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Trevor Bàker-Myers


Comment from Trevor Bàker-Myers:


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Comment from Link:

That Lemon OG 🍋😝😤🗿 bhomblife bud blunts budtenderlife budtendersociety blowingsmoke crumble cannabis dab dank errl fire fuledbythc fueledbybho hemp hightime highsociety kief legalizeit pnwstnrs 420 710 stnrs shatter makedonalddrumpfagain stonerfam stonerfix trichomes weedporn washington

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Comment from Letitia:


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Bout de Choux


Comment from Bout de Choux:

Nouvelles tartes chez Bout de Choux ! Crumble aux Pommes, poire chocolat ! À la part ou entière ! Une nouvelle idée pour vos formule déjeuner. boutdechoux melun instagood instafood love picoftheday foodporn applepie crumble apple tarte dessert patisserie

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Comment from vsb_extracts:

shoutout to @wizkhalifa for this amazing strain wizog nugrun shatter crumble dunkit flame vsb vsbcbd vsbextracts

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Comment from @_daily.greenz_:

first time trying cavidabs og kush dailygreenzlifestyle dailygreenz prop215 topshelflife w420 kushlife weedhumor backwood dabsohard shatter crumble dabbinginspace fueledbythc dankdabber indoor terps 710life weshouldsmoke thc bayarea bitxhimhigh oprahsbookclub

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Comment from JMACK:

Probably throw in some of this delicious GG4 🔥🔥🔥🔥. InstaWeed WeedstaGram CrackingNugs . PlatinumLabel TopShelf TopShelfLife Shatter Wax Errl Crumble Suga CakeBatter Terpy TerpyAsFuck Terps Cali CaliGrown 661 661Dabbers WeShouldSmoke BhombingAmerica Dab Derbs DabberDaily Dabbers_Unite ClarityCounts ClarityIsKey NugRun

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Comment from coyoteconcentrates:

flower rosin. nowhip autobudder

20 Minutes ago



Comment from JMACK:

About to roll up this WeddingCake I got gifted today 💨💨💨💨 InstaWeed WeedstaGram CrackingNugs . PlatinumLabel TopShelf TopShelfLife Shatter Wax Errl Crumble Suga CakeBatter Terpy TerpyAsFuck Terps Cali CaliGrown 661 661Dabbers WeShouldSmoke BhombingAmerica Dab Derbs DabberDaily Dabbers_Unite ClarityCounts ClarityIsKey NugRun

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Comment from lunggz2:

Go Follow My Twitter iwillmarrymary cannabis cannabiscommunity weshouldsmoke kusharmy hightimes fueledbythc dope_as_yola justblazeig topshelflife highlife dankshots420 weedsociety dank stoner staymedicated dablife shatter crumble stayhigh getblunted @laflare1017 @juicyj @realprojectpat @liltunechi @acehood

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Dabs and Netflix 📺🍿


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I tried dropping the dab in the front..i dont like it too much but I have work at 9am 📺😂🤙 dabsstayhighweshouldsmokethcdabbersdailymacrolikeforlikeinstagood710420shattercrumblebhocaliforniameltshotliveresinoilartcannabiscannabiscommunitythousanddollarsmokeheadyglasskushhightimeshashnugsstonerterpsfueledbythctopshelflife

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Breaking Green


Comment from Breaking Green:

Lol is this for real!? Gotta try and win some jordans!!!!!breakinggreen710 710 nike converse jordans sneakers 710society errl dabs bubba tahoe sfv nugrun 420 420culture shatter crumble thc ganja weedstagram weedstagram420 chronic fuego 🔥highlife stayhigh

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Dank Of Dublin


Comment from Dank Of Dublin:

Wake and vape on this beauty dankofdublin dublindankest weedporn weedstagram weed 420legalize irishcrew maryjane rawlife shatter dabs crumble mighty

39 Minutes ago

Stay high cuz the world so low


Comment from Stay high cuz the world so low:

Girls night was much neeeeded 🍷💋✨ shatter smoke sativa stoner indica instadaily prop203 smoking hybrid weed weedstagram ganja ganjagirls 710community 710 mmj maryjane crumble cannabis cannabiscommunity az dab girlswhosmoke kush kushqueens girlsnight babes

42 Minutes ago

Miettes Patisserie


Comment from Miettes Patisserie:

🍎🍎🍎 Crumbcake aux pommes cette fois-ci. Je l'ai préparé pour @maziantikakafe une fois de plus... @maziantikakafe için elmalı crumbcake hazırladık bu sefer. Afiyet olsun tadacak olan herkese 😙🍎🍎🍎 homemade crumbcake crumble apple cake food instafood myrecipe foodphotography foodporn pastryporn elma pomme crumb pastry bakery miettes pâtisserie pasta kek gateau délice bysibelsahinkeles doubletap lezzet

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Comment from 🔥 SWISS DABS 🔥:

🤘Late Night Stringer🤘 Yummy dab of some Purple Arrow out of the 5-arm fork perc beaker from @prescribedglass . Thanks @tonysvariety for hooking it up. Drop a comment and let me know what you think. DM ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THIS CUSTOM 14mm POMEGRANITE/CLEAR @mshea1980 KLEIN RECYCLER. (Includes matching cap) 🎶Respect - Notorious B.I.G.🎶 ▪ ▪ 710 420 dab dabs rig rigs recycler cannabis marijuana concentrate smoke weed kush weedstagram oil shatter crumble wax bigdab slabdab stringer carbcap pendant swissdabs

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Comment from Soul:

It's been a rough day but when the going gets tough, you gotta get some cannabis flowing. Aye😎😊😏Please enjoy and goodnight!dabsdabdabrigsmeltshotcrumblethchighsocietydablifedabbers_unitedailydabsdabbersdailyterpsdabdailymarijuanacomunitytopshelfdabnationmarijuanatimetosmokeheadyshopheadyheadyglassheadylife710lifethousanddollarsmokestopdropandglob710710society420

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Comment from Sarah:

Wisst Ihr, was ich am Rhabarber besonders mag? Er ist so vielseitig einsetzbar. Aber schmeckt eben auch in knusprigen Streuselschnecken mit Vanillecreme soooo gut. 😍💕😋🌸 Streuselschnecken rezeptaufdemblog rhubarb rhabarber rhubarbcake rolls streuselkuchen crumble thefeedfeed feedfeed ichliebefoodblogs @ich.liebe.foodblogs @thefeedfeed

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Nick G


Comment from Nick G:

Cookin stoned crumble weed weedporn meltshot melt cookin dope stoner thc dab cresco hci

1 Hours ago



Comment from seedz2vaporz:

ukcheese rosin rosintech sho solventless rosinrevolution mmmp michiganmedical crumble

1 Hours ago



Comment from natàlia:

crumble applecrumble homemade handmade veganmeal vegan govegan veganlife veganfood veganeating healthy health healthyliving healthylifestyle healthychoices healthyfood healthyeating fit fitlife yummy foodie getinmybelly realfood eatclean diaryfree plantbased

1 Hours ago

Celine Ferette


Comment from Celine Ferette:

breakfast breakfastlover crumble dorhub 💑🐞

1 Hours ago

Юлианна Антонив


Comment from Юлианна Антонив:

All we need is oat crumble 😉for breakfast ✋🏻☺️ Вівсяний крамбл - це любов ❤️і може тут на фото не вистачає у тарілці ложки йогурта чи кульки морозиво, але з ними чи без , крамбл на сніданок з яблуком, бананом і полуницею - це однозначно любов 😍 небезпечно тільки одне - можна зразу з'їсти весь 😜 vscoday vscomorning gm goodmorning flatlayfood flatlay springdays vscobreakfast healthyfoodshare happyme healthyfood momlife oatcrumble crumble ppfood ппзавтрак фотоеды завтрак ukraineblog ukraine_vsco ukraine_blog ukrainegrams ukraine_recommends зож крамбл дайтедва breakfasttime breakfastaddict

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Comment from SERPENDIA:

I've dreamt about you nearly every night this week💭 like4like l4l tags4like picoftheday photooftheday music bands arcticmonkeys alternative crumble iwannabeyours sad alexturner voice england indie grunge aesthetic bestoflife photo canon love loving wild wildlife lyrics sunset blackandwhite lips

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Comment from 🙋🏻‍♂️💍(12/08/16)@Highasafiasco:

When your wife is more HEADY 💎 Both of these were made by @CrooksGlass 2016 | @PendantsOfIG 💎⛓😂 GlassPendants WaterSpinner WhirlPoolWatchers Klein Recycler TopShelfLife LoyalToTheOil Prop215 HeadyGlass Recycler WestCoastLiving GlassOfIG GlassArt FunctionalGlassArt HighEndGlass FueledByTHC WasteItToTasteIt Wax Shatter Errl BHO Terps DabbersDaily FueledByBHO DabLife WeShouldSmoke Crumble CannabisCommunity TimeToConcentrate

1 Hours ago

Faded Panda Productions


Comment from Faded Panda Productions:

1 Hours ago

Flip Shelton


Comment from Flip Shelton:

Love thy neighbour as in @neighbourscafe my five grain porridge with mixed berry compote, goji berries and pistachio crumble. eatlikeaking fivegrainporridge berries mixedberries pistachio crumble breakfast melboure melbournecafe neighbours flipsmuesli breakfastforafternoontea breakfastanytime

1 Hours ago

👽 SirrBlaze 🍄


Comment from 👽 SirrBlaze 🍄:

LINK IN BIO 😆 Just uploaded MY personal 1.00 gram dab challenge video to YouTube! Check it out if you want guys and tell me if I passed or failed haha 710 dabs dabchallenge onegramdab weedtube 420 crumble durbanpoison shatter wax thermalp quartzbanger mob bigdab dabstagram dabsrus dabsohard stoners stonersociety highsociety highasfuck

1 Hours ago

Ramiz Ilham Khan


Comment from Ramiz Ilham Khan:

The picture frames have changed & so has your name. frames crumble emptiness thewall usedtobe notanymorethough remembrance tillitsdone storiesonthewall

1 Hours ago

Mister E


Comment from Mister E:

terpterp @lostsouls713 @dohmvegas_dabs good sesh nillas kickingflavors cleer shatter crumble highlife 702 Vegas SinCity keepitchronic nightcap tuesdaysgonewiththewind upinsmoke highlyfe kleer rawterps ogkush dablife 420 710 errlsquad Cheers ✌

1 Hours ago



Comment from 👑K🅰t💎🔝🔥💨💯🔌🎭💖🔒🎶🌟🌸♌💋505:

The good stuff is finally done! Lol This here be some Grand daddy purple x caveman OG ear wax crumble! Yummy yummy goodness available now! Follow my guy! @ericosextracts ! Have a great night people! staylifted always! And add me on snap kat.vonkitty weshouldsmoke topshelf @ericosextracts bho dabs 710 wax crumble 🙌😄😄😄💪👊 hustlegang entrepreneurs team cannabiscommunity nmgrower 505 DowntownABQ Albuquerque twaxgang highsociety ganjagirls girlswhosmokeweed girlswhodab stonernation marriedtomary GrowLife topshelflife dablife highlife justblazeig wedontsmokethesame ❗️😤💨💨💨💨

1 Hours ago

Eric Chavez


Comment from Eric Chavez:

crumble earwax ericosextracts ericosbotanicals

1 Hours ago



Comment from Jeff:

⚠🔊FRESH PRODUCT DROP!🕪⚠ Panda kickin' it @cannalanddisp619!🔥2 GRAM VAPE PENS & DISPOSABLE VAPE PENS FILLED WITH SHATTER! Don't forget the PANDA SAUCE!🔥Flavors on flavors!💯🐼💨 pandavapes shatter liquidshatter dank weed extracts natureslabextracts terpenes pandapuffs 710 hightimes weedmaps marijuana terps pandavape cannabis concentrates namelessgenetics 710society dabs highlifedope sdstoners moxie710 cannabiscommunity pandasauce ganja weedlife cannaland everyonelovesapanda @stonercentral1

2 Hours ago