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Sorta Satisfying vids!


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Unicorn Frappe🦄 • • • 🚫WARNING🚫vide is messy • • • QOTD: fav app mine is what's yours? • • • Tag a friend👯 • • • fc:190 • • • follow @slime.bliz for more • • • Hate/Self promo= blocked • • • Tags: tutorialgi ialgiveawaystagsforlikesappfit ppfitnesstagsforlikesl4ldabisl

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Martina Esposito


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To watch the video, go to youtube follow "Antonio Carfora", subscribe and click on the video "Weekend in Milan" thank's • aroundtheworld ontheroad milano boyfriend family love lovely car me happy smile dancing dab dance instalike instagood instamood instadaily instagram photography photo photooftheday photographer

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ok so Tyler's out. now vote between dan and phil. agree to disagree. ok? all arguments shall be deleted by muah. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ QOTD- AOTD- ~ ~ if you want to be tagged in my next post, either answer the qotd or comment the following emoji: 🌌 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ amazing people- - @bubblepml @plutothebean ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 🌌tags (ignore)🌌 danphildabdanandphi ndphilphanphandomdankmemespani spanicatthediscopanicbrendonur donuriebrendonuriemychemicalro calromancemychemGerardwaytwent twentyonepilotsTylerJosephjosh hjoshdunjoshandtylertøpMelanie lanieMartinezcrybabyphansexual

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Ryan Doyle


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I'm just happy that I hit the ball really... golf atmylowest dab forwardroll

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I love anatomy 😩😩

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Nigga straight ➡Follow my backup @2..v0 ⬅ memestagram dicksoutforharambe videogames cat savage dankmemes dankkush dank mlg rekt spongebobmemes spongebob memelord nature animals cool dab kkk cringe bleach doge doggomeme memesdaily trigger edgymemes edgy memes filthyfrank idubbbz

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Charlenys Pena


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So cute lol dab

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coolest memes around


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Alex Palmer


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New lil skate video just edited and posted on my YouTube channel check it out now!!! "Always in the Shadows Looking for the light" Twitch aka Alex síngledads sarasotastoners sarasotaflorida sarasotasingles sarasotasingle single singlesarasota stonerdad dabstagram dablife dab dabs dabbing dabsrus dabsmakeeverythingbetter thcconcentrate thc hightimesmagazine marijuana marijuanamovement marijuanamania bluntsmoker bluntsmoke bonghits bongrips csgoskins csgoknife csgo counterstrike globaloffensive

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They can't hang with us ______________________________ 🔲 Follow East Los 🔲 @da_cupcake @metal_0utlaw @regno.i @ayo_iceman @ToxiicGaming_ @moneybag_z_ @lean_0utlaw @vcrucial_ @gta.shotzs @jaxx_0utlaw @uzi.0utlaw @_trazgaming_ @kari_0utlaw @reloaded_0utlaw @Shady_0utlaw @night_0utlaw @mute_0utlaw @faded_0utlaw @supay_0utlaw @baby.x.0utlaw @shawngotdajuice @mago_0utlaw @d.icey @zorro_gaming @varsenicz ____________________________________________________ GTAV GTAVOnline gta gtaonline gtav gta5 gtamccommunity gtamclyfe rockstargames rockstarsocialclub ps4 xbox xboxone xbox1 videogames gamer youtube like4like tagforlikes instadaily snapmatic 420 blunt dab dabonem MakeMcCommunityGreatAgain MercsNation EatMe CakeGotNoCake

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Doing a dab while jumping. At Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria dab fun everday Schonbrunn Palace Vienna Austria

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lightly salted memes


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big brockey memememesdankdankmemedankestme estmemesdankestdankestmemedank edankestmemescancercancermemec memecancermemesstarbucksstarbu tarbuckscoffeeanimeyoutubetwit etwittertwitchcsgodabdabsleafy

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I forgot how beautiful the blue dream looked before I put it all into dishes! Imma dab some now 🔥👌🏽 favorites 420 hightimes highlife weed weedmaps weedporn weedstagram420 weedstagram dab dabs dabbing shatter oldiebutagoodie karmakush karmakushdc karmanotpharma elephantintheroom patientsfirst patientsoverprofits

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Channel Islands Harvest INC.


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Easily pushing 12 inches!! 💪💪😍🤤 @platinumnutrients killing it! This whole room is notbing but BIG BEAUTIFUL COLAS channelislandsharvest PLATINUMNUTRIENTS cannabiscommunity california cannabisculture cannabis weed weedporn happy beautiful marijuana ganjagirls prop215 cbd maryjane dab 420 mmj 420girls medicalmarijuana hightimes og gorillaglue dosidos 805 805hasfire 805cannabiscommunity losangelesfarmers losangeles

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violla naillmr22


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Do not try to approach it...... manjiwwwdabdreamfully fullydaysl4lfollow4followapaan

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👼W I K I👼


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polishgirl tumbler tumblrgirl polish europa dab lipsync followme swag kc poland dance BFF 💞

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We've been a little quiet recently.. that's because we're working on the most 🔥🔥 and best material we've ever done.. And because it's soooo good, it felt appropriate to rename some of our 'mixer' channels with some 'modern lingo' to fit the new tune🔥💁🏻🙊😂. If you can't read the picture the last 2 channels are called - "Get Turnt!" And "Dab" 🔥😂.. we're bringing 🔥🔥.... you're welcome 💁🏻☺️. . . Music Gear Studio Recording Ramdaz Pop Dance Fire Dab GetTurnt Turnt MusicIsLife Producer Production MAudio Focusrite Ableton AbletonLive ProTools Songwriter Band MusicIsLife ThisSongIsGood NoJokes Lost SouthAfrica allaboutlyrics

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amiee mum to ruby gymnast evgc


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Split change and a little dabbing 💕💕💕💕littlegymnast split leap leaping splitchange practice dab dabbing justagirl instagood loveher fun happy cute acro gym gymnast gymnastics

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Janny van Dorst


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Fish and chips spnfit food foodie foodstagram dinner fishandchips fish chips fries dab dabfish nomz

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Repost @litdances2017_ ( @get_repost) ・・・ 🔥 Personal page// @rapsinmysoul stealhermanChallenge magnoliachallenge HitThatBitForTheGram NewChallenge mannequinChallenge MillyRock FTCchallenge HitDemFolks RolexChallenge Challenge ReverseChallenge Wh ge Whip ReverseLikeDihChalleng llenge GainPost Juju LeanAndDa magnolia 2017Dances HitTheQuanChalleng maskoff jujuonthatbeat Dance Drop DanceChallenge Trendingdances JAYGAININGTRAIN

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Gibson Rosén Ellwén Andersson🐾


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Haters gonna hate!😎 • • • likeaboss dab catdab swedishdab kittendab catmeme hatersgonnahate cute cat cutecat cool coolcat king kingcat thuglife viralmeme meme thuglifememe coolmeme catmeme

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Emeli Zuño


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Dab 🤣

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Naim Hoque


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What would you do if this man walked into your house right now | | | | | | | | | lol dab edgy edgymemes meme memes dankmemes 4chan twitter needfollowers followback followme followtrain followforfollow cringe clubpenguin minecraft pinkguy filthyfrank idubbbz idubbbztv shiba shibe shibainu fool gta gta5 costume

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@Regrann from @theohighokid - 2 Well this is still laying around with winner failing to pay, so I guess we'll do it again, PAY ATTENTION TO THE RULES!! 24hr GIVEAWAY "A fire in the Sky", 14mm 4 hole diff downstem, winner must pay for shipping!! . . . . •Follow and tag both accounts on instagram @theohighokid @theeastcoastconnection giveaway post . •tag 3 friends in a comment on this post! . . •share/repost and use hashtag theohighokid2 . . •must be 18 years of age or older in the US . . . •must have a public profile (no giveaway accounts) . . . • 5 entries per account . . glass glassart glassofig boroglass boro art create creator dab dabs dabsofig bhombingamerica bho wax high highlife topshelflife girlswhosmoke girlswhodab california colorado washington ohio dailydabbers 710 hightimes denver pink zombies

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Tarik Kirkland 🔞


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The Errl Cup


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Terp sauce Sunday! 😤 Hope your enjoying another sweltering Arizona summer day! 😰 Don't sweat it, the best thing about summer.... The 710 Cup is right around the corner! 🙏

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Michela Barbieri


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🔱Ignorance Has No Limits🔱 2B thebestclass intellettuali shrekisloveshrekislife thepaolo dab

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