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Garlic And Cheese


Comment from Garlic And Cheese:

Garlic has trapped herself in a corner and needs help catsofinstagram cats caughtintheact cute cuteanimals halp

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Comment from puglifeofquentin:

I'm sure there is something interesting in this trash bah 😆👿🙆 puglifeofquentin devildog funny funnypug funnyvideos funnydog ScriblePug pugidol pugloversclub pugbassement dogs perros amorperruno chien amourdechien mops cuteanimals Friday bestwoof dogsandpals dogsofinstaworld dogscorner dogs_features sendadogphoto topdogphoto pugs パグ hund

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Noah Baron


Comment from Noah Baron:

Me - "Hey kitty, do you want to be adopted?" Kitty - "Meow" Please get in touch if you're interested in adopting this little girl! w/ @westla_shelter . . . Cat CatsOfInstagram Cats catstagram kitten kittens kitty kittensofinstagram losangeles adoptdontshop adopt adoption foster fostercare animals animals cutekittens cutecats cuteanimals baby training cutekitty cutie westlaanimalshelter shelter shelterkitty

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Comment from Henry:

He started off cute but then started getting real smug when he took my seat. kitty cuteanimals myseat

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BARS Rescue


Comment from BARS Rescue:

Stay tuned for when miss Coral becomes available for adoption! Repost @tailsofcatlandia ( @get_repost) ・・・ Cute girl Coral is a lovely lively little one! She is curious and cuddly and will be available for adoption in a few more weeks! . . . kitten kittens kittensofinstagram cuteanimals adorable love cats cat catlovers catstagram instacat instagood instadaily catsofinstagram petsofig petsofinsta animals bestmeow igmeows kittylove yegcats yegpets photooftheday catsrule lifewithcats barsrescue animalrescue fostercats tailsofcatlandia

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I'm Not On Cocaine Mom I Swear


Comment from I'm Not On Cocaine Mom I Swear:

pretty panther, not pink at all though.

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Conejo Enano Toy


Comment from Conejo Enano Toy:

En familia netherlanddwarf rabbits conejoenanotoy conejito conejotoy conejoenano bunnylove málaga animallover conejo mascotaideal cuteanimals enanoholandes holandesenano mascota pasionanimal cuteanimals babyanimals petsagram

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What My Dog Found


Comment from What My Dog Found:

She found a kid!!!! Lol whatmydogfound cuteanimals cutedogs training trainer siliconvalley bayarea california gsp gspofinstagram germanshorthairedpointer germanshorthairedpointerofinst pointer pointerproblems pointerofinstagram birddog birddogoftheday gundog riverdog bearriver camping adventuredog

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👑animal lover👑


Comment from 👑animal lover👑:

So tiny cute rabbits🐇💟🐇💚🐇💜 Follow us @animalscutiess Tag your friends📌📍

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Tricia Law

Comment from Tricia Law:

Georgie and his stalkerish fangirls. 🐖🐔🐔🐔❤❤❤ georgieporgiepuddinnpie

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Yuki 🐾 & Rina 🐾


Comment from Yuki 🐾 & Rina 🐾:

puppy pup dogsofinstagram dog terrier westiegram cute cuteanimals cutedogs cutepuppies instadog whwt westhighlandwhiteterrier instawestie westies @westiegram doglovers westieoftheday westieofinstagram westiebestie westitude westie westiemania westiemoments doggo puppo thewestieway

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Eija Meriläinen


Comment from Eija Meriläinen:

Such a foggy, rainy and beautiful day 🐑💦 norway hordaland odda sheep norwegiansummer midsummer roadtrip cuteanimals foggy foggyday rainyday norwegianmountains norgefoto

6 Minutes ago

Claudius & Charlemagne


Comment from Claudius & Charlemagne:

Lying in my shaded cabana, waiting to be fanned and fed grapes/greenies! . . . claudiu hygge cuteanimals cutekittens cute love family cat cats kitten kittens kitty catsofinstagram catstagram instacat instagram meow igers blessed tabby tabbycat snuggles catoftheday philly photooftheday

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Animal Pets Instagram


Comment from Animal Pets Instagram:

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🌸Ana Walsh🌸


Comment from 🌸Ana Walsh🌸:

Stormy is getting a late start in getting that swimsuit body for summer. Lol. 😂 😍💖🐁 hamster model cuteanimals swim summer

9 Minutes ago

Sweet and Loving Images


Comment from Sweet and Loving Images:

Photo credit @rebecca_lundin •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• @pocket_family presents ••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• @pocket_sweetness . Thank you friend for sharing your photo and tagging our @pocket_pride . •••••••••••••••••••••••••••• by @jessicaklinephotography . We're your family in your pocket :) Cc: Pocket_Family_Owners . @kristina_nicolina & @willysands . Cc: Pocket_Pride_Admin . @chefjane . . Follow your features on Twitter Pocket_Family huntgram phototag_it love family kids sweet adorable sweetmoments postthepeople familyphotographer momtog momtogs clickinmoms momswithcameras thechildrenoftheworld weddingphotographer familysession portrait_ig portraitphotography ourcandidlife familyphotographer babyphotographer childhoodunplugged cuteanimals cutepetclub magicofchildhood We think you'd like our @pocket_family. Follow and tag . psw_richelletuckerphotograph

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What My Dog Found


Comment from What My Dog Found:

Hanging out at the pier! halfmoonbay halfmoonbaybrewingcompany whatmydogfound cuteanimals cutedogs training trainer siliconvalley bayarea california gsp gspofinstagram germanshorthairedpointer germanshorthairedpointerofinst pointer pointerproblems pointerofinstagram birddog birddogoftheday gundog beach

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Katie Vovolka, CSCS


Comment from Katie Vovolka, CSCS:

I have the most ADORABLE pets in the world!!! 😍 I saw my sweetie Gus peeking out from his blanket and then this cuteness happened - sorry for interrupting your snuggle sesh with teddy 🐻🐭💕

9 Minutes ago

World Animal Conservation


Comment from World Animal Conservation:

SaveAnimals Wildlife Nature NaturePhotography Animals AnimalsOfInstagram WorldAnimalConservation _____ ___________________________ R @joelsartore ・・・ An african golden cat at Parc Assango, managed by ONG Animal's World in Libreville, Gabon. African golden cats are forest-dependent creatures living in equatorial Africa, a part of the world that is being ravaged by deforestation. As their habitat is lost, mainly to palm oil plantations, African golden cat populations are steadily disappearing. They’re now listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Redlist. By avoiding the purchase of products that contain palm oil, we can make a statement that we will not tolerate the excessive destruction of this animal’s habitat. This seven-year-old male African golden cat named Tigri is the only one of his species currently kept anywhere in human care. His intense stare made him among the most memorable creatures we’ve brought on board the ark. Tigri now he stands as an ambassador for his entire species and will help us spread the word about the importance of its conservation. . . africangolde bigcats cats golden gold cute paws nature wildlife naturephotography wildlifephotography animalconservation wildlifeconservation cuteanimals NOTAPET notopalmoil palmoil photoark natgeo SaveTogether

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Comment from bradleydesign:

Hellooo friendly scary enlarge big biganimal large inspired graphicdesign printed simple pets_of_instagram cuteanimals

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Comment from Aerith+Orion:

Sister, you is filthy! Where have you been rolling?! Let me give you a bath 👅😻💖catwash . . . . . followme follow cute photooftheday picoftheday instagood blueeyes happycat whitecats catoftheday catsworld catsofinstagram catsoftheworld meow ragdoll petsofinstagram purrfect funnycat cutecat ilovemycat cat_features ragdollcat ragdollsofinstagram ragdolllove4ever animallaugh kittensofinstagram kittycat cuteanimals crazycats

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Wildlife Alliance


Comment from Wildlife Alliance:

Wild boars can grow fairly large (anywhere from 100 to 600 lbs in weight) but have lots of predators including tigers, dholes, leopards, bears, and humans. To increase their chances of survival, female and offspring boars live in groups or sounds anywhere between 6 and 30 individuals. Males live a solitary life, except during mating season. wildlifealliance wildlifeconservation wildlifeprotection wild animals babyanimals cuteanimals wildlifephotography wildboars littlepiggy conservation rescue cambodia wildliferescue stoppoaching stoptrafficking wildlifetrafficking siblings babies nature neature

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Daily Dose Of Cute


Comment from Daily Dose Of Cute:

Mm yessssss • • • • • • • • dog dogs dogstagram puppy puppies puppiesofinstagram animal animals animalsofinstagram pet pets petsofinstagram cute cutedog cutedogs cuteanimal cuteanimals cutepets cutepet cutepuppies cutepuppy. meme memes

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InTo The Wild


Comment from InTo The Wild:

wildlifeoninstagram wildlifephotography wildlifeonearth wildlife babyanimals bears iloveanimals cuteanimals cute

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Comment from jenna:

pitbullsofinstagram dogsofinstagram instagramdogs cuteanimals cutegirls cutebabies lovemylife sunnyday beautiful beautifulday babygirl boxersofinstagram puppiesofinstagram pitbulladvocate

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María Gutiérrez Reina


Comment from María Gutiérrez Reina:


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What My Dog Found


Comment from What My Dog Found:

Chasing birds on the beach!!! whatmydogfound halfmoonbay beach cuteanimals cutedogs training trainer siliconvalley bayarea california gsp gspofinstagram germanshorthairedpointer germanshorthairedpointerofinst pointer pointerproblems pointerofinstagram birddog birddogoftheday gundog

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💖Misa 💖


Comment from 💖Misa 💖:

Cuddles with Teddy 🐻💖 . . . . . . . . . . . mis sugarglider cutie adorbs cuteanimals cutepets coolpets marsupial teddybear

14 Minutes ago

Johanna Leadley


Comment from Johanna Leadley:

It has been unusually hot, for the past week or so, here in London. These buns have NOT enjoyed it. This is the first time in days that I have been allowed to give Pippin a hug. Before she was so grumpy I was only getting stamps, grunts and she even tried to bite me! Little 🐮 rabbit rabbitsofig rabbitsofinstagram bunny bunniesofig cute cuteanimals houserabbit

15 Minutes ago



Comment from Korchagin:

What did you just say? I have to lose some weight? furry fluffy cute cuteanimals cutecats kitten catsofworld adorable catlovers lovemycat photooftheday kitty instacats catstagram paw catpaws cattalk catstalker summer sleep daydream daydreaming meow

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Shelbyy Austin Zonghi


Comment from Shelbyy Austin Zonghi:

Bow enjoying her spa day cuteanimals animaladdicts groomer ostergrooming toypoodle toypoodlesofinstagram tinydog cutedogs littledog doglovers doggroomersofinstagram doggrooming visitstlucie

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Serenity Farm Animals


Comment from Serenity Farm Animals:

Dora is such a pretty girl!! . . dogs dogsofinstgram dog dogsofinstagram dogstagram pets unusualpets farmlife cuteanimals animalaccount

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bun 🐰☘️


Comment from bun 🐰☘️:

Just relaxing ☀️ • • • • • rabbits rabbitsofinstagram rabbitstagram instapet instarabbit bunnies bunnylove lapin lemon netherlanddwarf rabbit rabbitbaby bunny bunnygram bunnyworld bunnyrabbit hops hollandlopbunny bunnystagram cuteanimals babyanimals hollandlop bunnylovers bunnys

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