveahempfulday bonnieandclyde💪 sourdiesel cannabislover cannabisdestiny @barnez730 TheGrindIsAllWeKnow💵💵💵💵💰💰💰⏰King&Queen sourdiesel fightforacureforlymes💚💚🙏🏽🙏🏽spiritualhealingfuckcancer bekindalwaysnative healingcrystals healingstones meditation🙏

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(Raw•za) Raza Boro


Comment from (Raw•za) Raza Boro:

minitube 2 in the kiln! Purple lollipop and experamental 31, shifty (hot pink to yellow). All hand spun and all coil potted from rod. ✌🏼hope she make it outta the kiln. dabbersdaily madeinhawaii 710hawaii glassblowing glass glassart glassofig purple shatter oil hash solventless tubes bong weed wax women

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Nicole Kush


Comment from Nicole Kush:

Reading facts my sign or personality is such a beautiful thing🙏🏽💚 I want to thank @kuhshkween for introducing these things to me and always taking the time to explain things for me. 😘😘😘 It's like I'm reintroduced to myself. Every time I read an Aquarius fact or ENFJ fact, it reminds that I am that person but I've been hiding in the shadows of depression and anxiety for so long. I've always been independent, free thinking, and kind but I lost sight of my power so I just stopped doing everything. After I gave birth to my son, I was diagnosed with postpartum anxiety(didn't even know that was a thing)....they didn't even bother to diagnose me with postpartum depression,they just said expect it to get a lot worse since you have a history of depression! Of course they shoved benzodiazepines and antidepressants in my face! No counseling, no other resources. Just pills. Honestly wtf was I supposed to do with that? Unfortunately it took me until a week ago to rid myself a "new" life I was given after I had my baby boy. No more antidepressants...just cannabis, yoga, meditation, reiki, and learning myself. I have so much more mental clarity now without being on these pharmaceuticals! . I got love for the fellas on my page, but this is for the ladies.... If you have a baby and suffer with any postpartum mental health issues, PLEASE DO NOT GET ON ANTIDEPRESSANTS! It will truly only prolong the process. Go to support groups, smoke a joint, meditate, go to a yoga class! I can't say this anymore, antidepressants are not a lifestyle nor the answer. The hormones will go back to normal eventually. Please just give it time. I speak from experience when I say I'm finally feeling like myself again after 2 years of countless pills, tears, and just plain discouragement. Not until I found cannabis did I really begin to heal. I added in yoga, reiki, and meditation now I'm really feeling good. 😊😊😊 . . If ANYONE needs resources because they're struggling with mental health, please DM me or @hempforhopefoundation. We will try our best to get you the natural resources that you need. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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Queen 👑 Kush 🍁


Comment from Queen 👑 Kush 🍁:

Happy shatterday ✌🏼️💖🍯💜💚 wish I could stay home and dab, but i gotta work a double 🙄 dabsgirlsgotglassdabbachusettsclubcannabiscannabiscommunityhightimesmaryjanehighmericagirlswhodabdabbingweedstagramgirlswhodabganjagirlsglerbnationkushqueenswakeandbakedailysomegirlsgethighweshouldsmokemarijuanamodelsthekushqueens710societydabqueendabstagramconcentratesglobsdabbersdailyprettypotheadslitladiesterpsliftedladies @dabberdaily @glerbnation

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SmokeSmith Gear


Comment from SmokeSmith Gear:

wake and bake! It's always 420 At: Smokesmith gear.

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Comment from STONER HOSTING:

weed 420 weestagram420 710 dabbersdaily MoveWeight StonerHosting

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#BlazeThaPage ™ 🔥📃


Comment from #BlazeThaPage ™ 🔥📃:

Goin in on some Animal Cookies this morning, processed by @paperplanes_extracts PremiumNugrun🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 BlazeThaPage ™

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life is what u make it


Comment from life is what u make it:

@cannastarclothing cannastargiveaway cannabis cannabiscommunity cannabisculture stoner stoners stonernation kush loudweed weedstagram weedstagram420 errl weshouldsmoke iwillmarrymary highsociety hightimes ganja dank marijuana potheadsociety high_larry_us dabbersdaily 420 710 710society topshelflife giveaway stonergiveaway

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This One's For The Stoners


Comment from This One's For The Stoners:

TheStonersVault HighLife SmokeWeedEveryday DabbersDaily Dab Amazing Buds SmokeTricks weedhumor Stoner StonerGirls StonerDays 420 THC DabArmy MMJ Hightimes Kush Raw4life BlueDream Cookies Weed Marijuana Cannabis CannabisCommunity Weedstagram

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Comment from cheddahbob710:

Showing some love for the fume tech daily driver by @aricbovie fume fumetech

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-coughs in black and white-


Comment from -coughs in black and white-:

Clean hit Saturday wake and bake. Happy weekend! 710 cbdmovement dabstagram weedstagram dabs terps onlysmokethefinest dabbersdaily dabporn dablife dank meltshot shatter fuckcancer empirewellness cbdistillery

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Comment from LAMan:

Mini slab 710society tlc 710 terps wfayo smokegood 420🔥 dabbersdaily topshelf

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Comment from astronaut_extracts:

dabachusetts 710society 420blazeit Shatter dabstagram instahigh 420friendly 420life 420lifestyle 710 grassachusetts glassporn glassofig 420 710life dablife hashachusetts bhoston bostonstoners bostoners glassachusetts instadab dabs headyglass stonersdaily dabbersdaily dabbers_unite dab crumble

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taknoah stevens


Comment from taknoah stevens:

🙈🙈🙈 who needs to steal this bad bish off my hands before I really do drop itglassporn glassforsale 710 710society onlysmokethefinest recycler klein boroforsale boroballers dab dabbersdaily dabbers_unite rigs tiktakglass dankdiva dankstop glassofig heady bluntculture bongbeauties 710 erl tiktakglass upandcoming prodo dankden flysociety glassofig heady jetlife minitubemaffia bluntculture thousanddollaramoke

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